tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAching For Violation Ch. 01

Aching For Violation Ch. 01


My name is Katy and I have been a reader of Americandemon's nonconsent stories for a long time. I even e-mailed him a few times. In fact, this story is because of him. Or at least because of a phone number he gave to me. A phone number that brought out my sexual dark side. It all started when I had e-mailed him about his stories. I told him how much I loved his stories and how I would love to be forced down and used like the girls in them. But I was too shy to ever tell any of my past boyfriends what I really ached for when it came to sex.

Now here I was, a twenty-two year old female. A junior at Notre Dame with my own apartment and still haven't really had an orgasm. Well, not any to write home about! Anyway, I had just sent a picture of myself to Americandemon and he said I looked exactly like Anne Hathaway.(Princess Diaries, Brokeback Mountain,etc,etc) So, you guys who were wondering what I look like there you go. I told the Demon about my delema and he told me I had to give in to my ache and release all my inhibitions. Then he gave me a phone number.

He said, "Call the number and say you want to be violated."

I asked what would happen and he said, "That is up to you."

That night I sat and stared at the phone number for what seemed like hours. What do I do? Do I call and see what happens or should I just forget it and just live my fantasy through stories? I picked up the phone and dialed. My heart was racing and all I was doing was waiting to hear a voice. I thought to myself, how pathetic am I?

A man's voice answered and said, "Hello?"

I hesitated. My mind was so fucked I couldn't speak.

Again, "Hello?"

I said in a trembling voice, "I want to be violated?"

He replied, "Are you asking me if you want to be violated or-"

I quickly said in a firm voice, "I want to be violated!"

"I see," he replied. "What level are you looking to try? Level 1, 2, or 3?"

That threw me so I said, "The beginners level."

He laughed and said, "I never heard it called that before but I think you want level one."

I agreed.

He asked me if I had any std's and if I were on the pill. I said no std's and yes to the pill. He told me all of the pro's there were clean so I had nothing to worry about.

I said, "Pros?"

He answered, "You'll see. How do you want to pay for the meeting?"

Then I realized what was going on and said, "Oh my god, are you guys a sex for hire group?" He answered, "Sort of but we specialize in one area of sexual fulfillment and if someone gave you this number then you know what it is, sweetheart. So level one is five hundred dollars. How will you pay?"

I said cash in which he replied fine. He asked me when I got my period and I said not for another two weeks.

He replied, "Good. Give me your address and name."

I gave him the address and my name then he gave me instructions. "First, leave your money in a brown paper bag on you dining room table. Second, leave your door unlocked this week when you go to bed. Third, there is no going back so be sure you want this to happen. If you change your mind leave an empty bottle outside your door. Your Violator will be coming to you sometime this week. You won't know which day or time but he'll be there to use you. Good luck."

Then he was gone.

By the time Monday had come, I was a nervous wreck. All I kept thinking was what is going to happen to me? What if this was just a scam? I mean this guy could kill me and I, in effect, gave him the ok for it! Plus, I had paid for it! But it was done now and I'd have to take my medicine.

When I got to my apartment after classes, I had a quick look around to see if everything was in order. The brown paper bag with the money in it was on the table. Nothing was touched.

That night was horrible! I couldn't sleep. Every little noise made me jump. But no one came.

Tuesday was the same. I got no sleep and no one came. By the time Wednesday came around I was exhausted.

Thursday morning came and I could barely get out of bed. I was falling asleep in my classes. By the end of my last class, I was ready for bed. I didn't want to eat, watch t.v. or study. I just wanted sleep!

It was about 9 p.m. when my last class ended. Thursday was my longest day of school. Finally, I could go home and get some sleep. I decided to forget the whole thing. I was going to leave the empty bottle outside my door to cancel the meeting.

I let out a huge sigh when I got to my front door. I walked in and thew my stuff on the floor. I went to my bedroom and changed into my nightshirt. All I needed was a drink of water. I walked slowly into the kitchen and got out a nice cold water bottle. I figured once I was done I would put it outside the door.

I was about half way through my water when I noticed something. Something was gone, missing from the table. The brown paper bag was gone! My brain clicked and I realized what that meant. My heart began to race. I heard a click from my front door.

I called, "Hello?"

My eyes were wide open and my hand was shaking. So badly in fact, I had to put down my water. I looked down the hallway at the front door. Was it locked? I moved towards the front door. I was scared out of my wits and yet there was a new feeling. A feeling of excitement. I was getting so wet. I got to the family room and looked around.

I called out, "Hello? Is this it? Are you here?"

I walked to the front door and it was now locked! I hadn't locked it when I came home. I gasped. I was about to turn around when a bag went over my head. All went black.

I could feel hands tighten around my neck.

A voice said "You stinking cunt hole!"

Hands dragged me backwards down the hall as I struggled for breath. I was thrown onto my bed. I tried to take off the bag but hands grabbed my wrist and put me in what felt like handcuffs. He secured me to a bedpost then proceeded to do the same with my other hand.

"There we go," he laughed. "Now we're going to play a little game called the cunt does what she's told or else!" He put a knife to my throat and said, "That's the or else, do you understand?"

I nodded.

He pulled off the bag from my head. There he was, a tall white male in a ski mask.

He stared into my eyes and said, "I'm going to use you tonight, fuckmeat. You're mine."

He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a muscular smooth chest. He laughed and said, "I know what you want! You were born wanting it! Just like I was born to give it to you in any way I feel, you fucking whore."

He came over to the edge of the bed and slapped my face. He pulled his pants off to show me his hard on.

"This is for you," he pointed the knife to the soon to be invader of my body.

My god, I was dripping wet for him. He was right, I was born wanting this to happen. His hand slid under my nightshirt and rubbed my crotch.

"What a dirty girl you are, Katy! You're ready for it! I can feel your wetness through your panties." He held the knife at my throat and said, "Spread your legs!"

I resisted at first, then he pressed harder with the knife and I did as I was told. He squeezed my pussy in his hand. I moaned.

He laughed. "You like that, don't you?"

I shook my head no but he knew the real answer. He took the knife and cut my nightshirt down the middle and threw it open, exposing my breasts. My nipples were erect and he used the knife edge to gently play with them. I watched as the knife edge pushed my nipples left to right. He took the knife point and went down my body, across my belly down my abdomen then moved towards my hip. He cut off one side of my panties then the other. He grabbed my pussy and said, "You won't be needing these anymore."

He then pulled off my panties and threw them to the floor. I was breathing hard and my mind was dizzy with anticipation. The knife was at my little girl area.

He opened me up with his empty hand and said, "Nice and smooth, just the way I like them."

He used the flat part of the knife and slapped my clit which made me convulse. Again and again he slapped it.

He chuckled, "You're clit is swelling! What does that mean, sweety?"

He stabbed the knife into my nightstand. He laid on my bed with his head between my legs.

He yelled, "Spread them wider," then slapped my inner thighs so they were bright red.

He stopped talking and used his mouth on my pussy. His tongue licked the sides of my cunt then buried it deep inside.

I cried out, "No!"

But he didn't care, he just kept fucking me with his tongue. In and out over and over again, jabbing away at my slit. He stopped for a second only to begin sucking on my clit. His fingers played with my nipples. He rolled them in his thumbs and pointers.

Harder and harder I screamed in pain and pleasure, the pain of my nipples and the pleasure of my clit being suckled. I was close, so close it was building inside of me. I was going to cum and cum hard!

He could tell I was close and his hands went to my hips and held me firmly in place as he went faster on my swollen bump!

I yelled, "Stop! Stop! I'm going to! I'm going to!" I never got out the other words as I exploded into a mass of quivering flesh.

I had lost all control and I was in heaven. He stopped and stood over me with a smile on his lips.

He said, "What a dirty whore you are, Katy." I could not respond, I was shaking too hard. He slapped my belly. It only made me cum harder. He climbed onto the bed then grabbed my ankles and held me wide open for him. He thrust his cock deep within me.

Our eyes met, and he said, "You're going to be my cum holder bitch!"

Then he punished my pussy with his hard thick cock. He was longer than any other cock I had ever had before. He was about 8 inches and he was using it on me like I was a slab of concrete and he was the jackhammer. Pounding it in me over and over. He was using me like a piece of meat and I loved it! This was all I was to him. He pushed my face to the side and whispered, "You're a good piece of meat bitch. You're so easy and stupid. Say fuck me, bitch!"

I shook my head no.

He slapped my face and screamed, "Say violate me, cunt!"

Again I shook my head no.

His hands went to my neck and he started to strangle me.

"Say it, you whore!"

I screamed, "Violate my cunt! Do it! Violate my cunt, you bastard!"

His hands went to my hips and he worked my cunt even harder than before. My head was shaking from side to side. I was going to cum again! He was ramming it inside me. All the way out then ramming it back in! I thought I was going to pass out!

He said, "I think it's time to breed the bitch! Time to fill you up with my seed, you lucky girl! Oh yeah, that's it, you whore, fuck me! Fuck me! Ahhhh here you go!"

He exploded inside me. That hot sticky fluid coating my little cunt! Shooting his sperm over and over into my waiting cervix.

I broke into orgasm once he went off inside me. My eyes rolled back and my body tightened and shook. I was losing consciousness. I was falling into a deep dark bliss and I never wanted it to stop.

He collapsed on top of me. Both our bodies were covered in sweat. He pulled out of me while I was still in cum heaven. He spread me open to watch the hot sticky cum drip out of my slit.

He said, "That's all you are, Katy. A cunt waiting for filling."

I was coming out of my orgasm when he let me out of my hand cuffs and grabbed my hair and pulled me to the floor.

"Clean me!" He yelled, "Clean me of your stink!"

He forced his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked him. I could taste his last few droplets of sperm.

"Clean it!" he yelled again. "Clean the shaft. Make it hard and clean it, whore."

His hands pulled tight on my hair. I cried out in pain but he didn't care. His cock was beginning to wake, growing bigger and bigger.

He said, "Lick the sides, bitch!"

Up and down I went.

He was hard now and he yelled, "Down the hatch, dirty girl!"

He thrust his 8 inches down my throat! I gagged but he never stopped. Ramming away at me like I didn't exist! I almost threw up as he buried himself deep within my throat.

"Ah yes," he said, "do it! Do what you're born for, bitch!"

Then he went off, coating the back of my throat and then my mouth with his cum.

"Swish it around, cunt! I want you to know my taste!"

I did as instructed, almost puking!

"Show how much is in there, whore! Show me!" he yelled.

I opened my mouth to show him a mouth full of his hot sticky sperm.

"Swallow my babies, bitch! Swallow them!"

I felt his gritty hot load coat my throat as it went down to my belly.

"That's it!" he whispered. "That's it! What a good cunt you are, Katy! It's good that you know your real place in this world. Now say nighty night!"

I felt a prick at my neck then the whole room started spinning. I began to black out as I felt my body lifted up off the floor.

When I woke up the next morning I was in my bed. I had a salty taste in my mouth and my pussy was sore! I had bruises on my hips where his hands had held me firm. When I looked at my pussy it was a little swollen.

I thought, damn, what was I thinking? That could have went so bad. And look at my body and how sore I am! A smile came across my face and I thought, didn't he say there was a level 2 and 3?

To be continued in chapter 2.

To my readers, Thank you for all the nice feedback over the years. To those of you who have been begging me to write again....I hope I did not disappoint. I am a little rusty and it's been years. I hope you enjoy!

Demon :)

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