Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 05


"I was thinking more along the lines of a slap on the ass," Kristen replied calmly. "And I'm not trying to appeal to anybody's past glory days. I just want to appeal to what men want. You ask Adam here if he thinks my plan will work."

All three girls looked at me. Their naked breasts seemed as if they were floating just above the calm waterline. I was having trouble concentrating. "I'm sorry, what was the question again?" I said.

Kristen smiled. "Case and point," she said. "He can't even remember the question. Now come on Jackie; I'll do all the work you just stand there and look pretty."

The two girls waded through the water and toward the shore. Jackie moved slightly more reluctantly and lagged a step and a half behind her blonde counterpart. As each girl strolled further toward shore, the shallow water no longer guarded their exposed bodies. As they tentatively made their way onto the beach, I admired their tight round asses and my dick began to harden slightly.

Deputy Poe didn't see the girls coming. He was hopelessly ambushed when the two nude teens walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He was startled by their nudity and he stood there wide jawed for a moment. Lauren and I were far enough away that we could not be seen in the darkness, but Kristen and Jackie were only about 30 yards up the beach and we could hear every word of the conversation.

"Hey Ethan," Kristen said casually as if she and her friend weren't standing there stark naked. "I don't know if you remember me but we went to school together." The baffled boy nodded his head in conformation, but he still couldn't manage to find his voice in their presence. I knew the feeling. "I was wondering if there is some way we can fix this. I swear that I forgot we couldn't have a fire down here. It won't happen again," she said smiling at him.

Ethan found his voice, although his eyes seemed to remain fixed on the exposed busts of the two buxom beauties. "Then there is the beer and the underage drinking violation," he said clearing his throat and looking up and down the girls flawless bodies.

Kristen took a step forward and reached out for Deputy Poe's hand. Taking another step forward, she brought his hand close to her breast. His palm naturally cupped her naked breast. "Mmm," she moaned. "I think we'll figure some way to make up for that." She took a hold of his uniform and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. As she made out with the clueless deputy, she motioned for Jackie to join the fun.

Jackie walked tentatively towards the two. I could tell she was not as comfortable publically displaying herself as Kristen. I wondered if maybe the presence of Lauren and I, out in the water watching her every move, was making her self-conscious. However, slowly but surely, Jackie made her way closer to the couple. Ethan and Kristen were deeply involved with each other and, for a moment, Jackie just stood next to them watching the two go at it. Eventually, as Jackie pressed her naked melons against his right bicep, Ethan broke free of his kiss with Kristen and looked at Jackie. His eyes looked her over from head to toe. He paid particular attention to her oversized breasts as he let his gaze slip over her naked figure. His gaze seemed to pause again when he saw her shaved snatch.

Kristen noticed Ethan's trance and pulled his cupped hand off her tit. She redirected his hand toward Jackie's pussy. She gently positioned his fingers. "I advise using those two," she said pointing at his index and middle fingers. "And be gentle, Jackie's pretty sensitive and that's her thrill spot." Jackie's breasts heaved upward as she took a deep breath. She could feel the warmth of his fingertips just outside her sopping lips.

Without a word, Ethan slid his fingers into the teen's wet cunt. Jackie squirmed and let out a small yelp as her moved his fingers in and out of her pussy. She swayed back and forth on her tip toes to accentuate the pleasure. "Oh that's it E! Oh just like that," she cried out. Kristen pulled Ethan back close to her face and began making out with him. She ran her hands across his muscular chest and eventually let her left hand venture below his brown standard issue belt. When she ran her hand over his tented crotch region, she wrapped her hand around his erection through his pants.

We stood in the dark water quietly. Lauren was standing dead silent right next to me, but I paid little attention to her. My eyes were fixed on the asses of the two girls as they worked over the young police officer.

I felt Lauren's soft hand grip my left forearm. When I looked down at her she was staring back at me. "Adam, I don't know why, or if this is at all appropriate but..." Lauren blurted out. "I don't know if it's watching them or that I'm feeling really fucked up, but, you see, I'm not very sexually experienced." She paused and looked down at her naked body. I had to admit, with the moon light beaming down on her beautiful breasts and the sad vulnerable look she had on her face, she'd never looked better. "And I just heard that maybe you could help me. You know, so I know what to do when I meet somebody I really like. Not that I don't like you," she paused again. "It's just that we've only really known each..."

I placed my index finger over her lips and she stopped mid sentence. "I understand. I'll do whatever I can do to help. Someone did the same thing for me once," I said smiling. I looked back to my sex coach Kristen on the beach. The two girls were all over the officer. Their tits were pressing against his unbuttoned uniform as they took turns making out with him. Just then, as Jackie tied tongues with the boy, I saw Kristen drop to her knees and unbuckle his belt. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His erect penis was already evident in the tight white underwear he was wearing. I saw Kristen pause for a second and then reach for the young officer's waistband. She hooked her thumbs on the elastic and swiftly pulled the underwear down to where his pants were. Jeff's penis shot straight out as she freed it from the confines of his undergarments.

He looked down at Kristen as he felt the cool island wind on his exposed manhood. He was average sized at best, but his cock looked stiff enough to hang a wet towel on. When he recognized Kristen's intentions, Jeff grabbed a healthy handful of Jackie's plump rump and went back to making out with her.

This kiss was short lived, however, because as soon as Kristen began to blow him, he started to spasm. His legs buckled and I saw Kristen react to the familiar taste of pre-cum. Like a pro, she took his narrow cock from her mouth and started to jerk him off. Ethan grabbed the back of Lauren's head with one hand, and reached down for the base of his cock with the other. "Oh, oh my god. I can't hold it! I'm sorry," he grunted. Before he had finished speaking, I saw the stream of cum that shot from his throbbing member.

The warm load splattered all over Kristen's helpless face—an occupational hazard I suppose. She seemed happy that at least none had gotten in her mouth. Knowing that the girls had the situation under control, I turned back to Lauren. She still had a look of drunken embarrassment on her face and I realized in all the action I had left her hanging. "What can I do?" I asked.

"Well," she said. "To begin with, I like to see one up close. I mean I once saw Johnny Doser's penis back in the fourth grade when he showed it to me, but I was more grossed out by it back then."

"We will have to go into the shallower water," I said. "That's the only way you'll be able to learn anything."

"I agree, but let's stay away from the party on shore. There is a sand bar just 25 feet further out, and the water is only about a foot and half deep," she said.

"Lead the way," I said encouraging her with my outstretched arm. I starred at her tits as she strutted past me and towards the sand bar. Sure enough, as we moved further out, the water became shallow. I walked a few steps behind Lauren. When the water level was just below the top of her ass crack, she looked back and caught me checking out her virgin body. She smiled and continued walking. My dick was rock hard now as the water was so shallow that her whole ass was exposed. In all the excitement of watching Lauren strut in front of me, I had completely forgotten that I too had become exposed. When Lauren turned around, this time to stop for good, she was startled by my eight inch erect penis that was pointing right at her.

I stood frozen in awe of her beauty. The image was picture perfect. She was standing in water that went up to her knees. Her posture was provocative if nothing else. Most of her wait was on her left leg and she leaned slightly that way. Her right leg was casually bent and pressed against the other leg. Her virgin pussy was shaved like her sister's but was mostly hidden by the strategic positioning of her right leg. Her wide hour-glass hips stood in stark contrast to her tight smooth stomach. She was not a thick girl, although she had a very big ass for a white girl from Martha's Vineyard. She had a very slender build and her bountiful breasts seemed almost unnaturally large for her body type, but they definitely were real. Jackie had already proved to me that this genetic attribute ran in the family. Water dripped from Lauren's wet hair and droplets rolled over and off her contoured body.

When my gaze had finally reached the young girl's eyes, I found she was wasting no time. She was admiring my triumphant erection with great intensity. As I took a step closer, she broke from her trance and looked up at me. "I don't know what to do," she said.

"It's ok," I assured her. "Just take it in your hand. Take your time, it's not going anywhere."

She giggled nervously and took a step forward. Her hand was practically shaking as she reached out toward my throbbing member. She took my hot rod between her thumb and index finger and gently squeezed it. "Like this," she said.

"Listen, this is to make you comfortable. I'll teach you about making it pleasurable for me as we go on, but for now, just concentrate on getting comfortable with all the bells and whistles," I said smiling. "Maybe you want to get down on your knees for a better view." She obeyed by subconscious order and knelt before me. My dick was still awkwardly pinched between her thumb and four fingers. I took her hand off the shaft and began giving her the grand tour. "Let's talk basics. These are obviously my balls," I said pointing to my contracted sack. I pulled her hand close and forced my balls into her palm. "They are essential to a man's pleasure, although they are not always at the center of attention. It is important to occasionally play with a man's balls during any sexual interaction." I took her hand from my aching sack and helped her wrap her small hand around my bulging cock. Her thumb didn't quite meet her fingers while wrapped around my thick girth. "That's how you hold it because then you can..."

My lesson was truncated when Lauren read my mind and took the words out of my mouth. Before I could even finish my instruction, she started to pump her hand up and down my shaft. I was surprised by her hands on approach. I closed my eyes as I felt the friction of her soft hand massage my cock. She was inexperienced, but then again, it's pretty hard to fuck up a hand job.

"Mmm, just like that," I said. I bucked my hips slightly in rhythm with her fist pumps. "If you want, you can start on the tip with your mouth."

Lauren continued to pump as she inspected my manhood up close. She seemed slightly hesitant to put the hot flesh rod in her mouth. Eventually, she bought her face closer to my dick. Her soft lips pressed against the tip of my cock as she closed-mouth kissed my pulsating member. She did not put the head in her mouth though. After several seconds she pulled her lips back from the tip of my cock. A long string of pre-cum stretched from the tip of my cock and stuck to her lower lip. She continued to jerk me off as she wiped the goo from her lips.

Just then her face disappeared under my shaft. I felt Lauren gently tongue my balls as she massaged my sack with her left hand. She continued to lick as she worked up my veined shaft. When she reached the tip of my cock and twirled her tongue on the sensitive engorge head of my cock, I grew tired of her amateur tactics.

"It's time," I said reaching for the base of my cock. I positioned the head against her pursed lips and pressed it gently into her mouth. She took the cock in her mouth willingly. I placed my hands on the back of her head and let my cock push further into her mouth. When it was about four inches down her throat, I let her come up for air. I released the pressure on the back of her head and she pulled off, allowing my member to flop out of the teen's mouth. "Are you ok?" I asked with feigned interest.

Lauren resumed jacking me slowly. "Did I do it right? She asked looking up at me. She took her free hand and went back to massaging my sack. "Did I make it feel good?"

"You did fine, but practice makes perfect, you know?" I said as I pushed my eager cock back towards her face. She did not miss my subtle hint and once again engulfed my cock. As she did she continued to work both her hands—one rubbing up and down the shaft and the other tenderly caressing my stirring balls. As she got more adapt at taking the flesh rocket down her throat, she increased her base. Her big boobs bounced back and forth as she bobbed up and down.

I felt my orgasm approach as she aggressively stroked my cock. In hindsight, I should've warned Lauren. I knew it was her first blowjob and she really only had Kristen's vivid stories to base her impressions on. I felt my balls squeeze in her palm and the juices rise through the length of my dick. With my cock still in her mouth, I screamed out in pleasure and unloaded a stream of my seed down her throat.

I pulled out of her sticky mouth and Lauren coughed to catch her breath. She looked up at me with a mouth full of cum. "Waat do I doo?" She gargled trying to speak with the warm fluid nearly pouring out of her half open mouth.

"Well, you could spit it out or swallow it," I said watching my dick soften in its post-orgasmic state. "The latter is a move you'll learn as you go on but a lot of girls spit to begin with."

Lauren was trying to impress me, although she had no idea she had already done this much. She closed her mouth and with one triumphant gulp she swallowed the entire warm load. "Ahh," she said opening her mouth in refreshment.

"That was unbelievable," I said. "I mean it. I feel like I should repay you."

"Trust me; it's me who's in debt to you. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there for me," she said. "You made this experience safe for me, and I couldn't have asked for anything more."

"Still," I said. "It's more than that. Please stand up." As she rose to her feet, I went to my knees and knelt before her. She looked down at me somewhat surprised. Her hand was covering her shaved pussy and she was looking very unsure of herself. I moved closer and moved her hand away. She showed little resistance and she placed her hand on her hip. I pushed the inside of Lauren's right thigh to encourage her to spread her legs slightly. This gave me just enough room to slide my hand or tongue into her slit.

As my face neared her pussy, I could her Lauren's heavy breathing. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she tried to control her gyrations. Even before I touched her, I could see her vagina was dripping with anticipation. I used my fingers to spread her outer lips and delicately inserted my tongue. She whimpered as I twirled my tongue up and down the length of her slit.

When I had warmed her up sufficiently, I took my index finger and pushed it gently into her pink slit. Her pussy was tighter than any I had ever fingered. I felt her squirm in discomfort as her pussy walls clamped down on my lone finger. I brought my face back down and started to lick her clit. Her body shuddered as my tongue flicked against her erect clit. The discomfort she was feeling was trumped by the shockwaves of pleasure that were being induced by my tongue.

Her juices made her sopping cunt wetter as I continued to lick her sensitive clit. The added lube from her pussy juice enabled me to slide my finger further into her pussy and before long I had the whole thing inside of her. I worked it in and out as it became easier. Lauren grabbed the back of my head and mashed my face into her vagina. She grinded her pussy against my mouth and she held the back of my head, With my nose smashed against her pubis and my finger still deep in her cunt, she came and I felt the juices cascade down my cheeks. Her body shook for 15 seconds of so as she climaxed all over my face.

She collapsed in pleasure and sat down next to me in the water. She was breathing heavily as I examined her flawless form. Feeling reborn, I looked down at my penis that had once again grown to its full erect length. I was ready to go again, and there was only one more lesson left...

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