tagErotic CouplingsAcrobatics 10

Acrobatics 10


Acrobatics 10 - Twosies for Mary

Jack's ear was on Mary's breast and he could hear her heart pounding rapidly. He correctly guessed that she was keyed up over her new experience. Jack groggily lifted his head and tenderly kissed Mary. Their eyes met and Mary was smiling.

"Let's go for a swim!"

Jack had to use a little determination to move but Mary popped out of bed and found her suit. Joan adjusted her outfit to cover herself up and then just flopped down on the bed motioning for Jack and Mary to go on without her.

That was when all three of them noticed the blood. There was a small spot on the bed, Mary's bottom had a little blood, and so did Jack's hands. Jack and Joan waited for Mary's reaction to the evidence of her last innocent moment.

Mary looked down on the bed at Joan. "Is that blood from me?"

"It sure is sweetie. You're a certified woman now."

Mary calmly gravitated to Jack and they hugged very gently. Then she moved away from him and stepped into her suit as she headed for the door. There was no looking back for Mary.

Jack and Mary made it to the pool deck and Mary was exhilarated by the sight of the crystal clear pool and beautiful sunny day. She made a running dive into the water. As her lithe frame sliced into the pool she thought the feel of the water rushing over her skin felt better than she could remember.

As Jack stood on the deck in his suit and squinted at the sunlight he heard his wife's voice in his earpiece. "It looks like you must have made up for insulting her. It fact it looks like you more than made up for it." Jack nodded his head knowing she would understand his meaning. He jumped in the water with a slight shiver.

Mary swam underwater back toward Jack. She could clearly see underwater and she admired the muscular shape of his legs and abdomen. Mary swam close to get a good underwater look at his dick through the bathing suit. Even though his penis was not very impressive now in the cool water, Mary enjoyed looking. She was still a little worked up and looking forward to more sex.

Mary broke the surface of the water right in front of Jack. She was very close to him as she stood up and Jack automatically wrapped his arms around her, letting his hands rest on her exposed ass cheeks. She smiled up at him and Jack bent down for a long deep kiss during which she squeezed him tight.

"Hey you two, look at what I have for you." Joan was on the pool deck in her white one-piece and holding a lit cigarette. On closer inspection the cigarette turned out to be a joint.

"Way to go Joan!" Jack exclaimed. "First the K-Y jelly and now some weed."

"I like to be prepared."

Joan sat on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. Jack and Mary faced her in the thigh deep water as Mary slipped her arm around Jack. The three of them passed the joint around, amused with their taboo behavior.

"Wow Joan! This is a lot better weed than I remember from my college days."

"The more the government cracks down on drugs, the more powerful and compact the weed needs to be. Let's go ahead and smoke the whole joint, it'll be loads of fun."

Mary continued to drape her arm around Jack's waist so Jack returned the gesture. However Mary was all skin along her waist and it wasn't long before Jack let his touch slip down to the outside of Mary's ass. Mary returned the gesture. Before long Jack's hand was on Mary's butt and her hand was inside his trunks kneading his ass cheek.

Joan observed their behavior. "Jack, we sure appreciate Karen's sharing you with us while your kids are on vacation."

The girls giggled at that and Jack smiled but felt like it was a good time to remind them of his feelings for his wife. "Karen's terrific and she's the love of my life. She doesn't seem to mind our having a little innocent fun as long as you two don't get insulted or hurt. But if she were here she wouldn't smoke weed with us."

"Why not?"

"Well, uh, she says it makes her pussy sore."

There was a short hesitation as the girls caught his meaning. They all laughed and Mary added, "Maybe it'll make my pussy sore today."

Jack turned wide-eyed to Joan who looked equally surprised at Mary's remark. Mary was pretty gung-ho for a first-timer and obviously was not finished for the day.

The girls giggled and Mary reached down the back of Jack's trunks far enough to reach under and graze her fingertips on his testicles. His dick twitched with new life.

All three of them were feeling the effects of the marijuana and Jack leaned forward until Joan's foot grazed the front of his trunks. Joan gently pulled her foot away. She smiled at him but motioned her chin toward the observant Mary, letting him know that he was Mary's today.

Mary also reacted. She slightly pulled Jack away and actively moved her hand into the front of his trunks. "Hey, today's my special day and I'm not going to share him, much." Joan smiled dreamily, obviously enjoying the high she was feeling.

Jack and Mary were both starting to get turned on and the weed was having its effect too. With Mary's hand still down the front of his shorts Jack turned her to face him and backed her toward the side of the pool. Mary purposely guided herself to back right between Joan's knees.

The backs of Mary's thighs were against the edge of the pool. Jack gripped Mary's exposed ass. Mary gently pushed down on his trunks until they were at his thighs then reached around to palm his butt cheeks. As Jack and Mary swayed in their sensual hug Joan lightly moved her palms along Mary's back.

Jack's dick was not hard yet but it was getting there. He undid Mary's top and moved one hand over her delicate tits using his other hand to pull her ass tight against him. He marveled again at how high her beautifully shaped tits were set on her torso and how good they felt. Mary was groaning and they started kissing.

Joan continued to lightly stroke Mary's back and extended her touch to Jack's arm. He responded by releasing Mary's butt and touching Joan's ribcage. Joan did not back away so Jack continued up to Joan's fabric covered tits. Joan closed her eyes and leaned into him. With one hand on Mary's small tits Jack slipped his other hand inside Joan's suit to stroke one of her large bare tits. Joan allowed this for a minute before backing away with a smile and standing up.

Jack returned his drug fogged focus to Mary. She was writhing up against him with her eyes closed and her head swaying from side to side. Jack slipped his suit totally off his legs and pulled Mary's bottoms off. Now they were both nude. He placed both hands on her scrumptious tits then dragged his touch down her ribcage, along her hips, and onto the inside of her thighs. Mary stood vibrating against the pool edge with her head tilted up and eyes closed. She slightly spread her legs for him.

Jack moved both hands to Mary's blondie pussy which was above the water level. After some general caressing Jack used the first two fingers of one hand to separate Mary's pussy lips. With the fingers of his other hand Jack began to stroke Mary's clitoris. She responded by pushing her hips forward, away from the pool wall, with her hands on the edge for support. Mary continued to have her head tilted up and back. Her body leaned backward with her pelvis thrust forward as Jack used both hands on her clitoris. Mary's nice round ass cheeks were just touching the water, causing small ripples in the surface.

Jack began to occasionally dip his finger into Mary's pussy opening. At first she did not seem to notice. As she got more carried away Mary started to groan whenever his finger entered her. Jack took this as a sign that he should start stroking her G-spot.

Jack's dick was now rock hard but he tried to be patient. Little by little Jack moved his attention to Mary's G-spot. Mary continued to be reclined, supporting herself with her hands on the edge of the pool. Jack moved to aim one arm up between her legs. His fingers worked the G-spot faster and faster which caused the water's surface to churn between Mary's spread legs. Jack made sure to bump his aching dick against her thigh as she moved.

Mary began to grunt, the whole while with her head tilted back.


In Jack's almost dreamy drug-induced state he finally became aware of his wife's voice in his ear. "Go from behind so she can have an orgasm first and with you inside her." Jack knew what his wife meant and he was not insulted. If he went from the front he would get carried away and come too soon for Mary. In fact he was grateful for his wife's advice.

Jack gently straightened and turned Mary around to face away from the water. She dreamily complied and bent over slightly leaning on the side of the pool with her hands. Jack moved behind her making sure to get a good look at her beautiful round milk-colored ass protruding above the water's surface and arched back for him.

Jack was totally focused on getting his dick in Mary's pussy. He grunted with impatience as he held his rigid cock and poked to find her entrance. With a little hip movement help from Mary the head of his dick lodged just slightly into her opening. Jack pushed and the head of his dick was suddenly enveloped in hot wetness.

"Oh shit you're tight! You feel wonderful!"

"You feel wonderful to me too, Jack"

With that Jack reached around with both hands to palm her small tits and hug her. He kissed Mary on the neck as she partially turned her face toward him. Jack ran his hands down Mary's stomach to caress her thighs and pussy where his dick was poised for entry.

Jack straightened somewhat. He bent over her back with one hand on her hip and regained his hold on his dick. Mary was gripping the edge of the pool as she arched with her head slanted upward.

Jack leaned into her and Mary responded by wiggling her hips to help him penetrate. He straightened up and looked down to see his dick partially imbedded in Mary's pussy with her round ass slightly jiggling as she rotated her hips. Mary had a tiny waist that curved outward for her nice ass. Each ass cheek was clearly defined with the boney tailbone area in between. Since Mary was arched Jack was able to spend a few seconds looking at her cute little brown asshole just above her vagina.

He pulled on Mary's hips and watched his dick slowly make progress into her steamy hot pussy. Jack could see her pussy gradually expanding to handle his girth which widened toward the base of his cock. Mary was moaning as she pressed back against him.


Jack was about half way in. He stopped pushing and withdrew until the head of his cock pulled out of her pussy and rested at the entrance. Mary groaned a small objection.


Jack slowly pressed back in to the half way point and Mary eagerly wiggled to accept him. He placed his hands on Mary's hips and began to move in and out, going slightly deeper each time he went in.

Mary was accepting him relatively easily now, and she loved it. The marijuana high combined with the new sexual sensations had her concentrating on getting even more of that divine feeling. Each new fraction of an inch of Jack's cock sent her to new heights of sensuality. This was a new world for her.

Jack's hands pulled at the juncture of Mary's thighs and hips. He felt some resistance upon getting close to total penetration. Mary could sense this and seemed determined to get him all the way in. She pushed and wiggled then finally jammed herself against him, making water slosh around them.

Jack and Mary both groaned as he pressed up tight against Mary's ass while pulling on her hips.


Jack's balls began to surge as if an orgasm was starting. Jack could not let that happen yet. He tightly flexed his kegel muscles and tried to calm down some. Jack remained buried in Mary as he relaxed and then tightened his kegel muscles again, and then again.

Mary braced herself back against Jack and experienced what seemed like fireworks going off in her head. She became aware that his dick was pulsing inside her vagina and realized he was flexing to make this happen. As Jack quit flexing he stayed frozen up against her so she figured it was her turn to flex her kegel muscles. It was a little awkward in this position but she was able to squeeze her pussy muscles around his dick several times.

"Damn, Mary! That feels really good. You're a natural at this."

Jack had calmed down enough to start some serious fucking. He slowly withdrew to just touching and then slowly penetrated until he was clinched up tight against her ass.

The fireworks continued in Mary's head with Jack's slow in and out movements. Mary had never experienced anything close to this before. She spread her legs a little more and braced backward a little better to secure herself for the ride. On his next inward move she let out a long moan.


Mary became a little curious. With one hand remaining on the side of the pool she reached down between her legs to feel what was going on. She lightly touched her thighs and her pubic mound. She reached down to lightly finger Jack's cock slowly going in and out of her stretched cunt. Then she reached back even more to explore the shape of his dick and to fondle his balls. Mary did these things more to satisfy her drug affected curiosity than to please Jack.

But of course her touching did please Jack. He was in his own hazy sensual world brought on by the weed. For what seemed like a very long time Jack slowly moved in and out of Mary's hot juicy cunt with long sensual strokes. He stood almost vertical with his hands grasping her shapely hips. Mary continued her light touching of herself and Jack. They were both experiencing and concentrating in a way that is done only when under the influence.

Finally at some point Jack stopped half way in her tight channel. They both stayed still for a couple of seconds, letting their minds catch up with the change. Then Jack snapped forward with his hips, slapping himself against her ass. Mary responded with a surprised grunt.


Mary hurriedly placed both hands back on the pool's edge to steady herself. Jack slowly withdrew and then popped forward again. Mary and Jack both grunted.


Mary's ass shook with the impact and her damp platinum blond haircut flew forward. Neither of them noticed the small pool's surface rising and falling due to the quick movements.

Gradually Jack picked up the pace. He focused on Mary's jiggling ass and flying hair. Jack slapped into Mary faster and faster so that her ass and hair never did settle down. The surface of the water churned and splashed.

Mary received the fast fucking almost as a sensual drum beat. She felt magnificent with Jack's cock alternately filling and emptying her. The sounds of their bodies crashing together and the water churning combined with the feel in her pussy to create a super rock concert throughout her body. She added to the experience with forceful loud grunts each time Jack's thighs and balls slapped into her willing ass.


Jack tried to keep a fast pace as he began to use his hands to fondle Mary. He bent forward to caress her breasts, moving just his hips to maintain action. Then he moved his hands down to Mary's hip bones and pussy. Jack stroked her clitoris as he continued thrusting, hoping that his thrusts were hitting her G-spot. Something must have worked because her moans became more urgent.

"Aahhh, Aahhh, Aahhh!!"

Jack felt what he thought was Mary's hand caressing his moving ass. Then he felt a full naked body press against him from behind. It was Joan!

Jack was too focused to let Joan interrupt his and Mary's cascade of sensations. However he did become very aware of her large naked tits pushing against his shoulder blades and her hands roaming over him and Mary. Joan even reached between Jack and Mary to feel his dick sliding in and out of Mary's pussy.

But Jack had a mission. He could tell that Mary was on a path to orgasm and he was determined to get her there. He intensified the speed and pressure on her clitoris and spoke in her ear.

"Yeah Mary. I can tell you're going to come. Give me that orgasm."

Mary had her eyes squeezed shut and her head bent back to one side. Her face was in a grimace as she bounced to his poundings. Her mind was totally focused on the volcano stirring in her loins. Mary's whole body began to tingle and then a long explosion began. Her body began to convulse.


Mary shoved back against Jack in time with her orgasm. Jack tried not to distract her with his movements but of course he kept thrusting. Joan was up tight against Jack's back with one hand kneading his ass and the other hand busily stroking her own vagina.

Mary's convulsive movements started to slow down. She allowed her upper body to slowly collapse forward onto the mat covered deck as her lower body continued to wiggle up against Jack. Just before her chest touched down Jack cupped her tits in his hands. Mary lay with her upper body on the pool deck, jerking enthusiastically back against Jack. He continued to thrust into her with his hands mashed under her perky breasts. He was very close to his own orgasm.

Jack then realized that Joan's hand which had been massaging his ass was now dangerously close to having fingers against his asshole. He did not stop fucking but he tried to let Joan know that he did not want that.


He moved his butt a little to the side but Joan was doggedly pursuing Jack's asshole with her finger. The weed had an effect on her too and she was not getting his message.

Jack kept fucking. Mary was breathing heavily and writhing beneath him like a wild animal. He squeezed her small breasts as he started talking.

"Oh yeah Mary. I'm getting close."

Mary just intensified her gyrations, pushing back against him.

"Yeah Mary. This is it. Oh Mary...Oh Mary...Oh Mary!"

Joan slipped her middle finger into his asshole and Jack exploded with the most powerful orgasm of his life.


Jack pushed Mary's whole body up against the side of the pool as his come gushed into her hot channel. Part of the push was because of the powerful climax and part was to get away from Joan's finger. Joan followed him all the way to the wall with her finger in his ass and her other hand frantically rubbing her clitoris. Then she was able to climax.


Joan's finger slid out of Jack's ass while his cock throbbed in Mary's hungry pussy. Joan was draped on Jack's back. He managed to awkwardly prop up on his elbows so that Mary would not have to support all of the weight.

The three of them stayed still in that position for what seemed like a good while. Mary weakly reached back to caress Jack with one hand as she said, "Your wife is right. Smoking weed does make your pussy sore."


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