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Accidental Stockings Show


After more than 10 years without working, if you don't class being a full time mother and housewife as working, I accepted an offer of a part time office job at a local business. My friend had been offered it by her husband who worked there, but as she didn't want to give up her current job she suggested I might like it. She actually told me she didn't want to be with her husband a moment longer than she needed to be, which made me smile as well as feel a little sorry for her husband.

Tim, my friends husband, wasn't my boss but he would often come into the office to check I was ok, and when my boss Gerry wasn't in the office we would often pass the time of day chatting. Gerry was an easy going boss, more concentrating on planning his hobby activities rather than chatting when things weren't busy, so Tim was the main person I interacted with at work.

I'd not been there very long when a retirement party was announced for one of the other bosses, and as it was being held locally I agreed with my husband that I would go.

Tim picked me up and although he dressed and smelt quite nice I didn't really think anything other than appreciation for the lift. My husband had complimented me on my looks and told me to beware of bosses wanting a retirement kiss, to which I laughed. Although I had admired how I looked in the bedroom mirror.

I wore a calf length black dress showing a little cleavage, black stilettos in an effort to increase my 5'2 height, and a good application of eye makeup and lipstick. My dark brown hair had recently been styled into a neck length wedge cut, and I felt rather stylish knowing I also had a new set of sexy panties and 38d bra together with stockings, suspender belt and suspenders underneath.

For most of the evening I stood with the 2 other women present, at 46 they were both 10 years older than me but certainly knew how to drink as I tried to drink my wine at a slower pace. Occasionally breakaway groups of the 12 or so men that were there would chat to us, some making rude comments or telling dirty jokes that I found myself beginning to laugh at but never with the loudness that Tracey was.

It became obvious to me that Tracey thought she was the centre of attention while Gwen and I were there as well-wishers to the retiring gentleman. I didn't mind this though as I didn't want to give anyone the false impression that I was a party animal.

One of the men was taking photographs and Tracey was trying to get into every one. We were asked to sit alongside the man who was retiring and Tracey and Gwen sat either side of him with me next to Gwen. Two other men sat either side of Tracey and I, and we all smiled for the camera.

Then the photographer asked us to copy Tracey, when I looked across at her I saw she had pulled her skirt up to above her knees. Gwen and I both had dresses on and gingerly pulled them up to our knees too.

He then said a bit higher girls and there was a few 'wows' and 'nice' from other men watching, as thy seemed to form a semi-circle around the back of the photographer. Tracey had pulled her skirt to a point where the tops of her tan stockings were completely on show as was her white suspenders too. As Gwen and I both looked in amazement the photographer said 'come on girls' and before I knew what had happened the guy to my right had pulled my dress up showing the suspender and top of my stocking on my right leg. I was now concentrating on pushing his hand down, or at least preventing it going further, as I heard a few people say 'whoa' and 'corr', and the photographer said a bit higher.

Tracey was allowing the guys either side of her to pull both sides of her skirt up and although I tried to cover my self up the guy next to me got both my stocking tops momentarily exposed before I managed to push my dress back down to my knees. My cheeks were burning red as Gwen and Tracey laughed at each other seemingly not even noticing my embarrassment, but some of the men obviously had as most of the faces behind the photographer seemed to now be looking at me. I focused on straightening my dress but could hear words like 'wow did you get a good look at the new girl', and 'hey what sexy legs she's got', and even a 'oh yes let me have some of that'.

We all seemed to stand up at the same time, and I saw Tim coming towards me.

"What did I miss," he asked me. I wasn't sure he missed anything as I was sure he was amongst the group in front of us, but one of the others said "you've just missed Julie here giving us a great showing of her sexy legs and even sexier underwear."

"Have I," Tim added, and I was even more sure he'd also seen as I felt my cheeks beginning to burn with embarrassment.

"Yeah, stockings and suspenders, the lot," the guy added.

"Just my luck to miss it," Tim said, possibly trying to make me feel a bit better about the situation.

I sipped at my drink, and although doing so quicker than I'd intended I consciously decided I'd rather drink than engage into conversation with the men that were now crowding around me.

Big smiles on their faces, making out we were on first name terms and good friends all of a sudden.

As things began to get back to normality Tim asked if I wanted another drink before leaving, to which I said I'd had enough and was ready for home now.

People said goodbye and I responded without actually looking at each individual. Getting into the cark park I knew I was a little unsteady on my feet, the effects of the wine rushing to my head, and I grabbed Tim's arm until we reached his car.

Driving out of the car park I felt my head spinning a little, signifying I'd perhaps had a bit too much to drink, but glad I was now on my way home. Tim drove into a deserted car park and said he was just going to draw some more money for tomorrow. I gulped in the cooler air as he got out, thinking this would help me sober up before I got home.

Tim came back and sat in his seat. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked.

"Umm, yes it was ok, Tracey's a bit wild though isn't she," I replied.

"Yes, always likes to think the men are after her, but I'm not interested, too loud for me," Tim explained.

There was a pause as I waited expecting Tim to buckle up and drive off.

"A lot of people were pleased you came," Tim broke the silence as he turned the ignition but didn't start the car.

"Ohh, why?" I asked.

Tim laughed and then said "because you've got a good personality and attractive too," and then added, "especially when you flash your underwear."

I could feel myself blushing again as he added "just my luck I was at the bar and missed the best bits."

"W-what do you mean best bits?" I stuttered.

"The stocking tops, I missed them," he replied.

I couldn't deny I had stockings on, most men had seen them and he probably had too.

"You have got stockings on haven't you?," Tim added, at the same time placing a hand on my thigh over one of my suspenders.

"TIM," I shouted, taken by surprise by his hand on my leg.

"Oh come on, I'm supposed to be your friend and I'm the only one who hasn't seen yet," he said.

I began to wonder what he meant by 'yet' and also wondered why he had parked some way from the cash machine when most people would park nearer.

His other hand was around my back as his face suddenly appeared nearer to mine, or it could have been my eyes getting used to the darkness.

"Wont you let me see, I thought we were good friends, AND I got you the job," he said with his hand rubbing my leg through my dress.

I smiled and briefly laughed, not knowing exactly what to do for the best. It was true I regarded him as a friend, someone I could talk to, and it was true the others had seen my legs, and yes I did appreciate him getting me the job. I think the confidence boost I had been given by the favourable comments I had received and with the courage the wine had given me, I overlooked the fact that he was gradually gathering my dress upwards.

"You're so lovely Julie, I don't think you realise that," he added. I was about to deny that I was, but thoughts left me as I felt his fingers in direct contact with my stockings on my knee. His lips kissed mine and at the same time his hand slid further up my dress as he retained contact with the front of my thigh. He then brought his hand up the outside of my leg and as I glanced down I saw my stockings becoming increasingly exposed as my dress was moved upwards. I firmly closed my eyes, as if not wanting to accept what I'd seen. His kissing became more intense and I occasionally gasped as his hand roamed my legs, even touching the bareness of my thighs above my stockings, and also tracing my suspenders.

"Oh, what fantastic legs," he breathed. I realised I too was breathing heavily, and we both seemed to look down together.

I cringed as I saw my dress exposing all of my stockings with a black suspender dividing the

whiteness of my exposed thighs above them.

"No wonder everyone was talking about your legs Julie," Tim added.

I wondered why he was suddenly amazed at my legs, after all he'd seen as much before in the summer when I'd worn shorts for a couple of bbq's we'd each held.

"Nobody felt them though," I interrupted, hoping to suggest he should stop now.

"I could arrange plenty of willing volunteers to do that," he replied, totally misunderstanding my meaning.

"No," I squealed, and Tim briefly laughed before kissing me again, briefly removing and then replacing his arm that was around me.

His hand continued to slide up and down my legs and I thought I'd better try and stop this. Gripping his forearm, admittedly without much effect, I hoped I might be able to bring this to a halt. But instead Tim's hand slid between my legs. I then realised that the back of my seat was moving, it was slowly lowering, and it had already gone some way by the time I realised what was happening.

My eyes pinged open and I tried to say no, but with his lips locked onto mine all that could be heard was "nnnnnnngg" and I worried that he might think I was moaning with pleasure. I gasped and my body spasmed slightly as his fingers began rubbing the front of my panties as I found it harder to keep hold of his arm.

"Tim," I started to say but was talked over as he said "oh yes, we both want to do this".

"No," I tried to quickly counteract him, but he forcefully said "let's see if your as wet as I am hard."

I tried to grip my knees together, knowing I'd had an enjoyable evening, and knowing what the answer would be although I'd hoped to keep that much from him.

I wasn't able to prevent him forcing his tongue into my mouth, and then moaned loudly as his fingers slid under the side of my panties and then into my vagina.

"Oh yes, were both ready for it," he said with a certain amount of triumph in his voice. I remember saying, or at least thinking, "no, I'm not, we cant, were married," and almost crying as his finger continued to arouse me despite my protests.

He withdrew his tongue from my mouth and looked down between us, I was almost horizontal now and I now realised why he'd put his ignition on earlier.

"Oh that's gorgeous," he sighed as his finger kept rubbing me.

I wanted to object, to stop this, but I couldn't as my breath seemed to have been taken from me.

He kissed me again, almost leaning on top of me, and I knew I was about to come. The more I tried not to, the quicker my climax appeared to build, until I moaned out and lost control of my body as I came on his finger, or fingers.

"Oh yes, go for it darling," he said, as I almost embarrassingly continued to signify my orgasm.

"We enjoyed that didn't we?" he said, but I was unable to answer as I tried to recover my breath.

"Lets finish it off now," he added, moving his hand to the side of my panties. My eyes widened, realising what he was asking.

"W-we cant Tim, we're married, and, and I've never done anything like this before," I gasped as my breath started to come back to me.

"Neither have I, but no one's going to know darling," he said, and then added, "besides, your husband had been married before you met him and my wife had been engaged, so you and me deserve to have some extra fun."

I found myself thinking of the unknown exploits of my husband and his wife, but was brought back to reality as my panties were being pulled down my left thigh and Tim whispered "lift your bottom darling."

"Tim, we cant," I tried to reason.

"We can darling, no one's ever going to know, don't be a prude like my wife and stop now you've had your fun," he said. I resented being compared to his wife, as although she was my friend I knew she didn't enjoy sex. I found myself considering allowing this to happen, reflecting on my husband's previous marriage, and the friendship I had with Tim.

"Come on sweetheart, lift your bottom," he repeated, as he pressed his erection against me while his hand continued to pull at my panties. I bit my lip, almost disbelieving I was contemplating doing it.

"S-someone might see," I tried unconvincingly to find a different reason to stop.

"No they wont, even if someone comes into the car park they wont park near here," Tim replied.

I reflected on the evening, I reflected on what had just happened, his hands on me, his appreciation of me, I realised I was actually considering it.

"Come on sweetheart," he whispered into my ear.

As though I had become two people in one, my head was saying I couldn't do this, yet my body was tightening to allow my panties to be pulled downwards. My head was saying don't you dare, don't you dare, yet my body was raising each knee in turn as Tim removed my panties. I cringed and panicked slightly as I heard his zip being drawn, and after a brief moment he was now moving further onto me.

You've got to make him stop, my head was pleading, while my leg was easily being moved aside by his knee.

As both his knees became positioned between mine he broke the silence by saying "I've wanted to do this with you for years honey."

I didn't reply, and I certainly wasn't going to express gratitude.

I moaned suddenly as I felt him place the tip of his penis against me, then moaned almost to a scream as he pushed it in. I knew I was wet yet he seemed to stretch and fill me.

"Raise your knees a little so I can get right in," he said.

"Huh, y-you mean you're not right in yet," I thought to myself.

My body did as I was instructed and a further push made me gasp out again.

"Oh that's it, I can't tell you how often I've thought about this," he said.

I couldn't believe it, here I was laid underneath my friends husband in his car, in a car park about a mile from home, with his cock completely in me.

He started to move back and forth, causing me to softly moan as he fully penetrated me.

"Oh that feels so good sweetheart, is it good for you darling?" he asked.

"Is that good darling?," he asked again.

"Yes," I gasped, inwardly cursing myself for admitting it.

As his thrusting became faster, so did my moaning, and his penis was beginning to have an effect on me.

"Oh yes, you're good at this sweetheart, its even better than I thought it would be," he said as he became faster and faster, adding "my wife usually tells me to slow down when I'm going this hard."

I didn't know what to say. And, even if I did, I found myself approaching a climax that I knew I couldn't avoid.

"Oh darling I'm going to come, do you want it in your mouth or do you want me to fuck you? Which do you want?" he said.

I was about to come and couldn't think straight, all I could think was that I didn't want him to stop just yet.

"Fuck me," I blurted out.

"Oh yes, what did you say, what?," he said as he kept thrusting into me.

Being slightly naïve and not realising he'd really heard me, I gasped "Fuck me Tim, I want you to fuck me."

His movement became even harder as he said "oh yes I've so wanted to hear you say that to me."

I couldn't hold out any longer and was overwhelmed by my orgasm, Tim coming at about the same time grunting like an animal into my ear as he roughly dumped his semen into me.

We both lay panting for a while before I somewhat reluctantly agreed that I'd enjoyed that. As we adjusted our clothing he worked on persuading me long enough until I agreed that we would do that again sometime, although I didn't want to agree I knew that I'd like to experience that feeling again.

I lay awake when I got home, listening to my dear husband snoring, wondering what I should do about Tim.

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