tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAcross the Rooftops - Again Ch. 01

Across the Rooftops - Again Ch. 01


Ed and Ewan continue their easy familiarity with each other as described in 'Across the Rooftops.'. Not gay, not perhaps even 'bi' but sailing pretty close to the wind, certainly!


"Now you boys be good and don't do anything we wouldn't."

Froso and Xylphia were going off together with the babies. An Athens trip for shopping and the like, leaving Ed and Ewan to their own devices. A kiss, a cuddle with the girls, a smile at the sleeping babies and then the two men walked back to Ewan's place having seen the girls off. The early morning sun was already quite hot. Two men walking in shorts and shirts to have coffee together.

"Did you and Froso...?"

"Yes, there was just time before getting ready, the baby had not awoken."

"Me, too, Xylophia awoke with a clear need."

"Sucking your cock."

"Yeah! Best way to be woken."

"Beats an alarm clock!"

The key went into the lock just like the two men's penises had earlier entered their respective wives.

The enquiry had been somewhat coded language. It had meant, loosely translated, 'Do you feel like a wank?" A 'no' would have been a clear 'yes' to the question about the wank but as both men had recently enjoyed their wives the likelihood of the men sharing a wank was rather reduced. It was less likely they would, or be able to, share such a thing over coffee on Ewan's rooftop.

Ewan unlocked the door of his place and the two men went in. Perhaps it was rather unusual for two family men to casually remove their shirts and shorts as well as their sandals on entering each other's houses. Many cultures expect the removal of footwear and certainly the men took their sandals off but rather few cultures expect nudity when visiting friends, still less what they did next. Each reached out and cupped the other's ballsack. There they were, hanging slackly in the heat right under their soft penises, and the men simply took hold - holding each other's vulnerable testicles in their hand. It had become their rather odd way of greeting the other. A bit like shaking hands -- but only a bit. Even Froso and Xylophia had taken to doing the same on occasion, not to each other, not cupping their fur covered lips but the men's balls.

"So," said Ed, "do you think Froso's scent will still be there?" Ed dropped to a crouch in front of his friend. They had become very easy with each other since they had first met. There was an easy intimacy between the two. "Mmmm, Froso smells delightful. May I taste, as well?"

Again, an unusual act, taking the other man's soft cock into his mouth and gently sucking, tasting both the man and his wife's sexual fluids. Perhaps even stranger given the cock was soft. Ed let go with his mouth and rolled back Ewan's surprising long foreskin with his fingertips, revealing yet more of those shared fluids, and sucked again. And then Ewan did the same to Ed albeit there was no foreskin to roll, just the exposed knob recently deep inside the lovely Xylophia. A shared enjoyment of the other's wife. That was about as far as they went on sharing. They did not share wives, though it had not been unknown for them to fuck side by side and it could not be said that their cocks had not been passed around and mutually sucked, not just by their own wife or even just the women. It was all in all a close friendship but did not go so far as shared sexual intercourse.

"The girls do smell differently -- or, perhaps, better put that their scent is different." The two naked men ascended the stairs, naked and with wet penises swinging. "Good to think of them driving along with something warm inside them from us."

"Yeah, I like the idea too."

Two naked men in the kitchen preparing coffee and breakfast, unconcerned at their nakedness. Two men with a tray coming out onto the roof top in the sunshine and sitting drinking coffee together completely naked.

"Anyone in that holiday villa?"

"I don't know."

Ewan walked across the roof and into the shadows underneath the water tank and looked across at another roof where he had seen naked visitors on more than one occasion, though, often as not, the visitors were not only clothed but the better for it! Good, though, to see fine bodies when present rather exposed and even, on occasion, sexual activity. Ed and he liked to play the voyeur, they liked something to see or talk about when they wanked. It was, in fact, a good morning or their lucky day and there were things to see.

The woman was someone new. Perhaps there had been a changeover. A young woman in a pair of pyjamas. An unnecessary item of clothing really in the heat of a Greek summer. Froso and he slept naked but the woman's pyjamas were certainly not the thick winter versions, rather the contrary, they were of thin material. Had the sun been behind her Ewan knew he would have seen her body perfectly outlined as if without covering. She was engaged in moving chairs and tables around as well as looking out over the town. She even looked in Ewan's direction, but he knew he was invisible in the shadows. She could not see the naked man looking at her, nor see his penis rising as he looked at her through his binoculars. He had been fucking the delightful Froso not an hour before but already he was lusting after another woman: not, it should be said, with any real intention of getting to know the woman better or intimately, but rather with the mere thought of what, in theory, not practice, he would like to do. Window shopping perhaps: lusting after the pair of shoes or new outfit in the window -- or sort of.

The woman moved around and then settled herself with her coffee or tea beside her. She picked up her book and then put it down again. She looked around her and out over the town as if deciding on something.

"Oh, yes, do," said Ewan to himself and he watched with great pleasure, and an erect cock, as the woman undid the buttons of her top and pushed the two sides apart exposing her tummy and the valley of her breasts. She settled again, clearly enjoying feeling the sun's warmth on her skin. It was an enticing sight. The almost sight of a pair of well-shaped breasts was, possibly, more titillating than full exposure. Ewan thought it appropriate to go and give Ed the good news.

Of course, Ed could read the signs without even words being spoken. Ewan's upstanding penis told Ed there was something worth seeing on the other roof. He was on his feet even before Ewan reached and spoke to him, his penis also rising at the expectation of sexual activity and stimulation.

"A young woman, perhaps twenty-five, blond, already tanned, Caucasian, nice tits in pyjamas."

Ed laughed. "I wonder if she would like that summation." He shook his head, "Nice tits indeed! Let me see."

The two friends walked together, as they did quite a lot, with erect penises. They were used to being erect together. They liked that. They liked to enjoy their penises together.

"Yeah, not bad, Ewan, not a bad sight." And, as he picked up the binoculars, it got better.

The girl, clearly enjoying the sun, decided she could do without her top. She shrugged it away from her shoulders and out into the open came her breasts, rather white in contrast to the tan elsewhere. It gave a pleasing emphasis to her breasts, breasts that were jiggling as she eased the rest of the pyjama top from her.

"They're different sizes."

It had come to them not long before that a second set of binoculars would be a good idea so they did not have to keep handing them from one to the other and perhaps missing something really interesting. The two men stared as both binoculars and penises pointed in the woman's direction. "Yes," said Ewan, catching Ed's meaning "the right nipple and its surround is quite a bit smaller. Lovely pink. What is it about breasts that makes me so hard?"

"Hard wired, very hard wired into our brains. You just want to hold, fondle and suck. Nice neck too, would look good with a string of pearls. Gee, thanks Ewan." He looked down and then up at his friend. Ewan had squeezed lube all over the erect cock in his hand. The two men were happily wanking as they watched the girl and, whilst they were not yet giving each other a hand, Ewan had known his 'cut' American friend preferred to be lubricated when he wanked, indeed he kept a bottle of lube on the parapet next to the binoculars. Froso knew what it was for -- and the binoculars as well. 'You are two naughty boys,' she had said. They were indeed!

"A bit hot for those pyjama bottoms. Be best if she takes them off. What do you think, shaved or unshaven?"

"I hope unshaven."

"Me too. If we were over there we could take one leg each of those pyjamas and tug, ever so slowly and see."

"Lovely thought, her skin below her tummy button gradually appearing, will there be a wisp of fair curls before the top of her slit appears?"

"A gradual revealing. Lovely idea, Ed."

The two men worked their cocks side by side as they ogled the unsuspecting girl. It was a harmless pursuit. Ed and Ewan enjoyed wanking together, had rather replaced solo masturbation with a free and easy companionship. It was not, to them, gay, they were not romantically involved but were happy, more than pleased, to ensure the other got the greatest pleasure from his cock when not engaged with his wife. Probably the ratio was some 50:50 between coming together and coming with or within their wives -- but they did come a lot!

"Oh, look, look, look. What do we have here?"

What they had was a man joining the young woman. A man in a blue tee shirt and nothing else.

"Excellent. That's what we liked to see, exposed genitalia. He swings nicely doesn't he, Ewan?"

The woman put her book down and smiled.

"Good -- she seems pleased to see him. Oh yes!"

The young man was reaching and pulling the tee shirt up and over his head and, at the same time, he was erecting. In profile Ed and Ewan watched the man's cock jerking upwards into the air. A pleasing showing off by the man to his girl.

Ewan liked being able to do that in front of Froso, showing his appreciation of her sexuality. He could recall times in the past when he had risen whilst girlfriends had watched.

They watched the man's cock rising and peeling as closely as did the young woman. The young man could have had no idea what an appreciative audience he had beyond his immediate friend. Would have no idea how close the binoculars brought his tumescence to watching men.

"Oh, imagine that!" The girl had taken hold of the risen penis and was fondling it as the man stood beside her. "That would be nice. Ah, thanks Ewan."

Ewan had reached and taken over from his friend and Ed in turn did the same. Three men on the rooftops were being wanked not by their own hand.

"She's got a spare hand, she could be holding me."

"Her mouth's free."

"Which would you like?"

"Do you think she's going to suck. Lovely for her to suck us all in turn. Oh good!"

The man was pulling down the pyjama bottoms. He might have been quite hairy: she was not. Not a wisp of curl obscured her feminine slit. It was, though, very soon obscured by a male hand. A finger traced the cleft downwards and gradually the girl's thighs opened giving the watchers a most pleasing view. With the binoculars they could see clearly between her thighs and see the man's fingers working the woman, could see the two fingers inside her and his thumb stroking her clitoris.

"Careful Ewan,"


They knew what each other meant. With their fingers around each other's cock they had, together with the voyeurism, brought each other as close to release as could be. Each penis strained, the blood engorging their knobs and making the skin taut. "Edging is so the thing," whispered Ed. "To stay on the edge. But look!"

There was clearly going to be no sucking, both saw in close up with their binoculars the man's ejaculation. Out of his penis and up in the air it went, spurting into the sunshine and falling right onto the young woman's right areola -- the smaller one!

"Was that a bit quick?"

"I thought so. Good to see."

"I can't help it, Ewan, but I sure like seeing a man cumming. It must be the connection to me doing the same, that lovely feeling when you start ejaculating. Out it comes! And out all over her nipples too. Wish we could go over and do the same. Perhaps suck her spunky nipple first."

"I'm sure she would appreciate some more help between her legs."

"Fingers, mouth or cock?"

"Cock in preference."

"I'll follow you in. This is great, Ewan. A good show. Glad we caught them. I think she's about to come. Oh, nice!"

The young man's hand was busy, and he had also bent his head and was sucking the young woman's right nipple -- sucking it all covered in his own cum. What Ed had described as her spunky nipple. He had fancied sucking it and clearly the young man had thought the same. It was his own cum after all.

"Let's cum too, Ewan, before it all finishes. Make me cum. Just do it!"

They turned a little towards each other as their hands worked the other's cock. No care now not to overdo things. The object was to overdo things and make the cocks spurt. They did not watch the other, did not see their cocks spurt for the second time that morning, they were after all too busy watching the naked couple through their binoculars: but they felt it. Not just their own ejaculation, two tingling second ejaculations of the day, but the feel of the other's hot cum being ejaculated out onto the other's penis. It was a friendly act. The men were good friends.

They walked back to their coffee and breakfast dripping with semen from their cocks -- and mostly it was not their own.

A free day and the men drove out into the Greek summer countryside, hot and quiet. Their plan, a walk to the beach and a swim. It was something they often did and as they also usually did they wore only sandals and a hat once the car was parked. Clothes were removed -- such as they were, a pair of shorts and a shirt stuffed into a haversack-- and the men set out with the haversack and a few items in it, apart from clothes, as well. A single haversack with the carrying to be shared. It was not exactly heavy.

Two naked men setting out for a walk. It was a route they knew well, a route very unlikely to be one taken by anyone else be he, or she, local or tourist. A pleasant thing to be doing, enjoying the freedom of being without clothes. The men talked away to the other.

Sometimes with their rather rude talk the men could walk a long way erect, a stream of erotic images and ideas maintaining a sexual excitement. With already two ejaculations under their belt (had they been wearing belts) achieving and maintaining hard penises was not too easy. They walked in their relaxed and swinging state talking rather less about sex and naked girls than was their usual style. They had, after all, already come twice each that day, once in their respective wives, once upon each other and their interest was not up to its usual obsession.

They swam in the crystal clear blue waters, across the sandy bay they had chosen to visit and out beyond the rocks to the next. They sat on rocks enjoying the tranquillity and talked before swimming back. Two boys in spirit, if men in body, carefree and happy. They had then settled themselves on the sand and even closed their eyes and dozed.

Despite the sexual activity already that day, Ewan awoke with a powerful sexual image in his mind. He had been dreaming. He had been chasing two young girls across the sand and they had been throwing their clothes away to run the faster. Silly, of course, because the taking off of clothes would have slowed them down. Dreams do not follow the logic of reality, the more flesh they exposed, the faster they ran. He had been running to catch them and could feel his erection slapping against him. That part was real. He did have an erection.

"It's funny, Ed, how good the sun feels on an erection."

"Have you got one then?" He felt Ed's hand drop onto his cock. "Oh yeah, that's a stiff one all right. I haven't. I've been asleep. Make me hard."

Ewan reached and tickled his friend feeling it grow under his hand. The sun felt lovely on his cock, his friend's cock felt so warm too. It was lovely to just lie there with eyes closed, hand around his friend's penis. Lovely to feel it grow and strengthen. There was something wonderful about how a cock did that, the throbbing as the blood entered it and it grew strong, and as Ewan liked to think, powerful. Being friends with Ed had developed his appreciation of the penis. He had always been 'into' girls but it was quite a discovery how much he liked a penis. 'Love the penis: not the man' as Ed said.

"I was dreaming," said Ewan and proceeded to describe his dream. Other people's dreams can be a bit tedious when recited -- they are often best left to oneself and untold. This was somewhat different. It was erotic and pleasing. Chasing half naked young girls with a view to copulation is stimulating to a man, at least to men as heterosexual as Ewan and Ed, even if the appearances were somewhat at odds with that.

"This is so good, just lying here and wanking in the sun. Being wanked and to such a super idea. Do you think you can come again?"


With eyes closed the men quietly continued to explore Ewan's dream as they wanked each other, their hands grasped around the other's cock. It is, after all, pleasanter to be wanked than to wank. It is also pleasanter to wank out in the sunshine than the cool of a room.

An appearance so at odds with their heterosexuality. Their talk all about girls and what should be done with girls yet their hands clasping male organs that were not their own. Proud and strong male organs moving towards doing what men do.

"It's funny what you see when you are out without a gun." The clipped English voice cut so through what Ed and Ewan were talking about and doing. Their eyes blinked open and they shot to their feet. Two naked, reasonably well-built men both sporting 'hard-ons.' Right in front of them stood two young women in shorts and tee shirts with day bags. It was so unexpected, so shocking -- Ed and Ewan had got so used to their beaches being empty.

One of the girls was tall and brilliantly red headed with long cascading curls, the other rather shorter and with quite closely cropped dark hair.

"Caught a bit in 'flagrante delicto, eh Julia?'

The dark girl shrugged an assent.

It would have been rather pathetic to attempt to cover themselves with their hands: rather it caused both men a surge of excitement to be so exposed to young women who were not exactly screaming with fright and running away. Both girls were looking at them -- and their upright cocks.

"So," the tall girl said, "is this a nude, gay beach?" She seemed quite unfazed by what she was seeing.

"Hey, what... I mean, not really," replied Ed, recovering from the shock a bit, "just normally deserted and so we come here."

The girl's arm went around her companion, "And I bet you come a lot, you naughty boys." She giggled.

The men found it very amusing, the dark girl did not crack a smile.

"It's perfect," she said as she looked around, "what we hoped to find. We were told, and the map so helped. I'm Steph, this is Julia."

"Ed, Ewan. Look we're sorry, we didn't see you. We had our eyes closed."

"So, we saw. We were very happy to see that, weren't we Julia? The last thing we want is a couple of men making nuisance of themselves -- to us. A couple of nice gay blokes on the beach makes it feel safer for us. Blokes not making a beeline for us when we take our clothes off. I can't wait to get in the water. It's been a hot and sticky walk. Speak later."

Already she was undoing her shirt, revealing pleasingly full breasts enclosed in a white brassiere. It did nothing to lessen the men's erections. Girls stripping did not have a calming effect on the tumescence of Ed and Ewan. There was no question where their real interest lay.

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