tagLoving WivesAccidents, Can They Be Prevented?

Accidents, Can They Be Prevented?


Note to readers: This is not a story about wimpy husbands who sit back and eat the cream pies of their wife's lover or about forgiving blatant infidelity and living the rest of one's life as a cuckold in silent desperation. There are enough stories about such spineless morons who cry crocodile tears when they find out that their wife is an unfaithful slut and suffer great inner torment on the long road to forgive her infidelity (are we smoking peyote or what!). If you don't like stories about husbands who own a large pair of brass balls, do not read any further. This story will upset you and is not for you.


It was a cold windy Saturday with overcast. I stood along the pier watching the surf. I really didn't feel like fishing. I just felt like staring into the horizon wondering where my life was going. It was a good day to spend by myself. My name is Bill Jackson. I've been here for 48 years and during that time I have managed to earn a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks.

As I looked back over the last 25 years of my life, I wondered if I would have done things differently. I knew my industry and my job so well that my daily routine was pretty mechanical. There was an occasional fire drill but for the most part it was just day to day management of typical construction projects. The job paid well and I guess, for the most part, the day-to-day stress was minimal.

My thoughts then wandered to my family. Our two kids were grown and finished with college. What a relief. I never thought we would get our sons to graduate but some how the party animals managed and seemed to find stability in their new careers. It was kind of nice not to have to worry about them. They had finally matured.

I had told my wife, Lisa, I would be gone for the day. Lisa was my age. We had meet during college and got married shortly after graduation. We had a stable marriage. Of course we had our share of ups and downs but we were comfortable with each other. She was some one I could grow old with. I told her I want to do some fishing off the local pier. But when I got their, I was just too tired from a long week so I just stood there staring at the horizon.

I guess I had let my mind wander enough. I was chilled to the bone so I decided I would go back home early. It was nearly 10:00AM - so much for spending the day fishing. Old age was catching up with me!

As I drove back, a slight drizzle developed. What a pain I the ass - nothing like the first rain to make the streets slippery. As I rounded the corner to my street, I noticed a red corvette parked I the drive way. I wondered, "Who could that be?" I don't know anyone who owns a corvette.

I parked next to the curb and got out. I was curious to see who was visiting this early in the morning. I thought to myself, "How strange, the door is unlocked." I wandered around but I didn't see anyone downstairs in the living room or family rooms. Then I heard a noise coming from upstairs. I heard the noise again. It sounded like a woman groaning. I thought to myself, "What in the hell is going on!"

I crept up the stairs and peeked into our bedroom. There was my wife of 25 years with her face in a pillow and her ass in the air getting pounded doggie style by some middle-aged guy I had never seen before. I stood there frozen in place with my mouth open trying to figure out what I should do.

I really couldn't figure out what to do so I took my Palm Treo and snapped a couple of photos. If I barged in and disrupted them, I would never know the extent of her infidelity. I would never know how long this had been going on or if there were others. Just them I heard Bob scream, "Ahhhhh! I'm cumming you slut. I'm creaming your cunt!" Lisa yelled back, "Fill me with that monster, you bastard!"

As they continued moaning, I backed away from the door and crept down stairs. I departed through the front door and went out and jotted the guy's license plate down. I need to know who he was and what I was dealing with.

Later that afternoon, after speaking with a PI, I was given the name and address of the guy was who was banging my wife. I decided that I would bide my time because time was on my side. I would deal with Bob Murphy soon enough.

I made a conscious decision that I would no longer have sex with my Lisa. I would remain friendly and helpful, but I wasn't sticking my cock into Lisa's sloppy seconds. From my good behavior, she would conclude that any events that happened to her were merely accidents. That night I invited her to dinner and a movie. We both came back after a long evening tired and crashed. She was so tired she wasn't even thinking about sex.

I put my plan into action the next day. I could hear Lisa coming down the stairs for breakfast. I was cooking bacon and eggs and had the coffee boiling of the stove. I took the pot of coffee and poured into a thermal pitcher. Lisa sat down and I said good morning and brought her a plate of eggs, bacon, and hash browns. I poured some cream in her coffee cup and set in on the table in front of her. I brought the pitcher of coffee over and just as I was about to fill her cup, I told her, "Let me get you a napkin." I pretended to reach for the stack of napkins and I carefully aimed the pitcher and proceed to miss the cup and dumped the contents onto her crotch.

Lisa screamed, "Ahhhhh! You asshole." She them grabbed her crotch and began jumping around and crying out in pain. I told her, "Oh my! I am soooo sorry. Do you want me to get a doctor?" She moan, "Please help me get to the bathtub." I carried her up stairs and put her in the tub and turned on the cold water. As she sat in the cold water moaning, I said, "Do you want me to get an ambulance. I am so sorry. How careless of me! I just wasn't thinking."

Her crotch and lower abdomen looked red to say the least. I thought to myself, "You fucking worthless cunt. Let's see how many guys you can fuck now." A few days and many ice packs later, Lisa started to move around the house again.

While Lisa was laid up in bed, I had a chance to wire the house. I would hear every conversation whether in person or on the phone. A couple days after she had gotten out of bed, Lisa got a call from lover boy Bob that was picked on the voice recorder. He wanted to know when he could come over. He told her his balls were full and swollen and needed to be emptied soon. She told him she wouldn't be able to fuck for a little while longer but she wouldn't mind sucking him off. She told him a protein shake may help her heal faster.

I laughed and told myself, "The stupid bitch didn't learn her lesson. Ok, what would be next? But let's deal with Bob first." That evening about 6:00PM after Lisa had gone to upstairs to bed; I took my double barreled 12 gage shotgun and sawed the barrels down to about 12 inches in length. I sawed the stock off so I could hold the gun with one hand. I then took a couple 12 gage shot gun shells, opened them up, and emptied out the lead. I filled them back up with granulated rock salt and chambered them into the shotgun. I knew Bob lived alone so later that evening about 8:00PM, as Lisa slept, I decided it was time to deal with Bob.

I laid my shotgun on the front seat, covered it with an overcoat, and then drove over to Bob's house and parked a house down. I got out to the car slipped on my overcoat and put the shotgun inside the coat. As I approached his front door, I slipped a stocking mask over my head and rang his door. I dropped below the line of sight of the peephole. Bob came to the door, turned on the outside light, and bellowed, "Who's there?" I told him I was doing a neighborhood zoning survey and would only take a couple minutes of his time.

I heard Bob slide back the security chain on the door latch and partially opened the door. As he did this I shouldered the door causing the chain to break and the door to swing open knocking Bob on his ass. I quickly swung out the shotgun and shot him right in his balls with the rock salt. The last I saw of him, he was rolling around the floor. It must of hurt so bad because he couldn't even scream. He didn't have a clue who whacked him or for what reason. I wasn't worried; I had too many friends as alibis. But I'm sure Bob will be out of action for awhile.

As I drove back, I said to myself, "Now let's have some fun with my ever faithful wife." I got back about 11:00PM and my wife was asleep as I had left her. I went out to the driveway and moved her car to the curb, and I parked in the drive way. I got underneath her car and loosened the fittings on her brake lines catching the hydraulic fluid in a pan. I washed the pan out and went inside to bed.

The next day, Lisa got up early and told me she wanted to run an errand. I had a feeling she wanted to go talk to Bob, but I could be wrong. At that point, I really didn't give a shit about her or my lie of a marriage. I smiled at her and asked her, "Honey, is there anything I can do for you while you are gone?" She looked at me and said, "No, you jerk. You have done enough." Lisa then walked out the door to her car and drove off. She hadn't gone two blocks when she rear ended a municipal trash truck. There was no damage to the trash truck but steam was coming out of her Lexus and the front was smashed. Poor Lisa had got a pretty good whiplash. When I heard the sirens, I hoped in my car and head down the street. Just then the ambulance pulled up and Lisa was put on the stretcher wearing a neck brace. The cops at the scene told me her breaks failed and no one else was injured.

I followed the ambulance to the hospital, parked, and went inside. It turned out t be a long day. I spent the day in the waiting room kicking back watching teenage sluts on Oprah and trannys battling it out on Jerry Spring reruns.

The doctor finally came out and told me that they had run a series of tests on my wife and she had no obvious injuries. However, he said many times a whiplash injury is an undetectable and she would have to wear the neck brace for a couple of months. Then I was to bring her back, and they would check her out again.

The doctor told me he had already spoken to her and told her not to engage in any strenuous activities and she should abstain from sex until after her next doctor's examination. I thanked the doctor and told him his orders would be obeyed.

Later that day I brought Lisa home. She was really an unhappy little bitch. She would be deprived of strange cock for the next two months. What a tragedy! She seemed to become even more agitated later that evening. I soon found out why after I listened to the voice recorders. Apparently, she was unable to reach Bob and had no way to drive to his house. What a shame!

Now it was payback time. I didn't have time to romance some one at the office or pick some one up at the bars so I made arrangements with a local escort service to send a girl over for a couple of hours the next evening. I talked to Cherry before hand and told her that I wanted her to act as if we had known each other for a long time and that I was going to fuck her in front of my wife. I told her she would be amply paid for her services.

Cherry arrived about 7:00PM and rang our door. As I opened the door, I was greeted with a big kiss. My wife looked at us and said, "Bill what in the hell is going on!" I told her, "Nothing Dear. This is my friend Cherry. Cherry this is my wife Lisa. Cherry, the doctor told Lisa she cannot have sex for a couple of months, but the doctor didn't say there was anything wrong with me."

Cherry looked at Lisa and said, "I am soooo sorry, Lisa, but don't worry. I'll make sure his balls are drained on a regular basis."

Lisa screamed. "Get out of my house you whore!" I looked at Lisa and told her, "You are in no position to tell anybody anything. I am not letting my protein shake go to waste."

With that Cherry dropped to her knees, unzipped my cock, and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. Lisa sat there with her mouth hanging open. Cherry was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow and jerking it with both hands. I couldn't take much more of Cherry's expertise. I was close to blowing my wad. I looked at Lisa and said, "You're my wife and you come first." With that I pulled my cock out of Cherry's mouth and turned to Lisa. I jerked my cock a couple of times before spraying my wad all over Lisa's face. I looked at her and said, "Lisa, you're my wife. I would never deny you a mouthful of my cream. What kind of husband would I be?"

Cherry turned to me and said, "My, my, you're still hard. Now fuck me in the ass with that monster. Lisa, honey, you just sit there while we take care of business. If you want to take notes, it's Ok!"

Needless to say for the next two months as Cherry continued to empty my balls on a regular basis, Lisa's was not a happy camper. But Lisa needed me until she recovered from her whiplash. Would we stay married? Probably not, but payback is a bitch. Now, let me finish that bowl of hot spicy chili before I climb in to bed next to my loving wife!


Note to readers: For those of you that didn't like it, you were warned not to read it. But you couldn't control yourself, could you? You just had to read.

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by betrayedbylove05/12/18


Read it before. Would have loved to see the reaction once the cunt healed. Oh well, I'll use my imagination.

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by Samuel_T_Cogsley03/28/18

***Smiles and then,,,***


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Love this author

First I have read this author. I loved it.

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