Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 01


Just then I felt a cold hand fondle my balls. I jumped a little but was pleasantly surprised to see Kristin's left hand had started to play with my balls. Her right hand was still positioned at the base of my cock and she began to slowly jerk me off as she continued sucking on the head of my dick. Then Kristin took both of her hands and slid them up to my stomach. She continued to suck, going slightly deeper--about three inches down--all the while caressing my body with her hands. Then I felt her hands reach around my body and take a firm hold of my ass. The move caught me somewhat off guard and I opened my eyes to look down at her. Kristin looked me dead in the eye and slowly began to engulf the length of my cock--using her hands on my ass to encourage me to push it further down her throat. When she had almost six inches stuffed in her mouth she pulled back and began to quickly bob up and down. Each time she would drive at least six inches of my meat down her throat and then pull back sucking the shaft of my penis and letting it slide in and out of her lips at the perfect speed--sending ecstasy down my spine and into my balls. I felt my sack tighten and my cock twitch as I reached my pleasure apex. I reached out and grabbed the back of Kristin's head and pushed my dick as far down her throat as I could. Kristin took my entire cock down her mouth so that her nose was mashed into my pubic. She took her hands off my ass and grabbed my balls with her right hand. This sent me into a ferocious orgasm and I clutched the back of Kristen's head as my twitching member shot a stream of jizz down her throat. She seem to be taking it like a pro but eventually she gagged and she pulled back using her right hand to pull my dick out of her mouth. After she caught her breath, she put the tip back in her mouth and sucked out the rest of my juices. She swallowed some of my cum and spit some of it back on her tits. She took my dick in her right hand and started to rub the tip against her cum covered nipple. Just then I felt a final twitch and I shot one last creamy shot all over Kristin's tits.

She giggled and released my cock. "Guess I'm going to need another shower," she said as she wiped my sticky cum off her tits. "Your still hard huh?"

I looked down at my dick. It was dripping with saliva and cum but at it was still rock hard. I guess I had just had a lot of sexual energy that had been stored over the last few months. I shrugged my shoulders at Kristin and she hopped up off her knees.

"I've never been one to waste are hard dick. Come over here" she said and she walked over to my bed. Kristin pulled her bottoms to the floor and turned around to face me. She had a very sparse bush that was shaved into a neat triangle. "Do you have a condom? I'm clean just a policy I like to keep so that I stay that way."

"I don't," she frowned at my response. "But listen, I'm a virgin. You don't have to worry."

"A virgin you say? Well this keeps getting better and better," Kristin said smiling. She took a step backwards and hopped up on the bed. Her legs were wide open and she motioned with her finger for me to come closer. As I reached the edge of the bed, I took my position between her legs. Kristin had slid her pussy to the edge of the bed so that her sopping cunt was easily accessible. I was almost shaking as I got nearer to her. She had her eyes closed and her arms flat on the bed over her head. I stepped up between her thighs and positioned the bright red helmet of my cock against her slit. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck for the first time. I rubbed the tip up and down her slit. I wasn't really sure how to put it in. "Oh don't tease me," she said. "Fill me up you virgin!"

With Kristin's encouragement, I plunged my dick deep into her warm tight pussy. Kristin let out a brief expression of pain but that soon turned to pleasure. Her eyes were still closed and she took a deep breath and let out a sigh as I started to move in and out slowly.

"Faster, Adam. Do it faster," she said. I grabbed her thighs and began working faster with an established rhythm. I bucked my hips and she moaned each time I drove my manhood back into her wet pussy. "Oh, it feels so good inside me. Fuck me baby! Fuck MEeee!"

Hearing her plead with me made me bust my load right there inside of her. I knew that Kristin felt the warm juices inside her cause she opened her eyes and smiled. Even though I didn't think it was possible that I had any sperm left in my body, I didn't want my first sexual experience to be so short and pathetic. I decided to push on and I started to stroke my cock in and out once more. Kristen bit her lip to acknowledge my effort and started grinding back and forth in accordance with the rhythm of my thrusts. I reached down and groped her jizz covered tits.

Kristin moaned as I played with her boobs. I gave equal attention to her breasts and areolas, occasionally dipping down to suck on her aroused nipples. I noticed a change in her breathing pattern as she started to pant and her moans became truncated as she neared her orgasm. "Oh, that's it. Don't stop, oh, oh sweet Jesus, ohhhHH!" I felt Kristin's pussy shudder and the warm wet sensation of her juices as I completed a final stroke and collapsed onto her naked body. I left my dick inside of her and whispered into her ear, "thank you." She giggled and gave me a kiss. My hard on subsided and I pulled my soft, overworked, penis from her drenched pussy. I felt exhausted and I rolled over to lie next to Kristin. She was already asleep. I just stared at the ceiling, occasionally glancing back at Kristin's sexy nude figure, and wondered what other fantasies I might fulfill this summer.

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