tagErotic CouplingsAddicted to Love Ch. 02

Addicted to Love Ch. 02


Another guy walked into the kitchen where Amy and Brad had been talking over several beers, catching up. Once the guy was gone, Amy knew what she had to do. Courage flowed through her body as she stepped just a little closer to Brad. After a brief moment of silence, she finally spoke up. "Hey, I know neither of us are that sociable and since we've been hiding out here in the kitchen anyways..." she paused for a moment, looking up directly into Brad's beautiful blue eyes. "Would you maybe want to just come over to my place? It's more quiet." she finally finished. Giving her that sexy grin of his, Brad agreed. She wanted to kiss him right then and there but held back. Oh, that smile of his. She was in deep...

Amy and Brad thanked their friend for inviting them over before leaving. The short taxi ride there was quiet but when she glanced over at Brad, he gave her another one of those great smiles of his. She knew the rest of the evening was going to be fun. Brad jumped out first and offered Amy his hand to help her out, which she gladly accepted. Even the light touch sparked something in her. Brad followed her up the few steps to her apartment and waited as she unlocked the door. It took Amy a moment longer than usual, feeling Brad's body right up behind her made me fumble with her keys at first. No man had ever flustered her the way he always did and was doing at that moment. Did he know how he was effecting her? She hoped she wasn't too obvious but she didn't have much control of her body when around him.

Walking into the dark apartment, Amy quickly turned on the living room light as Brad shut and locked the door behind them. Amy went to slip her heels off, wanting to be more comfortable but she began to lose her balance. Brad grabbed her quickly, moving his arms around her waist while she slipped her feet out of her heels, both of them laughing. Once her shoes were off, Amy turned around to face Brad, his arms still around her gently. "I love your laugh" he whispered to her, both of them still grinning at each other. Amy places her hands gently on his chest, looking down at her hands a moment before looking back up into his eyes again. Tilting her head up to him, she softly grabs his shirt in her hands and pulls him down to her, closing her eyes just as their lips meet for the first time. The feeling of his soft lips against hers causes a soft gasp to escape her.

They hold the soft innocent kiss for a moment, both of them feeling their heart rate increasing. She takes in a deep breath through her nose, smelling the invigorating scent of him and she's officially all his. Slightly parting their lips, she captures his bottom lip between her's. She feels Brad tighten his hold on her, pulling her closer to him. Feeling a bit playful, she gently takes his bottom lip between her teeth and giving it a slight tug. She can feel his mouth form a smile and she moves her hands up to his shoulders before shifting up to the sides of his neck, her thumbs grazing his jaw line. The moment she feels the dampness of his tongue against her own, she moans softly, wanting to taste more of him. Brad's hands move down her body, grabbing her ass with both strong hands to pull her harder against him and this time Amy can feel how hard he is against her. Kissing him slow and deep, she softly moans again at the fact that he is turned on by her.

Heart damn near pounding out of her chest, Amy pulls back, breaking the best kiss she's ever experienced. Seeing the desire burning in her eyes, Brad leans down to her neck and plants a soft kiss on her smooth fair skin. His hands still on her ass, he gives her a light playful slap that causes her to jolt and smile. He moves his lips just below her earlobe, giving her skin another feather light kiss. In his low seductive voice, he whispers in her ear, "I have to confess, I've wanted you since the moment I saw you." Hearing this made Amy want to cum right then. Looking back at her, she gives him a short and soft kiss on those incredible lips of his before slowly backing up. She walks backwards a few feet, using her right index finger to signal "come hither" so he will follow her. A mischievous grin comes across his handsome face and he begins to follow her. When Amy turns around, Brad can't help but to check out her curvacious body. Even though still fully dressed, he can imagine her soft skin from her shoulders down her back, her lovely hips that he can't wait to grab a hold of, that ass of her's that he would love to grab and smack again, and the back of her long legs...how he wanted to feel those legs wrapped around him.

Once in her bedroom, Amy turns the lamp on that sits on her nightstand, the lighting is perfect. Plugging her iPhone into the speaker dock, she sets the music to playing low so it's not too distracting. She turns around to see Brad at the foot of her bed, watching her every move. He had been to her place before, seen her room when she gave him the tour a while back but he wasn't interested in anything but her. Having been there many times before, he knew his way around the rest of the apartment but at this moment he was focused on finally fulfilling the desire of getting into her bed...and into her. Nearly every time they spoke, even via email, she would get him rock hard without even trying. He was crazy about her and sensed she felt the same way about him, or at least he hoped she had. It appears tonight he was getting his answer.

Walking over to Brad, Amy kept her eyes glued to his as the music played softly behind her. It took a moment to begin but once she started to move, "Addicted To Love" by Florence + The Machine began to play. 'How appropriate', she thought to herself. Once in front of him again, Brad took her face in his hands and kissed her hard and deep. He needed to taste her sweet lips and soft tongue again. He couldn't get enough of her, and she was thinking the exact same thing. His hands held her face soft but firm as he kissed her passionately. Amy could feel her body heat rising quickly, her pulse racing even more and she was getting that hazy feeling. Placing her hands on his chest she moved them down his body, letting them slip under his shirt so she could feel his warm abdomen against her soft palms and fingertips. Letting go of her face and breaking the kiss, Brad lifted his shirt up and off of him, tossing it on the floor in front of her dresser.

Amy's eyes grazed over his now naked upper body, standing right in front of her. Her soft hands roamed across his skin, working their way up his stomach to his chest, shoulders, down his arms and then found their way back down to his stomach again. She looked up at him as she began to unfasten his belt. She could hear his breathing quicken as he stared down at her, admiring her. As she started to slowly unbutton and unzip his jeans, he reached around her to unzip her skirt, pushing it just past her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Her nude colored lace panties were now revealed and he ran his fingertips along the sides of them, feeling the material. Before he knew it, his pants had slipped down to his ankles so he could step out of them. Amy looked down to see the outline of his stiff cock in his boxer briefs. Her eyes widened and she couldn't wait to have him completely naked in front of her.

Brad's hands moved up her sides, catching her blouse, signaling for her to lift her arms. She did so, letting him remove the clothing from her body, leaving her in her matching bra and panties. He knew she had a larger chest but he had never seen them so exposed before. He needed to see more of her. Before he could reach behind her though, she softly kissed his lips again. This time, she started moving her soft gentle kisses down his body....his chest, his stomach and within seconds she was on her knees in front of him. He peered down at the woman he had been wanting as she planted her kisses just above the band of his boxer briefs. She slowly tugged at the band to pull them down, halfway reaching in and wrapping the fingers of her right hand around the base of his cock. She could feel him throbbing in her hand already. Her slight touch causing him to sigh and his stomach muscles tightened for a second.

She continued to move his boxer briefs until they were completely down his legs and his cock was officially free of the tight material. But soon something else would be tightly around it. Amy stared at his cock for a moment, realizing how big and hard he was. Her hand stroking the length of him, feeling every inch of him in her hand. Bringing her left hand up, she let her fingertips graze across his inner thigh before gently cupping his balls, giving them a slight squeeze. Staring back up at Brad with her big blue eyes, she wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, allowing her tongue to move across the very tip and she heard him moan at the feeling. Moving her lips back off of him, she moved closer to him so her tongue was at the base of the underside of his shaft. Slowly, inch by inch, she licked her way up his shaft. Once she reached the top again, she moved her lips back around him, taking half of his length in her mouth and sucking gently. He watched her, reaching down to touch her face softly and then run his fingers through her hair. "Oh, sweetie..." he finally spoke, moaning again as she sucked his dick.

She moved him further into her mouth, taking almost his entire length while increasing suction and letting her tongue massage the underside of his shaft. Brad couldn't take much more or she was going to make him cum already. He had imagined her doing this before but never realized how amazing her mouth would feel on him. Touching her face again to get her attention, he spoke in a low voice, "Come here.." and started to guide her back up to him. When Amy was finally standing back up in front of him he pressed his lips against her's and guided her back against the bed, laying her down the center of it gently. He climbed on top of her, slipping between her legs as she spread them for him. He could feel the sides of her legs move against his hips. His lips moved to her jaw and then down her neck. With each kiss to her neck and throat, his tongue would leave a wet mark that would cause a tingling sensation on her skin the second the cool air came into contact with it.

She arched her back slightly, perfect timing for him to reach around her to unhook her bra. Holding himself up with one arm, he used the other to help her remove the lace flesh colored bra. He could barely contain himself when he finally saw her breasts. Fair skin, light pink nipples and large ample breasts..better than he ever imagined. His lips placed a light kiss in the very center of her chest before moving to her left breast first. He kissed her soft flesh before taking the pale pink nipple in his mouth, his tongue lapping over it and tasting her. Her body reacted quickly, sensitive to his actions and he felt her nipple begin to harden against his tongue. Brad gave a few more licks and a gentle suck before moving her to right breast, giving it the same amount of attention. He needed to bury himself in her now but wanted to take his time. He wanted to make sure he gave her the attention she damn well deserved and needed. Finally moving back down her body, she moves up the bed so he can move further down her. On his knees and leaning down, his mouth reaches the waist band of her lace panties.

He kisses the top of her panties before moving a little lower, kissing the obvious wet spot. He can't help but grin at how much he's turned her on. Sitting back up, still on his knees, he puts her legs together and up in front of him as he starts to slide her panties up her legs. Tossing them aside, he looks down at her face to see her blushing and he moves her legs apart again, seeing her completely naked in front of him for the first time. His cock throbs as he looks her over. "You are so beautiful" he tells her as he begins to move his hands up her legs, caressing her inner thighs and lowering himself back down to her. He lightly kisses her labia, feeling her wetness against his lips. He has to taste her.

Using one hand, he softly spreads her slit and licks up the center of her pussy. He softly moans at the taste of her and laps his tongue against her clit. His other hand moves up to her pussy and he begins to slowly insert one finger, listening to her moan softly. Taking her clit in his mouth, he gently sucks and flicks his tongue across it as his finger slides in and out of her. Sliding a second finger in her, he begins to pump them faster, hearing her moans and gasps become louder. He loves her taste but can't wait any longer, he needs to be in her. Gently pulling his fingers out of her, he licks them clean before moving back up her body. When he kisses her and rubs his tongue against her own, she can slightly taste herself on him.

Amy reaches up and gives Brad a very soft push, whispering against his lips, "On your back". He does as she says and lays on his back, watching her straddle him and smiling at the sight of her. Reaching between her legs, she takes his cock in her hand and positions herself above him and begins to slowly lower herself on him. Barely even in her and she's already moaning. She lowers herself more and more, feeling his cock spread and fill her pussy. Finally feeling all of him inside her, her lips hugging the base of his cock and she starts to move herself on him, softly moaning and whimpering at the fascinating feeling. Brad whispers, "Oh fuck.." as her tight pussy engulfs his cock and he bites his lip. She begins to move herself on him, slowly at first but then picking up the pace. He reaches up to her, lightly touching her neck and throat and then down to her breasts. Take both breasts in his hands and giving them a firm squeeze before moving his hands down her waist and then grabbing her hips as she rides him faster. She places her hands on his chest, carefully resting them there.

Looking down he sees his dick glistening from being in her wet pussy and it drives him wild. With one hand he reaches further back and smacks her ass, harder this time, and then grabs a hold of her hips tightly. Every time she comes back down on his dick, he pulls her hips down and thrusts up in her harder. This very moment he was fucking her, hard. He watched her face as pure ecstasy swept over her and hearing her loud moans made him swell even more inside her. He felt her legs start to shake and he stopped them both, carefully putting her on her back again and moving on top of her. Her legs wrapped around him instantly. He kissed her softly and slowly as he moved inside her again, much slower this time. This time, he wanted to make love to her.

He was thrusting slow but deeply into her and his mouth moved to her neck, the right side first, showering it with soft kisses. His lips crossed her throat as she leaned her head back to moan his name and he moved to the left side of her neck. He started with the soft kisses, just like he did to the other side, but adding a few licks and nibbles. The last bite being just a tad bit harder as he moved in her faster. Taking her hands in his, intertwining their fingers and holding her hands down against the mattress, she tried to whisper between her moans, "I'm about to cum". Speeding up a little more, moving his mouth to her ear and telling her, "Cum for me, baby", feeling as if he's going to explode himself. Bringing his head back up, he looks deep into her eyes just as she begins to cum. Her mouth open wide, nearly screaming in pleasure as her orgasm sweeps over her. Her skin hot and feeling a tingle moving up her spine and throughout her entire body. Never before had she had such an intense orgasm. Her body shook and her grip on his hands tightened even more. Brad's orgasm quickly followed, moaning her name as he filled her with his cum, slowing his thrusts down and finally coming to a stop.

For a few minutes he stayed inside her, resting his head on her chest and they both caught their breath. Slowly pulling himself out of her, he lay on his side facing her and watching as she turns to face him, resting on her side. He wraps an arm around her waist and lets his fingertips move across her back. Her breasts against his chest, she gives him a soft sweet kiss, one of her hands gently touching the side of his face. When she pulls back to look at him, both of them are obviously tired, eyes heavy but can't stop smiling at each other. Reaching down, she pulls the cover over them and watches as Brad falls asleep first. Amy can't believe it...she finally got him and she can't wait to have him again in the morning.

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