tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 05

Addicted to Attention Ch. 05


Thursday morning, we dressed and went over to the boutique to meet Kent at 11am. as arranged. He had prepared a contract for us to peruse, outlining the new arrangement fully, as I had requested.

Kent had been considering hiring ladies to promote his products, but seemed happy to have this business arrangement with Cathy and myself. He designed the products himself. Manufacture was largely contracted out to a number of factories who competed for his work. He wholesaled to specialist boutiques all over the world, as well as others around the country, listing those for us so that we didn’t target those areas where his clients were represented.

We enjoyed an expensive lunch at Kent’s invitation and commenced our second showing at 1pm. There were few photos taken but Rick was there to announce and organise the seating, as he had done the first time. His tips with make-up and lighting were highly appreciated by Kent and of course, ourselves.

We loosened up, spending more time on the catwalk and speeded up our changes between showings. The audience, largely men this time, were more boisterous than previously and the atmosphere was encouraging. I hoped that this would mean better sales as I moved seductively on the catwalk. I soon became aware that certain well dressed business people were worth playing to.

Kent noticed and told us that they were his best prospects, asking us to keep up the good work. He was friendlier toward us than our first day although very professional in his approach anyway. I hadn’t signed the contract, promising him that I would look at it later. I could sense that he would honour the terms, signed or not.

After the 3pm finish of our showing, as promised we stayed and mingled with the guests after the show, encouraging them to buy more than they intended. When they left Kent said the orders would be well in excess of the Monday showing. He said we helped to secure better orders than he would have thought possible. If we did the same this evening, both he and ourselves would prosper accordingly. We drank to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

That evening we all arrived promptly at seven pm. Des and Ken had been impressed with the terms of contract so Cathy and I had signed them before we left home. I introduced Kent to our husbands and his copy of our contract was handed to Kent between introductions. Kent immediately raised the afternoon’s results. The orders had so far exceeded Seventy thousand dollars which meant over two thousand dollars would go directly to Cathy and I.

“These two ladies are incredibly good for my business.” `Kent enthused to Des.

The show started at 8pm sharp. We never saw the clients before our first appearance on the catwalk. It was always a thrill to walk out in a glare of lights to a room full of strangers, dressed in Kent’s revealing outfits. We would be busy in the dressing room, applying makeup to both our faces and bodies to accentuate the dramatic style of the BDSM. gear and accessories.

The crowd tonight was bigger than this afternoon, the buyers younger and a few ladies in the mix as well. There must have been over fifty people in all. A subdued audience as we walked in, but when we moved toward the end of the catwalk turning toward the spectators then pausing before continuing along, we were relieved to hear them talking excitedly to each other. Then as we moved back pausing more often and posing for longer the audience became more vocal in their appreciation of our efforts.

My eyes, now adjusted to the light, focused on Des and Ken sitting at a table at the back of the auditorium, smiling broadly. I had told them what to expect but I could see that they were surprised by the dramatic effect of our gear.

The sexually excited state of our bodies was plain to see, even without the makeup on our nipples and vulvas to accentuate the effect. As we left the stage the audience erupted into spontaneous applause. Kent was smiling as he handed over the next items and assisted our change into the next outfits. He knew this night would be a big success. The rest of the show went according to plan, finishing just after Ten o’clock amidst cheering and calls to come back on stage. We showed the last items twice, a leather bra exposing most of our breasts, a tight corset of open weave leather, fish net crutch-less pantyhose and six inch stiletto heels. We bowed and waved as we walked through the door to the sound of prolonged applause.

We rushed to shower and change into our famous togas. We had brought them with us tonight as Cathy and I had anticipated our husband’s reaction to the show. We wanted to be available to them on the way home. We mingled with all the guests liberally as Kent took orders from most of those present. With the light togas we were wearing I still felt naked and vulnerable as we chatted to the most likely prospects among buyers. It must have had the desired effect on the sales that followed. Des and Ken gave Kent a hand as there were too many eager buyers for him to handle, alone.

When the last guest left around midnight, Kent was overjoyed.

He offered Des and Ken a drink so we sat till 1am discussing sales, marketing and of course banking. Des was keen to do business with Kent at a later date. We totalled up the confirmed sales at just over One hundred thousand dollars with another twenty thousand to be confirmed.

Incredibly we had earned around seven thousand dollars for 15hrs work. While realising that this week had been exceptional, that represented darned good income. I promised myself immediate new renovations to Rome, our idyllic weekender, as a reward.

Kent handed me a large envelope that Rick had left for Cathy and I. We had been too busy with the clients when he left. It was full of large prints featuring our work on the Monday.

It goes without saying that the trip home was memorable, the rest of the night fantastic. Cathy of course, still unable to indulge fully, was more gratified than ever with anal pleasures. Along with the growing array of sex toys, accumulated largely by the men, Cathy and I had visited a sex shop and bought a variety of delights that men don’t seem to think of.

Over the next few weeks both Cathy and I had our nipples and belly buttons pierced by Harold, after consultation with Kent and Rick.

I was keen to get Rick’s opinion as we didn’t want to spoil the aesthetic appeal of our bodies from his point of view. Heather had assured us that small sleepers could be placed so as to be almost invisible, in time being removable if necessary for long periods.

Kent seemed to think that piercing, nipples in particular, could only add to the theme of his more erotic costumes. We settled on small rings which could be added to or disguised as necessary.

We exercised daily by the pool at home, primarily to keep our bodies in trim, much to the delight of the elderly man next door. We made eye contact with him one day and waved to him. He rang our number and apologised profusely for watching us, begging us not to tell his wife.

Cathy answered the phone and told him that we enjoyed his attention and that we had known for a long time that he was watching. After that he became bolder and opened the window, watching us openly. He would send us flowers and candy at least once a week with the words ‘From an anonymous admirer.’ printed on the card.

We sold lingerie and some of the more raunchy items from Kent’s extensive range of goods so well that Cathy and I had no time for other modelling work.

Kent and Rick became our only clients. We were comfortable with this arrangement as trust had developed between us all to the point where Cathy did an overnight location shoot for Rick without my presence. She was treated with respect and felt totally at ease, shooting at a remote beach location with Rick on her own.

The money from our business all went toward the alterations and re-decoration of Rome which was finished within one month. The men had bought two other properties meanwhile, keeping Tony and David busy full time altering or renovating the buildings.

We all lived at our house now, furniture from the apartment being utilised at Rome. Ken sold his car and Cathy’s too. We bought the big convertible when the dealer traded my car for a great price. As the summer break approached, Des and Ken alternated their leave so that Cathy and I could spend most of the six weeks at Maple Lake.

Rick had helped Des with technical advice and we planned to shoot the Nude Aerobics video during the break. Kent’s schedule of summer showing was adjusted to give us six weeks away from the city.

We made a point of having a meeting twice a week where the four of us would discuss only business. All ideas would be analysed, rehashed, evaluated and fine-tuned for implementation. I chaired every one of the meetings, largely because Des respected my instincts in business ahead of the rest of our group. He and Ken were both happy to be guided by me in our business dealings since the contract that I had negotiated with Kent proved to be so successful. Cathy had always believed in me and readily endorsed my leadership.

Ken had an idea at one of our business meetings before the break. He had met a client who belonged to an underground BDSM. club and his idea was to supply all the various costumes to the club on a regular basis. Many of the members were wealthy businessmen from all over the country and spent huge money indulging their secret passion of dressing up and acting out their fantasies.

They had an old warehouse in the inner city that they had converted into a lavish meeting room with adjoining dungeons and punishment rooms. Ken’s idea was to lead Cathy and I into the club, dressed in Kent’s gear. He would dress as Master with Cathy and I as his slaves. One Thursday night we would dress up, masked and chained by our nipples and clits, in high heels while Des brought the bags of samples. Ken would then parade us around the room, forcing us to strip and change in the middle of the room to the musical theme of; The story of O. Cathy was enthralled, I was nervously excited and Des had his reservations but we all agreed to try it.

On that night Cathy and I dressed in two of Kent’s most revealing costumes covered only by overcoats and went into town. We carried blindfolds of black satin and walked into the foyer of the building. Before entering the room, Ken blindfolded us and took off our coats while Des went inside to video the event. When he opened the door I could tell the room was packed with people by the noise within.

Waiting for at least ten minutes outside, I had felt the cool evening air caress my naked nipples and my clitoris swelled with a mixture of fear and excitement. This was totally different to the shows at the boutique. There we were in control of the events, parading in front of people that we could see who had all been selected by Kent as a suitable audience.

There was a feeling of vulnerable helplessness that served to make us deliciously apprehensive at this venue. It’s hard to describe the sensation of waiting outside a noisy roomful of anonymous spectators, dressed in gear that revealed and accentuated our highly charged sexual states, adequately. I found myself wobbling in high heels and trembling with a fast approaching orgasm. I held Cathy’s arm for support and waited, feeling myself getting wetter in my exposed vagina. The tension of waiting outside with our blindfolds on produced a sense of unease and yet I found myself immersed in a feeling of helplessness to prevent our forced exposure to unknown strangers in the room. I heard the haunting musical theme begin as the double doors were opened and I felt a slight tug on my chained clit. There was an audible gasp from the people in the room as we walked in. Even in spite of the humiliation that we suffered that night I found myself drawn like a moth to the flame. It was both the weirdest and yet most exciting thing that I had ever done.

I held my head high as I walked to the middle of the room, knowing by the shocked reactions of the occupants and the excited chatter that followed that we had made a real impact on their visual senses.

My initial fears only slightly subsided, as I felt Kens hands stop me when we reached the centre of the room. I had only watched a video of the movie, ‘The story of O.’ But I trusted Des and Ken to keep us safe.

The blindfolds were removed, after the music finished, and I could see that Cathy was equally fulfilled by the experience. Her body clearly revealed her advanced state of sexual excitement. By now we were both hopelessly addicted to showing our bodies in progressively more dangerous and erotic situations.

The room was full of both men and women in all manner of fetish gear. I was surprised to see so many men dressed as slaves and women role-playing as dominatrix mistresses. Some of them made me shudder with their probing salacious looks, eyeing our bodies appreciatively. I would never have believed the large number of people that indulged in such kinky behaviour. Some of the proposals and suggestions that Ken received, while he paraded us around the room, even made me blush. We would both be grateful when the show was over and we left with the members various orders.

Ken, the bastard, even used a soft riding whip on our bottoms as we were changing into the last outfits, to everybody’s amusement. I vowed that Cathy and I would tie him up and return the favour when we got home. I had to admit that it added to the dramatic impact of the situation and even although Cathy weakly protested, it did bring a lovely pink glow to her beautiful naked bottom.

We drove home, laughing and merrily calculating that the evening had been a wonderful experience, at least financially. The ongoing orders would be quite lucrative to us in the future. I decided that it would not be part of our regular routine to visit that club again, though. I had enjoyed the leering eyes of some of the men as they focused on my vaginal area but the women were just too creepy. Even at this point, I wasn’t used to being found sexually attractive to other women or touched intimately by them.

It was different with Cathy because I loved her as part of my family.

Cathy was still mildly annoyed with Ken that night and ignored him for a while, cuddling up to Des and I. I think he got her, none too subtle, message loud and clear. Our relationship was back to normal soon enough, however.

Cathy enjoyed double penetration too much to be angry with him for very long. We still had our small squabbles but we were always much too protective of our unique relationship to allow petty arguments to spoil things for us.

We prepared for our holidays that week whilst eagerly anticipating our completed renovations at Rome. Melissa and Tony were now renting the other lakeside property that the men had acquired and the men had David and Tony working on their latest project, a rundown older house elevated on a hill overlooking the entire district.

We planned to sell this one on completion of the work, before the summer was over. It had been unoccupied for years but enjoyed privacy among the trees with commanding views of the town centre and the lake. We calculated that the profit from the resale would allow us to purchase a further lakeside property. Des and Ken structured our loans so that the interest payments were almost negligible and were easily covered by rent, leaving the principal to be repaid when the values rose in a few years time.

The last weekend had been raining so we spent the time organising a lease on a brand new Jet Ski and trailer to tow behind our new convertible. Cathy and I would drive Des’s BMW up to the lake the day before to get things organised for the holiday.

Cathy and I set out early Thursday morning in Des’s car, taking our time and intending to alternate driving duties. Cathy couldn’t resist flashing her body so she took off her dress and put it in the back seat as I drove. She had new nipple jewellery with a gold chain to connect her two golden rings. I had to concentrate on my driving when we pulled alongside a rig but I could still see Cathy exhibiting and waving to the drivers. It made me remember the first time I had done the same. It was always a thrill for her and the rig drivers always responded well.

We were so alike, Cathy and I. We looked forward to our first night together, alone and without the men at Rome. I continued driving for the rest of the way, knowing that Cathy was enjoying the trip and not wishing to spoil her fun.

When we arrived we went straight to the lake for a refreshing swim. We couldn’t help noticing how serene and peaceful it was as we lay under a tree drying off before unpacking the car. We dreamed of the day when we could spend all our time here at Maple Lake. I drifted off to sleep.

“Wake up, Barb. Lunchtime!”

Cathy had unpacked the car and prepared lunch while I had been fast asleep. I felt guilty that she had done all this while I lay sleeping by the lake.

“God! I must have drifted off.” I apologised she helped me to my feet. She smiled warmly at me.

“You needed it after that long drive. I didn’t mind a bit, my love. Lets go and freshen up.” She suggested.

For the first time, I initiated the lovemaking that followed. I kissed her with passion and urgency as I led her to the bed, knowing that she was responding with greater enthusiasm than I often did. She was a true bi-sexual, gaining as much satisfaction from my own advances as she did with our men. She had known all along that I was less eager than she was, but she climaxed spontaneously as I lay her gently down stroking and kissing her. I had always felt guilty about having her lead our lovemaking together, instinctively aware that I was responding less enthusiastically than she would have liked. I was proud that on this occasion I had fulfilled her needs, initiating the action. Our bond grew even stronger that night as we enjoyed each other without male company. I surrendered entirely, any guilt about our previous encounters and she was happier than I had even seen her.

The next morning I drove into town to buy groceries and meat. Cathy and I explored the township facilities fully. Strangely, we had never had the chance to spend a whole day shopping at Maple Lake all by ourselves. On the last occasion we had to get back to the motel for lunch with our husbands.

We had an early lunch at a small coffee lounge before picking up the perishables and returning to Rome, much later in the day. We put everything away and tidied up the house. The bathroom was quite magnificent now, larger that the motel’s had been with two adjoining showerheads with a centre drain in the middle of a tiled floor and a bath with spa jets at the far end.

Open planned and spacious with two toilet cubicles nearer the door and two wash basin vanities between on one side of the wall. The builders had done a top job and it suited our needs perfectly. It was

a real transformation from the smaller, unattractive bathroom we had seen the first day.

Cathy and I showered together, planning the rest of the day and evening ahead. The men were expected to arrive late that night or maybe early the next morning. As they would be towing a trailer we figured they would leave late to avoid the traffic. We decided to rest until dinnertime. It was cloudy but still warm so I suggested we go out on the new deck and set up the deck furniture and lay down with a cold drink. It was still only around 3pm so the lake was tranquil.

Cathy had noticed a canoe that the young men had left by the boatshed with two paddles. She and I decided to go out for a paddle around the lake. As usual, while we were relaxing around the property we were both completely nude. We decided not to take any clothing with us. The only other craft on the lake were dinghies with fishermen, we assumed, because they weren’t moving about.

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