Accountant Ch. 06


While I stood and watched she pulled her nightgown up and gave me the thrill of seeing her near nude body, a pair of white cotton panties in place of the green ones she'd worn yesterday.

She dressed quickly in jeans and a crisp white blouse then spent a few minutes getting the tangles from her hair.

"Right," I said as she stood and turned to me. "Let's see if there's anyone manning the phones in the solicitors yet and I think George needs changing."

She gave me a real smile and walked across, arms outstretched to take him. I passed him over and fished in my pocket as she walked over to the bed to change him.

The phone rang and I waited until I went to answering machine.

"Did you leave them a message?" I called out to her.

"Yes, the first time but it might have been a bit garbled."

"That's okay," I said listening to the answerphone message.

I was hoping there was an emergency number to call but was out of luck on that and hung up when the beep went. I waited till she'd finished changing him and packed some stuff away in the bag.

She gave me the bag to carry and held my hand as she took me through to the top of the stairs.

"What do we do now?" she asked as we started down.

"See if the police will tell us anything."

"Your friend Mike?"

"No, I imagine he's quite busy at the moment. It may be better to go in person."

"I don't want to sit around down there."

"I'll go if you want."

"No!" she said tightening her grip on my hand. "I want you here with me.

"Well I guess I'll have to phone them then."

We got to the bottom and she led me through to the kitchen.

"Do you want coffee? I'm going to warm some more food for George."

"Do you want me to hold him?"

"Thanks," she said turning to let me take him.

I walked over to a stool.

"Coffe, yes?" she asked again as she took the kettle to the sink.

"Yes please," I said nodding.

As she filled it my thoughts turned to what would happen next, Heather could move in with me today, I didn't think she'd want to stay here if there was the slightest chance of her mother making bail.

There was also the riding school, should I cancel future bookings? How about the guests who were here now, could her people manage till the weekend? I needed to find the headman and talk to him.

"Here's your coffee," she said breaking into my thoughts.

"Do you want to move in with me?"

"Yes," she said, her smile brightening. "You know I do."

"Today, now."

"Yes," she said excitedly, spilling the coffee on the floor and nearly dropping the mug.

I took the coffee from her as she stepped in and threw her arms around me.

"Mind George," I said defensively putting my arm between us to guard him from her exuberance and excitement.

"Just when I need it you make me happy again," she said leaning back. "I'm going to love you forever."

"Well let's get George fed and start packing," I said adding mentally 'In case your mother makes bail soon.'

She lent in and gave me a quick kiss then turned and walked back over to the counter. I rang the station while she was feeding George and got the run around that she was helping with inquiries.

I texted Mike and asked him to ring me if he had a moment to spare and left it at that. Heather was still in a state of excitement as we packed the first load of her things.

She was touching me and holding me all the way through the three trips with George falling asleep on the last. There was a few things left but I was starving.

When we'd shifted the last of the load indoors I turned to her as we were walking out again.

"Heather," I said. "Let's take a break, I'm famished. I haven't had breakfast yet."

"You should have said," she said stopping.

"I'm okay, we've got most of it done now so we can relax a bit," I said walking on to get George from the car.

She slipped her arms around my waist as I bent in to unstrap the carrier, holding on till I straightened.

"I'll take him," she said as I turned.

I held it out for her and then followed on after locking the car. She walked through to the kitchen and put the carrier down.

"Can I help?" she asked as I walked to the cupboard for the muesli.

"You can start the coffee; there are fresh grounds in the percolator from when you rang me. Do you want anything to eat?"

"No, I'm still too excited to eat, I just want to hug you and hold you forever," she said slipping her arms around my waist as I reached for the packet.

"Later," I said as she pressed against me. "We've got things to do yet and you've got all night to hold me."

"That's a promise," she said slowly withdrawing her arms.

I turned and held her shoulders. "That's a promise, we've got a bedroom to reorganise and a cot to reassemble, and that's just here."

I leant in and gave her a quick kiss then turned her. "Coffee please."

While she busied herself with the coffee I served myself and started eating, I was glad she was happy and wanted to last. When news of this broke we were going to get a lot of attention from the red banner dailies.

The other thing on my mind was what to do about the stables, would she have given her solicitor instructions. These were questions to be answered before the days end.

She sat next to me, putting my coffee down next to my bowl.

"Shall I make a start with my clothes?"

"No, we can take ten minutes for a sit down first while George is asleep and then collect the last bits and pieces before we start here."

"Ten minutes to cuddle you that sounds nicer."

"Come on then," I said picking up my coffee and standing.

I picked up the carrier and she put her arm around my waist as we walked out. She waited for me to sit after I'd put the carrier down and then sat on my lap as I balanced my coffee on the arm.

She lay back into my shoulder and sighed. "I'll never forgive her, no matter what reason she's got."

"We should turn the radio on, see if there's anything on the news yet," I said. "Can you see the remote?"

"Yes," she said leaning back up. "It's over on the arm chair."

I took a hurried sip of my coffee as she got up and retrieved it, she sat back next to me and handed it over. I turned it on and tapped in the numbers it was playing some oldies ballad and I put the remote down.

She snuggled into my side, unbuttoning the bottom of my shirt to slip her hand inside. I draped my arm over her back and held her firm while I waited for the news to come on.

There was mention of the arrests on the fraud charge but nothing on Sam. I stabbed at the off button with mild annoyance; it had been a long shot anyway.

I gave Heather another five minutes and then patted her on the back.

"Let's get that last load," I said as she stirred.

"Mm," she replied, leaning forward.

I belted the still sleeping George into the backseat and we set off for what I hoped would be my last journey there for a while. I let her off and walked around to check with the stables.

I claimed ignorance about the reason she had been detained but apparently the solicitor had talked to them and they were going to keep it running and bring in a temporary manager.

They were going to have to have access to the house for Sam's office and the computer. I promised to let Heather know and told them she would be staying with me in my spare room for the time being.

She was upstairs, there was a stack ready to go and I walked up to see if there was anything else needing to come down. She was sitting on the bed packing the last of George's toys when I walked in.

George was awake and sounded happy enough as I walked across and sat next to her.

"All done?" I asked.

"Yes," she nodded. "This is the last."

"I've talked to the stable guy and he says they're appointing a temporary manager, they're going to use Sam's office"

"That's up to her, I want no part of anything to do with her."

"Okay," I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Come on," she said wearily. "Let's get this down and get out of here."

"Alright," I said standing.

She carried George and I carried the toys as we made our way down. We packed the car and were off without looking back. She linked her arm through mine as we drove home as I wondered where life's path would lead us.

I set up George's cot first while she started sorting out her clothes, we both kept an eye on George who was sat happily playing. I didn't take long to make the place liveable and I left her to sort out her bits and pieces while I went down to make coffee.

She joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later with George and a handful of his toys.

"Coffee ready yet?" she asked.

"No, it'll be a minute or two."

"I'll take George through to the front room then," she said.

"Okay, I'll bring yours in when I come."

"Thanks," she said turning and walking out.

I finished making the coffee and walked through. She was lying along the settee, leaning over the edge of the cushion to watch George.

"Coffee," I said walking over to her.

"Mm," she replied.

I put hers on the floor in front of her.


She lifted her legs for me to sit down then lowered them across my thighs when I sat. I laid one arm over her calves and took a sip of my drink. I wondered what life was going to be like with Heather here full time.

I was glad she was here for more than just the sex, as a writer she would understand my lifestyle. I was beginning to dare to think that this might last longer than the couple o f months I'd first given it.

I looked at George, it was going to be strange bringing up another child, it would come as a big surprise to my mum and dad to learn they had a new grandchild.

I glance at the clock, it was half two. I was a little surprised that we'd got it all done in so short a time, yesterday at this time I was telling her to wait till Friday and now it was a done deal and we would be sleeping together tonight.

"A penny for them," she said breaking into my thoughts.

"I was thinking of tonight, us in bed together," I said candidly.

"We can have an early night," she said half turning on the cushion to look at me over her shoulder.

"We could go out for a meal to celebrate, how would you like that?"

"No, I'll cook us something later, I want you to myself tonight."

I ran my hand up and down her leg.

"Tonight and all the tomorrows," I said reflectively patting her thigh.

She slipped her feet of and rolled laying her head in my lap and looking up at me.

"I love you, I love what you've done for me, how you treat me, how you make love to me. I want all those tomorrows with you. It's just me, you and George from now on."

Her earnestness showed in her voice and I knew she believed it. I brought my hand to brush her hair back from her face and touched my fingers along her cheek.

I wanted to tell her that I was more than half in love with her but my head held me back. Flashing up a memory of the bitterness and acrimony of the divorce from my last wife.

I nodded understanding.

She laid her hand over mine and took it to kiss my fingers one by one.

"Wait till George is asleep," she said sucking on my thumb. "I want to try my special thanks again."

My cock woke and twitched at the thought. She giggled and gave a quick lick across my palm then put it on her breast. I gave it a quick squeeze and moved it up to cup her chin.

"Wait," I said softly, letting my fingers stroke her cheek.

"My panties are getting wet," she said. "I need to take them off."

I gave a chuckle. "Check on George."

She turned and followed my eyes, George was curled up and looked asleep.

"Oh you," she said rising and swinging her legs out.

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