tagErotic CouplingsAddicted to Love Ch. 04

Addicted to Love Ch. 04


Amy and Brad stepped into the large hot shower. Brad let Amy stand with her back to the water first, watching her reaction as the hot water ran over her body. Amy took a deep breath, closed her eyes and let out a soft moan at the feeling. Brad just stood and watched, smiling, as she tilted her head back. Leaning her head back, she began to wet her hair so she could wash it. He moved closer to her, feeling her naked body just barely pressing against his own. His hands gently rested on the sides of her neck, his fingers playing with the now wet hair on the nape of her neck, and placed his lips softly on hers. The way he kissed her was very tender, sweet, and slow. As he pulled back, she opened her eyes to look up at him. Damn he was handsome. Some women would say he was "average" but not to her. His eyes alone were enough to capture her. His fingers softly moved and began to massage the nape of her neck as he starred down at her, their eyes locked on each other.

"Turn around and I will wash your hair for you." Brad told her, speaking low but soft and giving her a smile. Amy bit her bottom lip and smiled, not taking her eyes off of him until she was turned around. Brad reached over to the corner shower caddy and grabbed the bottle of shampoo, squirting a half dollar size amount in his left palm. As he placed the bottle back where it belonged, Amy leaned her head back slightly. Brad rubbed the shampoo between his palms before placing his hands on her hair. She closed her eyes and his fingers massaged her scalp. Being careful to make sure no shampoo went passed her hair line, he glided his fingers through her hair and worked up a good lather. Slowly he worked his fingers from root to tip, making sure to thoroughly wash her hair. The hot water, the aroma of the shampoo and the feeling of his fingers in her hair sent a shiver up her spine and she softly moaned. No man had ever washed her hair before but even if someone had, she couldn't imagine any guy making her feel this good. She didn't want him to stop but it was time to rinse. Turning around, Amy rinsed the shampoo out of her hair while keeping her eyes on Brad.

The rest of the shower was amazing. It wasn't all about sex, in fact no sex was involved but they bathed each other, caressed one another. It was affectionate and sensual. She had never shared something so intimate with someone, something that she was used to doing every day that didn't seem like such a big deal but feeling him wash her was so different. He was so gentle and caring with her. He took his time. She did the same with him and enjoyed feeling his body under her fingertips and palms. She didn't find guys that were ripped and overly muscular attractive. Brad was toned just the way she liked. She could feel his muscles but they weren't bulging. She knew he was strong. He was perfect. After helping each other bathe, Brad washed his own hair as Amy washed, loving the view. She stepped out of the shower first, wrapping her hair in a towel and then grabbing them each a towel to dry their bodies off with. Brad stepped out onto the large bathroom rug behind her and when she went to hand him his towel, he gently grabbed her around the waist and gave her another soft, sweet kiss but this time it was much shorter. Looking up at him after he pulled back, she thought to herself how she could get used to this with him.

Brad slipped on his clothes from the night before and sat on her living room couch to watch TV while Amy finished getting ready for the day. Amy dried her hair, put on just a tad bit of makeup and went to her dresser to start getting dressed. She slipped on a nude cotton thong with lace around the waistband and matching demi bra. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror she had hanging on her closet door and for the first time in a very long time, she felt confident and sexy. It was all thanks to Brad. He made her feel beautiful. She slipped on her slim bootcut jeans, which hugged her curves in all the right places, and picked one of her favorite shirts off it's hanger. It was nothing special but she loved the way it fit her. It was V neck shaped to give Brad just a hint of cleavage, the sleeves hit just above her elbows, the bottom hem just barely covered the waistband of her jeans and was navy in color with medium heather gray horizontal stripes. Again, not the sexiest thing she owned but it was comfortable and fit her perfectly. Brad had seen her in it once before and complimented her back then so she knew he liked it too. She took one more look at herself before slipping on her comfy navy wedge sandals and walking into the living room.

"Sorry you had to wait on me" she whispered as he turned to look at her. He was staring. He was looking at her more intensely than ever before and she was beginning to get a little worried...until he smiled. She couldn't help but blush a little as his eyes looked her over. He only took his eyes off of her to turn the TV off and stand up in front of her.

"You look great.." he whispered to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him. He really didn't have to wait that long but it was well worth every second. Still smiling at her, he whispered again as he took his right hand and moved a strand of hair behind her ear, "It's lunch time, what do you say we grab a bite to eat and go to the park? The day is supposed to be gorgeous."

Amy tore her gaze from Brad to look out the window just a few feet away. The sun was shinning brightly, even with the blinds closed. Looking back at him, she gave him a smile and a nod of approval. As they walked down to her car, Brad took her hand in his and held it firmly, as if he never wanted to let go. Before last night she was already crazy about him but now, she was starting to feel something much deeper. They were great friends, shared everything with each other and now they were lovers. Amy was walking on cloud nine and she hoped Brad felt the same way.

Once they reached her car, they hopped in and took off for their lunch date. Brad asked her to swing by his place, since it was so close by and on their way out. Amy pulled in front of Brad's apartment building and waited no more than a few minutes before he came back out and got back in her car. He changed his clothes, now wearing dark jeans and a light blue short sleeved shirt. The light blue fabric made his eyes shine even brighter and she was captivated by them when he looked at her. After a moment she snapped back to reality and began driving again. They settled on a near by little bistro they had been to a few times before when tagging with their mutual friends. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, perfect for sitting outside at one of the small tables near a tree offering some shade. They ate their lunch while catching up on the things that happened while she was on her business trip. Nothing exciting but he knew how to make her laugh.

Lunch went by quickly and their next stop was just a few miles away. Parking her car, Amy couldn't believe how empty the park was, especially on such a gorgeous Saturday! After a short walk they ended up at the small secluded pond with a pier that stretched out about twenty feet. It was semi private but today they were the only ones around. At the end of the pier, Amy sat down and felt Brad sit behind her. His legs surrounded her and she could feel his chest and stomach pressing lightly against her back. She caught herself biting her bottom lip as she thought to herself how much she loved feeling his body against her own. Soon his arms were around her, pulling her closer to him.

"I've been wanting to spend some time with you, alone, for a while now." Brad whispered to her. She could hear in his voice that he was smiling and she couldn't deny the grin spreading across her face. He took his right hand and moved her long hair to her right shoulder. Placing his arm back around her, he gave the little bit of exposed skin on her left shoulder a light kiss and rest his head on her shoulder, hugging her tightly.

"Me too" she confessed to him as she looked toward her left shoulder to see his handsome face. They stared at each other for a moment before she moved her lips closer to his. Their lips barely touched and she felt electricity run through her. She kissed him softly at first but soon she kissed him deeper. She felt his hands start to move, tightening their grip on her even more before his right hand moved down towards her crotch. Surprised, she pulled back, breaking their kiss and looked into Brad's eyes.

Giving her a comforting smile, he whispered in her ear, "It's okay, we're all alone" and then he had her jeans unbuttoned, working the zipper down slow and easy. Amy looked around them and he was right, they were completely alone. His lips touched the back of her neck as his hand slowly made it's way down the front of her lace panties. He was applying just enough pressure to tease her. With every movement of his fingers she grew more and more wet. Her hands went to his thighs, holding onto him as she leaned her head back on his shoulder. Her heart began to race as his hand finally moved under her panties to touch her pussy. Once his fingertips touched her clit he gave her neck a bite and she moaned out loud. He licked and kissed where he bit her. His breathing quickened when he felt how wet she was for him.

He lightened his touch to tease her but she wanted more right then. Tightening her grip on his thighs and arching her back, she whispered to him, "Please...don't stop.." She could feel his cock pressing against her lower back and ass. His fingertips moved back up to her clit and he rubbed her faster, harder. She spread her legs the little bit she could and closed her eyes, still resting her head back on his shoulder. She tried to keep her moans very soft and barely audible but then she felt his left hand reach under her top and to her left breast.

"Feel good?" he whispered low in her ear, smiling to himself and enjoying the sight of her.

"Mmm, fuck yes.." she answered him, gently grinding herself against his fingers. Suddenly two of his fingers slid up into her and she nearly lost it. Brad started fingering her soaking wet pussy while his palm pressed against her clit.

"Brad, I'm going to cum.." she whimpered and moaned. His fingers moved faster, his palm practically vibrating against her clit. She held onto him tighter, her orgasm building quickly.

"Good. I need you to cum for me. Look at me so I can watch you cum." he told her, and she did just as he said. Turning her head, she faced Brad and opened her eyes. Her eyes were heavy but she looked into his eyes. The sight of him and knowing what he was doing to her pushed her over the edge. He heard her whimper, trying to control the volume of her moans as her orgasm took over. After watching her for a moment, he kissed her hard as he kept moving his fingers in and out of her. She tightened around his fingers, legs started to shake and moaned against his lips. He slowed his fingers as he felt her body tremble against his own. Moving his fingers out of her pussy, he gently cupped her, just holding her in his hand while he kissed her.

Pulling back, his lips left hers and they both looked at each other. She was breathing heavily but soon slowed down, along with her heart rate. She smiled at him and laughed lightly. "You're bad..." she whispered playfully, causing him to laugh with her.

"I couldn't help myself. Sitting here with a gorgeous woman I adore and I love to watch you cum for me." Hearing him say that made her want to cum again but instead she leaned her head up and kissed him softly. He adored her? She felt her entire body tingle as he kissed her more passionately, lightly touching her tongue with his. She gently sucked and tugged on his bottom lip and he softly moaned. She wanted to please him the way he had just pleased her but she could hear some people approaching the pier. She pulled back, almost panicked and looked at Brad. He just gave her a grin and moved his hand from her breast to reach down and zip her jeans back up.

Brad stood first and then helped Amy up. Her legs were still a little shaky from the orgasm he had given her. Seeing others at the opposite end of the pier made her blush but she tried to shake the feeling, knowing no one saw them just minutes before. He grabbed her hand and her attention was back on him, no longer thinking of the approaching strangers.

"Come on, let's go for a walk." he said as he rubbed his thumb across her hand. He made her feel so comfortable. She already knew he was a great guy but she was beginning to realize just how much she liked him. Was she falling in love with Brad? She wasn't sure, she had never really loved anyone before but she had also never been so attached to someone. She couldn't get enough of him, she really was addicted.

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