tagAnalAdam and Sharon. The Monday after

Adam and Sharon. The Monday after


They had spent the previous Saturday night with Scott and Mandy; Adam's first group sex experience and the first time he had been with another guy. On Monday, they both decided to take the day off, so they could talk about how this experience, and Sharon's Uni escapades would impact them.

Sharon was particularly excited to hear Adam talking about Scott. "You really enjoyed it honey, having Scott work you over? I was amazing to watch, Mandy and I were soooo wet!"

"Yeah, although next time I'd like to suck his dick" Adam replied. "Fucking his butt doesn't do it for me though, I'd rather fuck yours! So, what do you want to do now, go for lunch somewhere, then maybe go for a walk?"

"I'm wet thinking about you doing my butt right now" Sharon replied. She took Adam's hand and stuck it up her skirt. "Feel how wet my panties are". Adam never needed any encouragement to finger her. "I can't help myself Adam, I just keep wanting to feel your dick inside. Just take control and do it to me."

He leaned across the couch to her, kissed her and slid his fingers into her slit. Sharon spread her legs wide apart and Adam easily slipped three fingers and took his dick in her hand, stroking it quite viciously. "Pull my panties off Adam, get your dick out and give it to me."

Her panties were off in no time, she lay on the couch, her pussy wet and exposed. "Just fuck me Adam, fill me, NOW."

Adam did as he was told, he delved deep inside her, pounding her pussy as hard as he could. "Do my butt you big brute, take it out of my pussy and shove it up me like he did to you." He did as he was told, and using her cunt juices to get her ready, he entered her other hole.

"Yes, yes, do it, come on, fill me up." He did; he loved it and was amazed at how good it felt. "Thank you darling, you're so good" she whispered as she kissed him. "Let's go out for lunch."

Shaz got up and disappeared to the bathroom for a shower. He watched her get dressed, all she put on were a short skirt, blouse and shoes. "We might have some fun over lunch" she laughed, grabbing her handbag.

Ten minutes later they were sitting in an almost empty cafe in a booth, their backs to the wall. They ordered meals and she slid his hand up her leg.

"Do you want to finger me now, right here? Do it, come on, finger fuck me, make me wetter, make me climax." Adam ran his hand up her skirt into her slippery pussy. Her legs apart, he played with her clit until she closed her eyes and sighed deeply in satisfaction.

"Wow, that was amazing Adam, thank you.

"There's something else Mandy told me about that I think you might like. She has a strap-on dick that she uses on Scott. It's quite big, a little bigger than his cock. They use lubricant and he likes it best when he's lying on his back on the edge of the bed with his feet up against her body. She masturbates him while she ass fucks him. His load spurts up so high it hits her tits.

"Why don't we go buy one on the way home. They I can ass fuck you this afternoon. Would you like that?"

Lunch was consumed very quickly and it was off in the car to a nearby sex shop. They had huge fun picking the strap-on, finally settling on one similar to the one Mandy had shown her. Adam found it hard to contain his enthusiasm.

Home was only a few minutes away; in the car, Adam had his fingers up Sharon's skirt and into her pussy and she played with his dick through his pants. Once inside, Adam went straight to the bedroom. His dick was ridiculously hard. He unzipped himself, played with his cock for a couple of minutes and undressed while Sharon had finished in the bathroom.

He was on his back, masturbating as Shaz very slowly took her blouse and skirt off. She was standing at the end of the bed, her feet apart, fingering herself. "Shall I unwrap it? Shall I use it on you? How much do you want me to fuck your butt lover boy? Will you turn gay if you love it? Will you still want this?" She straddled his face with her cunt. "Will you still want this after I fuck your ass with this thing?" She had it unwrapped now and put it in his mouth. "Come on, suck it, suck it like it was a real dick."

He watched her strap it on. "Get on your back at the edge of the bed, just like Scott does."

She lubed his hole and slowly inserted one, then two fingers. "You ready?" He nodded. She did it; starting slowly, she pushed it deep inside him. Slowly she worked in and out, his eyes rolled back in his head. It was bliss.

"Is this good honey?"he asked. "I saw how much you enjoyed Scott's cock in your butt - I had told Mandy you had an ass fetish. Scott was really keen to be the first to do it to you, too" She grabbed his cock and masturbated him; it was all too much for him and he again spurted sticky white stuff everywhere. "I love you Adam, I promise I will do anything and everything to make and keep you happy. Just tell me what you want and it's yours.'

"Arrange for Scott and Mandy to come over again soon" he replied.

"I can do that" she replied.

It was only mid afternoon yet Adam was totally spent and fell asleep. He woke at about 8 and the two of them talked more about the happenings of the weekend. Sharon admitted to Adam that she was becoming almost insatiable when it came to sex.

Adam told her that her past sexual behaviour was forgiven. They formed a pact together that no matter what, no matter the situation, they could both indulge in whatever sexual behavior they fancied together, and that mutual opportunities were to be explored. Her exact words were, "I guarantee that any desire you have, any fantasy you want to act out, will become a reality. Just name it and it's yours."

Little did Adam know how soon a new sexual opportunity would present itself.

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