tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 10

Addicted to Attention Ch. 10


Sir Gideon asked me to try the equipment in the room for comfort, smiling at me reassuringly.

"Please be gentle with me Sir. I've never been examined like this before." Indicating the velvet ropes at each corner of the device with my eyes before lowering them again.

"Your safe word?" He asked abruptly, his smile vanished.

"Kent." I replied softly. Another Freudian choice, I realised as soon as I said it. That was the second time tonight that I had let my intrigue about Kent and his strange penchant for this unusual lifestyle slip from my lips. It was obvious that I needed to be under control by somebody other than my husband. Wordlessly I lay down and opened up my arms and legs to allow him to secure me to the unusual examination couch to his entire satisfaction. It was the first time that I had surrendered myself this way to a total stranger but I could see Kent, Cathy and Monique watching me as they walked around the room.

When he finished securing me he smiled again as he pulled on the latex gloves that Kent had given him. I noticed that his fingers were long and his nails we well trimmed. Whatever he did for a living, his hands had never done any sort of manual work. Despite my exposed position I grew wetter before his piercing eyes and I could sense that my clit was fully engorged. It was rigid with anticipation. I closed my eyes, partly because of my embarrassment and also because I didn't want to appear arrogant. Margaret had instructed me that it was expected that I shouldn't look a Master directly in the eyes, in this very sort of situation.

"Very good, my dear." His rich voice reached my ears. "You may watch while I show your friends how this couch operates."

He pushed a button and suddenly I felt pressure under my bottom as the top half of my body was lifted in the air and my bonds tightened on both my wrists and my ankles. I opened my eyes wide in alarm as the pressure became uncomfortably noticeable.

"There! That's better." Sir Gideon exclaimed with a sigh. "Now I can see what I'm doing." He flexed his fingers. "Just relax my dear and this won't hurt you a bit." He purred.

I felt my anal plug being gently removed and being replaced by two long probing fingers. At the same time he opened my vagina tenderly and probed inside my entrance. With my arms and legs fully stretched and securely held by velvet ropes, I realised that the lower half or the device had slipped away and my genitals were totally exposed to his touch. By this time I had surrendered any embarrassment that I had felt earlier as I bucked and convulsed with imminent release and vocalised my enjoyment in the usual way. The fact that strangers were in the room no longer mattered. This man seemed to know a great deal about a woman's anatomy and sensed when I was about to explode in helpless orgasmic release. He made a sharp movement and withdrew his fingers and then squeezed my nipples as hard as he could. I heard a piercing scream as I orgasmed again and again, realising it was my own voice as I bucked and squirmed with delight.

"Isn't she delightful." Sir Gideon was talking to Kent. " I knew that she would be quite special when I first laid eyes on her."

He and Kent were watching me enjoy the powerful climax that he had induced. "Leave the details of our arrangement to me, my friend."

Without as much as a backward glance, Sir Gideon left the room with one last parting remark. "Enjoy yourself, my friends."

What did he mean by arrangement? As I gathered my wits and Cat was given Kent's permission to release me, I pondered that question as my breathing returned to normal. I never would have believed that a total stranger would take my breath away with no sexual penetration by his penis. I was still bewildered when Cathy was asked to try a suspension device while Monique brought her to ecstasy with her oral technique, and then later reversed roles. I watched in awe, at her enthusiasm, as Cat skilfully brought Monique to an ear splitting orgasm, continuing to stimulate her until she nearly passed out.

I can't begin to describe the feeling of pride and wonderment as I took my place on the device, opening myself to the advances of all three of my friends as they satisfied me in all areas of my being.

I was weak-kneed when I put my shoes back on and made my way to the limousine with the other ladies, still naked, wearing only high heeled shoes and my waist chain and sank into the plush seating. I hadn't even noticed the cold night air as Kent escorted us all to the open rear door, closing it after making us all comfortable and kissing us tenderly.

"What a night!" I whispered to the other ladies. "That man that examined me really knew what he was doing." I whispered excitedly. "I couldn't have said the safe word, even if I had wanted to."

Margaret just smiled.

"You haven't been with Kent yet. You just wait, my dear."

We talked, swapping our experiences and touching and kissing among ourselves, as we drove back to Maple Lake. It was three in the morning by the time we went inside Kent's bungalow so we stayed for the rest of the night. By agreement, we all slept together until later on that morning and spent the rest of the day, after breakfast and showering, having the most outrageous sexual encounters with each other as one family.

Kent was a real stud, very well endowed, with a metal stud through the knob of his penis that excited me as well as Cat from the first moment we saw it. I had never been with a pierced man before and begged him, as he entered my vagina, to take it slowly as I wasn't sure how it might affect my internal organs. I had pleased him orally beforehand and it felt smooth to the touch of my tongue but I was still quite concerned, knowing I knew he would stretch me further and penetrate me deeper than I had ever experienced before.

I faced him and lowered myself onto his member, hovering astride him he lay still to allow me to sink lower and thus control the action. He was a considerate lover, letting me lower myself at my own pace until I had all of him inside me. I had been penetrated as deeply before, with an artificial penis, but the feeling of accomplishment and the human warmth of his penis was amazing.

At the age of twenty-seven I had only had four other penises actually enter me until now. I knew that Cat had enjoyed more that twice my number of lovers. She was brought up by far more permissive parents and had enjoyed her first lover at the age of fifteen. Des was only my third serious boyfriend and although last night's amazing performance would belie my inexperience, {I still couldn't believe what I had freely allowed with so many complete strangers} I was still relatively virginal when it came to counting other partners.

As I lay there with his enormous penis deep inside me, Des lubricated my bottom. I must have tightened my vaginal muscles as he did so. Kent reassured me by gently rocking me back and forth and whispering in my ear. At least it was Des. I could hardly refuse him.

I relaxed and allowed my husband to enter my anus and began to move. I had never been so fully penetrated and orgasmed almost immediately, the release making me more reckless in my movements. Des climaxed first and I felt him explode his hot sperm. Des withdrew then Rick mounted me, sliding his penis fully into my lubricated anal canal. I looked at Kent, but he smiled and reassured me so I allowed myself to be anally pleasured yet again. I felt the pressure build as Rick expended his seed inside me as well. I was thankful that Ken was occupied with Monica and Cathy as I was getting a bit sore around my sphincter muscles. Being stretched as I had been, with Kent's penis still inside me, I raised my hips until my vaginal muscle was almost at the tip of Kent's throbbing member. I then lowered myself more quickly as I found the stud of his pierced penis stimulating.

I rode him faster now until he spurted his hot sperm deep inside me. He was concerned and he asked me if I was all right as I gingerly raised my hips off him, to clean up in the bathroom.

"I'm fine now, thank you sir." I said, without thinking.

"Would it please you if I helped you clean up?" I knew that Kent liked to shower between partners from my conversations in the back of the limousine. I was also unsure how long to keep up with the Master/ Slave relationship. "Just instruct me Sir and I will be very happy to do whatever pleases you." I stammered awkwardly.

"You and your family pleased me more than I could tell you last night." Kent began, as the others were otherwise occupied. "As you know, I have always respected you and your family. Last night we enjoyed an incredible evening and I certainly hope we may do it again soon. I would like you to call me whatever you wish today. Our business relationship will remain unchanged. It is my wish, that when your family leaves here today, you will talk together about your experiences. If any of you don't wish to repeat the light bondage discipline then I will understand. If you do, however, I know that we have much to teach you and experiences to share that will thrill you more and more as time goes on. Perhaps we can teach each other. If you all decide to continue just let me know."

I was enthralled and humbled. This man, for whom I had enormous respect, recognised me as the head of my family. He was allowing me to make a conscious decision and let him know before proceeding along the path begun last night. I kissed him.

"Thanks Kent, we'll have an answer for you as soon as possible.

He grinned.

"By the way, you made a lot of money last night and all the profits belong to you by right. Whatever you decide." He said mysteriously.

I had just concluded having sex with my boss, both of us still naked and this wonderful man acted as though he had just concluded a business meeting. I was beginning to love him all the more.

"There's gotta be an upside somewhere." I giggled as I ran to the shower, holding myself from spilling his seed on the floor.

I knew he wouldn't take offence, as Kent and Margaret had an amazing sense of humour, a brilliant lifestyle and a sense of adventure that I hoped to equal.

We stayed for the rest of the day, that Thursday, enjoying our new relationship. During the time remaining, everybody in the room experienced vaginal and anal sex in every possible combination. Margaret and Rick had also combined at one point, much to my surprise. I had mixed feelings about allowing Kent anal sex with me though. I was still a little sore in this area but I promised him that I would try to accommodate him at some later time and he seemed to understand. I was pleased that he wasn't about to make an issue of it. Monique and Margaret persuaded Kent and Rick to stay on for the weekend and make business arrangements on the phone. It was pointless to return to the city for only one full day. I spoke to Kent and agreed to discuss the issues of the relationship fully with the others as no doubt, he would with his own family. We agreed to spend Thursday night and Friday separately to allow some free space for discussion. I had already made up my mind.

The weather on Friday was improving but we discussed at length between our group, all the possible negative implications of sexual involvement with Kent's friends. There were a few, but the additional freedom from constraint and the additional security that the other group offered heavily outweighed any negative elements. Not surprisingly, I was elected to deal with Kent alone if possible, to resolve any issues that may arise. My darling Des actually suggested this and the others agreed straight away, wholeheartedly.

Cat, when we were alone, confided to me that the experience of taking Kent anally, while riding Ken, was the experience of a lifetime. She had never felt so accomplished as a woman. I told her that I would have loved to try it but my sphincter muscles were still too inflamed and I wanted the experience to be perfect, when it happened.

We discussed the full details of allowing intimate touching by the members of the club as we had made our way around. I was still rather incredulous that we had permitted ourselves to orgasm so publicly and enjoyed the caresses of complete strangers in this way.

We decided in the end that the permissive atmosphere of the crowd, the excitement of the occasion and of being subservient to Kent had combined in a very unique way. Cathy and I had long abandoned any remaining inhibitions we may have had. Being mastered by Kent, who we knew would not permit penetration by any unknown individual, had protected us from going any further. In the heat of the moment this may easily have happened without Kent's instructions.

Kent's experience and respect had been invaluable in the situation. I trusted him implicitly, to protect us from allowing our emotions to override our better judgement and keep us safe. Cat agreed that she had thoroughly enjoyed the liberated yet controlled experience of allowing intimate fondling of our sex organs by strangers, to the point of orgasm. Exhibitionism was relatively unexciting, although we always enjoyed that as well. Under Kent's experienced guidance we could enjoy our continuing sexual education as Margaret and Monique obviously had.

Monique was totally subservient to Kent as he, alone, held the key to unlock the entrance to her vagina. We all suspected that she was an otherwise uncontrolled nymphomaniac. Kent controlled her, largely for her own and more importantly the group's safety. It had been obvious to all of us, the relish with which she had engaged in sexual activity the moment Kent unlocked her vagina and removed her butt plug on our return last night. She was totally under his control, willingly submitting to any command that he gave. Her flawless body was a testament to Kent's gentle authority over her sexual desires. It was evident to all of us that he wasn't sadistic. Many of the others in the club last night were a lot different. Cat and I had both noticed the scars and burn marks on many of the women, as well as some of the men, as we made our way around the room. I shuddered when remembering the deeply scarred breasts and genitals of some of the women in that room.

I would willingly kill any man that attempted to disfigure Cat or myself in those disgusting ways. I just can't believe that any sane woman would willingly allow the mutilation of their breasts and vaginas, evident on some of the women. I had never before seen a woman with her labia and clitoris totally removed by crude surgery, or with deep scars where their nipples had been. I had heard that the practice of this barbaric ritual was common in some countries but the reality of seeing European women so horrifically scarred had almost made me sick.

I had purposely refused the touch, intimate or otherwise, of the men in the company of those women. Fortunately, they had accepted my refusal with no argument and I had moved on, doing my best to forget as I allowed the more pleasant groups at other tables almost totally unrestricted access to my body parts when they asked me.

I believe that this mutual pleasure assisted me to forget what I had seen. There was no denying that both Cat and I had thoroughly enjoyed our submissive behaviour with Kent and his family. For the first time we were truly liberated by our experiences at the club. We felt that we could be ourselves and unafraid to express our pleasure in front of strangers.

To Be Continued...

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