Acrobatics 03


Acrobatics 3 - Mary Directs Some Groping

Jack spent a long lunch break at Radio Shack and the Army-Navy Surplus store. He made sure to buy the right equipment for Karen to monitor his back yard activities. He set things up in the house and went back to work.

Jack and Karen got home a little early. This gave Jack a chance to show her the surveillance equipment. The baby listening device was in the eaves of the patio covering near where the acrobatics would take place, with the speaker in the master bedroom.

Another piece of equipment was an earpiece device that worked with his cell phone. The earpiece and phone were set to automatically answer silently. In other words, Karen could call Jack, the phone would automatically answer, and Karen could speak to Jack's earpiece without anyone knowing. As an afterthought, Jack got night vision goggles, for just in case.

During the process of showing Karen how the equipment worked Jack was alert to see how Karen was reacting to the whole situation. He finally spoke up.

"Karen, I can still back out of this whole acrobatics workout thing. I'll admit that I'm looking forward to not only the workout but also interacting with the girls. However it's not worth it if this makes you uncomfortable."

Karen gave her reply a little thought. "I'll probably be uncomfortable but not necessarily in a bad way. This is all kind of exciting and I look forward to helping you do a good job. How about you? You must be a little tense."

"Yeah, I'll feel foolish if Mary doesn't show up. The thought of my participating may have scared her."

Karen laughed. "I don't get the impression that Mary will scare easily." She looked Jack over with an appraising eye. "Remember to wear your blue T-shirt. It fits you well and shows off your coloring. If these young women like your looks, you can thank me."

Jack joked with his wife. "There are only two women who have told me I'm good looking, you and my mother."

Karen admired her husband's good looks and muscular athletic build. "Don't kid yourself. You look good to a woman my age and to college age women too."

Jack and Karen proceeded to eat supper a little hurriedly and then heard activity in the back yard. They looked at each other and without speaking they both walked to the master bedroom window. Jack specifically wanted to see what Mary's friend looked like.

Jack was disappointed. Actually Joan was quite good looking, but in a way that Jack had not learned to appreciate. She was black. Jack and Karen looked at each other and the only communication between them was a raised eyebrow from Karen.

Jack was not a bigot but he was raised in the Deep South and there was probably some small part of him that considered black people to be "different". Joan was about to help him change that.

Jack and Karen spent a few minutes watching the girls. Mary was spotting Joan on some beginner tumbling moves and it was a struggle for her.

The listening device was picking up the girls' comments. Jack and Karen could hear over the speaker box that Joan was obviously uncomfortable with the situation. She was strong and she was almost Jack's height which made things difficult for the petit Mary. But Mary was very confident with her directions for Joan.

The thing that caught Jack's attention was that Joan had a knockout of a figure. She might have been considered skinny except for her butt and her bosom. She had a large bottom with two distinct and well shaped buttocks. Her ass seemed to begin higher up on her back than is the case for white women. When she moved, her butt muscles obviously flexed and quivered.

Joan had breasts that were somewhat large and they protruded straight out from her slightly sway-backed frame. Jack caught himself wondering if her nipples were puffy.

The natural arch in her back caused her tummy to extend forward to form a slight pooch. This accentuated the gathering of her clothing at the juncture of her thighs and groin.

Joan had a large strong jaw that easily flashed a smile with plenty of white teeth. Her smooth skin and her hair were brown, not black. Her hair did not have the typical close-cropped curl but a little looser curl. It was still thick but her tresses were able to hang down to her shoulders, tied back at the temples. Her nose was somewhat flattened, unlike the typical white woman's nose.

"You'd better get out there Jack. Mary looks like she's having trouble handling her friend."

At about that time Jack and Karen heard over the speaker box, "I hope Jack can help us. Some of the moves you need to learn require a partner."

As Jack prepared to go he commented, "I feel a little funny with your helping me be presentable to these young women."

"Don't worry about me. I'm getting a little kick out of it so far. You just make sure that you're a gentleman."

Karen turned back to look out the window but what she noticed was something about herself. Her breathing was a little fast and her heart was pounding in anticipation of watching Jack with those two girls.

Mary and Joan turned to face Jack at the sound of his coming through the back door. He approached and noted what a contrast they made. Mary was a blond pixie, and Joan was a tall dark Amazon. Yet somehow they looked similar. They both stood erect and squared up to him with steady eye contact and slight smiles. And they both had plenty of clothing to cover themselves: long sleeve leotards, tights, gym shorts, bras, and underwear.

"Good evening ladies. I'm ready for a tough workout."

"Jack, this is my friend Joan."

With a slight body wiggle from side to side Joan extended her arm to Jack. While the two shook hands they each did a quick scan of the other. Jack noticed Joan's curvy frame and beautiful crystalline light brown eyes. He thought she looked damn good for a black woman. And Joan thought he looked mighty good, for a white guy. The handshake lingered just a second with a mutual thrill as they smiled at each other. Their appreciative glances were almost imperceptible. But Mary noticed, and back inside the house Karen noticed too.

"Jack, we're relieved to see you. Joan and I met today with the instructor who will give the Pass-or-Fail test. She said that a large part of Joan's grade will depend on performance with a partner. In other words, we need your help."

Jack's face flushed at the thought of placing his hands on Joan. As he replied he was careful to look only at Mary so that he would not give away his leering thoughts.

"I'm glad to help. But I've never done anything like couple acrobatics."

"That's OK. I can teach both you and Joan. Let's get started."

Mary took charge without the slightest shyness or hesitation. She obviously had experience teaching acrobatics, probably to younger children. Joan and Jack immediately fell into obedient roles with eighteen-year-old Mary as the instructor. They started with stretchers during which Mary had them lightly push on each other. Joan learned front and back rolls fairly quickly and Jack performed them without the stumbles of the previous day.

In the process of the workout Jack got to hear Joan's voice which was slightly low for a woman. One thing Jack liked was that she did not have a black "accent". He learned that she was raised in California, which explained the obvious good education.

The first two-person trick simply involved Jack and Joan taking turns in kicking to a handstand with the partner's help. It took Joan a while to learn how to kick into a handstand. With her athletic ability she got the knack of it fairly fast but it would take a lot more than that for her to actually hold her balance in a handstand. Mary was very specific that the partner had to move close so that the two bodies together would steady the handstand. Jack enjoyed the physical contact and wondered once if Joan had pressed into his upside down body more tightly than necessary.

"Very good you two! Give each other a hug and then we'll go on to the next trick."

With smiles and a small giggle they hugged. They pressed naturally against each other without the stiffness of a socially polite hug. Jack and Joan both felt tingles as their thighs brushed together. Joan laughingly commented, "Hey, Jack feels better when he's right side up!"

The three of them chuckled as Jack heard his wife's voice in his earpiece, "Jack, believe it or not this acrobatics stuff is kind of hot to watch!"

Jack nodded his head without saying anything and without looking toward the bedroom window.

"OK, the next trick is a leap and catch."

First Mary had Joan stand with her arms folded across her chest. Then she positioned Jack so that one arm was under Joan's ribcage and the other over the back of her legs. As Joan slowly leaned forward Jack "caught" her and lifted her to a horizontal position, one arm under her ribcage and the other hooked over her thighs.

"That's how you're going to catch her Jack. Now Joan will take a running leap and Jack you catch her just like that."

It occurred to Jack that if he missed he might accidentally find his arm across Joan's bosom instead of her ribcage. Joan got in a starting position and giggled as she began to run toward Jack. There was nothing girlish about Joan running. She was very coordinated and even fast as she launched through the air with her arms folded across her chest. But Joan must have been a little shy because her elbows were low and when Jack caught her his arm was at her stomach. She bent in half and her head lightly banged against the gym matt. Jack and Joan crumpled on the mat as Mary corrected them.

"Jack that was your fault. You're too afraid that you might touch her chest!"

As Jack tried to straighten up to his knees Joan gave him an irritated look and grabbed his wrists. In a move that shocked Jack and Mary, Joan roughly forced his hands onto her breasts.

"Now you don't have to worry about grabbing my boobs, Jack. I'd rather this than have my head hit that mat again."

Jack was embarrassed but thrilled. Joan was up and jogging into position again before Jack had the chance to consider how it felt to have his hands on her tits. All he had time to remember was that they felt soft and a lot more than a handful.

This time Joan did not giggle and she did not run as fast or go as high. She jumped with her elbows well out of the way. Jack was determined to avoid making the same mistake again. He caught Joan easily and held her horizontal. One hand was firmly gripping a tit but he had her.

"That's better. Now do the move again but Joan you need to really jump high and with your head up."

Joan had a determined look as she sprinted toward Jack. Then she stumbled at the edge of the mat. She was clearly going down and Jack did his best to catch her. Before he could figure out what to catch, Joan's face had come crashing into Jack's groin. They tumbled to the ground where Joan's body landed on him with a loud grunt from both of them. The shock of their bodies colliding caused them to freeze their positions. Joan's pubic bone was on his chin. Her face was mashed between his thighs.

Joan lifted her face up and raised her hips slightly to get off of his face. Both of their bodies began to shake with laughter. Once Joan could tell that Jack was OK, she relaxed and placed her face against his dick and her pussy back on his face. Jack's arms folded across Joan's upper butt. Jack, Joan, and Mary could only laugh.

Jack spoke first, his muffled voice directed into Joan's pubic area. "I think that turned out well."

They all three giggled some more and then Joan came back with, "Whoa that was fun. Let's do it again!"

Joan said it with her mouth right against his penis. The three of them cracked up laughing. Jack was aware of the feel of Joan's butt against his forearms and the vibrating feeling of Joan's laughter against his body, specifically his dick. Of course he was very much aware of her pussy right in his face. It all felt kind of good.

Suddenly Joan squealed loudly and moved off of Jack as if she had been stung by a bee. She frantically scooted on her butt next to the now seated Mary and pointed between Jack's legs.


Mary started laughing so hard her stomach was cramping. Jack turned red faced and used his hands to support himself in a reclined sitting position, without covering himself. Joan and Mary were laughing but they were looking intently at his semi-hard penis through his gym shorts. Jack smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry but I'm only human. The little fella' has a mind of his own sometimes."

Joan faked being afraid. "Well I think he likes me. I just wish he wouldn't scare me." They all guffawed at that.

"Don't worry he's harmless,"

Mary could tell there was something behind that statement. "What do you mean, 'now'?"

Jack cleared his throat and hesitated. "Well, after Karen had our second baby, I got a vasectomy."

There was a small silence between them but all three had smiles left over from Joan's comment. Mary and Joan glanced at each other.

All three turned to face the house at the sound of the back door. Karen was headed for them with a tray of drinks. The sun was setting behind the house and as Karen moved from the shadows into the sunlight Jack felt a swell of pride at the sight of his smiling bride.

"It's still pretty hot out here, so I figured you three could use some iced tea."

After expressing gratitude, the three "acrobats" each grabbed a glass and took a deep swallow. Mary asked, "Do you have any sugar?"

Karen looked on the tray and her body language showed that she had forgotten the sugar. Jack immediately spoke up, "I'll go get it."

The three women automatically watched after Jack as he jumped up and walked briskly toward the covered patio and the back door.

Karen called out, "Hey Jack!" He kept on walking but turned his head. Karen followed with, "Nice butt!"

The three women howled with laughter at Jack's clear embarrassment, and then he made it worse by stumbling over one of the lawn chairs on the patio. His face turned a little red as he shook his head and continued on to the back door.

Karen turned to the two giggling young women. "It is so much fun to embarrass him. And he's always such a good sport about it."

Mary chimed in. "Yeah, I'm afraid Joan already embarrassed him today. But he took it OK."

Joan stiffened at the thought that Mary might go into more detail about the intimate body contact. Mary obviously enjoyed Joan's discomfort, and all three women were clearly relaxed and having a good time.

Karen added, "Oh, you don't need to worry about Jack. He's happy to be playing with a couple of good looking coeds. What man wouldn't?"

There was a small period of silence as the girls absorbed that thought, and then Joan thoughtfully asked, "How do you feel about his helping us with my acrobatics?"

Karen looked at the two young women as she realized the conversation had suddenly gotten somewhat serious. The girls seemed alert and unafraid, but open to anything Karen might say. She picked her words carefully.

"I'll be honest. At first I thought I might be jealous of you two in our back yard with my husband. But I wasn't. Instead I'm kind of glad to loan him to you for a while; at least until the kids get back from their grandparents. It makes me feel like I'm being a good neighbor."

Jack was inside the house listening to every word over the speaker box. He watched as the three women relaxed with each other and Karen turned the conversation to Joan. Jack went back to them with the sugar as Joan described her background. She was twenty two years old. She had gone into the military after high school and was now going through college on the GI bill and a partial athletic scholarship in volleyball. She was eager to get this acrobatics credit completed so that she could spend the summer in California with her family.

Before the break could extend to another topic of conversation, Mary took over. "We'd better get back to work if we hope to have Joan pass this acrobatics test."

Mary was by far the youngest of the four yet she had no trouble establishing her authority. Accordingly, Karen politely excused herself while Jack and Joan resumed their roles as students. Mary paced around them thoughtfully as she introduced the next moves.

"You'll have to learn a couple of tricks from a standing position and from a reclining position. Today you'll learn a few reclining moves which means Jack will be on his back."

Mary passed behind Joan and gave her a smack of encouragement on the bottom which caused her backside to jiggle. Joan accepted the gesture as typical camaraderie between athletes. As Mary passed behind Jack she said, "OK Jack, assume the position."

To Jack's surprise, Mary gave him a gentle double pat on the bottom. Mary passed on between Jack and Joan without looking back at them, yet with a definite smile on her face that they could not see. Jack absent-mindedly placed his hand on his rear where Mary had patted him and he looked over to Joan. Joan returned his wide-eyed look, and simply shrugged at him with her little side to side wiggle. The only person to openly laugh was Karen, back in the house and able to see all three of them from the bedroom window.

Mary worked them through a few balancing moves as darkness fell.

"Mary, would you like to have the patio lights on so we can see better?"

Mary seemed to think about this and she looked toward the house briefly before replying. "No, we can see well enough as long as we don't try any tumbling moves."

Inside the house, Karen considered that Mary might be trying to get a little privacy by staying in the dark. Karen took out the night vision goggles.

The tricks were not that difficult but they did eventually make both Jack and Joan tired.

"You two need rest. I don't want you to get hurt trying something while you're tired."

They got tea refills and sat on the mat in a circle chatting. Eventually there was a lull in the conversation. Mary turned to Jack with a grin.

"Make it move again."

Jack knew exactly what she was talking about. He was sprawled out with his legs apart. Jack was a little surprised at the request but glad to get back to being playful. Both girls had a smirk but they were brazenly looking directly at his penis and waiting.

"I'm kind of out of the mood now. But I can make it move a little bit by flexing muscles down there."

Mary responded quickly. "OK, let's see it."

Jack knew he could make his penis twitch by flexing his kegel muscles. Mary and Joan had their eyes riveted on the outline of Jack's shorts-covered penis, which wasn't even semi-hard anymore. He decided to put his exhibition to music.

"...OH what FUN it IS to RIDE on a ONE horse open SLEIGH.....HEY!"

Mary and Joan watched in fascination and when Jack's penis made its final movement on the word "HEY", the two girls squealed in loud laughter facing each other. Then Mary threw herself backward on the ground kicking the heals of her feet on the mat as she laughed.

Mary finally sat up with tears of laughter and a mischievous smile. "What would your wife say if she saw you do that for us?"

Jack continued to smile as he thought a little before replying. "Oh I don't know. She might tell me I get a little carried away sometimes. But I don't think she'd be jealous. Mostly she'd be concerned that I might shock or hurt either of you."

In Jack's earpiece he heard his wife's voice. "That's about right."

Mary turned smiling to her friend. "Well what do you think Joan?"

Joan moved her head from side to side as she answered. "Gyirl, I don't think I'm too shocked. And I'm certainly not hurt. I am twenty-two and I am not a virgin."

Joan's misuse of the word girl was the only "jive" word pronunciation Jack had heard her use.

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