Accountant Ch. 03


We lay a while, snuggled together. I was happy to hold her, feeling her soft body pressed against me as she half dozed on my chest. After a few minutes she stirred, sighing.

"I could lie here all day," she said raising her head up.

"Mm...I could let you," I replied, moving my hand around to brush the hair from her face.

She slipped down me, her pubes brushing over my cock as she slid to my thighs and swung her feet down. I started to raise myself and she held out her hand to help me.

She pulled me to her, taking my hand behind my back as she stretched to kiss me. After she broke the kiss she stepped back. "The coffee's probably cold by now, shall I make a fresh one?," she said.

"Yes," I said switching back my focus to the here and now. "That would be a good idea."

She had a peep at the baby before turning to the tray, bending to give me a look at her pussy lips and drive my excitement level up. She gave me a smile as she turned.

I sat back down, watching her nude figure till it disappeared behind the door. I didn't dare count back the years since I'd felt this frisky, I was beginning to feel that twenty years younger I'd wished for.

I sat a little straighter when she came back, watching her breasts jiggling slightly as she carried the tray waist high in front of her. She put it down and passed me a cup before sitting next to me.

"How would you start an Edwardian story," she asked.

"I'm not sure, I don't think I could cope with all that flowery language, all the 'thee's' and 'thou's'." I said reflectively. "Anyway it's a bit soon to start thinking of a new one. I guarantee you won't want to finish this one if you do."

"No, I was just thinking, now I've started I can think of one or two stories I'd like to write. The Edwardian one will be my first novel."

"That's a lot of writing, you'd be better starting with a few shorter ones first."

"I know, I'm going to start making notes like how they meet at coming out balls, and things. I want to write one of those medieval ones with you next."

"With magic?"

"Yes, can we do a female wizard and a male prince; I haven't seen any like that."

"I think I remember one, started with the prince looking out over the darkened city he was about to attack, she was a druid if memory serves."

"You'll have to find it for me," she said.

"Oh, it was a while ago, I don't remember the name or author."

"Oh," she sighed.

I let the conversation lapse as I sipped my coffee watching her copy me and sip hers. Her happiness was almost shining in her face as she looked over at me, grinning behind her cup.

"You'd better get dressed after this," I said lifting my cup. "There's half an hour till I take you home."

"Is it that late," she said, her eyes widening in slight surprise.

I turned my head to the wall clock, letting her follow my gaze.

"God!" she said taking a gulp of her drink. She swivelled around and bent forward to set her cup down, giving me a quick smile as she stood and rushed off.

I finished mine in two gulps and picked the baby up as I followed her upstairs to get dressed as well. I protested as she picked up the soiled t-shirt to put it back on but she wanted to wear it, saying she had a little bit of me next to her.

I carried the baby back down and set it down as she gathered her things. If her mother was on schedule she would have dinner ready for the table in twenty minutes when Heather stood ready.

"You want to get there early?" I asked, as she looked at me with the carrier in her hand.

"I'm ready now, I might as well."

I stepped over and picked the bag up, hoisting it to my shoulder. "Okay then."

We walked out to the car and I let her in and then strapped the baby in.

I drove up thinking about spending the night with Sam after half the day engaged in sexual athletics with her daughter and I felt a little guilty but Sam was for the long term, it was just a girlish crush for Heather.

I followed Heather in, greeting Sam and getting my welcome kiss.

"Could you watch the baby while I get changed?" Heather asked pausing at the hall door.

"Yes of course," I said turning to her.

"Dinner in twenty minutes," Sam shouted as I walked to the door trailing Heather who was already turning into the lounge.

She wiggled her ass at me as she bent to set the carrier down on the couch. Though I smiled and had no worries about Sam catching her now I wanted to tell her to be more careful.

She brushed against me, her hand trailing across my cock as she walked out.

"I won't be long," she said with a smile.

I smiled back at her as she walked to the door then turned my attention to the baby, sitting next to him and laying back hoping that Heather was smarter than she was acting now.

Sam came through five minutes later.

"Chicken pie, chips and peas," she announced walking over to join me.

"Very nice, it's been ages since I've had that." I replied grinning.

"Well if you move in you can have a lot more," she said shifting the carrier onto the coffee table.

"That's already on the scales; your cooking is as good as my mothers." I said turning to her as she sat next to me.

"You could use your house as an office, there's plenty of work out there if you want it," she went on.

"I'm happy as I am," I said as she snuggled into my side.

"You could be happier here," she said putting her hand on my knee and drawing up to my thigh.

"Sam, give me time, it's not a decision to make lightly," I said shifting my arm around her shoulder.

"I'd better get the chips ready," she said wriggling free.

She gave me a peck on the cheek as she got up and walked to the door without looking back. The more she pressed the more I wanted to say no but I was afraid that would put a kink in our relationship.

"Is he still asleep?" Heather asked as she walked in.

I half rose to look in at him.

"Yes," I said sitting again.

She walked over dressed now in a loose pair of shorts and a long t-shirt emblazoned with the name of some pop group. I could see she was braless under it by the way the peaks of her nipples moved under it.

"I'll make his bottle anyway," she said. "He's due for it."

She peeped in. "Goo goo goo," she said, her hands reaching for the straps.

"He must have heard me," she said casting me a look over her shoulder.

She unstrapped him and sat next to me weighing his nappy as he started to cry.

"Pass me the bag," she asked me starting to unbutton his clothes.

I reached and put the bag between us, as she pulled out the nappies I dived in and pulled out the tin of formula and one of the clean bottles.

"I'll make a start on this," I said standing.

She looked up at me and nodded. I walked through to the kitchen. Sam glanced at me as I walked in, eyes flicking from my face to the bottle and tin in my hand and went back to preparing the food.

"Noisy little bugger," I said walking past her to the kettle.

"There's worst to come yet when he starts teething."

"Yes," I said with a quick laugh. "I remember Mark."

I touched the kettle testing for warmth. It was hot enough to make a bottle.

"Is this boiled water?" I asked.

"Huh?" she queried me.

"Have you put fresh water in?"

"Oh no, I had tea from it before you came."

"Thanks," I said, putting the tin and bottle next to it and crossing to the sink to rinse my hands.

I unscrewed the top of the bottle and picked the tin up for a quick read of the label. I spooned the right amount in and filled it with water, shaking it as I walked back to the sink to cool it.

Heather walked in, patting the baby and swaying with him lying on her shoulder.

"Is it ready yet?" she asked, looking over.


"Give him a chance," Sam said, cutting me off.

"...It's still a little warm." I said completing my sentence.

She walked on over and I held the bottle out for her to take. She took it from me and held it straight out.

"Can you take the cap off for me," she asked.

I held her hand around the bottle as I twisted the cap free. When I let go she tested it in her wrist.

"It's just about right," she said smiling at me as she turned to the baby and slipped him down to cradle him and feed him the bottle.

She turned to the door to take him away and I turned to Sam.

"Another five minutes yet," she said. "I'll bring it through when it's ready. We can eat in front of the TV."

I nodded at her and went back to the lounge to join Heather and turn the TV onto news. Heather was sat with George in her lap, he was on the hem of her t-shirt making it tight enough to see the tents that both nipples were making.

I walked over and bent in to take the t shirt at the waist.

"Lift him," I said to her surprised and puzzled face.

She eased him up and I pulled the shirt loose.

"Now I can look at you without staring at your luscious breasts."

She laughed, stirring the baby and making him look up at us. I straightened and moved to the couch to sit down. She was engrossed in the baby when I glanced back across and I reached for the remote and sat back.

I caught a section on the jet stream and its effect on our weather. They were trying to explain away climate change as extreme events in normal weather, merely coincidental one in a hundred year events.

I felt my annoyance rising, the bullshit from the denialists made me angry. They were the fiddlers backing Nero, paid to prevaricate as we tipped into chaos.

"Dinner," announced Sam as she wheeled the trolley in.

I stood and walked over to where she stopped, taking my plate and walking back to my seat. Sam sat in the armchair opposite and Heather made a quick dash for hers.

I helped her clear the plates and dishes, leaving them in the dishwasher to put away later. Heather went up to her room and we had the room to ourselves for our evening's viewing.

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