tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 13

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 13



You are sitting cross-legged on my bedroom rug – the one by the fireplace. There is a fire. You are in your nighty. You are getting drunk on a bottle of Irish whisky.

It's cold outside – late November – and I flew to LA for a meeting. It's the first time I've been gone since we became lovers – since I took your cherry. You miss me so badly that you ache.

"I'll be gone for three days. I'll be back the day before Thanksgiving." I'd said. "We'll cook dinner together and have a feast. Sound good?"

"Yes, Daddy. But I'll miss you – can't you take me with you?"

I had paused and looked thoughtful. "What about your classes?"

"Oh – you're right – I only have one, but I have to be there – Tuesday."

"We'll plan for you to come with me soon – when you can afford to be away."

You had smiled, "Yes, Daddy."

But now, you're drinking whisky – you don't know it – but it's 15-year Jameson, very expensive – all you know is that it's delicious and it came from my cabinet and so, even though you've never seen me drink alcohol, it feels like it's part of me. It's warming your throat. The fragrance fills your head with each sip. You are getting very horny.

You found a collection of sex toys where you knew they were – in my dresser. You got out the nipple clamps, a large vibrating dildo, and the clitoris clamp you recently became acquainted with. They are next to you on the rug. You've never tried the nipple clamps or the dildo, but hey – a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do – or so you think to yourself – and you giggle.

You've been texting your friends. You are listening to recordings of me on your iPod.

The whisky had made you naughty and flirty. You are texting a girl-friend at school in the dorms a few blocks away.

"im horny" she texts.

You: "OMG me 2"

Her: "show me ur pussy"

You: "LOLs u 1st"

Her: "OK" and a picture comes through. It's of her pussy lips. You can see they're wet. "Now U"

You spread your legs and take a phone picture of your pussy.

Her: "OMG ur so sxy. Call me"

You turn off the iPod. You dial. "Where's your mystery boyfriend?" she asks.

"Away tonight."

"Lucky for me. Who is this boy?"

"I told you - no one special." You lie.

"So you like that place you live? You see much of your landlord? I've heard rumors - he used to be somebody or something, you know."

"Yeah – I guess – he's pretty great."

"So you see him?"

"Yeah, sometimes – well – a lot, really."

"Really? Cool."

"Yeah I sit and listen to him play. I had no idea about it when I moved in. But then I heard him playing at night and I began poking around. I mean – I found this hallway with pictures of him with famous people and then he's got these awards in there. It's kind of amazing, but he doesn't talk about it much. He's really nice but kind of – well – sad – kind of dark."

"Ooooh – you've got a lot to say about him."

"Yeah, I guess I do. Like I said – he's really nice."

"Is he there?"

"No – he's gone. Business in LA. Something about a soundtrack deal."


"Yeah. You know – movie music. I miss him so much."

Your friend is silent – "Wait – you miss him?"

"Oh – – yeah – I guess I do..."

"Wait a minute – Oh – My – God – your landlord... he's your mystery boyfriend. Oooooh - you're doing your landlord. You're so bad." She giggles.

"I didn't say that."

"You don't have to – Your mystery boyfriend's that – that – old guy. Didn't he used to make CDs or something?"

"He calls them records and he's not old; just older."

"Yeah, right. Whatever. Oh – My – God – so – like what's it like doing an older man?

"Oh, stop it."

"No really," she says. You can hear her voice take on a slightly sexy tone.

You say – "You're playing with yourself."

She giggles, "Absolutely – I'm so horny. So tell me about it – really – what's it like with an older man?"

"Well – I don't have a basis for comparison, really – see – he's my first."

"Really? You gave your cherry to him?"

"Yes. It was wonderful – soooo romantic. He's so good to me."

"Did he nail you?"

"No – I pounced. He wouldn't have done it. I pushed him. He was so gentlemanly. He was so tender. I had fallen for him – hopelessly. I didn't know how to get him – in fact I didn't think it would happen. But I – well – I confessed what I wanted and..."

"Ooooh – you're so bad! So do you care for him or you just doing him?"

"I love him. Very much. You can't tell anyone."

"Oh – My – God – you're secretly in love with an old-guy. Does he love you?"

"Yes – yes. He's so sweet. He's – well – amazing, really."

"Oh God – so like – do you sleep together?"

"Yes – every night now."

"Do you fuck every night?"

"Yes – or – something. But he's really good to me – he helps me with all kinds of things. He takes me places. He makes me do my homework." You giggle.

"Makes you?"

"Yes. I like doing what he says. It's sweet."

"What else does he make you do?" She giggles.

"All kinds of stuff. You wouldn't believe it."

"Try me. So he makes you suck him?"

"Well – it's not like he makes me do that – I mean – I really like it. I do it to him – and I like him to be – strong with me – I like him to push me a bit. So it kind of is like he makes me do it – I guess. But I can make him come really hard too."

"What else?" Her voice has become more sultry. You know she's playing with herself now.

"Oh – I see – you want me to get you off, don't you?"


"Well, I can tell you stuff you wouldn't believe."

"Oh yeah?"

"So – like this – there are these things called nipple clamps – they were in his dresser drawer – I've got some here. I'm going to put them on 'cause I want to get off really hard – wait – I'm taking off my nighty."

"OK. Me too."

"So I'm putting the nipple clamps on. Here – first the left side"

"Oh – My – God... how – how slutty."

"It's extreme. It feels really good."

"Take a picture – show me."

You send her a picture of your bare breasts with the nipple clamps on.

"Oh, my – they look so – so sexy." Her voice is soft and warm. "Do they feel good?"

"Oh yessss – they make me wet."

"So what else?"

"Well – you won't believe it, but I have a clamp that goes on my – you know – my clitty."

"No way."

"Yes – I'm going to put it on now – – there – just like that. Ooooooh – it feels so nasty."

"You bitch. Show me."

So you spread you legs and take a picture of you pussy with the clamp on your clitoris making it stand out all swollen.

"Oh my – You're going to make me come just looking."

"Don't come yet."

She's breathing hard. "Ok – ok – not yet – I'll wait."

You continue. You're enjoying making her excited. You're bragging a little bit. "So I'm drinking this really amazing whiskey from Ireland. It was in his liquor cabinet which is, like, so full you can't believe it – but he doesn't drink – but he lets me have whatever I want – but not like that's important – it's just really cool, you know?" You take a big sip. You feel it hit your blood. "The clamp is making me soooo wet and horny."

Your little friend is breathing a harder, "So – like – what's he like – I mean – what's he do – you know – when you're like doing it."

"He's really tender sometimes, but then he can also be forceful in just the right way."

"Oh – my. What does he do?"

"Wait – I'm going to use this dildo and fuck myself until I come. Wait for me."

"You have a dildo? Oh – oh God." You are completely enjoying shocking her.

You turn on the vibrator and slide the dildo into your wet pussy. Despite your bravade, you've never done this before and the vibrations take you by surprise. They are tickling you and teasing you. You moan and begin to stroke it in and out. It feels very good – and very naughty.

"Show me – take a picture."

So you take a little movie of the dildo gliding in and out and you send it to your friend.

"Oh my god – it's so sexy. I'm going to come."

"Don't come yet. I want to come with you."

"Then hurry. Hurry. OK - so what makes him come? Can you make him come?"

"I make him come – but he's not quick, if that's what you mean."

"Ooooooh – baby – how do you make him come?"

"We make love. We take our time. And he makes me come over and over."

"You bitch – more than once?"

"Yeah – all night – and then, when I really want to make him come, I say naughty things to him while he fucks me."

"Oh God – like what?"

"I call him Daddy. I tell him I'm his little girl and I want him to come in my pussy."

You stroke yourself fast with the dildo. Your little friend is panting on the phone. You say, "Come now. Come now." You hear her squeal as she comes. And that triggers you. You yell loud. You forget yourself. You cry out "Daddy! Daddy!" You come hard.

You both catch your breath. Your friend says, "That was great – so sexy."

"I'm not done – I want more."

"More? You're going to do it again?"

"Of course – you do it too."

"I never did it twice."

"I know what you mean – I didn't know I could do it over and over until he made me do it. So come on – come for me again."

You fuck yourself harder and your little friend begins to breathe hard again. Soon she squeals even louder and longer than before and that makes you come again. Hard and long. "Daddy! Take me, Daddy!"

She says "Wow! That one was even stronger. That was great!"

"Yes, yes. That was good." You slide the dildo out. You loosen the clamps and take them off. You lie down on your back on the rug.

"So you call him 'Daddy?' That's so bad."

"Yeah, but it's so sexy, you know?"

"I never thought about it – but I guess so – with an older guy like that. It would be."

You say, "He's so sophisticated. It challenges me. I like it. And he does me so well and so much."

"You're so bad."

"No – I'm in love."

"Well that orgasm was great. You gotta show me your toys, I want to try."

"OK – but go to sleep now – I gotta go."

"OK – look – thank you – that was great. Let's – let's do it again, OK?"

"Of course, silly."

You hang up with you friend. But then you mischievously take the dildo and slide it back into your pussy. You work it slowly. It's delicious. You tease yourself, you ride it, you get right to the edge and pull back. Again and again.

Your cell phone rings. It's me. You answer and hear my soft voice, "Hello, sweetie. I miss you."

"Oh, Daddy – I miss you sooo much. I'm being naughty, Daddy. With the dildo from your dresser drawer."

"You bad little girl." I chuckle. "I made a special recording for you, sweetie. I left a CD on your bed. Why don't you run and give it a listen. Call me when it's done."

"Oh, Daddy – I love you."

I laugh, "Go."

"OK - bye."

You put on your nighty, grab your phone and the crystal glass and the whiskey and you run down the long chilly hallway, through the door into the servants' wing, and to your room.

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