tagBDSMAckerman Street Ch. 02

Ackerman Street Ch. 02


Mart's mind had been in a quandary as he'd lugged his worldly goods back on the short journey to Ackerman Street; the main reason he'd left his old flat was to get away from Wendy, yet she seemed to have more of a hold on him than ever. He was thankful that he could at least determine when he saw her, and he would try not to, though he was finding sex with her increasingly 'interesting'. Now back in his more comfortable accommodation, he arranged his things and clicked his laptop on; 'no signal'. He kicked himself for being so dense, but his nether regions tingled as it gave him the excuse to enquire upon the attractive Melanie for a possible wi-fi password. After descending the first flight of stairs, he noticed a sharply dressed and shapely woman, in a trouser suit opening the door and entering one of the more expensive flats; the dark haired woman with high cheek-bones expressed by a gentle application of rouge noted his presence and smiled warmly at him from pursed red lips, giving him a brief but sultry 'hello' before closing the door. Mart's mind jingled erotic situations, but quickly dispelled them; her sophisticated image would mean she was way out of his league; a woman like that would have a hundred male interests, if she were not attached anyway.

Mart's cock swelled as he approached Melanie's door; on doing so, he noticed several picture frames containing fire regulations, basic house rules, and handy information, set discretely on the wall close by. They were arranged amongst pictures so as to preserve the homely feel of the residence; on the 'Handy' frame the wi-fi password 'melas15' was clearly displayed. Mart paused and then rang the bell; he was determined to have another glimpse of her, and would plead ignorance. Melanie peeped through the spy-hole and adjusted her brunette hair, her nipples swelling as she recognised her new tenant; she had knowledge of him through the local Landlord's Association that he was unaware of, and a certain other member's passing remarks had left her more than pleased to have Mart under her roof; she opened the door, and Mart tried to adopt an air of nonchalance as her appearance and soft feminine scent made his cock swell.

"Oh, hi Melanie; I was wondering if you had a wi-fi system here, so that I can access the net." Melanie first stepped forward a little and glanced to the side where the info was, and then paused with a wry smile.

"Oh please, come in; I shall see if I can find it for you, I've been in it that long I can't remember it myself." Mart swallowed hard as he followed her in, his eyes drawn to the firm ass in its tight skirt as it wiggled provocatively while the mature woman led him into her lounge for the first time. She sat him down and he watched as she bent over an occasional table, displaying her ass in its full glory in a pretense of looking for something.

"Now where did I put that laptop? Oh, Mart, would you like a coffee now you're here?" Mart was in no hurry to leave, and confirmed with a response which spoke that it was all too obvious that the caffeine itself was of secondary importance. Melanie's cunt tingled as she toyed with thoughts about breaking it to Mart that she was not only acquainted with Wendy, but how the two shared interests beyond being landladies; she would allow him to open up to her a little before she revealed that like her caffiene, Mart's payment of rent was also of secondary importance to her. She came back with two coffees, balanced upon her laptop which was evidently found nowhere near the table she had displayed her ass over. Mart took his coffee, and had to adjust the way he sat to hide his erection, which was not aided by Melanie sitting low in the chair opposite; she crossed her legs and took pride in now displaying her shapely thighs clad in black nylon. She tapped away at her laptop, acting as though the technology was all a little alien to her, but actually checking e-mails as she delayed him as long as she could.

"I'm so glad you moved in here, I can find a few things for a handy person like you to do; what was it that made you leave your last place?" Mart was as honest as he could be, whilst remaining economic with the absolute truth.

"I had a garret flat there, and the roof was a bit leaky; I did what I could to help the landlady by doing my best to plug the leaks from the inside, through what access room there was between my ceiling and the roof, but the place needs re-roofing; I could have lived with it, but it was a bit damp at times. Apart from that it was OK, I just felt like a change." Melanie crossed her fingers to match her legs, and casually shifted forward slightly to show even more thigh, and then a quick flash of her black lacy panties as she crossed alternate legs; subtly sweetening his mind in preparation for a more probing question.

"So your relationship with your landlady was OK? I mean you didn't fall out with her... or anything?" Mart's cock bulged as he thought of those black lacy panties close up, combined with the memory of the scent of Wendy's cunt, so recently adored by his tongue; if only it could be that way with this gorgeous woman.

"Oh no, I liked her... in fact I've promised I'll look in on her on occasion, to err... to make sure she's OK." Melanie's cunt tingled, to match the tingling of jealousy felt by her ego, she had a good idea how landlady Wendy Denham would be made to feel 'OK', the fat bitch! His response did her good though, it made her all the more determined to receive similar attention; she'd also casually ask Wendy about her recent relationships when she saw her again at the other place they had in common.

"I'd love it you did my garden for me; I love to sunbathe in it now the weather has picked up, but it needs tending badly; If you mow the lawn first, I'll show how I like it done; I take it you won't mind being supervised by a woman? She gave Mart a certain smile which made his balls tingle; he so hoped her question had a double meaning.

"No, I really don't mind at all; will tomorrow be alright?" Melanie was more than pleased; the forecast was hot and sunny, she could allow him to see the good shape her body was in, and she could ease closer to a relationship with him; one which she intended being in control of.

"That would be wonderful; you know there is a rear entrance which is open during daylight hours, down a small flight of stairs at the rear, it runs down to the back gate beside my garden? It's handy to get to the local shops a little quicker and the compost bin is by the gate... I use it regularly as there is a rear entrance to my flat down those stairs too." She smirked, as she intentionally planted an option in his head.

"I can slip in and out without being seen by anyone; out through the back entrance when it suits me. Irene has a key to the back entrance and gate too, she is a dark horse and often uses it at night, but that's another story; if you are to be a regular handyman for me, perhaps I can get you keys cut too." Mart's cock was now stiff as his mind ran riot; the proximity and possible access to Melanie's flat unseen, was of great interest, and Melanie knew it would be. Mart was now desperate to go upstairs and masturbate; finishing his coffee and now in a cold sweat, but Melanie was anxious to further his interest even though he would be in her grasp tomorrow. She followed him out, and then led him to the rear of the house and down the five steps, showing him the rear entrance to her flat before opening the door to the rear entrance. They walked around a corner which was not overlooked by any of the windows above, and Mart's cock pulsed as he viewed the clothes lines which ran down the alley to the rear gate; on one of the lines was several pairs of black lacy panties and stockings. Melanie smiled to herself as she noted his interest while she was showing him the gate in the wall to her garden.

"I shall leave this open tomorrow, please be here nice and early; I'm sure I'll enjoy supervising you." Mart's eyes met with hers as his balls tingled at her remark; she smirked in a way that left him on a high. He then thought of the panties on the line, and suddenly decided he'd try the rear route to the shops; as he went to leave, Melanie smiled triumphantly.

"Oh, I nearly forgot what you came for; I've just remembered, the password is 'melas15'." Mart thanked her and left through the back gate.

Mart went rapidly to the shops and bought nothing; he needed to know the time it would take and thought of nothing but the panties. On coming back, he looked up and down the street to ensure no one would disturb him as he went back up the alley; on reaching the panties he looked up and checked, he could not see any window he would be viewed from. His cock pulsed as he pulled the line down to face level and sniffed at the gusset of the panties, hoping to gain just the slightest scent of the cunt and arsehole they had graced. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and was tempted to take it out and wank there and then. Above him, eyes watched from a grilled vent in a bathroom wall, which Mart had not given a second thought. Melanie stood naked on an Ottoman in her bathroom and nursed her cunt as she watched him enjoy her panties, she moaned while her clitoris buzzed; she so wanted him to be sniffing the panties which lay on the bathroom floor, and while she was wearing them.

Irene quickly bustled up the stairs to her flat in her shiny raincoat, a package under her arm. As soon as she got through the door, she locked and bolted it; safe in her own little universe. She stripped naked and left her clothes where they fell, and eagerly opened the package; her cunt dribbled as she felt the soft latex outfit and accessories within, and took it with her to the bedroom, tossing it on her bed before having a quick shower. She did not dry herself off, leaving droplets of water dripping from her shapely body. She eased the one-piece suit on to her feet and slipped the luxurious latex up her wet legs, over her slim torso, and excited nipples; as she pulled the zip tight up her back and struggled into the hood, her perfectly outlined cunt bulged and expressed itself in a shiny black camel-toe. The gloves held her fingers tightly and slapped tight on her wrists as she let the elastic material go, she then took some cord and her favourite vibrator and sat excitedly on the bed; her whole body now glowing warm and her flesh squirming deliciously within the tight latex. She bound her ankles and knees with the cord, her cunt bulging with pleasure as the skin tight latex teased its folds and pressed firm against her enlarged clitoris, and her nipples pointed proudly from her secured breasts as she held her arms up and back in buckling the ball gag tight; her cunt now pulsing. She turned the lights down before squeezing her wrists into tightly elasticated cuffs.

Irene now writhed around on her bed, imagining being trussed and enslaved before being purchased by a cruel and dominant master or mistress, her whole body tingling with the superbly erotic feel of the black second skin which squeezed at every erogenous zone; her cunt and nipples buzzing as she dreamed of being whipped and tormented, then put to good use by having every orifice violated. Now at the height of her fantasy, she clutched at the vibrator, stroking her bulging cunt as it gently hummed its song of promised pleasure, teasing her clitoris held tight by the latex; the sweet vibration richly enjoyed through the soft latex. As she squirmed ecstatically in her self-inflicted bondage, flexing her muscles against the bonds which teased her, she moaned in utter ecstasy as her cunt was brought home by the lush stimulation; biting her ball gag hard her whole body was awash with pleasure as she dreamed of being penetrated by the huge cock of her imaginary spiteful owner. She stretched her body out, pointing her toes like a ballerina as she indulged in a satisfying orgasm; the vibrator locked buzzing under her cunt as the latex and her fantasy served her well. She giggled through the gag and clicked her friend off; after a short doze in sweet bondage, she would repeat her pleasure several times.

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