tagLoving WivesAcrobatics 08

Acrobatics 08


Acrobatics 8 - What will Jack's Wife Do?

Mary was sitting on the ice chest as they straightened up. They slipped on some clothes and Mary gave each of them a beer. Joan declined, saying she didn't need any more beer. As Mary handed a bottle to Jack she explained why she held his arms down while Joan mounted him.

"I knew you really wanted her, you just needed an excuse."

All three said something about how they couldn't believe what had happened tonight. And they each promised to not let it get in the way of their friendships or even their workout tomorrow in the pool.

The whole time they were talking Jack was worried about Karen. Feelings of guilt began to spread through him. He could barely manage to go through the motions of putting up the mats. Jack waited around to make sure the girls got away all right. He did a full-body hug and kiss on the lips with each girl to say goodbye. Jack finally watched a sober Joan drive away as Mary walked over to her house. He wanted to make sure there would be no peepers tonight. Jack used the outside hose to clean off so that he would not carry the smell of pussy inside with him.

It was late when Jack made it into the house and Karen was already in the bedroom. With every step his guilt weighed heavier on his shoulders. He found Karen sitting in the bed under the covers. She had a book in her lap and she was looking up at him. He could not interpret her expression but she did not seem angry. She spoke first.

"Are you OK?"

"I don't know. Right now I feel a lot of shame. How about you?"

Jack could now recognize the look on Karen's face. It was a mixture of fear and excitement.

"I don't know either. I'm not as afraid for us as I thought I would be. And watching ya'll turned me on a lot more than I thought it would. I was sort of proud of you; you did a good job out there." Karen patted the bed beside her. "Come here."

Jack sat on the bed in his still damp shorts and shirt. Karen reached up and pulled his face to hers for a nice warm wet kiss. Jack responded more with appreciation than with desire. Karen reached up to his chest with her other hand as she spoke.

"I know you've got to be worn out. But I really want you to find a way to fuck me tonight."

It took Jack a little time to switch gears from being wound up with guilt to being passionate. Karen was way ahead of him as he struggled to keep up with her enthusiasm. Apparently she wanted him in her as soon as he could manage it.

Karen jerked his shirt and shorts off, throwing them to the floor. Jack reached under her gown for her warm lively tits then he ran his fingers into her very hot, very wet pussy. Karen groaned loudly at the contact and started pulling on Jack's semi-hard dick.

She pulled her gown over her head and laid back for him.

"Just get between my legs and start humping. I can tell you'll eventually get hard enough to put things in the right place."

Jack climbed on top of his smoking hot wife. He pressed his pubic bone against hers as his half hard dick was off to one side. Karen pressed back against him and Jack got the feeling that she was doing the humping instead of him. She did not concern herself with how hard he was. She just hugged him tight and repeatedly pressed her pussy against him.

Jack was beginning to feel a little insecure. Then the head of his dick happened to hit up against Karen's hot wet pussy. It didn't stay there but the feeling was enough to boost Jack's juices. His dick finally got harder and the head of his dick languished at the opening to Karen's pussy without going in. Meanwhile Karen continued to push and pull.

It didn't take long before Jack was able to push partially into Karen even though his dick was still rather soft. Karen immediately moved her hand between them and began to frantically massage her clit as she continued to push up against him. Jack had never seen her so carried away, basically without him, and he was enjoying it.

As Jack's cock swelled he was able to get further into Karen. She was well on the way to an orgasm by the time he was in, and he still was not totally hard. About the time he got good penetration Karen exploded.


Jack tensed up briefly for her and he could feel the walls of her pussy pulsing around his dick. He resumed his movements into Karen and they kissed pasionately. Karen spoke to him.

"Go ahead and have an orgasm when you can."

Jack was feeling good to just be at the point that he was. It was still going to be a while before he got up to an orgasm.

"I'm afraid it's going to take me a little while."

Karen was still enjoying the thrusting and she spoke around her labored breathing.

"I know how you can get an orgasm sooner. Just imagine that I'm Mary. I know you want some of that sweet little virgin pussy."

As Jack continued to thrust he spoke breathlessly. "Karen, I'd feel funny doing that."

In fact Jack had fantasized about other women during lovemaking before. But this was the first time Karen would know about it and Jack wasn't sure that was a good idea.

Karen ignored his comment and did an exaggerated imitation of Mary.

"Oh Jack, you're so big and strong. I can't believe your huge dick actually fits in my tiny slick pussy. Thank you so much for making me a woman."

That did it. Jack had a raging hard-on. He actually closed his eyes and visualized Mary writhing beneath him. His balls began to churn. Karen could easily detect the change in him so she continued.

"Jack, I'm your little blond teenage fuck toy. Say my name."


Jack's orgasm was very close now. He picked up the pace to a feverish level.

"Say my name as you shoot into my tight virgin pussy!"

Jack felt the orgasm coming and did a few more thrusts until he had to jamb himself into Karen and stay there.


Outside the bedroom window the real Mary watched everything and clearly heard Jack yell out her name as he had a huge orgasm. She flinched and then slowly smiled, saying to herself, "Tomorrow will definitely be the day."


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