Acrobatics 01


(This begins a group of eleven stories about a man, his wife, and two acrobatic college girls. There isn't much privacy here; someone is almost always watching. I didn't know I had this quirk until now. Please help me with your comments.......Thanks, Strawberry)

Acrobatics 1 - Tonight's the Night, Almost

Mary relaxed in the back seat of the car and smiled as she thought, "Tonight's the night I get laid for the first time." She was double dating with her friend Joan who was in the front passenger seat. Mary and her date were eighteen. Joan and her date were twenty two. This night was special for another reason. The boys were leaving for Marine boot camp in the morning.

Joan's date was driving and Mary's date was leaning over the front seat talking excitedly about the upcoming military training. Everyone knew the car was headed to a nice secluded spot for an evening of necking but only the two girls knew of Mary's plans for actual sex. Mary had been out with her guy only a few times and had steadfastly fended off his advances. But lately she had thought a lot about sex and decided the patriotic thing to do was to let him go all the way tonight, his last evening as a civilian.

The problem was that he had somewhat lost interest in her after she made it clear she did not want to have sex. Now that she had changed her mind Mary did not know how to gracefully bring the subject up. That's where the double date with Joan became important.

Mary had noticed that her guy spent a good amount of effort peaking at the front seat activity during their last double date. It seemed to Mary that he had been energized at what he saw. She reasoned that if there was a good enough "show" in the front seat he would get past the barriers she had created.

Joan intended to put on quite a show. It didn't seem to bother her when Mary mentioned the earlier peaking. In fact she was proud that someone would be that interested. And Joan had plenty to be proud of. She had the advantage of being black which seemed to be a gift from birth for large breasts and a great butt. Otherwise Joan was somewhat thin and tall.

Both girls were athletic with Joan on a volleyball scholarship and Mary having been a gymnast in high school. However, just as this spring semester ended Joan discovered that she had unknowingly scheduled and completed too few hours to maintain her scholarship. The volleyball coach got together with the acrobatics teacher and arranged a deal. If Joan could show proficiency in acrobatics she could get a passing credit and keep her eligibility. Joan would stay in town an extra week to train with her friend Mary in order to pass the test. Then she could still go home to California for the summer.

Mary was glad to help out. So when Mary had a need for romantic help Joan readily agreed. All Mary wanted was for Joan to actually have sex in the front seat during their double date, and not be surprised if there was some peaking.

Joan and her boyfriend had mutually decided they did not love each other anymore but they had agreed to stay together until he left for the service. She was confident that they would have sex this last night before he shipped off. She even thought it might be fun to show off for a couple of inexperienced eighteen year olds.

The car quietly pulled up next to the lake. The lights from the university reflected off the water and made a beautiful sight, but that was not what these four were interested in. The boys immediately ceased conversation and placed their energies on the girls.

Mary's date was interested enough to make out and even "accidentally" brush up against her breasts through her clothing. That was where she had always stopped him before. Mary had a strong personality and he had learned not to push the limits she had set for him.

One reason Mary had kept him away from her breasts was that she was insecure over their small size. She was a beautiful blond girl but felt overshadowed by friends like Joan with their large breasts and asses. Most of the guys Mary's age seemed to think those traits were very important.

Mary noticed that her date made sure to stay seated upright instead of reclining on the back seat. That way he could see what took place in the front seat. Mary decided to take a few peaks herself.

Joan was already doing a very good job. She was wearing a blue nylon top without a bra and her protruding nipples caused the material to crease between them. Her boyfriend was kissing her neck and caressing her waist as she seemed to writhe against the passenger door making her breasts jiggle. Mary could see Joan occasionally check to see if the back seat passengers were looking. Mary wondered if Joan was hamming it up a little or if she really was that carried away.

Mary used the occasion to caress her date and he continued necking with her but always keeping an eye on the front seat. Joan's boyfriend did not waste much time once he determined that Joan was willing. He slid his hand inside the top and started massaging her tits as she began to moan.

In the back seat Mary's date started to stroke Mary's breasts through her clothing and he almost stopped himself but realized she was not stopping him. Mary was a little worried that he was disappointed in what he was feeling versus what he saw in the front seat. But he definitely started to pay more attention to Mary and less attention to the front seat.

Then Joan's boyfriend lifted Joan's top completely off. Joan gave a loud enough squeal to get the attention of the two in the back seat. Her tits were in full magnificent view. They were larger than they seemed covered up and they stood up and away from her body without a sag. Her nipples were large and very erect. Joan glanced at the back seat to see both faces looking her over. Joan's boyfriend proceeded to bury his face on one breast as he ran his hand up her skirt at which she let out a louder squeal.

Mary's date had his eyes popping and at the same time he reached under Mary's blouse to fondle her bare tits. But he gradually started to lose enthusiasm for Mary in his attempts to get a better view, so Mary reached over through his pants for his penis.

That got his attention. He responded by moving a hand under Mary's skirt straight between her legs. He felt through her panties and then spent some time fishing through one of the panty legs to insert a finger as far as possible in her vagina. He grabbed the elastic of her drawers and started to pull them off of her legs. Even though this was a little fast for Mary she was plenty wet and she was willing.

As Mary started to go down on her back she took one last look at the front seat. Joan was looking at Mary and Joan was now without her blouse or her skirt. Joan's bare pussy was in view and Joan was lifting her ass off of the seat to make room for her now naked boyfriend. He was on his knees with one hand braced against the dashboard and one hand directing his dick toward Joan's hot pussy. His dick seemed very large to Mary and she saw him bump the head of his penis against Joan's opening a couple of times before he got it started.

Joan cried out in encouragement, "Oh baby give it to me!"

In the darkness it was difficult for Mary to see what was happening but it looked like he was moving into Joan in about three pushes with her grunting on each push.


He must have gotten all the way in because his butt clinched and shook as if he could go no further. Joan had her eyes closed and her mouth open as she was obviously enjoying every bit of it.

Then Mary found herself on her back with her date's hand massaging her pussy. He was busy undressing himself with his other hand as if she might change her mind if he let up and gave her a chance to think. Mary's blouse and bra were pushed up above her breasts as he mouthed and licked her tits.

It didn't take long for Mary's date to get his pants off. Mary was grateful that he had a beat up looking condom in his wallet. She noticed that his dick did not look quite as big as Joan's boyfriend's. He did not immediately try to mount her but continued to move his fingers in her vagina.

Joan and her boyfriend were making all kinds of noises, especially Joan. The car started to rock and Mary thought she could hear the squishing noise of his dick moving in her pussy as they both moaned loudly.


Then Mary lost track of what was going on in the front seat and focused on her deflowering. Mary's date had a vacant look in his eyes as he grabbed Mary's shoulders with both hands. He began to poke his dick around trying to get it into the entrance of her wet pussy but he wasn't aiming very well. When he poked one time right onto her asshole Mary decided he needed help. As his hips continued to move back and forth she reached between them for his dick and placed it at the hot entrance of her pussy.

His eyes flew wide open at the sensation, and a rush of adrenaline poured through Mary. She spread her legs a little and held him on the sides of his ribcage. He pushed in slightly then got a little frantic trying to get through the resistance of her tight virgin pussy. His dick popped loose and Mary calmly reached down to aim it again.

This time he slowed down enough to make some progress. He got in about an inch before getting too much resistance to go deeper. Again his hips went back and forth aimlessly but at least the head of his dick was rubbing up against her pussy and Mary was enjoying the sensation.

Suddenly with blind luck he happened to line his dick up correctly at the same time his hips moved forward and his dick sank another inch into Mary. They both froze momentarily with the intensity of the sensation.

Mary spread her legs more as he positioned himself to do that same thing again. He withdrew until the head was at her opening and he slowly sank it in until he got resistance, about two inches. As he repeated this move Mary started to move with him to help him get a little deeper.

On the next thrust he met a wall of resistance. He pulled back and slammed against the barrier again. This was not comfortable for Mary and she groaned.


His aim was better now as he pulled back to push hard again. This time Mary was tensed up which only made things worse. He started pulling back and slamming into Mary but only penetrating less than half way before hitting the "wall" and bouncing Mary against the door of the car.

From the front seat came Joan's loud and then louder exclamations, "oh...oh...Oh...Oh...OH!...OH!...OOHHHHHHH!"

Joan's boyfriend's voice chimed in soon afterward, "AAHHHHH!"

That's when Mary's date lost it. He pushed in as far as he could, which was not very far. Mary gritted her teeth and was completely tensed up. He squeezed her tits too tight as his whole body shook and sperm flowed into the condom. He popped out immediately and lay on top of Mary breathing heavily with his eyes closed. Mary just continued to hold him with one hand on each side of his ribcage.

Joan's face appeared above the back of the front seat. Mary was jammed up against the door handle with her head twisted to one side, her clothing up under her chin, and one tit exposed as they made eye contact. Joan raised her eyebrows in a questioning gesture. Mary replied non-verbally with a grimace and a shake of the head as if to say, "No, he didn't finish fucking me and I'm still a virgin."

Joan nodded understanding and then let her eyes linger over the bare backside of Mary's date. As Joan's eyes came back to Mary it was Mary with the raised eyebrow look. Joan just smiled and shrugged then disappeared to the front seat.

That was enough patriotism for Mary. She could tell that tonight was not "the" night.


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