tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdam & Eve - Eve Loses a Bet

Adam & Eve - Eve Loses a Bet


Eve strolled around the pool table in her tiny black skirt, holding the pool cue at her sexy hip, leaning far over the table as her full breasts plunged out of the push up bra she was wearing underneath the thin, tight white t-shirt. Adam's eyes widened as she gave him the perfect view down her shirt. Eve bit her lip slightly, lining up the cue ball, aiming for the eight ball as she whispered, "Eight ball in the pocket near the bulge in your crotch." Her eyes twinkled as she peeked up at him, seeing his eyes were fixed on her shirt. She chuckled to herself, slowly drawing the pool cue back, striking the ball as the eight ball sailed towards the pocket and fell inside. She raised her arms triumphantly, her breasts lifting with the movement as she squealed, "Yesssss!"

"Nice shot princess, but don't get so excited, we are all tied up and we said best of three." He chuckled as he started to rack the balls for the third, and final, game. He watched her as she did a sexy little victory dance. His cock had been rock hard since halfway through the first game, and she was way too good at teasing him when they played pool. They had made a serious bet on these three games, and Adam intended to win it. He was looking forward to her having to come to his office and let him fuck her on the conference table, and she was desperately looking forward to an entire day at the spa with a happy ending in the steam room. Adam had to admit, losing this bet didn't sound that bad either, but he was ultra-competitive, and had tried to talk her into letting him take her on his office desk for almost a year, so he wanted to win very badly. He finished racking the balls, and offered her the break, which she accepted.

Eve bent over again, revealing her amazing breasts as she struck the cue ball, sending the balls scattering all over the table, until one finally dropped in the corner pocket. She cheered again, while Adam's cock grew harder, watching her breasts bounce slightly as she jumped up and down.

Adam decided that it was time to utilize the special rule, which had always been that you could use your hands during Game 3 of a sex bet on the pool table. Eve seemed to sense what he was thinking, and quickly tried to line up her shot. Before she knew it, she felt his thick bulge up tight against her ass as she bent over the pool table, moaning softly as she tried to relax. She narrowed her eyes as she felt the firm outline of his thick cock rubbing slowly up and down the back of her thin skirt, sucking in a breath as she lined up her shot, striking the ball only to watch it miss the target by a few inches. "Damn! You are such a cheater!"

Adam smiled to himself, shrugging, "You know the rules darling." Grinning wickedly as he turned from her, slowly chalking his stick before turning back to the table.

Adam's eyes snapped wide open as he realized she had taken off her shirt, her breasts nearly plunging out of her push-up bra. Her skirt pushed down her hips slightly, exposing the two strings of her tiny thong. She strolled over to him, leaning in against his chest as her breasts pressed in against him, whispering against his ear lobe softly, "Fair is fair." She grinned up at him as her hand gently grasped the outline of his thick shaft, pumping it once through his pants before backing away. She bit her lip as she watched him try to compose himself, finding the shot he wanted. He leaning over the table as

Eve stood across the table, taking a pool cue, sliding it between her legs, and grinding down on it as she moaned hungrily, her back arching as her breasts thrust up in the air, gasping for breath as she watched him struggle to concentrate on the shot. She shrieked loudly as he shot, trying to rattle him, and pouted hard as she watched the ball drop into the pocket. "You have been practicing?" She arched a curious brow, growling as she watched him nod back at her. Adam began to line up his next shot, eyes widening as he sees her slowly undoing her bra, letting it fall to the ground, her breasts plunging out, her nipples hard from the cool air in the basement. Adam groans under his breath, trying hard to peer down at the ball while Eve leans over the table, her breasts dangling just above the pocket. Adam pulls back, shoots, and missed the shot by a quarter of an inch, muttering a curse word as Eve jumps up and down, causing Adam's cock to throb hard.

Eve quickly grabbed the cue, running over to where she wanted to line up a shot. She tried not to look as Adam slid his pants down, thick shaft plunging outward. She shuddered hard as she felt it run up the back of her thigh, gripping the pool cue harder as she tried to concentrate on the shot, whispering under her breath, "You never play fair." She pulls the cue back, striking it forward as she feels the swollen head bumping the thin skin between her ass and pussy, causing her to jump and miss the shot by several inches. "Adam! You filthy cheater!"

He laughs to himself, thick cock hard as he walks over to the other side of the table, "What are you going to do about it?" Arching a slow brow, chalking his stick before beginning to line up his pool shot. She scurried over to him quickly, wrapping her tiny fingertips around his thick cock, squeezing softly over and over as he lines up his shot, feeling his body jerk slightly with each squeeze. Adam's eyes peer down at the far pocket, gasping as he feels her pump her tiny hand over his huge cock, groaning softly as he strikes the ball, yelling out as the ball drops into the pocket. Eve pouts hard, following him around the table as he lines up a really easy shot, she decides not to waste her breath on this one, watching him knock in his third ball. He turns quickly to line up another shot, and she jumps back into action, sliding up against him from behind, pressing her bare breasts against his back, hands wrapping around and gripping his cock with each hand, slowly pumping from behind as he groans hungrily. He hacks at the shot, and the balls shoot in the wrong direction.

Eve laughs under her breath, moving to her shot, glancing around the table, gasping as she feels him pushing up against her from behind as she bends over. Lifting quickly onto her tip toes, moaning as she feels two fingers pushing inside of her soaking pussy from around her hip, her body shakes hard, stuttering softly, "You are going to go there already? We are not even halfway through..." She gasps loudly as she feels him curl his fingertips inside of her, brushing them over her g-spot. Her body shakes slightly, lining up her shot, sucking in a deep breath, groaning as she feels him pump his fingers into her right as she shoots. Cursing under her breath as she watches the balls scatter, cursing again as she watches his fourth ball drop into the pocket. She had sunk his ball. She growled loudly, moaning softly as she felt his knuckles drag from her soaking pussy.

Adam walked over to another easy shot, as Eve watched, pouting now as she fell further behind as he sunk another ball. Her heart started to pound. She glanced around the table, realizing he had only two balls left, but she still had six to sink before she was able to go for the eight ball. Desperate times called for desperate measures. While he was looking at his next shot, she instantly dropped to her knees, wrapping her breasts around his thick cock as she squeezed her breasts around it, she slowly slid her breasts up and down his thick cock, listening to him groan, she knew he loved the feel of her breasts teasing his hard cock. She moaning softly as he bent over the table, moving her breasts faster over his cock, feeling him trying not to thrust against them. She growled loudly as she heard the ball drop into the pocket, his laughter confirming that he had made another shot. He slowly pulled back, moving to another part of the table, as Eve crawled quickly after him, knowing what she had to do to win. He was lining up his shot when he felt her lips wrap firmly over the swollen head of his hard cock, sucking hard as her hands reached around, cupping his ass. He groaned hungrily, bending over the table, lining up his shot as she sucked urgently, trying all of his favorite things to distract him, rolling her tongue around his shaft, squeezing his balls, grinding his swollen head against the deepest part of her throat, and moaning wildly over his cock, sending vibrations running through him.

Adam was groaning uncontrollably, taking his time with the shot as Eve sucked harder, gasping as she felt him thrust into her throat, sucking hungrily before feeling him thrust again. Eve pulled back quickly, "Hey! You are a cheater, you can't just let me stay down here until you cum!" Right as she said it, she heard the ball drop into the pocket. "Noooooo! Cheater!"

Adam shook his head, shrugging as he moved towards his ball, lining up the cue ball on the 8-ball, lining up an easy shot for the win. Eve ran over to him, pushing him away from the table, pressing him up against the wall, whispering against his lips, "What is it going to take for me to get you to forfeit?" Her eyes peering hungrily into his as she pressed her tight stomach against his huge cock, her breasts pressing tightly into his chest.

Adam brushed his warm lips down over hers, whispering softly, "There is nothing you can do to stop me from trying to win the right to fuck you on my desk at work." Grinning wickedly, pushing her to the side as he walks towards the table slowly.

Eve grabs him from behind, pushing him back against the wall, nipping at his neck, whispering urgently, "Fine, what will it take to get you to miss this next shot to give me a chance for a comeback?" Arching a desperate brow, squeezing his cock tight in her tiny fingertips.

Adam groaned hungrily, whispering softly, "You can finish what you started." He grinned wickedly, glancing down at his hard cock. She nodded, slowly dropping to her knees before Adam gripped her arms, shaking his head. "Not there." He lifted her in his arms, stripping her thong and skirt off, laying her on a bare spot on the pool table, positioning her on her back, letting her head hang back over the edge of the table. He grinned wickedly, slowly walking over to where her head lay back over the edge of the table, peering down into her eyes, whispering hungrily, I will miss my next shot for this.

Eve's cheeks darkened into a blush as she nodded, realizing that her entire naked body was completely exposed as she lay on her back. Moaning softly as he tilted her head back deeper, opening her jaw as he slowly slid his huge cock into her warm mouth. Adam groaned hungrily, his hands dropping onto her full, heaving breasts, squeezing and twisting her nipples as he slowly began to fuck her mouth as she lay back on the pool table. Eve moaned hungrily over his cock, this new position instantly made her soaking wet as she rubbed her thighs together while sucking harder over his cock as he fucked her mouth. Her hands dipping down between her legs, rubbing her soaking pussy lips as he plunged deeper into her throat. She moaned instinctively, she had never known how fun it was to fingerfuck herself while someone fucked her throat until she had met Adam. Her fingertips plunged in and out of her tight pussy while Adam fucked her mouth faster, her moans grow louder as her body starts to shake, moaning uncontrollably as Adam's cock strains in her mouth, tensing wildly as he bucks urgently against her lips. Eve's breasts bouncing wildly in Adam's hands as he fucks her mouth faster, grunting hungrily as he watches her fingers fuck her pussy frantically. Adam arched his back, yelling out as he explodes, hot cum blasting against the back of Eve's throat, cumming violently as he fucks her mouth furiously. She swallows frantically, fingering her clit crazily as her hips buck urgently against her hands. Eve screams over his cock as she cums frantically over her fingers, humping her hand wildly as she came so fucking hard, milking Adam's cock with her mouth as her moans vibrate over it. Panting raggedly as his motions slow, sucking and licking softly over his hard cock.

Adam pants raggedly, gasping as he slowly drags his cock from her mouth, peering over her body as she pants raggedly, shaking wildly on the pool table. He slowly helps her off the table, smiling to himself as he leans her against the wall, watching her shuddering hungrily. He leans over the table, lining up his shot. He misses, as promised, but hits the eight ball directly towards one corner, where it slows to a stop just an inch before the pocket. Eve hissed under her breath, "You do not play fair!"

Adam chuckles, strolling back to his recliner, relaxing in it as he watches her decide on her next shot. Adam does not try to distract her, he is up by too much to lose. As Eve pulls the cue back, Adam can see what is about to happen before she even hits the ball. Adam laughs loudly as he watches her ball miss the target, but swing back and accidentally hit the eight ball into the pocket where Adam had left it. Eve went into a swearing fit, stomping at the floor, peering over at Adam as he celebrates. She whispers under her breath, "Adam, please don't make me do this..."

Adam looked up as he heard his office door closing, his eyes flashed as he saw Eve standing there with a long raincoat on...He cocked his head innocently, grin curling over his lips, "Hey You, what are you up to?"...Her cheeks flushed bright red as she tried to stay in role, glancing back to make sure his shades were closed before silently strolling closer to his desk. Adam's eyes darkened with pleasure, knowing that she was here to pay off her bet, and that she was terrified of getting caught even though it was 8pm on a Friday night at the office....she strolled closer, slipping around the desk slowly as she let the raincoat slip open slowly, revealing her sexy black lingerie...

Adam groaned softly, licking over his lips as his eyes trace over her slowly as the coat opens wider, her full breasts plunging outward in her black lace lingerie they had bought yesterday after he had won the bet...her cheeks flushed brighter as she glanced outside to ensure that the parking lot was almost empty, her head snapped towards the door as she heard the cleaning crew in the hallway, her eye widening as she suddenly feels his hands on her, tugging the coat from her shoulders as she stands there quivering in her sexy black lingerie in front of him...he tugs her down into his lap as she instinctively straddles his waist, she moans softly as she instantly feels his thick, throbbing bulge pressing tight against the tiny lace thong...

Adam gasps as he rocks upward against him, she instinctively drops her lips over his, kissing him hard as she feels the swollen head of his hard cock pressing tight against her tiny thong as he grinds slowly against her swollen clit through the thin fabric....her eyes rolling back slightly as her legs tighten around his waist as she straddles him, she breaks the kiss, panting as she drags her lips to his ear, whispering hungrily, "Hurry up and fuck me before I change my mind."...

Adam groaned in her ear, nipping the side of her neck before suddenly grasping her body, flipping her over as he quickly bends her over the desk, ripping her tiny thong down the back of her thighs as she kicks and tries not to shriek in anticipation....Adam wraps one hand over her mouth from behind as she hears him drag down his zipper loudly, her eyes widening as she feels two thick fingers plunging into her already soaking wet pussy, shrieking slightly against his hand as she feels him suddenly fingerfucking her soaking pussy wildly as she clenches instinctively around them, pushing back hard against his hand as she moans against his palm...she whimpers and pushes back hard as she feels his bare, swollen head grinding against the thin skin between her ass and pussy, throwing her head from side to side as she bucks back against him urgently....her eyes widening as she hears the cleaning crew right outside the door, shrieking in surprise against his hand as she feels his thick cock plunging deep into her soaking, clenching pussy from behind as she claws frantically at the desk, his thick cock stretching her wildly from behind as she shrieks and moans against his hand, her hands grasping the edges of the desk as she feels his thick cock plunging in and out of her tight pussy harder as he starts fucking her roughly from behind...swollen head bouncing wildly against her cervix as she shrieks with each powerful thrust, her tight pussy spasming over his thick cock as he fucks her forcefully from behind...her eyes rolling back in her head as she screams into his hand, her legs kicking as her body convulses hard, her powerful orgasms ripping through her body violently as her back twists wildly into a tight arch as she bucks back roughly against him...his thick cock tensing wildly as she shrieks and whimpers into his hand as she cums wildly over his thick tensing cock...Adam grunts uncontrollably as he fucks her roughly from behind, arching his back as his thick cock plunges deeper, bouncing hard against her roof as her body starts bouncing wildly on his thick shaft as her orgasms tear through her ferociously....He growls loudly as he explodes deep inside of her, cumming violently as her spasming pussy convulses furiously around his thick cock as he pounds into her roughly from behind....hot cum blasting against her cervix as her nails claw and grasp at the wooden desk as she cums furiously around his thick, pounding cock as he fills her with hot cum, grunting loudly as he thrusts forward, their bodies slamming against the desk loudly as he fucks her, Eve bucking back frantically not caring about the noise as she screams into his hand and cums wildly over and over as her legs shake wildly on the high heels....

Adam releases her mouth as he pants and gasps for breath, Eve is whimpering uncontrollably, then shrieks slightly as he grips tight in her hair, tugging her head back...she quickly wraps her own hand over her mouth as she feels him bucking forcefully, fucking her ferociously from behind as he holds her in the wild arch, she screams frantically into her hand as she explodes again, toes curling wildly as he lifts her onto her tip toes, fucking her roughly in the wild arch as her breasts bounce wildly...fucking her furiously as her last orgasm tears through her, she collapses back heavily against his warm chest, panting raggedly as he runs his hands over her full breasts, cupping and squeezing softly as he groans her name against the back of her ear....panting raggedly as he slowly pulls out, letting out a deep groan....

Eve shudders as she collapses forward onto the desk, panting as her legs shake wildly, her hands flat against the desk as she watches Adam slowly dress himself. She smiles to herself as she watches him toss her thong into the trash, apparently she would be riding home without panties tonight. She drug herself slowly up from the desk, her body still shaking as her breasts heave with each ragged breath. Adam hands her the raincoat, as she slowly slides it back on, groping him softly as he zips up his pants. Adam leads Eve to the door, opening it as they instantly make eye contact with a few of the cleaning crew who are pretending that they were not listening to the commotion in the head honcho's office.

Eve's cheeks darkened, dropping her eyes as they walked by the cleaning crew, she was keenly aware that Adam had planted his hand firmly on her ass, in clear view, and was squeezing tight as they walked. Her cheeks were bright red by the time they got into the elevator, she peered up at him, whispering under her breath, "You are so bad."

He chuckled, peeking down at her, "If you hadn't lost at pool, you would not need to be paying off two bets tonight."

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