tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAccidental Show Ch. 02

Accidental Show Ch. 02


Back to normal. Well, if anything in my life could ever be called that.

No sign at all for days of Sara, the nasty and cute little Blonde from the party at my boss's house.

I just did my job at the gas station, customers coming and going all day, all night. I wake up at 5, make the 100 foot walk to the islands, on the job by 6.

I usually put in 12 hours, just normal, nothing else to do really but sit at home and work out. I will usually spend around 2 hours lifting, getting every muscle in my body to that point where they burn. Then sweaty, I take care of myself. Now the vision of Sara's body flashes in my mind, the eager look on her face as she stared at me gets me hot.

I can picture every inch of her naked body in the throes or orgasm, quite a vision.

I was laying on my back, a set of 40's in my hands. Swing them straight up, then straight out to the floor, arm's length. Relax, do it again. My goal was 100 reps, I was at 60 of them.

Yeah, I know. Try that sometime. Nothing else to do.

I was deep into the pain of that, there was a knock at my door. Nobody ever knocks at my door.

I set the weights down, cranky, figuring it was Carlos from the station, something broken.

Except for a pair of shorts I was naked. I opened the door, here stood Sara and the Black haired woman from the party.

"Hi, Dan! We came to visit!"

"Oh, ...well, I'm not..." as she pushed by me into my little apartment.

"This is Cindy."

I nodded, noting the look of shock in her face, was that a trace of fear?

I was used to that, too. Think 240#, 36" waist, arms fully pumped up with the blood vessels bulging at the surface, my sweat soaked upper body flushed with blood.

Yeah, likely scared her.

I tried to smile, probably made it worse. I sometimes think my best gentle smile is a bit like a housecat's, staring at a baby bird that fell out of the nest.

Sara wasn't scared though, she turned to me and did that fingernails brushing down my chest thing again that almost makes me blow in my pants. That felt like her hands were flame, I could sense my cock swelling, pressing against my too-tight shorts.

"Cindy wants to see your dick!"

No bashfulness here.


"Oh, isn't he gorgeous?" she glanced sidelong at Cindy, who by now had body language like the Deer in the headlights bit. Sara's hands were now sliding up and down my biceps.

Sara stepped back from me, a quick motion and she was nude to the waist. Neither one of them had a hell of a lot on to start with, Sara was in a cutoff top and shorts, Cindy in a thin T-shirt that hung far enough I couldn't tell what she had on for bottoms.

I just stood there and stared at her, nervous again. I still didn't know her situation. She could be married, related to my boss, lord knows.

I didn't ask, none of my business. But if we kept this up, I knew it could be. Jealous husbands or boyfriends didn't fit in my scheme of things at all.

"Well?" Her hands went to the sides of her shorts.

I just stood there.

"Do it!"

That was a demand. I reached for the snap on my shorts as she slid hers off, there she was, nude again.

The memory from before flashed in my mind, then fled as she lay back across my cot and opened her legs. I stepped out of my own shorts, kicked them with my toes towards wall. I reached back and grabbed my chair, sat.

Her hands went between her legs again, her gaze fixated on my by now fully erect member.

I could see Cindy out of the corner of my eye, just standing there. She had this little handbag that she pulled around tight in front of her, maybe as protection of some kind I guess.

I started to stroke myself, just like before. It wasn't as exciting as it was before, with Cindy standing there. I knew all about witnesses, it was unnerving but I still couldn't stop.

Sara looked over at Cindy.

"See what I mean?"

"I never..." Cindy's voice cracked, trailed off.

I glanced at Cindy, her face was flushed, she was looking down at my crotch. I turned slightly towards her, improving her view. She was only about 4 feet away, no place else to go in my tiny little apartment. I slowly slid my hand back, letting the head of my cock slide out of the foreskin.

She stared, open-mouthed.

I saw the moment she lost control, she set her handbag down on my writing table, took one step forwards, reached out for me. Her eyes were like silver dollars. Her smallish left hand covered and grasped me from above. The top of her head barely came to my mid-chest level. She held me for a second, then stroked a couple of times.

Then her right hand came around, she had both hands on me, I just dropped mine to the sides, allowed it. She was leaning, more and more, I was sure she was going to drop to her knees and put her mouth around me but she didn't. She just kept stroking, harder and harder, leaning in. Then I knew what she wanted, so I relaxed and just let go. The first gob splashed out and hit her on the cheek, the 2nd went on her forehead and into her hair.

She didn't stop stroking, just increased the pressure. My first orgasm faded but I didn't go soft, so she kept going. I was building again, finally a huge blast coated her again.

I started to fade that time, she let go, seeming to come back to the here and now. Then she tilted her head up at me and smiled, gobs of my seed dripping from her face.

She wasn't afraid of me anymore.

I grabbed a soft towel and gently wiped her face and hair, she just stood there and let me. We both looked at Sara, still working on herself, eyes closed now, lost in her own fantasy world.

Then she relaxed, grinned at Cindy.

"See what I mean?"

I realized Cindy was running her hands over my arms and chest, she seemed to be enjoying that. I suddenly felt odd standing there naked with her dressed, so I stepped over, picked up my shorts.

Sara was pulling her top on, funny, she put that on first. Then they left, just like that.

Sara stopped for a moment at my door, looked back at me.

"Write this one too."

The door closed.

I sat there for a long time, thinking again.

It was about 4 hours later, I was writing this. There was a knock on my door.

It was Cindy, by herself. She was dressed in a soft knee-length dress, a pretty blue color. It hugged her nicely.

"Can I come in?"

"Uhh..yea" I stood aside, she brushed past, smelling sweet.

I shut the door and turned to her, ready to ask what she wanted.

She was just laying her dress carefully over the back of my chair.

She was naked. Her breasts looked swollen, nipples the size of dollars, black as night. Her pubes were trimmed, dark, and thick.

I just waited. She walked two steps towards me, pressed against me.

"I need you."

Her hands went to the catch on my shorts, fumbling, struggling, finally she tripped it. She slipped the zipper down, freed me. I stepped out of them for the 2nd time that day.

Her arms went around me, breasts pressed against me. My hands dropped between her legs, she was sopping. I put my hands to her waist, lifted her slight weight, then lowered her onto me.

My erection slid right in, no hands, no help. I held her there, her feet a good six inches off the floor. Then I crabwalked to the bed, lay her back, still joined.

I had to really twist my body to get my mouth on her breasts, she was tiny. I delighted in her nipples, they shrank in size, got erect, extended to tiny long peaks on her soft mounds.

I know I had her to at least her third orgasm, when I heard a knock at my door. Cindy and I stopped, the knock came again, more insistant.

I pulled out, wrapped a towel around myself, threw one to Cindy. I walked over and opened the door.

It was Sara.

"Can I come in?" she asked, sliding by me as I stood there more of less helpless.

She stopped when she saw Cindy sitting there wrapped in just a towel.

I waited for the explosion, yelling, something.

It didn't come, she just smiled.

Sara turned to me and grinned, "Save some for me, big boy!"

I had a feeling that somehow I was going to have to pay for this. Shrugging, I shut the door, flipped the lock.

Oh, well.


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