tagLoving WivesAccidental Wet T-Shirt Ch. 02

Accidental Wet T-Shirt Ch. 02


"So," she said "I understand you've been on the road a while, huh boys?"

They nodded their heads, cocks absurdly hanging out of their fly's.

"Well my husband here," she gestured at me, and then started stroking my very hard cock, "he used to have to travel all the time for his job, and I remember how desperate we both used to get toward the end of a long trip. He doesn't have to travel anymore, but we know how lonely it can be out there. And apparently, he doesn't mind my helping you gentlemen out."

They started walking toward her, sort of limping with their cocks pointing straight ahead. But she stopped them.

"Whoa now boys, we need a more private location, don't you think?" They didn't think, but that was besides the point. They snapped out of their daze for a minute, and began thinking about what to do. They talked amongst themselves for a minute, and Greg said to us that they'd be right back. We saw them climb into their trucks, start to drive, and they moved their three trucks into a U-Shape such that the only open view was away from the road. They hopped out and called us over.

She surveyed the situation and said "This'll work. Line up boys." Without another word, she walked directly up to Greg, looked him in the eye, then reached out to her sides and grabbed his friends--it turned out their names were Larry and Craig--by the cock, one in each hand. She then slipped down to her knees, licked her lips and slowly licked the underside of Greg's big cockhead. He groaned hard, and she groaned back at him. I stood behind her, slowly stroking myself. After a minute or so, I couldn't take it and I yanked her skirt off for good.

A few minutes into sucking down Greg's cock, she stopped, and began milking it with her hand, licking off his precum. She pulled off of him and switched over to Larry, who had the biggest cock by a good measure. Just as she was about to really get going on him, poor neglected Craig started moaning hard, stroking himself really fast, and Sarah rushed over to him. Just as she got on her knees in front of him, he began spraying spurt after spurt of cum, at first on her breasts, but eventually she got it on her face and then into her mouth.

She smiled and turned to Larry and Greg saying "I bet you two are getting awfully antsy too." They nodded, agreeing. "Well then," she said, "I better get my kicks in while you two last."

Her pussy must have been soaked because she looked at Larry, told him to lie down, and straddled his giant piece of machinery. She groaned hard and winced at first. "My god its sooo biig...wait wait...oh my god wow wow wow ok go go!!!!" She pushed herself all the way down on him and started to ride him. Greg offered his cock to her mouth, which she greedily went after--though she struggled mightily to focus any attention on Greg's cock while being impaled on Larry. Shortly, Larry made it clear he needed some release and he got up on his knees, bending over over. I've mentioned this before, but her nice big ass on her small frame, bouncing in doggystyle is one of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life.

He asked if he could cum in her, but since he didn't have a condom (though she does take birth control), she jumped off of him. He wasn't able to wait to get in her mouth and he immediately began spraying an enormous load onto her neck and face, having clearly saved up for a while. Greg and I went up to her at this point and I shoved my aching cock in her mouth. In a few seconds, me and Greg were treated to the view of her swallowing my load down her willing throat. As I pulled out, Greg took his liberties on her chest, briefly pushing her smallish tits together to get some friction, then cumming on the bottom of her chin as if he hadn't in a month.

The four of us all looked at her in post-cum amazement. She wiped her chin and cheeks, licking her fingers and looked at the men with her hands on her hips. "Well, on the road again guys. Drive safely!"

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