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Across the Border


My friends and I were all eighteen and nineteen at the time. Unfortunately the drinking age in my state was twenty-one. We had to end up driving twenty miles across the state line in order to purchase alcohol. That is just what we were doing now. My buddies and I were in my old white panel van heading to a nightclub across the state line.

This club catered to people eighteen to twenty-one in age. I had the van set up for action. On the floor were wrestling mats and over top of that was a mattress. We arrived at the club and I had to drop the guys off at the door. There were no spaces near the front so I had to park my van all the way out at the edge of the property.

When I finally entered the club it was packed with people. I didn't see my pals anywhere so I marched to the bar to get myself a beer. I no sooner bought a drink when I thought I heard someone shouting my name.

"Tommy, Tommy!"

I could see this female walking towards me. She looked damn familiar, but I couldn't place her. When she got right up to me she spoke.

"Tommy, don't you recognize me, it's Amy."

The light bulb finally went on. Amy's grandparents lived next to my folks house at one time. Amy and her family would come to visit on occasion and Amy would sometimes talk to me. Actually, Amy had a thing for me even that long ago. Something must have happened and Amy's family moved away. I hadn't seen her in over five years, I imagine. Now here she was standing right in front of me.

To be honest, I didn't want her hanging around. I was here look for women and Amy had attached herself to my hip. I had sat down on a barstool and Amy sat down next to me. Her mouth was running like a duck's ass. She had to tell me about her life and she was probing to find out all about me since the last time we had seen each other.

Amy asked me how I had gotten to the club. I mistakenly told her I had driven my buddies in my van from across the state line.

"I want to see your van, take me out to see it."

She kept at it until I had to leave the club and walk her to my van. Needless to say I was not happy. I had been here barely ten minutes and I was heading back to my van for a show and tell. We finally got to the van and Amy had me open the back door. I opened it and Amy quickly jumped into the back. I tried to get her to jump back out, but she wouldn't budge.

She motioned for me to join her. I figured I was going to have to drag her out in order to get back the the bar. Once I climbed into the back, Amy was all over me. She started to kiss my face and she was pushing me back onto the mattress. I had to admit she took me by surprise. I somehow was able to close the back door to the van, so no one could see me with her.

Amy then did the unexpected. She pull her top and bra off exposing her tits to me. I have to say Amy had big breasts and her light brown nipples were the size of silver dollars. I was staring at those tits when Amy started to tug on the zipper of my pants. She managed to unzip me and she worked her hand into my briefs. Out came my dick and Amy didn't waste any time.

Amy surrounded my dick with her huge cans and began to slide that tittie flesh up and down my pecker. That was the tipping point for me. I started to get into it and I pushed my dick into her cleavage. Amy was pretending like my cock was getting close to her mouth and she wanted to taste me. I was getting into Amy working her magic when she finally pulled away. She sat back and pulled off the rest of her clothes. I watched as Amy slid up over top of me.

Amy then took hold of my dick and she guided it to her opening. There was a brief moment when we looked into each others eyes and then Amy sunk her pussy onto my dick. Amy had gotten what she wanted. My cock was buried to the hilt deep in Amy's hot hole.

"Please fuck me hard, Tommy"

Amy was pleaded to me to give her all of my hard dick. I was half crazy right then anyway. All this had happened so quickly. I began to bring my ass up and push my rod deep into Amy's belly. Amy would slam down hard on my erect prick and milk my cock with her tight muscles. I just hoped none of my buddies decided to come out to the van to use the mattress.

I wish I could tell you how long we ended up fucking in the back of my van. I lost all track of time, to be honest. I was drilling Amy with my thick cock and she was half screaming at me to fuck her pussy. I did pound her good and hard that night. The problem was I didn't have a rubber on. Everything happened so quickly I didn't have time to slip one on. I was fucking Amy's pussy with my bare cock and I was getting close. I told Amy I better pull out, I was close to cumming.

"No, don't pull out of me!" Amy was screaming at me.

There was no way to pull out. Amy sat right down on my cock and was wiggling her pussy around my rigid cock. I tried to hold back, but it was no use. I exploded inside Amy. I knew I had a big load stored up that night. I fired one load after another into Amy's belly. Amy's body shook as she milked all my hot seed from my body. One thought was passing through my head. All my cum was soaking Amy's fertile eggs.

We must have continued to fuck for at least fifteen more minutes until I felt myself getting softer. Amy finally relented and pulled off of me. I watched as some strings of cum came dripping from Amy's pussy. Amy somehow got to the back of the van and stepped out. I looked to see her trying to empty out some of the cum load I gave her. She soon got back into the van and we got dressed again. I told Amy to go back into the club and I would meet her there.

Amy left and I tried to get my head together. I hadn't wanted this in the first place. I just wanted to get fucked with no attachments. Now I would have Amy wanting to be with me from now on. I went back into the bar. Luckily I saw my friends hanging out together. I motioned them over and said we had to go. Man, were they pissed! We hadn't been there an hour or so and we were leaving already. I told them I had this bad migraine and we had to go.

Thankfully Amy didn't see me when we ended up leaving. I can tell you it was damn quiet on the way back home. All you could here was mumbling and grumbling about how no one had got laid that night. That wasn't entirely true, but I didn't dare tell them what had happened. We made it home and I laid low for some weeks. When my friends wanted to go back to the club I begged off. I didn't want to run into Amy once more.

Some months had past. I had almost put that evening out of my mind, then I got a text message on my phone. My gut sank as I saw it was from Amy.

"Tommy, I am pregnant and I think the baby is yours...Amy".

I was mad and worried at the same time. How did she know the baby was mine? How exactly did she get my phone number in the first place? I started to quiz my buddies. Had any of them given out my phone number? I finally got Matt to admit he had seen Amy at that club one night and she somehow knew Matt and I were friends.

"I'm sorry man, I didn't know it was such a big deal," he said to me.

I had to tell Matt my story from that night months ago. I had fucked Amy and now she was saying she was pregnant and the baby was mine. Matt did tell me one thing. He noticed Amy was talking up a lot of guys there at the club. She wasn't interested in just me, that was for sure. I finally texted Amy back. I told her she had no proof that her baby was mine. I said she was seen with other guys than me and that anyone of them could be the father.

I never got a reply back. The proper time had past and Amy had to have had her baby. I had my buddies check to see if Amy ever showed up at that club anymore. No one had said they had seen her. I wondered what had happened. Was the baby really mine or some other guy that had fucked Amy besides me.

I had this guilt complex. I would be in bed and my cock would be hard. I would stroke myself and think about that night that Amy used her tits on my dick and then rode my cock until I shot my cum inside her pussy. I would get my cock so worked up I would shoot a stream of cum that would end up on my chest and belly. I would also think that I could have been fucking Amy right then. I know I do need to find out the real story soon or I will go mad.

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