tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 09

Addicted to Attention Ch. 09


Kent had refurbished the entire room since they had bought the bungalow. Rick and Kent were standing near the far wall, wearing tight leather trousers and open shirts, with medallions hanging over their chests. Margaret was seated on the floor at Kent's feet, naked like Monique and also displaying breast and genital jewellery. I recovered my wits and I nervously smiled at Kent in greeting.

He spoke, in a soft voice.

"I hope we haven't shocked you my dears! If I didn't know you good people so well we may have warned you earlier. You know everyone here where we're going tonight, so I assume you're all interested in a bit of harmless fun. I brought costumes for everybody and my hope is that you would be gracious enough to allow me to dress you and lead you in to the show tonight. If you are all in agreement I would be honoured to be your 'Master' for the evening. I won't be offended if this doesn't appeal to all of you but you will find me a kind and generous man, used to having my way." He paused while we took in his words. "With your agreement of course."

We all looked at each other, dumbstruck and in partly in shock, searching for the right words to reply.

"Would you punish us without marking us if we deserve it, Sir?" I eventually stammered. My excitement at the prospect of accepting Kent as our Master for the evening was showing in a very Freudian way. "I mean--"

Kent interrupted with a wry smile

"I would never do anything without your agreement, and I will always respect what ever you all decide." He said, sincerely. "You have all pleased me and my friends enormously, so far. Please let me know what you decide over dinner." He paused to allow us to speak. We were all still in shock and stood there dumbfounded. Kent spoke again to reassure us.

"Whatever your decision, it will never affect our business relationship one way or the other. I will still help and guide you and I hope that we can keep this meeting strictly personal, with no hard feelings either way." Kent qualified his proposal.

Cathy looked at me and Des, then at Ken, all approving.

"Yes Sir, we all agree. Would it please you if we all sat down to dinner now. I'm starving!" She chuckled audaciously.

Kent smiled and indicated our places at the table, taking my shoulder gently and guiding me to the place he had set for me. Margaret sat next to me and we all spoke while Monique served our dinner, smiling serenely and paying special attention to Ken and Des as she dutifully attended to their needs. For tonight at least, as Kent would allow, I gathered that she would be happy to serve them sexually. She didn't need to remind Ken that she had lusted after him and my husband, Des.

We spent the next hour getting to know Kent a lot more intimately, with everybody in the room apparently happy with the turn of events. After dinner Margaret gave Cat and I new costumes that she had designed in the master bedroom and helped us into them while the men talked and Monique served their liquid needs, still naked.

She called Rick in to do our makeup while she got into her own chosen apparel. Rick had always been professional in his handling of our body makeup. His fingers lingered on this occasion, as he adjusted our clitoral rings, adding gold chain and attaching the chain to our costumes. As always, his touch was gentle but there was a much more personal feel to the way he touched our bodies that I found far more exciting. He clipped emerald attachments on to our nipple rings, his fingers lingering again over our erect nipples, stimulating them even more. He smiled, finally surveying his handy work and calling Monique in for her costume.

We walked back out to where the men were talking, almost orgasmic as the chain tugged on our engorged clits delightfully reminding us of the growing wetness between our legs.

"You will be allowed the opportunity to clean up on the way, my little doves! I'm aware of your needs and wouldn't embarrass you." Kent said softly.

"Rick and Ken will bring the convertible and Des will drive the Limo when we drive to Taylor's Ridge tonight. If you agree, I will ride with Des in the front and you ladies can stay in the back of the Lincoln with Margaret and Monique." Then in a sharper even more authoritative tone. "Do you agree!"

"Yes Sir!" We answered in unison as we came alongside him, walking in small steps to relieve the approaching orgasms that were nearly overwhelming both of us by this time. This night promised to be the most deliciously exciting night of our lives as both Cat and I began to shudder with the first orgasmic wave. We still had not felt Kent's touch. His soothing voice and Des's obvious pride in the way we were dressed and made up sufficient to orgasm without shame, just imagining the evening ahead.

On the way over to the club we talked to Margaret and Monique in the comfort of the limousine as it noiselessly sped toward Taylor's Ridge, feeling the warm air circulating around my exposed genitals. Margaret instructed us on ways to please Kent by keeping our knees twelve inches apart and our skirts, if we wore any, up when we sat so that our we could feel the upholstery on our naked bottoms. We had already discussed the 'Story of O.' and Kent had used that scenario often when he took her and Monique out socialising. He was mindful of our concerns regarding disease and always checked out any potential partners before exposing his ladies to any risky situation. For many years they hadn't shared their lives with anyone else.

"I hope you ladies don't mind sharing your sexual favours with us?" She asked, unexpectedly. "It's better to get that out in the open, Don't you agree?"

Cat was overjoyed, her eyes shone and her body radiated with warmth as she realised that we were being welcomed into Margaret's family for expanded sexual play. We had all discussed the possibility but the reality was almost overwhelming. Kent was an experienced Master and we looked forward to pleasing him, more now than ever before.

I looked at Cat and answered her with a nod.

"I was hoping you would ask, Margaret" I said softly. "You don't know how often I was close to asking you and Kent lately but I thought I might be misreading your interest in us. We all talked about it and we would love to get a bit closer if that's what you have in mind."

Over the forty minute drive Cat and I learned that Margaret and Monique had been pierced for many years and were now able to take out their jewellery for longer periods of time at will, but Kent and Rick preferred them to decorate their bodies when they were alone or in appropriate situations. Margaret had designed a complete new range of apparel that was crafted, as ours was tonight, to maximise the sexual sensations beyond mere exhibitionism. Cat and I already discovered that at the bungalow, earlier in the evening. The outfit design that I wearing tonight put stiff upward pressure on my breasts and the chain attached to the corset stimulated my clitoris with every single movement of my body. It accentuated my sexuality whilst exposing my private parts in a way that none of her previous designs had.

Margaret unlocked Monique with a small golden key and extracted the padlocked device. Monique shook with excitement at her intimate touch, closed her eyes and groaned in ecstasy. She began to shudder.

"You should never be ashamed to demonstrate the way my designs affect your body." Margaret was saying as if she was reading my thoughts. "Orgasm brings a glow to a woman's complexion that mere makeup cannot simulate. Your body looks exciting and vital, glowing and desirable, a true celebration of womanhood." She indicated toward Monique. "See what I mean!"

Cat was listening intently as Margaret instructed us not to be embarrassed, but proudly demonstrate the delights of wearing Kent's Creations apparel to the envious spectators. She told me that our modelling of last years line had demonstrated our unique ability to convey the desirability of her designs. Both she and Monique had seen this at our last showing at the boutique but had slipped away before the show finished, on Kent's instructions.

It felt strange, sitting at traffic lights practically naked and right alongside of other traffic. We were watching people that often seemed to be looking directly at us, safe in the knowledge that nobody could see the interior of the limousine with it's one way glass windows. The centre glass panel was raised obscuring the view ahead and we couldn't hear any conversation between Kent and Des. We were feeling more confident by the time the car drew up to park next to a three story building in a darkened side street.

The men all went inside as we waited in the warm comfortable interior of the plush passenger compartment, tension building as Cat and I shifted nervously. Rick opened the door and climbed in to adjust our costumes and makeup and help us into the high heeled shoes that he brought for us to wear. Cat and I were blindfolded, and the older ladies assisted and led us out of the car. Kent already knew of the additional anticipation of danger that thrilled both of us so, prior to the showings at the boutique. He enjoyed the dramatic effects on our bodies when we were unable to see the audience prior to those shows.

Tonight we all gasped, as the cold night air stimulated our naked breasts and pubic regions and we were led into the foyer. Kent had insisted that our coats were left at his home, correctly sensing that this would add to the thrill and drama of the occasion. Cat and I were more used to walking in these high heeled shoes and carefully, taking small dainty steps, made our way inside.

There were voices, both male and female audible now and I gripped Cat's arm sensing her nervous terror. We knew we were being looked over by unknown spectators. There is alway's a sense of dread and extreme vulnerability in being observed so intimately whilst naked and blindfolded. Even Des and Ken knew this, from the last show that Ken had arranged in the city. The foyer area was cold and I could sense that it was a large atrium with stairs either side as I could hear footsteps descending on either side of the room. The muted conversations were becoming much louder as we stood, waiting for exposure toward an even larger unknown audience.

I started to tremble as I felt my nipples harden and grow and my labia stiffen in anticipation. I subconsciously moved my feet further apart, for stability, trying to relieve the growing pressure of my throbbing clitoris as we continued to wait. I sensed that I was exposing my moistened vagina even further in doing so but it steadied my body more comfortably for the time that we all stood there.

"Remember Barbara, don't be embarrassed, you're looking great." Margaret whispered to me. "Monique and I have experienced all this and more. It's so exciting." She squeezed my shoulder.

She whispered similar encouragements to Cat as I struggled to regain my confidence and composure.

Finally the doors opened and we were walking into a warmer room and increasing noise as we were put on display to an obviously crowded room. Although I was getting wetter I held my head high as music started and I heard an announcer present us all as honoured guests this evening. I was grateful when Kent finally removed my blindfold and I could see Cat's had already been removed. Her body, like mine, was flushed and radiant. Her decorated nipples were enlarged and swollen and she was smiling at me. Her eyes were glistening with pride and I could see that she had enjoyed her entrance to the club as much as I had.

Margaret had been right, she looked vital and desirable as we joined hands and moved toward an elevated platform where our men stood waiting. My brief assessment of our surroundings revealed a younger crowd of mixed company sitting around the tables, similar to the Revue Bar at Rose Valley but in a much larger room, with polished wooden floors like a ball room. Monique and Margaret followed us up the steps to stand on either side of us in front of the men, as the entire room applauded us warmly. The announcer, having first quietened the room, announced the beginning of the very first fashion show the club had ever had.

Behind the stage area was a dressing room with toilets and showers and our gear was laid out in the order of showing. The men had been busy and, not unlike the boutique, the dressing room was comfortably decorated and familiar. Kent asked us to parade around the room in the gear we were in, stopping at the tables and conversing with the occupants. We could allow touching if we were comfortable with that, so that the audience could feel the quality of the merchandise. We were at a closed membership club so there were no legal reason to stop us getting closer to the audience and letting them touch us as long as we didn't object. It was different to the strip club in that respect and I wondered what it would feel like to be caressed by total strangers while I interacted with them. Kent was giving us his permission to enjoy the experience if we wished.

Nervously we stepped down from the stage and made our way to the audience, anticipating the delights that we had been given permission to experience but with a sense of dread on my part. Cat and I had not been to the toilet since we arrived. A combination of nervous tension brought on by waiting blindfolded earlier had taken it's toll and I felt I needed to pee.

The first round seemed to go on forever as Monique and Margaret left the stage to prepare the dressing room. Luckily, nobody touched us indecently but some of the women examined the leather corset that I was wearing and looked at my nipple jewellery, asking how it felt and other time consuming questions. I didn't wish to be rude to them but I indicated that I would spend more time with them after the next costume change.

By the time we reached the dressing room we were both desperate to pee and we rushed to the toilet. Cat and I felt a sense of relief and regained composure as we vacated our bladders. We were also very wet having orgasmed, as discretely as possible, twice already. It was a joy to clean ourselves up and freshen up our perfume before going around the tables again. It would have been far too humiliating to be touched and stimulated beforehand.

The whole scene was more pleasant than our previous appearance with Ken and Des at the other club. As we set about changing and showing off the other items left, Monique joined us and we made our way independently around different areas of the room.

We were all propositioned and touched intimately at various times, but only with our permission. I allowed one couple to play with my exposed bottom, as I leaned over the table with my legs apart, but I forbade their probing fingers from any penetration. As strange as it may seem, any humiliation that I should have felt was compensated by the knowledge that I could have stopped their sensuous and intimate touching at any time that I chose. Instead, I took pride in allowing them to pleasure me to the point of orgasm on occasion and delighted in the understanding way that they smiled when my body began to convulse. I was truly in charge and I enjoyed giving them pleasure. I allowed both men and women to stimulate my breasts and even my vaginal lips occasionally when I opened up to them, knowing the limits that we had set were being observed. I found it to be far more exciting than the atmosphere at the strip club and sensual touching of my genitals by complete strangers made me thoroughly wet. By now, I wasn't the least bit embarrassed to display my pleasure openly in front of the members of the club. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, smiling serenely at those that gave me pleasure. Kent was pleased with us and asked us to go out on stage, totally naked, with him at the conclusion of the show. He wished us to demonstrate the various submissive positions of a sex slave at his command.

Des, Margaret and Ken were taking orders and dealing with the many customers so unfortunately, Des probably missed the most erotic demonstrations. I was proud to display in front of Kent, only once hesitating to comply at once. The look in his eyes was enough to reprimand me, reminding me that I must always obey him straight away. A crowd of patrons were gathered eagerly around the stage and Kent had me assume a yoga position which opened my vaginal lips fully as he inserted a small anal plug and caused me to orgasm in front of a sea of eager faces. I turned bright red, partly from the exertion of maintaining the position but mostly from the embarrassment that I felt from being put on display in this way. To further compound my lowly position, he asked me to thank him for being so lenient.

"Thank you Master." I managed haltingly as the men in front of me applauded his control over my body. It was so humiliating but I learned my lesson and it gave me a sense of pride that I had followed his instruction without argument. Monique had always obeyed without a murmur so Cat and I followed Kent's instructions to the letter after that. Kent left the anal plug inside my bottom.

"Now don't lose it, my little dove." He instructed.

I nodded quickly. He smiled. I had been told not to speak unless I had to. The anal plug made so it much harder to walk in a ladylike manner.

Rick was packing up all the gear as Kent led his three slaves, naked and totally compliant, as he toured the rest of the facilities of the club. He stopped occasionally, to talk to other Masters.

"Ahh! I see you do enjoy submission." Said a familiar voice. A man similar in stature to Kent spoke to him. "May I examine Slave Barbara for a moment?" He introduced himself to Kent. I gathered that he was the man that I had spoken to earlier at the club. The Club secretary. I lowered my eyes and clenched my anal plug, making my discomfort obvious. The man led Kent away out of earshot. They were talking earnestly and I saw Kent give the man a pair of latex gloves. I tingled with a weird mixture of fear and excitement, having some idea that they were talking about me. Once the men started to walk back toward us they seemed to have a new understanding and Kent was smiling.

"This is Sir Gideon, Barbara my dear. He admired our show earlier on and asked me if he could show us around the Gentlemen's Club." He explained. "He has my permission to examine you. Do you agree?" He raised his voice sharply.

"Yes Sir--Thank you Master." I heard myself speak softly but I had no idea of what lay ahead. I desperately wanted to please Kent this time though. I trusted what Margaret had told me on the way to the club. Kent would keep us all safe, I told myself.

"Come with me then!" Sir Gideon went ahead, beckoning all of us to follow him. He took us to a large room with all manner of kinky restraint and suspension devices, far more sophisticated than the one we had invented at home. Other people were using them and it reminded me of some of the illustrations in the books that Margaret had loaned us. The musky scent of sex pervaded the room but the other occupants were merely carrying on with their activity, practically ignoring our presence. Cat's eyes opened wide and I shared her nervousness. We both began to tremble uncontrollably at the same time. I looked at Monique and noticed her eyes were glistening with anticipation and she was appearing to accept the situation that we were confronted with without any noticeable alarm. Her naked body was firm with desire and her nipples were unusually enlarged. She had evidently been in this situation before and was apparently looking forward to whatever lay ahead of us.

"Come with me, my dear Barbara." Sir Gideon's cultured English accent invaded my thoughts. It was not so much of an invitation but an order. I raised my eyes toward Kent but he was merely nodding his head without speaking to me. Like a robot, I hesitantly walked toward Sir Gideon as he stood beside a vacant bed-like device with velvet ropes hanging from all four corners. He noticed my trembling and smiled reassuringly.

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