Act Naturally


"Steve, I don't think...ahhh!" squealed Bonnie as that fucking Fargo pulled her face to his and tried to swallow her tongue..

What little light that reached the secluded bench was suddenly blocked by my approaching form. I was pissed, yet still able to consider what my fans would expect from me. I realized they needed to see me kick Fargo's ass. That would be some good reality TV!

"What the fuck?" I snarled as I yanked BB from Fargo's lap, and his grasp.

Her tits in her low top, I noticed in the dim light, were simply remarkable. I realized she would be getting some fan mail from admirers when this was over. Then Fargo made the mistake of standing. I pulled back and smacked him flush on the chin so hard my hand hurt. I was considering kicking him in the balls before he regained consciousness when I heard him growl.

To my eternal shock, Fargo was still standing. He at least at the decency to rub his chin a little before he knocked me ass over tin cup with a right hand I never even saw. While I was struggling to regain my senses, I felt a hard blow to my nuts. I rolled over in a fetal position and vomited all the beer and hot wings I had consumed over the course of the evening. I considered checking to see if my balls were resting on top of the vomit before me. Boy, did they ache!

"You stupid fat bastard. You should know better than fucking with a real man. You can't take care of your wife, but some of us can, and we will. She's too nice a piece of ass for a ball of lard like you," laughed Fargo as he turned and headed back to the party.

BB was crying as she rearranged her dress. I had managed to get on all fours and was trying to gingerly stand up. She reached down and gripped my left arm.

"Just leave me the fuck alone," I managed between gasps. "You've done enough already."

With that, I managed to get my feet under me and rise more or less, to a standing position. I was still bent over holding my stomach, but I was now able to move, so I headed out to the sidewalk and turned north toward home.

Suddenly, I missed my real wife and real kids. Why had I ever gone along with this goddamn TV show? Things in my life had been going great. We had no reason to get involved in this bullshit. As I staggered home, I wondered if there was someone I could call to get me the hell off the show and back with my real family.

Then I considered BB. If I couldn't somehow swing ending my family's participation in this televised debacle, I would at least rethink my actions toward her. Was it my responsibility to bring a fucking frigid wife around, especially when she was only frigid with her dumb ass husband? As I limped up the sidewalk, I decided I had had enough of her miserable attitude. Let her fuck the whole damn neighborhood! What difference did it make to me? I'd have the last laugh when the show ended and she found out the entire country watched what a cheating bitch she really was. I wanted to be there to see her expression then!

When I got home, I was barely able to make it upstairs. I grabbed some clothes for morning as well as a pail to puke in and lurched off to the spare bedroom. I laid down in a fetal position mulling over what an ass I had made of myself. Sleep finally claimed me.

The next day was Sunday. The previous two Sundays I had taken the kids for an early run. This morning saw me lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself. My balls showed surprisingly little after-effects from Fargo's rough treatment. My chin really didn't hurt too much for having been hammered the previous night. I was simply depressed over my most recent failures. Who'd a thunk that Fargo was such a tough bastard? Then I received a real surprise. There was a soft knock on my door and it slowly opened to show Kate, or at least the Kate of this reality, standing in her running clothes.

"Here you are, Dad! I guess you and mom had a fight since you're sleeping in the guest room. I hate to bother you on a Sunday, but you did say that we would run early on Sunday mornings. I'm ready to go. Jim is getting dressed, so we're waiting for you. Daylight is burning!"

"Okay, Kate, I'll be right with you. Just give me a minute to get ready," I requested as I considered what had just transpired.

Kate was actually acting anxious to go out and run that three mile course! That had to be the silver lining in my pretty damn dark cloud.

Kate chattered as we drove out to the wooded lot where we ran. She seemed happier now than at any time since the day I had first seen her sitting at the table texting like her life depended on it. I didn't want to ruin the moment, so I didn't press her on the reason for her apparent positive mood swing. I was happy to see her hair had faded to a very light green. She was apparently keeping her word about not coloring it any more. Jim seemed to be content as he responded to his sister's questions and statements. I was making headway with the kids, but losing badly with BB.

We settled into a status quo for the next few weeks. The kids seemed to be happier. I had given Jim his phone back when he showed me that he had made some improvement in his grades. Kate's hair had finally morphed to a very lovely dark brown and the holes where her piercings had been were barely noticeable. She now had use of her plasma television as a reward for bringing her school marks up a notch.

BB and I were still sleeping in different rooms and barely speaking. I don't know if she was mad because I spoiled her fun with Fargo, or if she was embarrassed for being caught kissing him. It really didn't matter as long as she left me alone. I was fine with the notion of showing the audience that I wasn't some pussy whipped wimp. I was determined to prove to them that I could get along without her quite nicely.

In late June, Kate asked me if we could start running in our neighborhood rather than driving to the old log road to do our conditioning. Since both kids and I had improved dramatically in the couple months we had been working out, I agreed. When we stepped outside the next day to begin our run, two girls dressed in running shorts were walking up the drive. Kate trotted out to meet them. Then she introduced them to me.

"Dad, Jim already knows these girls. The blonde one is Chris Macklin and the redhead is Hope Lawrence. I was talking to them the other day about how we've been running for a couple months and they want to run with us, or at least with me. They're on the school cross country team and want me to go out for it next fall. If they think I'm good enough, I'll be joining the team."

We started our run and after about thirty seconds, the three girls were going over the first hill and out of sight. I didn't realize that Kate had improved that much.

"Well, Jim, it looks like us two slow pokes will be running together. We'll never keep up with them," I chuckled.

"What you mean 'we", Paleface?" asked Jim as he kicked his running up a notch and pulled away from me. I was wondering how in hell a fat kid could run so fast, as I watched him rounding a curve up ahead. Then I suddenly realized that Jim wasn't all that fat anymore. With grim determination, I increased my pace.

By the time I finished my 3 mile loop and staggered back up my driveway, Kate and Jim were showing Chris and Hope the exercises they did on our weight machine.

"Wow! Jim, I never realized how strong you are," gushed Hope. "I can't lift even a third that much and you do it fifteen times?"

I glanced at Kate and she was pretending to poke a finger down her throat and barf. I guess sisters just don't get impressed with the feats of their brothers. Then I looked closer at the machine and saw that Jim was bench pressing the same amount that I use in my sets, and I thought I was doing quite well!

"Jim, you've got to join the weight lifting club at school," opined Chris as she watched in almost rapture as Jim completed his set. "My brother's in it and he loves it. He says it helps him with conditioning and strength for football. You know, you should play football next year, Jim. My brother says the coach is always looking for big, strong guys, especially if they can run as well as you."

I decided to leave the kids alone and went into the house for a drink of water. I knew there was nothing I could say or do that would help Jim's self esteem as much as two teenage girls ogling his muscles. As I finished my glass of water, the phone rang.

It was Marge Sampson and she was inviting Bonnie and me to a house party next weekend. I couldn't think of a good reason to decline, so I hesitatingly accepted. I had been rethinking my reaction to the Fargo fiasco. I never gave BB a chance to explain her side. My pride had been smashed, along with my nuts, and I was hurt and embarrassed. I needed to consider every possibility before ruining this marriage. I just hoped the other husband would be making the same effort for mine.

After dinner, I helped BB clean up the dishes. As I was loading the dishwasher, I mentioned that Marge had invited us to a party next Saturday. BB's face went dark immediately.

"Did you decline the invitation, Chuck?" asked BB nervously.

"No, Bonnie, I didn't. It's time we came out of this self imposed exile and had some fun. I accepted for us and even promised we'd bring a dessert. Are you willing to go with me, Bonnie?"

"Are you asking me on a date, Chuck? Even after what happened at the last party? You haven't spoken to me since and I thought you might be thinking about throwing me to the curb," BB admitted sheepishly.

"Exactly what happened that night, Bonnie? Was I somehow mistaken in what I thought I saw?" I asked, hopefully.

"Chuck, if you think you thought you saw me on Steve Fargo's lap with him kissing me, you saw correctly," BB assured me. "What you may not have seen was what led up to it. I foolishly walked out in the patio with Steve to cool off and get some fresh air. I had no intention of any sort of hanky panky, Chuck.

"He maneuvered me down into that dark corner and suddenly sat on the bench, pulling me down on his lap. I was taken by surprise and even more so when he started kissing me. Before I could react, you had come to my rescue and Steve let me up."

"I seem to remember that part pretty clearly, Bonnie. You stepped away, and then he stood up. Then I bruised my knuckles on his chin, got knocked on my ass and had my nuts crushed. After that, it gets a little fuzzy. Did smashing my balls against his foot somehow appear like I was rescuing you, Bonnie? From my vantage point, it seemed like I had the shit kicked out of me. I embarrassed myself and did nothing to defend your honor, or mine," I added.

"Chuck! You didn't know that Steve was a boxer. He almost made the Olympics twenty years ago. I would never expect you to be a match for him. The important thing was that you did your best for me. I feared that you believed I was going along willingly with him. From the way you acted when I tried to help you up, I thought you hated me. I know I should've never allowed him to get me into that situation in the first place. I've been too ashamed to look you in the eyes since," confessed BB.

"That's interesting, Bonnie. After he beat me so easily, I've been feeling pretty damn low. I thought I'd pretty much destroyed any respect that you may have ever had for me. Truthfully, my first reaction was that you were a slut and I could live without you. When I was feeling better the next day, I began to play it all over in my mind and you did seem to be pushing him away pretty strongly when I arrived. I know you aren't a slut, or even close.

"The fact remained that I had failed to protect my wife properly and had reacted badly to her attempts to help me after I had been hurt. I decided to just hide in the guest room rather than subject myself to more embarrassment. You had to think I was a worthless fat piece of shit. I know I'm not a Charles Atlas, Bonnie. I'm trying to get rid of the fat and tone up so you can be proud of me. You always look so damn beautiful and sexy that I'm afraid you're out of my league. You can do better than a fat putz that can't even defend your honor, or his own."

"You think I'm sexy and beautiful, Chuck? You haven't told me that in years. And I didn't fall in love with a putz. I fell for a smart, gentle, loving, hard working man," replied BB.

"What's his name?" I asked quickly. "I'll hire someone to whack him!"

"Why don't you move back into our room tonight and I'll point him out to you, Chuck," suggested BB.

I had my stuff moved back to the master bedroom in less time than it takes to tell it. It wasn't even eleven yet when I slipped naked under the covers. I lay in bed with my eyes glued to the bathroom door. Finally it opened and BB came out wearing a very transparent nightie. I suddenly realized that I didn't want the millions of people seeing her revealed so completely. This was supposed to be an intimate moment between husband and wife, and not a soft porn show for desperate housewives and construction workers.

Then I remembered that she wasn't really my wife. Most of the men watching would be rooting for me to bang her brains out. I would be a regular hero tomorrow around the water coolers of corporate America. I would also be a guy that was knowingly unfaithful to his wife, as well as being the direct cause of making another man a cuckold, as well as damaging this beautiful woman's reputation. She was a wife and mother and deserved some respect. Damn it!

BB slid into bed next to me. She leaned over and gave me a toe curling kiss. I could feel her amazing tits against my chest as I ran my hand over her back and down to her ass. This was one sexy woman with curves in all the right places. Then I regained my senses.

"Bonnie, I didn't mention it, but the doctor told me that I needed to give my balls a month or two to recover from the kick Fargo delivered to them," I lied, hoping it sounded plausible. "Let's just lie here and cuddle for awhile. I should be fully recovered before too long. Doc doesn't want me getting too aroused and ejaculating, or at least trying to cum. He said it could cause permanent damage, so I should not be allowing myself to become too aroused."

"Oh. Chuck! I didn't realize how badly he hurt you! Is the doctor sure that you'll make a full recovery? I feel terrible that I was the cause of so much pain. Can I do anything to help you relax, Darling?"

As she spoke, BB pulled back slightly to look at my face. Her wonderful tits swung pretty much unencumbered just below my chin. It was all I could do to keep from blasting off right there and then.

"Just hold me while we sleep, Bonnie, and I'll be a happy man. As she snuggled up to me and fell into a deep sleep, I pondered my situation. There could be no doubt that this TV show would go into syndication and be shown numerous times over the next twenty years. I had to consider what sort of image I really wanted to project.

I'd been fortunate that my little stunt of tipping Jim over while he was stuffing his face at the dinner table didn't result in some serious harm to Jim. How would I have faced his real parents if I had caused brain damage or death? How would I face my wife if I tapped this beauty sleeping next to me? What about when the kids watched the show? I could always claim I was hypnotized and honestly believed that this woman was my wife, but I knew the truth.

I began to rethink what I wanted people to say about me when they gathered around the water cooler discussing the show. I had the decided advantage of knowing I was involved in a true reality production and could make an attempt to seen as one of the good guys. The rest of the members of both families believed it was reality. I decided that if my wife actually had sex with her perceived husband, I would not hold it against her. How could I when we both agreed to appear in this stupid damn show? What in hell was I thinking when I agreed to it? I didn't need the money. Was it the chance for fame? Did Bonnie talk me into it? Or did I talk her into it, or was it a mutual decision? I just couldn't dredge up any memories of discussing the decision with Bonnie and the kids, and that troubled me.

We walked across the street and down the block to Marge Sampson's house. BB looked really good, but showed far less of her chest than she had at the previous party. I kept hitching my pants up as we walked. I had purchased them a couple weeks ago since my old pants were getting way too big. Now my new pants weren't fitting properly either.

BB stayed close to my side and I really enjoyed her company. I was just finding out what an interesting, intelligent woman she really was. It's funny how much a man can learn about a woman once he stops concentrating on her tits and ass and actually listens to what she is saying.

Steve Fargo showed up, this time with his wife in tow. She was a mousy little thing and seemed totally cowed by the miserable prick. Small wonder he wanted to drill BB. There was no comparison between the two women and he and I both knew it. I intentionally made my way to the beer cooler at the same time Fargo did.

"I can see why you were so hot for Bonnie, you miserable fuck," I smiled as I spoke in a low voice only Fargo could hear. "Your poor wife looks like a fucking mouse, afraid of her own shadow. Bonnie has her beat, hands down and tits up, and she's my wife. You probably think about Bonnie when you fuck your little mouse, don't you Fargo? I just want you to know what a gentleman I am. I guarantee I won't be thinking about your wife when I'm fucking the shit out of Bonnie tonight."

Fargo just scowled at me as I grinned and strolled away. I didn't consider my taunts as any real type of revenge, but I had decided to save that for when I was in really good physical condition, and when every minute of my life was not being videoed. My plans for the prick weren't anything I'd want anyone to witness, let alone broadcast on network television.

BB and I had a great time with neighbors and friends. I probably had a beer or two more than I needed, but I was far from drunk. I was just mellow. BB wasn't feeling any pain as we managed to make our way back home. We climbed the stairs and successfully navigated the hallway to our bedroom.

I don't know exactly how it happened, but as soon as the door was closed, we went at each other like animals in heat. I pulled BB's dress over her head and tossed it in the general direction of her closet. She popped the buttons off my shirt in her frustration to undo them. I just managed to unhook her bra before she dropped to her knees in front of me while tugging at my belt. BB struggled with the button on my pants for a few seconds and then just gave a hard tug that sent the button bouncing off her left tit. Unfazed, she pulled my boxers down and gave an audible sigh when my cock made its appearance.

"Chuck! I've missed this bad boy so much," she groaned as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. "I'll be gentle, but if your balls start to hurt, let me know and I'll stop."

I watched as she engulfed my cock in her mouth and carefully cupped my balls in her hand. I quickly decided the pain would have to be off the Richter scale before I asked Bonnie to stop what she was doing. It had been a very long time for me and sadly, I didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. BB never missed a beat as she drained me dry, then smiled at me as she regained her feet and gave me a lingering kiss.

I picked her up and carried her to our bed. As I gently placed her down on her back, BB began to run her hands all over me.

"Jesus, Chuck!" she exclaimed. "Look at your chest and stomach. I think there's a six pack forming in there. You look fantastic!"

At that moment in time, she couldn't have said anything to enflame my desire more. BB thought I looked pretty buff? It caused me to redouble my efforts to please this beautiful goddess. I pulled off her panties and dove into her trimmed muff headfirst.

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