tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAcross the Courtyard

Across the Courtyard

byUncle South Loop©

Mine was like thousands of other apartment buildings in large cities. People moved in, stayed a short time and then moved out. In between, they rarely made friends with neighbors. Separated by single walls, but yet so far away.

The dial on my alarm clock read 2:30 AM when I rose, abandoning a useless effort to sleep. I wandered aimlessly to the living room and turned on the end table lamp. My eyes focused as I scanned around the room. Nothing caught my interest so I strode to the large, full-length window to look down at the courtyard four stories below. Low pathway lights lit the empty dividing sidewalk that halved the thirty-foot space between the two longer prongs of the U-shaped older, walk-up building. The windows of my fellow tenants, across the way, were all dark.

I was about to turn and move away, when a light appeared in a window on the floor below and just to my right. The unit's curtains were open showing a living room duplicating my own in size and shape. A shadowed silhouette crossed to the window. I guessed it to be a woman from the longer hair and body shape. I watched her look out just as I was.

She spotted my light and lifted her hand in a wave. Her greeting was unexpected but welcomed. I waved back. A few seconds passed before she pointed at me and lifted her index finger straight up in the air before stepping back from view. There was a short flash of bright light and then total darkness. I waited, wondering what she'd meant. A few seconds later, light returned with a lamp, with it's shade removed and set before her window.

She stood, facing me, directly behind the lamp to offer a clear view. She wore a plain T-shirt and boxer shorts; similar to my own sleep wear of choice. She looked to be of average height and weight with her bared arms and legs revealing a dark complexion. She rapidly poked at her short, black hair causing it to fluff out in waves. I guessed her to be Hispanic, Italian, or mixed race.

Finished with her hair, she pointed at the lamp and then at me. Understanding, I retreated to my own lamp, removed the shade, brought it to the window and plugged it in. When I looked back, she smiled broadly and clapped her hands. Then she gathered the T-Shirt tight around her waist. Bending her other forearm up and out, she turned around once slowly. I copied her turn and saw her flash a broad smile and shake her head up and down in approval.

Her broad smile turned to a tight-lipped grin and she lifted her hands to her neck, brushing her bare skin with her fingers. Fingers spread, her hands moved downward over the bulges of her breasts. Stopping, she cupped them both and raising them up towards me. I smiled back and threw her a kiss, invoking her pursed lip kiss in reply. She dropped her hands, spreading her fingers to drag them down pressing against her stomach and thighs as far as she could reach. Turning around, she stroked her rear cheeks long enough for me to see they were round and firm. A laugh seemed to escape her when she turned back to bow to my clapping hand approval.

I gave her my best impersonation of a male stripper, trying to match her performance. I finished my turn to grab the edge of my own shirt and pull it off. A tight-lipped grin returned to her face and I felt as if she narrowed her stare to my face. She reached down to grasp the bottom edge of her shirt and lifted slowly. I stared at her smooth stomach broken only by the indentation of her navel. She adjusted to hold her shirt with one hand, and teasingly rubbed her other over her exposed middle. I gave her two thumbs up, with only my hope that she'd pull the shirt higher. I froze when she actually did.

I felt my cock stir as she tossed her shirt aside and flashed me a beautiful smile with her dark eyes opened wide. Her bared breasts were not overly large but well shaped. I could see her dark aureoles with budding nipples at their centers. When she started rubbing her open palms over her front, I tried matching her movements stroke-for-stroke over my own body. I felt the sensitive skin of my cockhead drag against the front of my cotton jockeys in swelling.

Together, we first teased and then captured our nipples between the tips of our thumbs and fingertips. My two became sensitive as they rose and I was sure hers did the same. We pinched, bent and teased in unison until our two sets of nipples fully hardened. I glanced down to see that my shorts were tented.

Returning to her, I watched as her hands dropped to the elastic bands of her shorts. I nodded my encouragement and hooked my thumbs inside my elastic waistband. Together we slid them down slowly, our eyes locked across the distance. I could just make out her swatch of dark pubic hair. We each bent slightly forward sliding our shorts' elastic bands down to clear our thighs then let them fall off. Returning to an erect stance, I started from the bottom and scanned slowly up her naked body to take in all of her womanly beauty.

I could feel her eyes on my swollen cock.

She stood still, staring back but I noticed that her smile was gone and became alarmed. I sensed she might be thinking of drawing away to leave; ending our session of mutual sharing of visual pleasure. The seconds were ticking away and I had to do something to make her stay.

I held up my finger as she'd done earlier, then dashed to grab a chair from the kitchen and rushed back. Relieved to find her still there, I set the chair behind the lamp and raised my right leg up and out by setting my foot on the seat. Edging my other foot forward, I drew as near to hot light bulb as I could and spread my other leg out to provide a full open view of my crotch. Reaching down, I skimmed my fingers up my inner thigh and over my balls that had contracted with my arousal. I darted a glance and saw she was watching. I grasped my stiff shaft and pumped it sliding the skin up and back three times - creating a glistening, wet droplet to seep from the tiny opening at it's tip.

As I pulled my hand away, I saw the tip of her tongue slip out to glide over her lips before it disappeared from view. She held her finger up again before and backed away from the window. She quickly returned with a chair of her own and set it down as I had done with mine. Imitating my stance, she ran her open palm up the smooth skin from her ankle to her inner thigh. When she reached her leg crease, she placed it at the top of her slit. Slowly, she rubbed up and down the darkened furrow, stopping several times to push in with her eyes set directly towards me.

I licked my own lips as I watched her hand spread the dark lips of her slit apart showing the shiny, pink beneath. Her other hand rose to rub what I knew had to be her clit. I cupped my balls with one hand and softly started stroking my throbbing cock with the other. Lifting my head, I meet her gaze. She nodded and smiled. As she rubbed, I squeezed myself tighter and pumped my skin up and back my full length while I massaged my balls. Our eyes were riveted to the motions of the other.

Her face lost it's grin as she let the spreading hand lower and inserted a finger into her pink shiny opening. She pumped it in and out and slipped in another finger to join the first. Her breasts heaved in strained breathing. Her body tensed, then trembled. Her hands quickened their strokes and probes. She was racked by shudders, wobbled and nearly fell. She stopped her fall by bracing her hand to the windowpane.

Leaving a smear of her own juice on the glass, she sat back on the chair. Her hands returned to her crotch and she resumed her self-pleasure. Her body shuddered and swayed. I could see her suck in her lower lip repeatedly, roll her head from side to side. Her eyes shut then snapped open in hurried blinks, darting back across the distance between us.

Enrapt in watching her, I matched her pace. My entire body tensed in response as my hand sped up it's pumping. With the skin of my cock stretched to the max, I squeezed harder in stroking it up and back. My balls jerked and the burning sliver heat raced up. I groaned as the first shots of release leaped to splash against the window glass. White, creamy trails of sperm dribbled slowly down the pane within my line of vision towards my neighbor. My following bursts broke the falling trails of my first spurts then dropped on to the floor as they weakened.

Across the way, my neighbor jiggled and shook as her hands moved in a blur. Her body stilled to a slow rocking as her hands slowed. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was drawn in a small circle of pursed lips. I could see her cheeks rise then deflate with each breath.

I continued plowing the skin of my cock up and back to milk out all of my release. I felt but didn't drop my eyes to see the pool of semen forming on the floor at my feet. Both of us were locked visually together as our bodies savored the final throes of our mutual releases.

Uncounted seconds passed as we let our bodies relax. I wanted to run to her, to kiss her, touch her and hold her. But I didn't for fear of ruining what we'd just shared.

Finally, she rose and raised hand to the windowpane and wiped it down leaving a wide smear. She cast her arms out full wide then pulled them back to her body as if holding me in her embrace. I did the same and we pursed our lips and thrust our heads forward as if we were kissing across the separating distance.

Dropping her arms, she then raised one and waved goodbye. I returned her wave as she bent to turn off her lamp. I turned mine off also, but stayed still looking across. The pale light of the path lights below outlined her silhouette until it vanished. I turned away and walked back to my bedroom in the dark.


The next morning, I woke and ran to my living room window. Looking over, her drapes were closed and her smears were gone. But what I'd left on the window and floor proved I hadn't dreamed it. It HAD happened.

I spent the rest of the day tying to figure out exactly what and why it did.

I could think of nothing else as I went to work, unable to go through the motions. I couldn't relate it to anyone. Others would think it humorous, deliciously kinky or pure exhibitionism. To me it was confusingly all, yet it was more. It was definitely unexpected, spontaneous and certainly personal. The idea came that we'd made some kind of sexual connection, although we never touched.

I considered then dismissed, walking over and rapping on her door. She could be married or "involved" for all I knew. Worse yet, she might peer through her entry door security "peep hole" and recognized me, she might report me to the police. I was fearful of taking the risk, but knew I needed to find a way to resolve my attraction to and fascination with her; one way or another.

After lunch, the demands of my job rose to shift attention for the remainder of the day. When I left, thoughts of last night's experience returned and stayed through my commute home. Walking down the courtyard sidewalk, I glanced up at her window to see the drapes were still drawn. I checked several times more as I ate and tried watching some TV. Finally, I began feeling foolish and decided that cleaning my place would be a diversion that I needed. It needed it badly and I went at it with picky determination so it would occupy me the rest of the evening.

Finally finishing my full night's task, I hefted a full trash bag to drop in the trash shoot down the hallway. I opened the door to see a standard-size brown envelope, lain at my doorstep. Picking it up, I carried it with me, examining it as I discarded my trash bag. It was closed with the pronged clasp and unsealed. A bulge indicated it contained more than just papers, but it was light. Totally plain, it gave no indication of where it came from.

I returned and closed my door before I opened it. It's contents were a pair of red, lacy panties with a Post-It note stuck on saying, 'Last night was great. Here's a little something to thank you. I hope you like them.' It was signed 'Your neighbor, Across the Courtyard, Gina'. A small heart was drawn at the note's bottom.

I laughed but disappointed when I checked her window to find her drapes still closed and no light. I went to my bedroom, got a pair of my black briefs then rummaged my kitchen for a note pad, two pens and some tape. With a red pen, I drew a pair of kissing lips on the top of a note sheet then wrote in black ink, 'It was great for me, too. Here's a little something in return. I'm single, available and D&D free. You?' I signed it, 'Interested and Curious Neighbor, Across the Courtyard, Dave'

I taped the note across the fly of my briefs; folded and inserted them into the same envelope she'd sent and redid the clasp. I looked out to count the windows on her building, placing her apartment from the main entry door. I went through the building, found her door and left the envelope at her door Returning, I went to bed for the night.

Two event-less days later, I came home and found the same brown envelope inserted under my door. There were several sheets of paper held together by a clip. On top was a 'Say No to drugs' flyer. Another was a photocopy of a magazine ad for Aids Awareness with a handwritten notation, 'Not me." Behind was a small card bearing a romantic picture of a man and woman embracing in in soft candlelight. Inside was a handwritten message, 'I'm unattached. Tonight at window, 2:00 AM - Maybe More?' with a signature of "Gina".

The waiting was agony due to her 'Maybe More'. My mind soared with lustful fantasies then fell when I thought I might be a total fool. At 9:00, I showered and shaved for the second time today and manicured my finger and toe nails to perfection. At 10:00, I had to throw down a shot and a half of vodka to try calming myself down followed by my third furious teeth brushing of the evening. The alcohol quelled my panic but brought on doubts.

I realized it had been nearly a year since I'd been with a woman. It had been good, although it was the last time for another of my failed relationships. My burning lust, coupled with my long abstinence, could make me dismally inadequate were the 'Maybe More' to meet the wild fantasies of my thoughts. Though I was physically prepared, I had to get ready mentally and not fail in what I desired so painfully.

By 1:00, I was as ready as best I could be. My eagerness had overcome my lack of rest; I was wide-awake and fully alert. Unable to sit still, I stood at the window. At 1:20, I saw what I assumed to be Gina's shadow move behind the closed drapes, leaving several small lights behind as she passed. Then minutes later the main background light, which I guessed her lamp, went out. The drapes drew open revealing that the smaller lights were candles, similar to the picture background on the card.

Gina stepped into view, wearing the same T-shirt and shorts as the first night and looked up at me. I waved and she waved back with a beaming smile. She pointed at her watch, herself and me. She tensed her whole body, strode quickly back and forth a few steps before stopping. I nodded to signal I understood that both of us were early because we couldn't wait and we laughed together.

She pointed at me and dropped her hands to the waistband on both sides of her shorts. She wriggled back and forth pulling them off to uncover my black briefs beneath. Oversized, the waistband sagged low in front just above the start of her pubic hair. Gina's smile disappeared as she dropped her right hand and slowly rubbed her hidden slit through the covering cloth. Her lips pursed as she fondled herself. She swayed and the shorts fell, baring her to mid-thigh and she began rubbing her dark cleft. I could feel myself stiffening as I watched her fingers probe her center. She nearly fell, stopping by putting a foot to the side, looked up at me and gave me a beckoning gesture.

I was at my door in seconds before remembering I was shoeless and keyless. Nearly stumbling, I retrieved both and raced out. I didn't care how I was dressed or about the obvious bulge in my sleep boxers, I rushed in a speed walk to her door. It was slightly ajar with a note taped to it, 'Dave, I'm waiting for YOU!'

I tore off the note, entered and twisted the double bolt lock shut. Looking down the end of the hall, I could see the flickering lights coming from the living room. I dashed towards the light, coming out to see Gina sitting on the sofa - naked in the soft. She sat on the cushion edge, laid back with arms extended to rest on the sofa back and legs spread open. Facing me, she called, "Hi, Dave."

The sight of her momentarily froze me. Gina was all I'd envisioned and more. I didn't want to just fuck her. I wanted to devour her. In one fluid motion, I flung off my clothes, crossed the floor and stood before her. She was staring at my rigid cock. I swept my eyes over her, close up for the first time. The pause was enough to quell my primal instincts and bring back my fear of ruining everything in a rush to satisfy my own aching need.

I fell to my knees, circled her waist with my arms and leaned in to her bring my mouth to hers. Our lips meet in a kiss of hunger and want. As I pulled her body to mine, her arms embraced me. Our mouths opened, pressing our lips hard against the other's with our tongues lashing out. Her breasts flatten against my chest, my swollen cock pressed against her warm, smooth skin as we both pulled close. Her legs wrapped around me with the softness of her inner thighs clamping my sides and her hot, damp center rose to touch my tensed stomach. We ground against each other until our labored breathing demanded our mouths part.

Inching back on my knees, I clasped her breasts and lowered my head, skimming both with my lips and tongue. I sucked each nipple, bringing them quickly to full hardness. Gina's let her legs relaxed as I trailed kisses downward. She lifted up, resting her legs on my shoulders, when I reached the top of her slit. Inhaling her musky scent of arousal, I slid my hands underneath her and gathered her seeping wetness with my lips and tongue. Arriving at her flowing entryway, I ringed it before pressed in hard to collect her warm flow, swallowed and then stuck in my swirling tongue seeking more.

As my tongue searched, Gina moaned, grabbed the back of my head, to pull and clamp her legs on my head. The throbbing tightness in my crotch shot tingling waves through my body. I HAD to take her.

I pulled my hands from under her and he fell to one side from my push. Her legs eased and spread out. They both banged against my arms, sides and hips as I rose to kneel between them on the couch. She squirmed back, resting the back of her head on the sofa arm with her eyes glued to my engorged shaft. My bulbed head tip glistened with my own seeping juice. My hand bent my hardness placing the tip at her opening. Gina's legs encircled me, tensed to pull and my entire length plunged deep into her soft, slick channel. She cried out, "Yess."

I dropped my upper body on hers and Gina wrapped me in her arms. I began thrusting hard and deep. With each outstroke, she pulled me back as I rammed into her. Her lips pecked at my shoulder and neck. I could feel her forceful exhales against my skin. She gasped. Her hips bucked up. I felt her hot juice spurt and rush up my buried cock. Two thrusts more and I joined her in release, flooding her channel. I groaned, yet continued slamming into her, as my own bursts of release spewed deep inside. Beneath me, Gina jolted as spasms shook her body.

Our bodies slowed and eased coming down from the furious pounding. Our breaths returned slowly, from the demands of our passionate joining. Gina held firm, not letting me rise up off her and our lips planted kisses about each other's shoulders, neck and faces. When we finally stirred, it was to continue on satisfying our needs and wants.

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