Adam's Aunt Ch. 04


"God... I'm going to — so hard."

His voice had that same sultry tone when he said, "Do it, Sis." He increased the speed and power of his next thrust a fraction.

Angie could manage nothing more than inarticulate cries of ecstasy from that point forward. Christine's fingers flashed in a blur over her niece's hood, and Adam built to a steady pace that was still well below what his body screamed for.

Christine moaned as her niece's back arched up from the bed so high that only her head and feet touched the mattress. Angie let out a loud, warbling scream, her body held taut as a bow and trembling. Adam shifted his knees and his hips slightly to adjust for the new angle, and continued to thrust into her saturated, tightly clenched depths.

Angie fell back to the bed with a squealing gasp and then let out a high-pitched growl as she thrust her hips up toward her brother's cock. Another wave of orgasm rocked her body, spawning another loud cry of ecstasy. Her lurch as that shock of bliss shot through her hit just as Adam was withdrawing for another thrust, and he slipped free from her.

Christine held up her hand when Adam grasped his cock to aim it back into his sister's quivering sex and mouthed the word wait. Adam nodded, but looked as though he wasn't overly enamored with the idea.

Angie twitched and thrashed, panting for breath as her climax reluctantly released her from its iron grip. As she settled, Christine picked up a bottle of water and helped her niece sit up to drink.

"D-dear god," Angie breathed after a drink of water, and then took another.

Christine asked, "Are you okay?"

"I thought it was going to split me in half, but — Mmmm..."

"Let me look," Christine suggested, and Angie parted her legs in response.

"You're not split, but you're certainly messy." Christine let out a little laugh and sat back next to her niece. "We can't leave your poor brother like that, but if you can't handle it again..."

Angie locked her eyes on her brother's cock — still hard and seeking a warm, wet place to hide — and bit her lower lip in contemplation. The longer she looked, the more she wanted it. She could feel an aching void inside her where she'd felt only incredible fullness a few minutes earlier, and she wanted that blissful feeling back.

Christine could see it in her niece's face. "Up on your knees, and show Adam that sexy butt."

Angie took a deep breath, chasing away the final wisps of trepidation nagging at her, and then sat up to turn around. She rose up on her hands and knees, and looked behind her to see her aunt silently instructing Adam to move out of the way.

Christine lay down on the bed and wriggled beneath her niece, pulling along a pillow. She folded the pillow in half and propped it beneath her head, putting her in perfect position to reach her niece's pussy. She then beckoned her nephew back into position.

Angie looked back over her shoulder with a moan as Adam straddled the brunette below and grasped his sister's hips. Christine in turn wrapped her fingers around her nephew's cock and poised it against Angie's folds.

Adam sank into his sister's warm embrace once more with a sigh of satisfaction, which Angie's gasp easily overshadowed. Her gasp turned sharp as Christine's tongue flicked over the moist pink folds above her.

As before, Adam started slowly, even though he wanted nothing more than to slam his cock into her and fuck her hard. "Sooo deep," Angie moaned as his tip settled into her depths on the second push. "It feels like it's all the way up in my belly."

"You've got a hot ass, Angie," Adam chuckled, and then gave it a playful swat that barely jiggled her taut buttock.

Angie whipped her head around to look at him with a moan, clenching her cheeks and her intimate muscles at the same time.

"You like that?" Adam asked as he pushed back into her again.

"Mmm hmm," his sister moaned. "Not too hard."

Adam gave her another spank, and she rewarded him with another moan and a lick of her lips. Spanking her really turned him on, and he unconsciously picked up the pace.

Angie certainly noticed the increased friction of his big cock stretching her, but she didn't mind in the least. She actually thrust her hips back at him slightly with each thrust, causing a little slap as their bodies met that was nearly as loud as his hand falling on her now rosy bottom.

Hearing her nephew spanking his sister also lit Christine's fires, and she sacrificed the balance of one hand to slip a finger into her pussy. She moaned around her niece's clit as Adam's hips slammed forward with more speed and power by the second.

Angie's breasts swung back and forth as her brother turned loose his passion, already exceeding the fastest pace he'd taken her before. His big cock slammed into her like a jackhammer, forcing her to grip the bedclothes tight in order to avoid her hands slipping forward. Her aunt's tongue felt like a living thing, roaming over her in a rapid dance. She felt as though an electric current was tingling through her sex, mingling with the building itch of another orgasm swelling within her.

Adam gave his sister all he had to offer as he felt his own climax approaching. Her cries of ecstasy spurred him on, ensuring that she was enjoying every hard thrust. Despite the air conditioning, a drop of sweat meandered down from his forehead to cling tenaciously to the tip of his nose. He gnashed his teeth and grunted, trying to keep his cum from erupting from him before his sister came again.

"Oh god!" Angie cried out a dozen times in synchronization with her brother's thrusts, and then she screamed "YES!" as she came. The word trailed off into a broken squeal as Adam pounded her pussy. He was now beyond the point of no-return, and ready to empty his balls into his sister's depths.

"Yeah — fuck yeah!" He growled as he buried his cock to the hilt inside her and spurted his seed against the entrance of her womb. He twitched involuntarily, drawing out his sister's climax, and causing jolts of almost pain-tinged ecstasy to shoot through his body.

Christine moaned as she lapped up a dribble of Adam's cum that seeped out around him when he withdrew slightly. She braced her arm beneath her and leaned up a little more to lap his shaft with broad strokes, gathering up the mingled juices coating his throbbing manhood. Both siblings panted for breath and trembled as their orgasms played out, and then Adam pulled free of his sister with a growling gasp when an especially strong squeeze of her walls proved too much for his over-sensitive cock.

Angie moaned in protest as cool air kissed her hot pink flesh, but fell face down in the covers as the strength in her arms failed her. The bed bounced as Adam sat down heavily on his bottom at the opposite end. "Oh god," Angie gasped out as her aunt took the initiative to gain the creamy treat deep inside her niece.

Christine pulled down on Angie's bottom until she could lock her lips over the blonde's folds. Gaped by her brother's big cock, his cum flowed from Angie in a steady stream, right into Christine's hungry mouth. She lapped and sucked, drinking up every drop of the combined result of the sibling's passion.

Christine had every intention of remaining between her niece's legs until the blonde came again. She reluctantly relented when Angie pulled away with a weak, "No more."

Christine managed to persuade her spent nephew to move to the head of the bed, and then she lay down between them. Nestled between the warm, still quivering bodies of her niece and nephew, she joined them in a spent nap, completely fine with not reaching another orgasm of her own.

She knew that she had plenty of time to catch up.


Adam made the long, round trip drive every day of spring break, and every excursion the three made usually didn't last long, as they yearned to return to Christine's bedroom almost constantly. The two siblings had more orgasms that week than they'd had in their life with anyone else, and Christine certainly approached that bar.

Christine managed to patch up her niece's relationship with her roommate near the end of the week, and Angie relayed the details of her sexual escapades to her friend even as Adam coupled with Christine only a couple of feet away. Concealing the family bonds between them, Angie even led her roommate and lover down the path of joining her in bed with her aunt, her brother — or both.

Angie was still dribbling her brother's cum as she walked into the airport, despite her aunt's hurried efforts to clean her up. Adam had stayed that final night, and the three had desperately coupled as often as they could summon up the strength, right up until they had to leave for the airport.

Saying goodbye was hard for all three of them, but none of them wanted Angie to get behind in her studies. Christine promised to visit soon, and to bring Adam with her if she could.

A wave of depression settled over Christine as she drove home from the airport, drawing a great, sad sigh from her.

Adam looked over at her and asked, "You okay?"

Christine shrugged and answered. "I just hate it. I finally found what I need, and now Angie is going back to school. This fall, you'll be going away to college too. I'm going to be here all alone with nothing but my vibrators to keep me company, and you'll both be getting laid all the time."

"We can visit, and we won't be in college forever. You could always buy me a laptop and a good webcam. Then we could have hot, nasty cybersex while I'm gone."

Christine perked up upon hearing that idea. "I think I'll get one for Angie too. I'd love to see her licking that roommate of hers."

"We'll just have to try to build up a little reserve before I have to go," Adam suggested with a sly grin, slipping his hand between his aunt's thighs.

The needle edged upward as Christine's foot sank down harder on the gas pedal. She planned to start on that reserve the moment they returned to her house.


Hope you've enjoyed this tale. For those who prefer the more romantic types of tales I've told previously, I'm sure I'll return to them. I just feel like writing some pure naughty smut every once in a while.

Please take a moment to vote, and perhaps comment. You can always add me to your favorites list, too. It's those little bits of recognition and feedback that keep all us free authors writing. Alms for an old ex-leper? *laugh*

I already have a follow-up brewing in my head, so "Adam's Family" will probably show up before too long. There are a couple of cousins and an uncle out there that would fit right in with the sexy trio introduced in this story.

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