tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAddicted Ch. 02

Addicted Ch. 02


I was on fire. My first little stunt had two effects on me. The first was that I was now so horny that I couldn't sit still. The second, and more importantly, was that because I was so horny, I knew that I would continue on my adventure.

My face was covered with the slime from my throat and the mixture of come and sweat that had puddled on the leather of the car seat. My little jacket and blouse were missing some buttons and my bra was pulled down around my stomach. My pantyhose was pulled up over my hips. It was soaked from my orgasm. The thong that was underneath my panties was now in my mouth, one strap hanging out like spaghetti. I was a whore.

I had just masturbated publicly at the side of the freeway, although no one had stopped to take me up on the implicit offer. I was at the beginning of another journey in which I would satisfy my addiction. Every so often, my need to be used gets too distracting. It becomes all I can think about. I am useless until I head out looking to get used hard.

As before, I knew I would pull progressively more daring stunts until I got caught by the wrong crowd and then put through my paces. I needed to feel the thrill of the danger. I needed to disconnect my mind and live only through my body. I needed to give my body away to strangers. I was addicted to the danger, to the possibility that I might get killed or seriously injured. I know it was irrational, but it was the very irrationality that compelled me to do it. In my normal life I was an in-control professional woman. When I succumbed to my addiction I became a reckless slut.

My heart raced as I drove along the freeway. I sucked my panties, tasting my desire. My sweaty hands gripped the wheel. I didn't drive quickly, rather I cruised along and let my brain disengage. I knew that I would become more and more open to suggestions. I would pull over when I saw something that seemed to be a sign. In my real life I would never be so superstitious, but now I was open to anything, and further I wanted my actions to be controlled externally. My number one rule on these excursions to the bottom was, obey everyone. Once I got caught by the wrong group, I would be theirs until they tired of me.

I had been driving now for over twenty minutes. The freeway was endless. The cars moved steadily, carrying me away. A car whipped across the lanes in front of me, moving quickly from the fast lane all the way over to an exit. I followed.

I exited off the freeway and into the collector lanes. The little red hatchback that prompted the move was already weaving its way out of sight. But there, at the side of the road, was a hitchhiker.

With a sigh and a trembling jaw I signaled and pulled over about a hundred yards past him. In the rearview mirror I could see the dried saliva on my face. I looked down at my crumpled jacket and pointy little nipples that peeked out. I saw how silly my bra looked across my abdomen. I inhaled and smelled my sex. I could see the strap of my panties dangling over my chin. I felt a little silly, and a little scared.

My hands were nervous in my lap. I ran them up and down my thighs. Then I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy through my hose. That helped. In the mirror I could see a guy in his twenties walking up to my car. He looked young. He was dressed in a maroon sweatshirt and jeans. He had a baseball cap on and was carrying an army surplus pack. He was wearing old hiking boots.

He came to the passenger side and looked in the window. With a sigh and a click I unlocked the door.

The door opened and the boy got in. I could see him hesitate when he got a closer look at me. He froze half in and half out of the car. "What the hell?" he said.

I looked up at him and slowly pulled my panties out of my mouth. I threw them in the back seat. The boy sat down and closed the door. "What the hell?" he said.

I had only one hard and fast rule when I was giving in to my addiction—obey everyone. But I also had one other unofficial rule—don't speak unless directly ordered too. It was part of giving up control. I would do whatever was asked, my body would be a puppet. If I spoke independently then I would be taking a hand at my own strings.

I turned and looked directly at the boy. His brown hair feathered out from under his cap. He was clean, although a few days away from a shave. His was a little soft around the edges, but his eyes were wild.

We looked at each other for a moment. I could see his eyes darting down to my breasts. My cheeks reddened. He licked his lips nervously. I was in absolute heaven.

"What do you want?" He timidly asked me. I looked at him in silence. My mouth pouted open and I raked my lower lip with my upper teeth. I wanted to pull my jacket and blouse open for him. But instead I waited.

His pack was awkwardly at his side, resting against the dash as he sat sideways looking at me. "Do you mind if I put this in the backseat?" He asked.

I tipped my head and slowly blinked at him.

"Well, okay then." He clumsily reached back and opened the door, stumbled out and threw his pack in the back seat. He got back in the front. "Are you okay" he asked. "Were you attacked? Are you hurt?"

I slowly shook my head no. My tongue snaked out and licked my lips. I couldn't wait. My hands reached up and pulled open my jacket and blouse. The boy's eyes widened. I held myself open.

Both of the boy's hands slowly reached out, and tentatively moved to my breasts. Their touch was electric. He held his hands still for a moment, and then he started to squeeze.

I moaned softly. He squeezed harder.

I moaned harder. He pinched my left nipple while his face pressed in and started to suck on my left. I closed my eyes and smiled.

The boy bit down on my nipple and my hands flew to the back of his head, pushing him into me. He grinded his teeth lightly and I screamed and twitched.

The boy pulled away and looked at me anxiously. "Is, is this okay?"

I nodded.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

I looked him in the eye, weighing whether or not I needed to speak, and the answer came out, "Anything."

"Anything?" asked the boy.

"Anything" I replied.

He thought about this for a moment, his eyes glued to my breasts. He took a breath, "What will you do to me?"

The magic question! "Anything" I replied.

The boy's eyes narrowed. "Suck my cock!" he blurted out.

I leaned forward slowly, licking my lips, and began to open his jeans.

"Shit!" said the boy.

He was hard as a rock and my mouth swallowed him whole. My head slowly raised and lowered, taking him fully with each slow stroke. I kept going at this slow steady pace until I felt him push down on my head. He held me there, with him fully inside me, for a few seconds. Then he started to pump himself into me with an ever-increasing pace. Some of his strokes hurt as he banged the back of my throat, but I nevertheless did my best to slide my tongue along the underside of his shaft as he fucked my face. He liked that. He started to pump my head harder and faster. I could taste his precum.

Without warning he threw my head off of him and took a couple of calming breaths. His cock glistened and throbbed, but didn't come just yet.

"What else will you do?" he said, as if to himself. He kicked off his shoes and slide his pants and underwear down, spreading his knees wide. "Lick my balls" he said.

I smoothly leaned forward and licked his balls the way a cat cleans its paws. He liked that. Then I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them. He liked that too.

"Lick lower" he said.

I licked his balls, and then trailed my tongue down to their base and licked there firmly. Then I plunged my little tongue as far as it could go into his anus. It smelled and tasted foul, but the boy liked it. I licked all around the outside of his anus and then pushed my tongue back inside repeatedly.

One of the boy's hands held my head into his ass. Then both hands grabbed my face, lifted it up and forced it back onto his cock. He pumped harder then ever and, after about a minute, came in my throat. The salty drug flowed into me. My pussy was on fire. I was getting what I needed.

The boy stopped pumping, but held my head over his cock. I twirled it with my tongue, hoping it would harden again. I needed another orgasm. I needed more come.

He pulled me off of him and I sat back up in my seat.

The boy looked at me reflectively. "Show me your pussy" he said.

I immediately turned in my seat and lifted my right leg up, bending my knee to place my shoe on the handbrake. I pushed my knee into the back of the seat to give him the best view. I didn't need to lift up my skirt. My pussy was clearly visible through my slick pantyhose. My lips were engorged. I could feel them pulse.

The boy reached out and stroked my pussy through my pantyhose. His fingers pushed at my entrance and my hips thrust forward to meet him. He pushed harder and harder in one continuous thrust. His two fingers were completely inside me and my hose had not ripped. I was close to orgasm. My hips bucked against his fingers.

His left hand took hold of my foot, lifted it up and slipped off my pump. As I fucked his right hand his left tickled the bottom of my foot. He lifted it to his mouth and sucked on my big toe. His mouth felt wet and warm. He started to lick the bottom of my foot from heel to toe. I was in heaven.

He then took my foot and rubbed it against his cock. The nylon easily slid over his hardening shaft. He took his hand away from my pussy. I hadn't yet come! His hand trailed up to my breast. Pain shot through one nipple, then the other. Then his fingers pushed open my mouth and pushed down my throat. His cock was hard and he kept masturbating himself with my foot.

I gagged against his fingers. He pulled them out. I opened my mouth as he presented them again, and again he gagged me. Then, instead of ramming his fingers down my throat, he simply held them in front of my face. "Gag yourself on these you slut."

I opened my mouth and pushed my head down over his fingers until I gagged. "Is there anything you won't do?" For a reply I gagged myself once again. I started retching, but managed to keep everything down.

He lifted my foot back up to his mouth. "Pull down your pantyhose slut."

It took some effort, but I managed to ease my hose down to my knees, all the while letting the boy continue to suck on my toes. I had to lift my other foot up so no they were both in his face. He slipped off my other pump and started to lick my left foot. It felt terrific to have my pussy exposed and I loved the attention he was paying to my feet.

The boy tried to angle his cock into my pussy, but there was no place for my legs to go in the cramped front seat of my sedan. He thought for a minute. "Recline your seat" he said as he reached back to recline his seat. Now the boy had more room to use me.

His hands slid up my legs to my knees. He grabbed my bunched pantyhose and pulled it off. "On your back! Spread your legs!"

I obeyed.

He climbed awkwardly on top of me. His cock knew the way and he shoved it inside my pussy. My outer lips pulled at the quick invasion, but after he started pumping everything was slick. I was ready for him.

He pumped into me for all he was worth. I could now see the cars streaming past just one lane away, but most were moving too quickly to see much more than a jumble of bodies. Then a horn honked. I guess they could see more than I thought!

The horn seemed to throw off the boy. I think he only just then realized where he was. He stopped fucking me, pulled out and slunk down under the dash. I could feel his breath on my pussy. I thought I was going to come.

"You are such a nasty fucking whore" I could here him say from between my legs. Then he gave my pussy a crude dog's lick and rolled back up into the seat beside me.

I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. "Get your mouth back on my cock you whore! And stick your ass up for all the world to see while you blow me!"

I rolled over, felt the cool of the driver's window on my ass, and went back to work on the boy's cock. I needed to orgasm. Now the honks really started coming. My bare ass was on complete display. There was no doubt about what I was doing. What if someone recognized my car?

It didn't matter. All that mattered was that my body was on its way to getting another load dumped into it. I sucked. He pumped my head, and then ejaculated his second load inside me. I loved it. My hand had snaked its way between my legs and as the boy came in my mouth I squirted all over the window. My orgasm was incredible.

After, I looked up from the boy's cock, my eyes were questioning. I wanted to see what his next orders would be.

"It stinks in here" he said, and got out of the car. Without a word he retrieved his bag from the back, shut the door and walked away along the side of the road. I was at a loss.

I pulled up my seat and looked out the window to see the boy walking away, his back to me, not trying to flag down a ride. He looked angry from the way he walked. I think he was confused. It must be hard for a guy to treat me like I need after he's come twice.

Well, I had come twice two but that wasn't nearly enough. I threw my pantyhose in the back seat and slipped my pumps back on, and once again merged back into traffic. I slowed as I passed the boy but he turned to avoid my gaze.

I was in the collector lanes driving slowly, without direction, just following along. I found myself on an off-ramp and my car ended up pulling into one of the many suburban bedroom communities that seem to have no sidewalks or downtowns, just an endless succession of strip malls.

The strip malls didn't catch my attention. It was about seven o'clock and dusk was settling in. As I drove my left hand slowly traced the outline of my pussy. I saw a park and turned in. It was big. The slow drive leading to the parking lot took about a minute. I passed soccer fields, baseball diamonds and a playground. The parking lot itself was empty.

I left my purse and my keys in my car. I figured I was better off to leave the car unlocked than to take my keys with me. There was a paved path and I followed it. Ahead, over a little rise, I could hear the sound of skateboards grinding and banging away.

This got me scared. I had never considered what would happen if I ran into young kids—getting used by a twenty year old was one thing, but what would happen if I ran into a fifteen year old? I guess these are cases where reality invades my fantasy life and forces me to recognize that I do actually have limits on these adventures. I would not play with children, under any circumstances.

In a strange way, by acknowledging my own hand in things, I felt even more debased. It wasn't really an addiction that I had no control over. I did have some control and I was giving in anyway. I really was a whore.

As I gained the rise I could see a group of six guys hanging around the skatepark. Strangely, they all seemed about my age. Five of them were watching one guy as he tried to jump up on what looked like a concrete table. It was about two feet high. The guy missed. I kept walking towards them. My top was open. My legs were bare. My hair was messy. The guys stopped as I approached. I walked up to the table, knelt down and leaned over it, pressing my breasts onto the rough, cool surface. My head hung over the edge in submission. I closed my eyes and waited.

Nobody moved.

My heart was racing. My quick breaths pushed my tits into the concrete. I could feel a breeze on my pussy. I wasn't sure if my short skirt was covering it up or not. My knees were uncomfortable. I lifted them off the ground, and of their own accord they spread apart wider. My heels popped out of my pumps as I pushed with my feet to take the pressure off my knees.

I waited. My fingers were spread flat against the concrete. I didn't move. My pussy throbbed. I wanted to reach back and pull my ass apart. But I waited.

After a few seconds, I started to hear feet shuffling. I couldn't see anything by the concrete in front of me. The men moved around and stood behind me. No one said anything. I don't know what they were thinking. I was trying my best not to think.

I heard a giggle, and then I felt a hand on my bare ass. It just stayed there for a moment and then it started to squeeze and kneed my ass cheek. My skirt was lifted up and a second hand pulled my ass apart. I moaned and pushed back, forcing my cheeks apart further.

Then I felt a finger push directly into me. It caught a little, but I was wet enough that it slid right in. I felt another finger tease my clit. I started to buck against the fingers. More hands pulled at me. Pulling at my legs and my arms. I was gently made to roll over. I looked up and saw six men looking down at me with a mixture of lust and trepidation. They weren't really sure what to do. I knew it would only be a little while longer before the dam broke and they lost themselves in my body. I made eye contact and then my head relaxed and hung over the edge. I could no longer see the men. I felt like I was offering my neck, and the rest of me, up for sacrifice.

Two guys held my legs apart, stroking them. One of my shoes had fallen off. A third guy was between my legs. He kept fingering me and rubbing my clit. The other three guys stood watching.

Then one of the watchers walked around the table and stood at my shoulder. My hand immediately snaked out to rub his cock through his baggy shorts. My hand slipped easily up the leg of his shorts, through his boxers and took hold of his hard cock. In an instant my other hand was stroking the second watcher's cock.

The ice was broken.

The one guy at my leg rubbed my foot against his crotch. My toes curled, trying to pleasure his shaft. He slid my foot inside his shorts and continued to masturbate himself with me. The other guy slid off my shoe and did the same. I felt the fingers leave my pussy and clit. In a moment I felt a cock push inside me. It started to thrust fast and hard.

The final guy walked around to stand at my head. I squatted down a little and his crotch nuzzled my chin. In a flash his shorts were off. He guided his cock into my yawning mouth. My tongue reached out to greet him. He pushed in deep and the back of my head hit the unforgiving concrete. He didn't notice. He kept pumping.

I took him.

My body took both of them. It took them easily. The other four gyrated against my hands and feet. I hoped that they would last long enough to get inside me too. Although I loved the feel of the four cocks against my skin—both my palms and my soles are very sensitive. I could feel the hardness and the expectancy in those four cocks. I wanted them. I wanted their come.

The guy fucking me grabbed both of my breasts. I couldn't see him, but I knew it was him by the way his squeezes matched his thrusts. My moans encouraged him to work my breasts harder. Tears sprang from my eyes, both from the cock gagging me and the sharp pinches on my nipples.

The guy fucking me started to come. He let go of my breasts and grunted as he dumped into me. As he pulled out the guy fucking my face leaned forward, put his hands on the top of the table on either side of my hips and pumped my face like an animal. It was a very uncomfortable position for me and it killed my building orgasm. I took his semen directly down my throat. As he finished I could feel his breath on my pussy. Then I felt a furtive little lick along my hole. Then the guy quickly stood up and stood aside.

One of the guys at my shoulder dropped his shorts and plunged down my throat. He was ready. He pumped me deep and fast. One of the foot guys jumped into my pussy. He was also chomping at the bit. My back hurt and my neck was killing me, but I was loving it. My body was taking these guys and it could handle more. I was totally in the moment. I was a mouth, a pussy, a foot, a hand. I was a thing to be fucked.

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