tagGroup SexAdam and Sharon. Sharon Explains...

Adam and Sharon. Sharon Explains...


It was Sunday night, the same day Adam and Sharon had matched up with Scott and Mandy. They had shared a very pleasant evening with their sons and had retired to bed. Shaz had a shower and Adam was reading a book. Shaz came out wearing one of Adam's favourite nighties; black, short and very sheer. As usual, she wore nothing underneath. He was wearing a pair of his favourite lacy panties, his cock already erect anticipating her being receptive to an approach.

"Are you curious about last week with me and Mandy?" she asked. "Would you like to know what happened, about how we fucked?"

"Oh yeah, maybe" he casually replied, hoping like shit she would tell him.

"You fucking liar! You're busting to know, aren't you? You've been wanting to know all day, i'm amazed you've not asked yet!"

"Only if you want to tell me."

"Nah, not interested" she teased, rolling away from him.

"Okay, I suppose you can..."

She smiled to herself, rolled over towards him, propping herself up on one elbow. "You'll love this sweetie, it was amazing.

"You know how we'd been lunching regularly. We got talking about our relationships, she had heard that you and I were very happy and she wanted to hear about it. Slowly I developed the confidence to tell her that we had an amazing sex life, that I longed to be naked with you, that I loved sex!

"Mandy told me that she and Scott were the same, adding that they fucked like rabbits! Then she admitted that they were swingers, that she loved sucking pussy and that Scott was truly bi. Apparently before they got married, Scott had told her that if Mandy expected him to be faithful only to her, they shouldn't marry. He needed to have a dick to suck on, and wasn't prepared to sacrifice that.

"She was in love with him and agreed. She related a few of their experiences with me, I got really turned on listening to her."

Adam was getting quite hard and his dick was exposed outside his pretty panties. Sharon had noticed it, and she pulled them off him before reaching into her bedside drawers to find a tube of lubricant. he enjoyed the slightly cold feeling as she liberally poured it over his cock, slowly massaging him.

The story continued... "Last Tuesday Mandy asked me if I fancied her. She said that she would love to show me how good it could be with another woman. My body was tingling with excitement and nervousness and I heard myself saying 'Yes'."

Adam was hard, really hard and was enjoying both the story and the massage. "Go on..."

"We agreed to take Wednesday afternoon off and to go to her place. Are you enjoying this honey, is it the story or the massage that's turning you on?" she smiled, taking her hand off his cock. "Mandy wasted no time in taking me to the bedroom. Quite viciously she pushed me onto the bed and kissed me. Adam, it was electric. I love kissing you but this was different. She took control, I was quite passive. My blouse was gone, then my skirt and bra. She licked my boobs; Adam, my nipples were like pebbles."

Sharon broke from the conversation to lick his cock for a minute. "She was forceful, her fingers were inside my knickers, I was sopping wet. Her fingers were deep inside me, then she pulled them off and sank her face between my legs. She knew what to do Adam; I know you are amazing at licking and sucking me off but this was, well; different. She was literally drinking from my cunt, it was wetter than it is now - feel my now honey, stick your fingers into me."

Adam never needed to be asked twice. She was sopping, three fingers disappeared into her gaping slot. Her massage intensified. "I came with a woman sucking me off Adam. Continuously. Everywhere. I wanted more. I told her that and she kept on licking and sucking me. I came three times before I said it was my turn.

"I took her undies off, then I touched her. To feel her so wet got me even more excited. I slipped my fingers into her and lowered my mouth to her slit. It was heaven!"

Adam had stopped fingering Shaz as he felt his orgasm coming. "Did she cum?"

"Yeah, twice!"

"Fuck! So that was your first time with a female?"

Sharon sighed deeply. "There's something you need to know."

She sat up, knees together, pulling her negligee down as if to protect her modesty. She stopped massaging him and said "This may hurt you but I need to get it off my chest.

"You know I have a degree in journalism. Obviously I had to pay for it. My folks were very poor, Dad had retired very young due to illness and Mum couldn't work as he needed her to care for him. We loved out of town and I had to live in rented places with other students. it was tough.

"I made friends with a another student, Janice, who lived near my place. She seemed to always have money. I was taking sandwiches for lunch, she was buying hers. She wore nice clothes, I had a very limited wardrobe. I asked her how she managed it. She told me she fucked guys for money.

"She was a hooker?"

"Yep. And making close to a grand a week too, that was heaps of money in those days, remember. And she wasn't the only one. She was doing medicine and she told me about three other girls, one doing law and the other two architecture, who were also living off spreading their legs.

"Initially I was horrified. I was disgusted Adam. It was totally outside my boundaries. I had been with only one guy at that time; he and I had sex quite regularly - I have to admit I enjoyed it immensely - but to have strangers stick their cocks into me? Not a happening thing.

"For three weeks the conversation ran around in me head. I considered the pro's and con's, I had sleepless nights thinking about how my circumstances would change if I had that much money. Finally I decided to talk to Janice again, to ask her to go about it.

"For the last two years at Uni I was a hooker, Adam. I fucked an average of eight guys per week. That's close to 1,000 guys. Plus I did women and gang bangs. In one gang-bang I took 11 guys dicks into my cunt. I made heaps of money but I got hooked on drugs. Admittedly I paid the rent and paid for my tuition but after two years, when I got my first journalism job I had only enough money to buy a used car.

"Without the drugs I could have bought a house with the money. And yes, I regret it now but at the time I enjoyed it."

Any form of erection Adam may have had was long gone. he didn't know what to think.

"Anyway, because I had good grades and had done a kind of internship with the leading newspaper I got a good job and quit the trade immediately. It took a while to ditch the drugs, but as I wasn't turning tricks, it was easier that it might have been I went close to twelve months without having sex with a partner, it was really nice to spend time on my own.

"I met a guy; Paul, in a bar one night. He was nice and we started dating. He was my first real love, we made out after dating for three months. It lasted for a year before I dumped him for Steve's dad.

"So now you really know about me Adam. If this horrifies you I'm sorry, If you feel betrayed, I understand. If you decide it's too much and you want to call it off, I will be disappointed but will understand. From my perspective, it's history."

Adam was speechless. His beloved Sharon had just told him that she had fucked close to 1,000 men. Had been involved in gang bangs, had been an addict! His sexual history flashed before him. Four women before his first wife, two hookers afterwards, then Shaz and Mandy. Nine versus 1,000!

"My darling Adam, I love you. This is by far the most caring, sharing and open relationship I've ever been in. I truly trust you, I want to be yours forever. You are the absolute love of my life. Please understand that I'm telling you this because I trust you. Except for Janice, nobody knows this."

Adam's head was fucked. He had no idea what to say. His gut said he had to accept it if he wanted to keep her. His heart didn't know, this had come as a huge surprise.

He saw the sadness in her eyes, she was starting to cry. "I told you because I love you. I told you, uhm, because, well; because I didn't want you to ever find out from someone else. It was a different city Adam, different circumstances, different people."

She wiped the tears from her eyes. "Don't kick me out, don't disown me, Adam. I can't change it. I know you think I've lied to you, yes, some of the things I've said about my sexuality haven't been the absolute truth, I knew in my heart that I'd have to tell you one day, I just didn't think our relationship was strong enough until now."

Adam took her into his arms and quietly confirmed his love.

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