tagHumor & SatireAddicted to Feedback

Addicted to Feedback

byCaroline Covington©

I wonder how my story's doing? There must be some feedback by now. No! I shouldn't log on. I checked two hours ago, and I've got heaps to do. Look at all the paperwork! And I haven't even thought about supper yet. If anything, I should go for a run and get some fresh air. Oh shit! The package! I better take care of that right away.

But, damn it, look how it's glowing at me. It's so friendly and inviting. I'm sure there's some feedback by now. Oh, what the hell. I'll just give it a quick check. God, I'm pathetic.

Welcome, Caroline!
You have 14 unread messages
Fourteen messages! Yes! My inbox overfloweth, heh heh! Let me take my jeans off.

You're stories are well written, but they don't do it for me. You sound full of yourself.
"You're stories"? Good fucking grief. Talk about a cold shower. Bitch.


My dick's gonna be hard all day in your honor, thinking about the dirty way that you talk and behave. I'd like to give it to you up your ass. I bet you'd like that, you clever slut!
Hmmm. At least he's got 'your' right. Next.

I love your pic! Care to share a few more?
What about the story?!? What the fuck?

Who the hell has ten thongs? Your story is completely lacking in realism. Utter bullshit.
Ten thongs is a lot? She'd dry up and turn to dust if she heard the real number. You're married to the wrong guy.

What a great story! I'd love to plant my 8 inches of manhood into your hot wet pussy and fuck your brains out. I'd spurt my load deep into your cunt!
Eight inches? Everybody's got 8 inches on this site. Oh well—he did mention the story.

You sound hot! We should chat and get to know each other. You never know: We could end up meeting and having some fun!
You bet.


I loved your most recent story. Many thanks! It is crafted in such an exquisite way.
"crafted… exquisite…" Oh yeah! That's better. I think I should take my panties off.

You have a unique gift for creating titillating prose.
You have a wonderful gift for titillating my nipples! Look at them! Oh, God, they're good and hard! Go on, touch them! Give them a pinch! A little bit harder… Yes, just like that!

Your story is simply fantastic. It's one of the rare stories that creates longing in not only the groin, but also the heart and soul.
Oh my God, this guy's hot! I've got to hang a leg on the armrest. Mmmm. I'm nice and slick, sweetheart. Have a taste. Come on, don't be shy. Stick your tongue in!

Your intellect shows in all that you write, and for me that is the source of all sexuality.
Oh, you sexy dish! I'll show you more than my intellect. Come on, baby, have a good look! You want it wider? Here! How's this?!

This story is both a literary work of art and an erotic tale of passion and desire.
The L word! Yes! You gorgeous man! Fuck me! Give me that vibrator! How do you like my cunt, honey? It's yours for the taking!

Your use of language was beautiful. I especially applaud your refusal to dumb down the vocabulary.
"…language… vocabulary…" Oh, fuck, yeah! Buzz my clit! Right there! That's it! You do it so good! Fuck, I'm going to explode!

Bravo! Write a novel. Yours is some of the very best erotic writing I've had the pleasure of reading. It's hot, tasteful and beautifully balanced.
Holy fuck! Novel! He said novel! God, I'm so wet! Come on and find out how hot and tasteful my pussy is, you hunk, you! Get that vibrator deep! Yes! Oh fuck, that feels good!

It is refreshing to read erotica written by someone with impeccable grammar.
Oh shit! Fuck, yes! Grammar! He hit my G-spot! And he saved it for the very end! This guy's a stud! Can you hear that? That's my cunt squishing! It's all for you, Tiger! Fuck me! Yeah! That's it! There! Fuck my cunt! Yeah! Make me gush! Right there! Oh Fuck! Yes! Yes! YES! OH YES!

ahhhhhhh…..… phew… I needed that.

Fuck! It's Chris! What's he doing home so early?!

"For Fuck's Sake, Caroline! Why is this package still in the front hallway? You promised you'd get it to the courier before noon!"

oh shit…

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by Dick8808/02/17

Made my day! :)

Best work of intentional humorous fiction that I've read in a long time.

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