tagBDSMAccidentally Eavesdropping

Accidentally Eavesdropping


She doesn't meant to spy, really she doesn't, but with the bloody broadband slowing to snail's pace Claire can't get any work done. Broadband speeds are notoriously slow in rural areas of England, but this is ridiculous. The start of a new university term is imminent and Claire has to have her lecturer's notes ready. Screwdriver in hand, she decides to trace the phone cable and check for a loose connection, carefully following the wire to a junction box where it spurs off into the granny annex of her house. Ah, she recalls, the house phone line enters via the little self-contained flat, currently let to two students.

Wonder if anyone's in? Claire raises her hand to knock on the door only to find it already open. "Ginny," she calls softly. No reply. TV's a bit loud, thinks Claire, what an earth is she watching?

Peering through the bedroom door, her question is answered and brings her to a dead stop. The TV is silent, but a laptop being watched avidly by a young woman on the bed certainly explains the salacious sounds. Onscreen an attractive girl has been pulled firmly across a - rather dishy Claire thinks - young man's lap and is being soundly spanked. This sexy scenario evidently finds favour with the watcher who, clad only in a T-shirt and knickers, is furiously working her fingers inside her panties.

At which point the frame momentarily freezes - the dreaded buffering pause - loose connection be dammed, Claire's broadband is slow because the lodgers are streaming movies.

The movie action resumes and, hardly breathing, she's transfixed by the erotic tableau. Claire recognises the film, one of Pandora Blake's 'Dreams of Spanking' series that often end in celebratory sex.

"Now finish her off, thinks Claire, then to her horror realises she's inadvertently spoken out loud! Her teetering-on-the-brink-of-climax lodger looks up shocked, guilty secret revealed to her watching landlady; for a long time neither speaks.

"You've been spying on me", Ginny says eventually.

"I didn't intend to," responds," Claire, recovering her composure. "My PC was on the blink, I came to check the connection, thinking you were at college." Oh dear, true though her explanation is it doesn't sound very convincing. She decides to adopt the moral high ground: "You've been using my Internet connection."

Ginny has the grace to look embarrassed. "Yes„" she agrees, "and downloaded some movies, probably what slowed it down, sorry."

"Did you pay for the films?" demands Claire.

Ginny looks shamefaced, "Not all of them."

"Oh great, I'll get done for piracy now. Honestly I've a good mind to..."

"Send us packing? No, please, we'd never find anywhere else so reasonable," pleads Ginny, "and with such a lovely landlady," she adds as an afterthought.

"I think it'll take more than flattery to resolve this issue," replies Claire, sensing an advantage.

"Yes, of course, you're right," replies Ginny. Good lord, did the minx really flutter her eyebrows? "I've been very naughty, haven't I? Perhaps you should punish me, Claire. I'm sure you'll know what to do."

Claire did indeed know what to do; hence the noises Ginny's boyfriend Torn hears when he returns home some 15 minutes later. He hadn't planned to spy, he really hadn't, but, cheerful call of greeting unacknowledged, Tom makes his way to the bedroom from where come the unmistakable sound of a spanking in progress. Not watching spanking films again? Honestly Ginny is incorrigible. Well she'll very soon be getting her bottom smacked for real. He smiles, eagerly anticipating the encounter and quietly pushes open the bedroom door...

To discover his landlady with Ginny over her knee, energetically spanking his girlfriend's pert little bottom. As he watches, Claire halts the fusillade of slaps to gently sooth his girlfriend's hot pink cheeks, eliciting gasps of pleasure. High time Torn announced his presence...

A quarter of hour and some rather heated debate later Tom has decidedly taken charge. He'll most definitely be dealing with his gamine young girlfriend for her Internet hi-jacking exploits. However that can wait, taking Claire to task for her voyeurism and spanking Ginny without his permission is a far more pressing priority. No excuses and no arguments, Tom is confident and charismatic enough to be sure a woman almost old enough to be his mother will submit.

My, Tom's a big strong boy, thinks Claire as he bends her firmly over the back of the sofa, pushed up onto the toes of her wedge-heeled sandals. Sitting on the couch Ginny clasps Claire's hands and holds them tightly. Stretching up, she gives her landlady a lingering, far from sisterly kiss, "I think you've been rather neglected lately, lovely Claire," she murmurs, as Tom raises the hem of her dress to reveal a firm, mature bottom.

Claire mentally thanks the sartorial gods she's worn decent lingerie under her '50s-style dress today. In contrast to the older woman's curvaceous charms, Ginny - slender and pale with cute black-framed glasses, hair tied in bunches and short white socks - looks much younger than a graduate student.

"Take her knickers down„" Ginny instructs her beau impishly "Claire needs it on the bare, don't you darling?"

To be honest 'it' has been absent so long Claire really isn't fussy, she feels a cool breeze waft across her exposed cheeks and hears the unmistakable sound of a leather belt being removed from Tom's jeans. "First I'm going to give you a good strapping„" he says authoritatively.

"And then we're both going to take very good care of you," whispers Ginny, holding her tightly...

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