Adam's Apple Ch. 04


When Christine could barely catch her breath, and it appeared that Ron had no intention of ever giving her a second's respite, Christine pushed him away. With a high-pitched moan, she sat up and kissed him, licking her bittersweet nectar from his face. "You are so good," she paused and kissed him again, "at that."

"I love the way you come."

"I love the way you make me come," Christine countered. "Mmm — I wish we hadn't wasted all those years. If I'd known, you wouldn't have had to watch me diddle myself and then go jerk off. We could have taken care of each other."

"It's even better than I imagined."

Christine fell back against the couch and patted the cushions. As soon as Ron sat down, she wrapped her hand around his half-hard cock. "Make it hard for me again, Ronnie. I want my big brother's big cock deep inside me."

"It may take a while," Ron groaned as his sister stroked him with her hand. "I'm not as young as I used to be."

Christine licked the fingertips of her other hand and used the moist digits to rub the head of her brother's manhood. "Have you ever seen two women make love to each other?"

Ron shook his head and caressed his sister's arm.

"Does the thought of it make you hot?"

"You've been with another woman?"

"A lot of them. I like eating pussy almost as much as you do. My favorite thing is to lick another woman while a man is fucking her, and then lick up all his cum when he fills her up."

Ron's cock twitched with life, just beginning to swell in his sister's hand. "Now you've given me something else to imagine."

"We'll have to see about giving it to you for real."

Ron groaned as blood rushed into his manhood. "You're so sexy."

"Sissy," Christine reminded him. "Take your shirt off, Ronnie."

He hurried to comply, revealing a well defined chest and abs. Though hardly a cut youngster any longer, and sporting a few gray hairs on his chest, the sight still started Christine's juices flowing again. She leaned into his lap to suck his stiffening member.

"I want you, Sissy," Ron said once he was hard again. "I've wanted you for years."

Christine released his cock with a loud slurp. "Then take me, Ronnie. Fuck me hard, make me come, and fill me full."

Energized by her words, Ron grabbed his sister's hips and lifted her up onto her knees with her willing assistance. Christine leaned over and rested her hands on the arm of the couch, looking back over her shoulder and breathing, "Give me that big cock, Ronnie."

Once again, his experience showed as he moved in behind her and penetrated her in a single fluid motion. He kept his eyes on Christine's face and groaned as she reacted with a long, sharp moan to his thick cock pushing deep inside her.

"Fuck me, Ronnie."

Ron withdrew and pushed his cock back into his sister's depths. "Fuck, you're tight."

As her brother withdrew again, Christine squeezed her intimate muscles, letting out a little chuckle when he gasped from the pressure of her walls clamping down on his cock.

Christine moaned and thrust her hips back at her brother as he took her at a steady pace with powerful thrusts. Loud smacks sounded every time their bodies collided, mingling with the sounds of pleasure coming from Christine and her brother. Ron adjusted the angle of his thrusts every few seconds, hitting each and every sensitive spot Christine had.

"Too good. Been too long," Ron grunted out.

"Ohh, slow down for a bit then," Christine suggested, understanding that he was getting close to climax. "Mmm — right there. Leave it nice and deep."

Ron groaned, rocking and swiveling his hips to stir his cock in his sister's depths.

"Oh yes, Ronnie. That's so good," Christine encouraged him as she reached back with one hand to rub her clit.

Ron kneaded his sister's taut buttocks, teasingly slipping a finger across the iris of her ass every so often. Once he felt his urgency to come subside, he started rocking his hips at a snail's pace, reveling in his sister's tight embrace.

Her fingers dancing over her clit, Christine gasped with every thrust, and moaned with every withdrawal. She could feel the hot pressure of her own climax building, and her fingers moved faster in response. As if he could read her mind, Ron increased his pace. "Do it. Fuck me," she breathed.

"Come for me, Sissy," Ron half growled as he built back up to speed.

"Mmm — I'm so close. I'm going to come so hard. I want your hot cum inside me."

The power of Ron's thrusts increased, making it difficult for Christine to maintain her balance. She bent her elbow and dropped down onto her arm, giving her extra support. As soon as she settled into this position, Ron slammed his cock into her full force. The jolt seemed to travel straight up Christine's spine, pushing her to the edge.

"About to c-c-come!" Christine cried out.

Now giving her the full measure of his passion and power, Ron groaned from the effort of slamming his cock into his sister's moist canal.

"Ohh! Oh YES!" Christine screamed as she exploded in orgasm. "Yes!" she squealed again after a gulp of air, the sound warbling from her brother pounding her pussy.

"Ah — yea..." Ron sounded out, the words trailing off into a series of loud grunts and growls as he buried his cock in Christine and pumped his seed into her.

Feeling him swell and pulse within her, Christine yelped, "Give it to me!" She then erupted in a squeaking cry as another wave of climax overwhelmed her.

Ron hung his head as his strength fled him. Christine's upper body collapsed down to the couch, where she lay panting for breath and twitching from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Still buried inside her, Ron gasped with every clench of her walls around him.

After a while, Christine's back started to ache from the awkward position. "I need to move, but I don't want you to go," she pouted.

Ron took several deep breaths, and then pulled free with a long growl. He sat back heavily on his heels as soon as his half-hard cock slipped free, and then sat down on the couch as his sister did the same.

Christine reached over to stroke her hand over her brother's chest. "That was wonderful."

"I know we never should have done this, but you felt incredible. I didn't think I was ever going to stop coming."

"Are you sorry? Are we okay?" Christine asked with a bit of worry in her eyes.

Ron nodded and stroked his sister's cheek. "We're fine, and I'm not sorry at all."

"Any chance we could do it again later?" Christine asked with a coquettish smile and a twitch of her eyebrows.

Ron chuckled and answered, "I don't know how I could resist. You're amazing."

"Mmm — good. You're looking pretty worn out. Let's go to the bedroom.

With a little help from his sister, Ron rose and followed her to the bed, where he collapsed with a dramatic groan. Christine slipped into the bed next to him.

"Night night now, big brother. You dream sweet dreams about me." She rolled over and kissed him soundly, letting out a little moan as his tongue tickled hers when he returned the kiss.

"I'm sure I will," Ron wearily responded.


Christine lay atop her brother, savoring the blissful afterglow, having taken advantage of his morning erection as soon as she awakened. His softening cock, still buried inside her, was starting to allow the thick cream he'd spurted deep inside her a few minutes earlier to seep out. Christine kissed his chest again and let out a satisfied sigh. "Good morning," she finally greeted him, having found much better things to do with her mouth when she'd awakened.

"Morning," Ron responded with a wide, silly grin. "It was just as amazing the second time." He pulled her into a hungry kiss and then continued, "I don't want to leave. I just want to stay here and do it in every way we can imagine."

Christine moaned in approval. "Well, if you feel like things are getting too tense at home, you could always come stay with me for a while — Lynne too. We get along well, and she could probably use the time away from the tension to relax before she goes off to college."

"I may just think about that. Lynne being here wouldn't give us much opportunity to be together, though."

I don't know about that, Christine thought, wondering if she could persuade the two of them to join her in bed. "I can stay quiet — sort of. I'd probably chew through a lot of pillows while I was coming on your cock, but it would be worth it."

Ron shuddered beneath her and gasped. "You're making it almost impossible to argue, you know?"

"Good," Christine said, and kissed him again. "Are you ready to talk to Lynne?"

"Yes, and I'm going to give her the space she needs."

"Good boy." Christine shivered and twitched her eyebrows. "Very good boy. Well, let's get cleaned up, have some coffee, and then I'll call her. She doesn't know that you're actually here yet, so I want to prepare her before she comes back."

"We could wait until later in the afternoon," Ron suggested with a smile.

"Mmm — good idea. You want to give Sissy another hot load of cum, big brother?"

"I don't know how much I have left," Ron chuckled.

"Well, we'll just have to find out." Christine moved to let her brother's flaccid member slip from her, unleashing a river of mingled cream from inside her. "Cleaning up may take a while," she observed with a laugh.

Ron started to sit up, and then collapsed back to the bed. "So may getting up."

"Oh, I'll get you up, Ronnie."

"Can't wait."


Christine gave her brother a kiss, and then tousled his damp hair before reaching for the phone. She'd decided to save time and have Ron take her in the shower, where the two of them could get sticky and clean at the same time.

Ron sank back into the couch and watched his sister's ass as she walked to her bedroom to make the call. Christine looked over her shoulder and blew him a kiss just before she passed out of view.

Christine called her niece's cell and heard a languid, cheery answer of "Mmm — hello, Aunt Christine," almost before the first ring could finish sounding.

"Sounds like you're having fun."

"I'm lying on this huge, beautiful bed, all filled up with cum. Of course I am."

Christine laughed. "Well, I'm pretty sure I've convinced your Dad to give you some space. He's here, and he wants you to come back and talk to him."

"Convinced him, huh?" Lynne said knowingly.

Hearing the tone of her niece's voice, Christine knew something was up. "You know that he was already here, don't you?"

"I came by this morning to borrow something and saw Daddy's car there. I heard things, too."

From the amused tone, Christine could guess what Lynne had heard, and knew that the younger woman didn't have any problem with it. "You think that you'd have learned about showing up without warning after the first time, huh?"

Lynne laughed. "I suppose I should have. Once I can move, I'll come over and talk to Dad."

"So you don't mind that your Dad and I..."

"No. I sort of... We'll talk about it later."

Christine's eyebrows twitched upward as she thought that convincing Lynne might not be all that difficult. Her niece already sounded as though she was interested in seeing a side of her father that she'd never seen before. "Okay, then I'll see you in a little while. Tell Adam that I'm not about to let him leave without having his cock inside me again, either."

The two women said their goodbyes, and Christine walked back into the living room, her pussy tingling and her mind awhirl with fantasies about Lynne riding her father's cock.


Hope you're enjoying this naughty tale, and that you'll follow along for the rest of the story. Votes and comments are most appreciated, whether by public comment or private, anonymous feedback. Do feel free to point out any mistakes, as I didn't pass this tale through an editor before posting. I do my best to promptly respond to all feedback. If you take the time to drop me a line, I'm going to let you know I appreciate it!

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