Acrobatics 02


Acrobatics 2 - Mary Likes to Peek

As Jack drove up the long drive to his house he noticed his elderly neighbors' teenage daughter at the fence. Mary waived politely and he returned the gesture, wondering what she was up to. He noted she was wearing baggy shorts over gymnastics workout clothing as the movement of his truck into the carport took him out of viewing range.

Jack thought absent-mindedly that Mary had been fairly serious with gymnastics a few years back, and maybe she was picking it back up. He admired her energy for working out, and he realized that it made him feel more motivated for his normal weightlifting before supper.

One bay of the triple carport was equipped with exercise equipment and even a couple of wall mirrors. Jack hustled into shorts and a T-shirt and then back to the carport. It was the end of spring and the weather was warm so it didn't take long for Jack to break a sweat. This was the "pulls" day, so after some stretchers, he did chin-ups and pull-ups.

Then Jack got to the part of this day's workout that he liked the best, the dumbbell curls. It was the one exercise in which Jack indulged his narcissistic side. He took off his T-shirt and faced the mirror as he curled one arm and then the other. Jack was a little under six feet tall with sandy hair and an oval shaped face. His 180 pounds sported a nice chest that gave him a decent V-shaped torso. As he flexed his stomach muscles he could definitely see a four-pack and maybe even a full six-pack under the skin.

Jack knew intellectually that he simply looked like a twenty-six year old who was in good shape. But when he admired himself doing dumbbell curls he enjoyed the sensation of imagining that his biceps and chest muscles were especially well-defined and bulging. Mostly he was just having fun enjoying the nice weather and soaking in the chatter of birds and squirrels engaged in their late afternoon feedings.

Jack looked past his own reflection down the driveway at the setting sun and the pecan trees in the front yard. He almost flinched at what he saw in the mirror. Mary was standing partially behind the nearest pecan tree facing him. She was very still and erect, with her fingertips touching at waist level. She was back lit by the sun's rays and Jack did a double take to make sure his eyes were being truthful. He realized that she must have intended to ask him something, but had been too shy to approach once she saw that he was shirtless and working out. Jack hoped she hadn't noticed that he was almost preening in front of the mirror.

Without acknowledging her presence Jack finished his set and slowly put his T-shirt back on. He didn't look in her direction, and she still did not come forward. He didn't want to frighten her, so he just went ahead with the next exercise assuming she would speak up when she was ready. Jack was on his third set of bent rows and his physical efforts had distracted him from awareness of his visitor when she finally said something.

"Hello Jack."

This time he really did flinch. Mary was right there in the carport and he had never heard a sound.

"Whoa! Hello there Mary! I didn't see you walk up the drive." He did notice that she spoke his name without saying Mister first.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

Jack straightened and turned to get a good look at Mary for the first time in a couple of years. He considered commenting to her that she had certainly grown up, and decided against it. A statement about her looks might give away that he was checking her over. Mary had grown up to be a petite and shapely eighteen year-old. It was only a few years ago that she had been a very small and wiry little gymnast. She was still on the short side, but the female hormones definitely had a good effect on her. Her voice had matured and was no longer a high-pitched squeak. Mary now had hips and a small bosom that presented a well-proportioned image along with her small waist. Jack looked forward to checking out her bottom when she walked away. He then felt a small pang of guilt for looking over his neighbor so closely.

"Being startled will probably be good for me. A little adrenaline boost might help me with my workout."

Mary smiled at Jack's reply and it gave him a chance to look more closely at her face. Mary was almost a platinum blond naturally, with large blue eyes and a round face. She used very little make-up for a blond. Her hair was full and straight with a short cut that extended just above her pierced ear lobes. She had a small fine-featured nose, full lips, and a smile that revealed beautiful white teeth. Mary looked evenly into Jack's face without the usual shy downward casting of the eyes. She had clearly grown into a real beauty. And her manner suggested that she possessed confidence beyond her years.

Mary looked around and asked, "Where is everybody? Normally when I look over here the place seems really busy."

Mary was referring to Jack's wife Karen and the two kids. Even when Karen and Jack were at work there was activity at the house since they had an at-home baby sitter.

"The kids and even the dog are visiting Karen's parents for a couple of weeks now that school is out. It will be just Karen and I for a while and we're enjoying the break from the kids."

Mary shifted her weight to one hip and cocked her head to the side as she moved the fingertips of her hands together. It was clear she was going to ask for something, but she never broke eye contact.

"The reason I came over was to ask permission to use your back yard for exercise over the next week." Jack was already gently nodding yes as she continued. "I have a couple of gymnastic mats to protect your lawn. The point is that your place is smooth and flat, with a type of grass that we can easily run around on."


"Oh yeah, my friend Joan will be learning acrobatics with me. In fact this whole thing is really for her. She needs to get a quick college credit."

This was not a difficult decision for Jack. The possibility of having two college age girls running around in the back yard made this seem like a "no-brainer". Of course if he had been a little more thoughtful he would have checked first with his wife.

"Sure, we'd be glad to have ya'll use our place. It'll bring back old memories of my high school gymnastics. In fact, you can feel free to keep the mats here in the carport so that you don't have to pack them back and forth to your house." Mary was clearly happy with Jack's answer as he added, "I have time right now to help you bring the mats over here if you want to."

"Oh thank you Jack. And yes, I could use some help with the mats."

"Just give me a chance to slip these shoes on."

Mary casually turned to peer down the driveway as she waited, while Jack moved toward his shoes. He hesitated in order to get a look at her from behind, and he liked what he saw. She had a nice firm round butt, and even the gym shorts could not hide that it jiggled a little bit when she walked.

Jack was so busy checking out Mary's backside that he did not notice when she turned her head back to look at him. He was busted! He was supposed to be putting his shoes on, and she caught him standing there checking out her butt. She didn't seem to react, and Jack hurried with his shoes.

During the walk next door Jack could not manage to get another quick glimpse of Mary but he was keanly aware of her presence next to him. On the way back to Jack's he asked, "Mary, do you want to set these mats up in the back yard now?"

"Well yes, I would like to have a little workout."

Once they had placed the mats down Mary turned to him. "You first," she said.

It was not in Jack's nature to show good sense in the face of an entertaining challenge.

"I haven't done gymnastics since High School but I'm willing to try."

At least he was smart enough to start with an easy trick. After removing his shoes, Jack grinned as he did a simple front roll on the mat. It was a little shaky, but he made it back up to his feet.

Mary got on the mat and completed a front roll so quickly that Jack almost missed it. She smiled and stepped back off of the mat. Jack could see where this was headed.

"OK Mary, we can do a little 'Follow the Leader'. Just don't let me get carried away because you'll feel bad if I hurt myself."

Mary's only response was a raised eyebrow to communicate, 'Quit stalling.'

Jack did a back roll with a little stumble. Mary did a back roll and imitated his stumble, then backed away smiling. Jack could tell that this girl intended to show him who the master was.

His next trick was a little more difficult, especially considering that he hadn't tried it in years. With a little extra determination and some hesitation that went along with fear, Jack did a straight legged back roll combined with a backward kip from his shoulders into a handstand. He jarred the back of his head against the mat and he couldn't hold the handstand, but he completed the trick around to his feet.

"Hey Jack, that's pretty good! You really do have some gymnastics training." Mary hesitated and then continued. "Would you be willing to work out with us? I'll need help spotting Joan since she's bigger than I am. And it'll be good exercise for you."

This was another "no brainer" question as far as Jack was concerned.

"Sure, I can probably help out."

Mary proceeded with the game. She did the same trick, but she obviously had not practiced it in a while. She had to grunt when she kipped up and she did not hold the handstand, but she did come down slowly into a split.

Jack felt a little guilty thinking that even in the middle of this competitive situation he was looking over Mary's body. He was also wondering what it would be like to spot her girlfriend.

"That was very good, Mary. I don't have much else I'm willing to try without some practice. How about a press into a handstand?"

Jack knew ahead of time that this handstand press would be easy for Mary. But it was a difficult stunt for him because he did not have her flexibility. He just wanted to see if he could do it. With legs together and straight Jack placed his hands on the mat and leaned forward with his arms straight. He pressed forward and his feet left the ground as his face turned beet red with the exertion. As his legs passed horizontal, Jack's shoulders trembled and his body suddenly collapsed. Jack had pushed himself beyond his capability and the landing was not a pretty sight. With legs and elbows flying in various directions Jack landed right on his face. The mat scrubbed hard on his mashed nose as something crackled in his neck.

Jack lay on his back with his T-shirt bunched up under his chin and his heavy breathing causing his stomach to heave up and down. Mary stood next to his form watching him with interest but without showing much concern.

Jack croaked, "This is the part where you feel bad that I got too carried away."

Mary smiled and appeared to be looking him over for injuries. As Jack recuperated he noticed that the setting sun was causing a golden glow on the entire landscape, including Mary. She was stunning with half her face and body in shadow and the other half a golden color that moved eerily with the shadows of the trees.

What Jack did not realize was that the same golden sunrays were reflecting off of his muscular legs and heaving chest. As Mary looked over his image she noticed that her face was turning hot.

Mary looked up at the sound of a car in the driveway. "Karen's home."

Still on his back, Jack looked over to see his wife's car pull near the house then out of sight into the carport. Jack stood up anticipating that she would come over and say hello, but apparently she went straight into the house.

"Mary, it's time for me to go help with supper. Feel free to stay and work out as long as you want. And let us know if you need anything. I'll probably see you and Joan tomorrow."

As he walked toward the house the thought finally occurred to Jack that his wife might not appreciate the whole acrobatics-in-the-back-yard idea. Jack entered the back door and without even seeing Karen he immediately sensed a chill in the air. He was not afraid of a single person he knew, except occasionally his wife. They were a happy couple almost all of the time, but when they weren't getting along it seemed like his world was upside down and miserable.

He found her sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him. She was still holding some paperwork and had her purse strap over her shoulder with the purse on the table. Karen did not speak; she just calmly looked at Jack for an explanation.

"Hello Karen. That's Mary out there. She asked to use our yard to work out this next week with a girlfriend."

"I saw who it was. How did you happen to be out there?"

"Oh, we were just horsing around. I wanted to see what I could still do from my high school days."

"OK Jack let me see if I have this right. You agreed to have two college girls in leotards use our yard during the time that our kids are gone. And you started it off by playing on the gym mat with Mary, which means you intend to work out with them."

"When you say it that way it sounds like a bad thing."

Without comment Karen broke eye contact, stood up, and walked to the back of the house to change. Jack nervously paced the kitchen a little before settling on something to do. Strangely the image in his mind was how attractive Karen had been sitting at the table. Even when she was irritated he could appreciate her type of looks. She had dark shoulder length hair and black alert eyes that sparkled in the light. Her lips were full and naturally dark yet her skin was a very light shade. She had a few extra curves since the birth of their second child but she was still a damn good looking twenty five year old woman. Jack and Karen definitely had strong chemistry for each other and usually it was good chemistry.

Jack was silently working on supper when Karen came back in. She ignored him and began to make her own supper. Then Jack noticed she was holding back tears.

Jack gently touched her back. "Oh come on Karen. I'm sorry. Look, I can fix this whole thing."

"It's not something you can fix. You're just like other men I've always heard about. Now that I've gotten old and fat, you want a younger woman."

"Karen, no! You're beautiful! You're the love of my life and the mother of my children. You've given meaning to my existence!"

Jack should have stopped there but he continued, "I'd be crazy to want a younger woman. I just want to have sex with a younger woman!"

Both of them stood in stunned silence at what Jack said. He had just disclosed a secret that no man is supposed to admit about himself. Jack immediately knew that this was the kind of admission that Karen could hold against him for the rest of his life.

This is probably a dilemma created by Mother Nature. Every modern man has to decide for himself if he should have a few children with one woman and loyally protect the family unit, or cheat every now and then in a subconscious attempt to have extra offspring. Men know they have these conflicting drives but they also know that women will be very threatened if they ever learn about it.

Karen was the first to move out of her frozen stance to slowly nod her head in understanding. Without comment she slowly and thoughtfully continued to prepare her supper. Jack figured he'd better not risk making things worse and he kept his mouth shut.

As the evening went along Karen seemed to forget about the entire subject while making light conversation and even being affectionate. At bedtime as she slipped under the covers, she brought the subject up again.

"OK Jack let's talk about some rules for you to go by in your gymnastics workouts with these girls."

Jack was bare-chested and in his boxers as he came over to sit on the bed next to her. "Karen I really regret that I wasn't more thoughtful about this. I can back out of the whole thing. I can even make an excuse so that they don't use our yard."

"No, it's too late for that. They'd know it was all because of me and I'd look like the mean jealous wife. Besides, it wouldn't be neighborly. I think as long as I can control what's going on, I probably won't feel bad about it. Do you think you can rig up something so that I can hear what ya'll are saying out there? Maybe you can use the baby listening device and hide it in the covered patio."

Jack was happy to have Karen monitor their activities if it would make her feel better about it. He stopped to consider her idea about the listening device. "Sure, it will probably work fine. And I can make sure to place the tumbling mats so that you can see us from this bedroom window if you want to."

"Fine. Now here are the rules. Never say anything bad about me or our family. After that your primary task is to not hurt those girls. You're twenty six and they're just college age. I know you can get carried away sometimes but you can't come on to these girls verbally or physically, even if it seems innocent to you. Basically, try not to embarrass our family."

Karen was actually smiling as she talked. She looked gorgeous in her flannel nightgown with her dark hair spilling onto the white cotton fabric. Her wide open eyes were shining and animated as she spoke. She seemed to be enjoying the challenge of solving this problem, and she reached up to lightly stroke Jack's chest.

He was impressed with Karen and relieved that he wouldn't have to take back his word to Mary. Without comment Jack smiled and slowly leaned in to kiss his wife. She closed her eyes and her head fell back as her mouth relaxed. Jack gently supported her back with one palm and placed his other hand along her jaw as he bent to her lips.

These two people were meant for each other. Even in a kiss it was clear they had chemistry between them that went beyond simple sex appeal.

Both of their heads were swimming as Jack lowered his hand from her jaw to her collar bone, then into the open collar of her gown to lightly touch her bare breast. Karen moaned into his mouth and he thought she seemed particularly hot. Jack stroked the skin of her breast lightly at first and then more firmly, the way she liked it. Her nipple had already hardened.

Karen moved her hand from Jack's chest to the outside of his hip, letting her arm rest in his lap. Jack lowered her to the bed and moved his hand under the covers to the hem of her gown. She liked to sleep in only the gown, without underwear, and Jack was a little eager to find out just how hot she was tonight. He stroked her thighs starting at her knees and he felt the light bristles of leg hair. Her legs were warm and smooth.

Karen moved her legs slightly apart as Jack moved up her gown. He moved his hand out across the outside of her hip and noticed she moaned in a little disappointment that he had not gone straight to her vagina. But Jack loved the feel of her smooth stomach and hip. They continued to kiss as Jack placed his fingers on the lips of her opening at her clitoris. Karen squirmed and moaned. She was very wet and Jack was surprised at how turned on she seemed to be this quickly.

Karen moved her arm across the front of Jack's boxers which shifted the placement of his genitals. Jack's hardening penis briefly slid outside the leg of his boxers before the movement of Karen's arm covered him again.

Something made a sound outside of their bedroom window. Karen immediately stiffened but Jack was unconcerned.

"It's just our dog digging around."

"Jack, our dog is with the kids at Grandma's!"

Without flinching the couple looked into each other's eyes. Karen could see in Jack's face a slow understanding of what he thought might have caused the noise.

He spoke in a low voice. "Karen, there's one other thing. This afternoon before Mary came over to ask about using our yard I was working out alone in the carport. I spotted her in the mirror and she was kind of hiding behind a tree watching me for a while."

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