tagRomanceAcquiring Her Panties

Acquiring Her Panties

byEgmont Grigor©

The annual convention of sex therapists was held at the Ballymore Hotel Ocean Beach Recreation Centre and, as always, Friday evening was the shakedown function where everyone would mix, drink and yarn and set up room swaps for the duration of the two-nights at the hotel.

The cocktail party commenced at 7:30 and between four and seven was the period in which the convention organizers set delegates a mystery task based only on a two or three-word clue. As there was a $5000 prize to the winner, delegates made sure they were ready to try to compete in the mystery task.

As delegates booked in they were given a pair of bikini briefs and told they must wear them if competing in the contest and would be disqualified if competing without them or if wearing a swapped pair.

Delegates gathered in groups examining the knickers, search for clues. But they appeared to be normal – very cheap, very flexible so that one size fitted all (or almost). It was generally agreed that the answer would come in the clue words. So at 4 o'clock more than 95% of the 378 delegates were assembled as the clue words were read out: 'Get Her Panties'.

Baker Street, PhD, one of the keynote speakers smiled as he saw couples already together link arms jubilantly and congratulate one another for having accomplished their pick-up from whom they could get the panties so easily, now being eligible to win the big prize.

Baker knew such contests were never that easy. He had been told he was eligible to enter, and actually had put on his cotton brief, but he decided to go back to the hotel and perhaps take a nap. But in the elevator by error he pressed the button to the rooftop bar.

The room was almost empty as it was only early evening. As he was up here, Baker decided to have a drink. He saw a woman about his own age – knocking forty – and went over to her table and asked, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

He then recognized the woman's face from the convention brochure: she was Bliss Chapman (Miss), outgoing president of the Sex Therapists' Institute. Baker decided not to indicate he'd recognize her.

Surprised, Bliss looked around at the empty tables.

"There are empty tables galore for you to sit at undisturbed."

"Oooh, an expert ball-cracker," Baker grinned.

"Not at all, but it is a moment I have in which to enjoy solitude."

"Solitude rests uneasy with the human spirit."

"Oh, learned in that direction are we?" she smiled through her stunning mouth of perfectly restructured orthodontia.

"I have been known to delve down that pathway."

"Well, dammit, please sit down; at least you sound interesting. Are you a convention delegate?"

"No," he replied truthfully.

"Thank God for that" he heard her murmur. "Then you will be a bagman," she giggled.

"A traveling salesman? I'm no more that than I'm a gigolo."

She smiled and said both seemed to be a dying breed.

"May I refresh you drink?"

"Thank you," she said, "Iced water."

"I mean a real drink?"

"I'm expensive to keep in alcohol – iced water will be fine."

Baker beckoned the hovering wine waiter who obviously had kept away assuming that the lady alone would not welcome the intrusion of an opportunist.

"Two Bellinis – make sure they use Bollingers."

"Yes, sir!"

Baker noticed her eyebrow lift when he gave the order, which pleased him. He also thought she'd be comfortable to have in bed, so decided to make that happen.

"Hi," he said, offering his hand. "I'm Baker Street."

"Oh, Dr Street – you're our chief presenter. Forgive me for not recognizing you. I am the president of the institute, Bliss Chapman."

"Good god, I was expecting a dried up old prune as president, they usually are. But look at you – oh my!"

Bliss colored pink behind her dark sunglasses. Like Baker, she was beginning to show age lines but she looked reasonable attractive and he greatly admired her bosom – there was no escaping she had one – upscale 36 for sure.

"Excuse me, the restroom," she explained.

"A chance to escape?"

"Oh, you're too interesting to let go, Mr Street. I'll be back in three minutes."

Bliss arrived back just ahead of the cocktails.

Her figure was great for a forty-year-old and Baker was thinking she would probably have noted he still had plenty of hair, broad shoulders and the look of a guy who worked out; good to be in bed with, perhaps?

She slumped back in her chair, toasted him with her glass silently and took a sip.


A minion came scuttling up and handed Bliss four faxes.

"Give that one to Tom the accountant please Rose, file these next two and inform Michael on this one to call me at my office on Tuesday morning."

"Yes Miss Chapman. Enjoy your evening."

During the paper shuffling her cocktail dress had parted at the split and Bliss saw the direction of Baker's eyes, but said nothing.

Baker decided to push it.

"Do you always were stockings?"

"On formal occasions I usually do if it's any business of yours."

"I'm not prying you know."

"I know what you're doing."

"Any objections?"

She said nothing, pretending the jury was out while staring at him with a little frown. Baker knew in that moment she'd decided that she didn't have any objections but be damned if she was going to tell him that, at least not yet. It was his job to make an analysis like that and to take advantage of such knowledge.

Time to push a little more.

"You've decided you don't mind, haven't you?"

The smile came back with the pinkish skin tone.

"I did elementary psychology as part of my degree, and that's very elementary psychology your are using with no penalty accruing if you're wrong."

"And that's a calculated diversion to avoid answering the question."

"What would you like me to do?"

"Show me more leg."

She visibly jumped, saying definitely not.

"You are tempted."

Bliss stared at his green eyes with her green-gray eyes.

"If you're wrong about that you're wrong about many other things, right?"


She looked alarmed, knowing he wasn't meant to be so damn cocky. He was meant to say no or if not that, to change the subject. She opened her knees.

"Christ, what lovely thighs."

It was warm in the lounge and perhaps the champagne was going straight to her head, but Bliss felt a little faint, the old word for it being swooning. Hard nosed business women like her didn't swoon, but this Mr Baker was making her swoon. She realized the bastard was out to bed her!

"Are you all right, Bliss?" He was at her side, cradling her by the shoulders.

"Here, drink some water."

"Thank you," she said soberly and jumped as he splashed water from the glass on to her face, then dipped a serviette into the water and held it on the back of her neck.

"It's overheated in here – today's sun through all that glass, and you talking to me so sensually and intensely I just seemed to float away."

"Waiter – could you please bring out drinks to Miss Chapman's room; she's been overcome by the heat in here."

"Yes sir!"

"What is you room number?"

"Suite 149."

"Suite 149," called Baker, the waiter saying he'd lead the way. Baker picked up the woozy Miss Chapman, carrying her against her half-hearted protest.

Baker tipped the waiter handsomely and said he would return to the bar shortly.

"What time are cocktails?" Baker asked Bliss.


"Good, you can get a couple of hours sleep and have a cold shower. I'll call for you at 7:15 – since you are the president you better be a few minutes earlier."

"You're not staying to..." She tailed off.

"To what?"

"To press your advantage."

"Ma'am, I'm a gentleman!" said Baker, smiling at her kindly.

He was almost at the door when she called him back. He saw flashes of skin above her stockings and then her hairless vulva as she pulled off her briefs.

"You've earned them – take them with yours in your pocket – you may do well as I'm bound to be one of the top trophies."


"Because I'm considered unobtainable." Baker took the briefs, sniffed them deeply before her shocked eyes, smiled and departed.

Bliss called him at 7:00 saying she felt fine and when he entered her room fifteen minutes later she demanded a kiss before she put the final coating on her lips.

"Stay with me tonight."

Baker nodded and smiled hugely.

"You don't look surprised?"

"In my mind, there was never any question about this not happening."

Just before the end of the cocktail party the results of the contest started flashing on the screen. Just 12% of delegates had participated, many of the others not understanding what the contest was about, or failing to win knickers to become eligible.

Baker's briefs scored 780 points, fifth highest for a male and there was a gasp when the owner of his trophy briefs was named – Bliss Chapman with 2500 points, meaning their combined total was untouchable.

The assembly whistled and roared and Bliss and Baker were called to the rostrum, Bliss clinging to his arm, where the chairwoman of the organizing committee presented Baker with the $2000 check from the competition sponsor. Baker drew another cheer when he presented his prize to the convention's charity fund.

After dinner Baker scored two dances with Bliss but apart from that could not get near her.

Finally she appeared at his side and whispered, "Let's fade out of here" but to their embarrassment they went through the double-door exist to a huge ovation.

"Are you married, Baker?"


"You don't have to do this, you know," said Bliss, undoing his bow tie.

"Oh yes I do."

"What about your wife and children."

"My wife ran off with my business partner and our two children eighteen months ago. She now wants a divorce and I'm going down at the end of the month to talk to the children just to make sure they want to live with her and Hank. I think they do because on the phone they refer to Hank as dad and call me Baker.

"What about you, are you content to have never been married?"

"I first married at eighteen, and that ended a little over a year later in divorce. I married again eight years later and that lasted until seventeen months ago when Luke died in a small plane crash."

"I'm sorry."

"So was I, but I've over it now."

"That's good, what do you do?"

"I'm a family planning consultant specializing in people in conflict with their children over their children's sexual activities and also older couples where one or both of them are sexually dysfunctional. I work from home and get most of my clients off the Web."

"So you could work from any location?"

"Of course."

That ended that topic, but Bliss' heart skipped a beat as she was confident she knew what was going through his mind. He was thinking they should see more of each other, perhaps spend some time together.

She finished getting Baker stripped and gave his penis a firm handshake, saying "What a beauty" and then being startled by the size of his balls.

"You're stud material she gushed," affected by alcohol, and slamming a hand across her mouth.

Baker just laughed, greatly pleased, and he began getting Bliss out of her tight evening gown with her help. He was surprised she only had a bra on underneath.

"It's a long gown without a split so why do it need panties and it's so long that people are unaware if I'm wearing stockings or not. Now, would you like to free these heavy hangers?"

"You bet," gurgled Baker in delight, muzzling the bra and his hands went around and expertly unclipped the hooks.

"You have done this more than once before," Bliss said dryly.

Baker led Bliss to the bed and she suggested starting with a sixty-nine, which he thought was a great idea – after they'd kissed and cuddled a bit.

"That was very nice donating your entire prize to our charity," Bliss said, nibbling his ear as he sucked her breasts prior to them tumbling on to the bed.

"I wanted to impress you what a nice guy I am," he said simply.

"You've done that, with this fellow also," she said, placing both hands round his dick and sucking what was left over.

"Come on, a real sixty-nine," urged Baker, licking his lips "This cunt of yours looks top shelf."

"It's never suffered over-use, but by the size of those big testicles of yours I guess that's about to change," she giggled.

They sucked and fingered away with gusto until working themselves into a bit of a sweat and were breathing heavily.

"I'm almost ready – in your mouth if you like, ma'am, but I like spraying tits."

"Oh Baker," wailed Bliss, "You shouldn't talk dirty like that – I'm cumming and don't really feel ready for it emotionally."

"Is this of any help?" he asked, wetting a finger and waggling it inside her back chute.

"Oh Baker, oh help, or yes oh F-U-C-K!" yelled Bliss, forehead sweating and waving about, her face beetroot red and she came in violent thrusts of her hips.

Baker with great concentration but under great duress managed to hold back until she calmed down. But as he turned and straddled her and began spraying her face and tits she began another round of bucking and panting into another release.

"Bliss, it's 2 o'clock, I'd better go at I begin my presentation in another nine hours; the institute is paying big money for me so I've got to give it my best shop – sorry."

"That's fine," sighed Bliss. "I am a little weary. But come and shower and then go."

Well, they only meant to soap each other in the shower and exchange some kisses but it got hotter and hotter until Bliss was bent over, hands on her shins, while Baker was plowing into her cunt from the back while doing his best to lean to the right and play with one swinging breast.

"Bliss, we've got to do this more often," he gasped, just before firing a load up her cunt.

"Ooooooooh," she gasped, feeling the bucking cock squirting deeply inside her and doing her best to milk it dry. "Okay – why don't we go to the Coast for a long weekend soon, very soon, and discuss what we should do. We may even be able to work in a few of these little things while we're at it."

"You organize it and I'll come – I'll email you my free Friday-Monday periods as soon as I get back home."

"Right and may I say, Baker, you and I seem to be the perfect fit. We also cum together very well for a newly met couple."

"I agree. We also seem to be intellectually challenging when we're together, Bliss. I think we've got something really great going here. Perhaps I need to confirm that - I'll drop by at nine in the morning."


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