tagLoving WivesAdam Was the All Powerful CEO

Adam Was the All Powerful CEO


Reader, this is a tale of a beautiful, and very loving wife, including some light BDSM, and lesbian.

They were at last on their way, they hoped so anyway. He had worked hard to get this far, he was hoping this would be the final push to get promoted onto the higher managerial level.

They had been invited to spend the weekend at Adam Connors house, he was the CEO, and at 42, probably the youngest ever at the level he was at. An international conglomerate, the only way for him now was down, and even he knew that one day, that would happen.

Adam Connors was a truly a self made man, top of the pile at university, a brain that was so sharp, a photographic memory, totally committed to what he was doing. He had joined the company, not because they had head hunted him, and offered him all the usual perks and pay. No, he had joined them because it was them, he wanted to work for, and in his life plan, become what he now was. The boss! The CEO.

At 30, he had joined the board, he was phenomenal, his ideas over the years had made the company what it now was, he had generated billions in turnover and profits. He had of course made many enemy's on the way, rivals etc, they had all gone now, except the ones he knew would be useful, and contribute to the task.

He had never married, but no one questioned his sexuality, he had always got a beautiful woman on his arm when it was necessary. And he had been rumoured to have seduced a few of the wives, and even some of the daughters, of his long gone detractors. And possibly some of the ones still there, but no one knew for sure, simply because they were all scared to discuss it out in the open, because it might be their wives, or daughters?

He demanded total loyalty from all the staff. His most endearing quality was looking after lower staff. He would often go out in the field, all over the world, and join in, not may people knew who he was, but he would listen, and things would change when he got back.

Some senior managers would try and go against him, citing the costs, and profit margins; he would get annoyed and say. Don't you realise that they are the profit and costs, without them, and modern technology, we wouldn't be here. YOU! wouldn't be here, on the salary that you are!

He was also a workaholic, long days and nights, every weekend, he took time off when he had to, he had to attend many functions globally, he regarded them as his holiday.

But his biggest asset was, he didn't do hands on every day tasks, he kept control of his desk, which was a given.

But he left the day to day running of the business with the board, but there was nothing he didn't know about. He would intervene many times, tweaking this, stopping that, turning things, making them better, adding ideas of his own, no one ever doubted him, they were allowed to contradict him, but it was extremely few in times he had been proved wrong. It was understood, that if Adam said something, Adam was right.

And to be asked to spend a weekend at his house was regarded as the most positive sign that you were on the way up; your shining star was in the ascendancy.

It was the long weekend, a 4 day break, they were to be at his home by 11:00 and to bring sports gear, Tom didn't do much in sport, so just packed swimming trunks. But his wife, Taylor did, she loved tennis, and was a member of her local club. In fact she had reached the last four this very year, losing a close contest.

She told her husband to ask if he played, he did, and loved to; he was looking forward to a set or two. And he had a court in the grounds of his rambling country side mansion.

Tom Brooks, and his wife Taylor, were in their late 20s, he had joined the company much in the same way Adam had. And Adam was keeping an eye on his progress, and in the last year had decided that he possibly had the ability, to go higher and higher.

He had visited Tom's office a week ago, and made the invitation, Tom was dumbstruck, he hadn't expected this, he had no idea even now, that he was being 'looked' at.

The time table was set; Adam was having his own holiday in 4 years, one he was taking for himself.

As he chatted to Tom, he looked at his wife's photo on his desk, he had met her twice, and she was a woman of extraordinary beauty, soft flawless complexion, tall, around 5ft 9" Flowing long blonde hair, a full and voluptuous body, but there was no extra body fat, it was all toned and fit, and a walk that was as graceful as any swan on water.

She was one of the reasons he had invited Tom, but not the main one, no, the main one was to see if Tom had what it took to rise to the top. Adam wanted his wife though, and was determined to seduce her, he had arranged everything to take place at 3:00, four hours after they had arrived.

Taylor was as excited as she could have been, she dressed and redressed until she was satisfied that she couldn't look any better. Tom was delighted; she looked fabulous, skirt above her shapely knees, very light high heels, which looked just like soles, with a strap. Stockings, and under them her suspenders, they made her feel as sexy as she looked. A soft satin blouse, and a small matador type jacked, her hair was piled on her graceful, and beautiful head.

They set off, both were scared to death, both were so animated, talk of the future had got the better of them, they were deciding this, deciding that, what their lives would be like in 10 years time, children, big house, the whole 9 yards!

They arrived and were met by a small, but beautiful dark girl of about 20; she had a Caribbean look about her. Tom and Taylor exchanged rude knowing glances.

As they entered the huge house, Adam stepped out to greet them. He shook Tom's hand, and kissed Taylors cheek.

Taylor, being the woman she was, immediately assessed Adam; women can do that at a glance, an appraisal in seconds. She was impressed again, just as she had been the last time she had met him.

Adam is a tall man well over 6ft, good looking, very handsome, in a rugged way. Broad shouldered, tanned (somehow?) a full head of wavy light hair, clean shaven, there was a scar on his left cheek that added to his looks, there had been no stubble when he had kissed her cheek. He smelled terrific. He was wearing a T shirt, open at the collar, light fawn slacks and loafers, he looked relaxed, happy and at peace with himself.

'Tanya,' he said to the girl, 'please show my guests to their room.'

'Tom, Taylor, lunch will be served in 1 hour, okay?'

'Yes sir,' Tom replied.

'Tom, here, I am Adam, yes?'

'Yes sir, erm sorry, Adam.' He mumbled.

They went off and to their room, Taylor was stunned beyond words, it was just so beautiful, a huge poster bed filled the centre of the massive room, it was en suite, the bathroom looked like it could cater for 10 people.

There was a huge 70" television on one wall, opposite their bed. A drinks cabinet, that was full of everything, even champagne, Dom Pernignom. A balcony that you could dance on and it over looked the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. It was acres large. Impressed wasn't the word Taylor would have used, it was more than that!

They went down 30 minutes later, Adam took Taylor's arm, and walked them around the ground floor of his home, neither one could have been more open mouthed, it was Victorian in style but not dark and old, everything was perfection.

He took them into the library for a pre lunch drink. Taylor had a wine, Tom had a spritzer. Adam joined them and they strolled onto the rear terrace viewing the garden.

This was where the table was set for their lunch. Adam had taken the trouble to find out what their preferences were; it would be a light lunch he said. He wanted a set of tennis today; he hadn't played for 2 years, so he wanted to know if he still could. Taylor was beside her self with glee at the prospect of playing with this wonderful man.

They had a very leisurely lunch; Adam talked to Tom a lot, Taylor understood enough not to interfere, except to add the odd comment, which Adam always gratefully received.

And anyway, she wanted to bask in this little piece of heaven she was in. 'Let them talk,' she told her self happily.

Then Adam was asking her if she was up for playing a few games of tennis, before he would thrash her tomorrow!

She laughed at this comment; she was so impressed with him, and his home. 'You can thrash me as much as you like Adam, you really can,' was what she said in her mind, but to no one else.

Tanya,' he called, 'please set up drinks and refreshments on the court, then you can go, and I will see you on Tuesday, alright?' he asked her.

'Yes sir, Mr Adam, she replied dutifully, but it was also said with a great deal of warmth.

After 2 games it was 1 all, and then the telephone rang on the terrace.

'Please excuse me,' he said, 'it maybe my holiday, but only a few people has this number, if it rings, I must take it, please forgive me.'

'Of course,' Taylor said, and looked at her husband, he was dozing in a chair, she smiled to herself, here she was, playing tennis with the most important man in their lives, and he was dozing!

She tapped his knee; he came awake with a jump, and smiled.

'Sorry honey?'

They could hear the conversation, and suddenly it was taking a strong turn, it wasn't a good call. 'I have told you, this was not to be allowed to happen, and you need me to come all the way up there to sort it, put him on!'

He railed at whoever it was on the other end, and then he calmed down. 'Okay,' he said, I'll be there tonight!'

He went back to his guests. 'I'm sorry Tom, Taylor, I have to go, the dimwits up there have fouled up, I'm wanted, or it could cost us millions.

'Oh sir, I'm so sorry, isn't there someone else who could go, you don't get a holiday, there must be someone?' he asked.

'Just what I wanted to hear,' Adam said to himself.

'Every one is away Tom, they are all on holiday, it was their chance too, so there is only me left, apart from you!' He laughed grimly.

Tom looked quickly at his wife, gave her a, shall I? look.

She took it in and nodded.

'Sir, how about me, you tell me the problem, give me the authority, and I can do it for you?'

'You can't spoil your weekend Tom,' he said.

'But our weekend will be spoiled if you have to go Mr Connors?' Taylor interjected.

'Call me Adam please Taylor.'

'Sir,' Tom said, 'let me do it?'

'What about your wife, she would have to stay, or go home?'

'Please don't talk about me like I'm not here gentlemen?'

Both apologised.

'Tom, if Adam agrees, I can stay here until you come back, what do you think?'

Taylor was thinking of the feather in her husband's cap, if this went off.

Tom looked at his boss, and said. 'Sir, Adam, this is the best solution, don't you think?'

'Yes it is,' he told himself, 'it's the one I am looking for?'

'Well Tom, I'm impressed, this could work out very well for you, you know?'

'Let me make a call,' he said.

He was on the phone, Tom and his wife conversed. 'Are you sure you don't mind staying here, until I get back honey?'

'I'll be fine Tom, this is your chance to shine, take it babe, I'm right behind you.'

Adam came back, 'the company jet is on its way,' he said, 'it'll be at the airport in 1 hour Tom, are you sure about this?' he asked.

'Yes sir, can we talk as I pack?'

They all went to their room, Taylor packed as Adam related the problem, he also made a call, and told the board member on the phone, in no uncertain terms. That Tom would have complete and utter control, and that he, had better make sure he got it.

The man must have been very contrite, as he told Tom that all decisions were his to make, but if he needed back up, he gave him the number to call.

A car came and Tom went, they waved him off. He wouldn't be back until Monday afternoon, although he didn't know it.

'Well, what now Taylor?' he asked, 'want to finish the tennis?'

'Yes sir, I do, sorry, I mean Adam,' as he gave her a look that triggered something in her mind, what, she didn't know.

'I'll refresh the drinks then, and off we go,' he laughed, as his arm encircled her.

Taylor thought that this was nice and enjoyed it.

'God, she is so utterly gorgeous!' he thought as he put the draft into her drink, this will have her as horny as hell in 30 to 45 minutes, he knew.

He had tried it on Tanya last week, and she had been a complete tigress in bed, she was a wild one for sure, and he had enjoyed himself immensely. But he had made it plain, that there would never be anything in it for her. Tanya accepted that, she told him that, if ever he wanted her, she would always be available. He doubled her salary, and asked if she was game for other things?

Her reply was, 'I am game for anything for you Mr Adam, anything, okay?'

He filed that one away, and was sure, it would be more than fruitful.

Tom's trip had been arranged, the problems were engineered and manufactured, he and his top man, and close friend Dave Morgan, had done this for each other twice before. It was a racing cert that it would work again. Adam had sent him the dossier he had had done on the couple, Dave told him he was the luckiest dog alive, Adam had laughed.

'Tom's going to go far Dave,' he told him, 'probably as far as my job in 15 years?'

'Yes, I think you are right Adam, well, have a great weekend my friend, I wish I was you, there with her.'

'Will do Dave, and don't forget, it's your turn next,' laughed and put down the phone.

Two games later they stopped for a drink, and two games after that, Taylor said she was feeling a little dizzy, so they stopped and went inside.

It had been 35 minutes since her drink; she would be ready in a few minutes more.

Adam told her to go and take a shower, and he would see her later.

Taylor went to her room and went into the walk in shower; it was big, with handrails, a full range of soaps and shampoos.

She couldn't understand why she was feeling like this, she was feeling as horny as hell. 'Was it Adam?' she thought, he is really good looking, and knew he would be a great lover.

She cast the thoughts about him entering her mind aside, but they returned. 'I am here alone with him, no one would know?'

'Stop it!' she admonished herself. But they kept coming back.

She was actually and unknowingly touching her ever increasingly heated pussy.

Adam was timing his assault on Taylor to the second, he knew right on what was going through her mind; after all, he had used it on Tanya, his dark skinned, little beautiful housemaid.

He entered Taylor's bedroom, stripped off, to reveal his very impressive prick; it was large, well rounded, thick at the base, and ready for use. He had been blessed with his looks, his demeanour, and his ever durable prick; it was his proudest personal asset. He was already fully erect, and eager to get it into his subordinates beautiful sexy wife.

He spread 2 huge thick soft fluffy white towels on the floor; this is where he would have her for the first time of many. Opening the door, he knew it could go wrong, very wrong, but it was something he had to do. He walked in, his prick pointing the way. Taylor was facing the spray, and as she felt the draught of cooler air, she half turned and saw Adam.

Then she saw he was naked, then she saw his prick, proud and thick, stiff and long, and she saw it was pointed at her.

'Adam? What? What are, Oh, Ooooh, what do you, Adam?'

She turned away from him, her own nakedness making her do so, it was all Adam needed, he picked up the 2 sided sponge, one smooth, one slightly rough.

He stepped right up to her back, and pushed his prick between her soapy legs, it caressed her pussy lips, her knees almost gave way, and at the same time he reached around her, and rubbed her gorgeous upturned nipples with the sponge's rough side. Her nipples were already standing to attention, this further enhanced their sensitivity. He kissed and lightly bit her neck, Taylor couldn't move, her horniness was greater than she could resist, it took her over.

She looked about wildly, unable to co ordinate her mind, and her limbs. The exoticness of the moment was confusing her completely, it was just so erotic.

'Look downwards Taylor,' he whispered into her ear softly.

She did so, and what she saw sent rockets, and shivers streaking through her smooth sublime body, her body, that was now his, although she didn't know it yet.

She watched his hand with the sponge that was already making her nipples feel like exploding. She felt his hand stroke her clit and her mind shattered. Then she saw his long thick cock, which protruded from underneath her pussy; the head was on view by about 3 or 4 inches. It made her gasp in wonderment, her hands went unbidden to it, cupped it, and then pulled it upwards and into the folds of her now raging pussy.

Adam was busy with her nipples, they were bottle cork in size and texture, never had they been so hard or sensitive. They were driving her insane with lust and arousal. Adam continually bit and kissed her neck, her submission was complete. Taylor wanted sex. No! She wanted fucking, she needed to be fucked, to have this wonderful cock, that was sticking out from her, inside her, and she needed it so badly.

Adam hit the button stopping the water, and walked her out, with his prick still in place, there was no get out clause, no redemption in this one sided contract!

Taylor was fully ready for him, her pussy and nipples were on fire.

'Oh please Adam, make love to me, I can't wait any longer, do me Adam, please, do me now, oh please?'

He lowered her down, raised himself right over the beautiful wife, and plunged his prick all the way in up to the hilt; he stopped momentarily, looked at her, and whispered just before they shared their first kiss.

'You are sure Taylor, Hmmm? Are you really sure.'

'Oh god yes Adam,' she moaned as her feet crossed and went over his back, and her nails dug in, to make sure he couldn't get off.

Adam began his long awaited fucking of this beautiful woman, the wife of his employee, it was a controlled, yet urgent fucking, he wanted to make her reliant on his prick, to not question him, when he wanted to have her, in the future.

His measured demolition of her went on unabated, Taylor screamed his name as she orgasmed, the draft he had given her heightened her arousal, and utter submission.

'Don't stop, don't stop, oh Jesus Adam, more, more, harder harder harder,' she chanted and moaned.

He pumped away at her, and marvelled at her absolute beauty, her submission, her needs, this wasn't just the draft that was working her up into a frenzy now, it was her too. She was taking herself into this, she really did need him, this. Her husband maybe wasn't doing the business for her in bed, if this was so then the future looked bright, very bright!

Adam gave her everything, gone was the controlled fucking, this was now replaced by the urgent need to cum, and cum he did!

He shot as much cum into her as he had done for a long time. This really was making love, this wasn't fucking a woman, it was loving a woman, this woman. She was the most wonderful fuck he had ever had.

As they relaxed, she gazed at him, reached up to kiss his mouth, her own lips were filled with blood, quivering with the need to be locked to his, her breath ragged as she let it out in gasps of heat, he returned it completely.

'Adam,' she murmured into his mouth, 'what's happened, how did you know?'

'Know what baby?' he asked, unsure what she was meaning.

'That I needed this, but didn't seem to know it, that I have longed for this moment, to be loved like that?'

'I just sensed it Taylor, I couldn't resist you, I took an awful chance didn't I?'

'Yes you did, and I thank god you had the nerve to seduce me like that, it was more than fantastic Adam, I mean it.'

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