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Addicted to Sir


I have to hurry he will be expecting me. i look at the note again. Short and simple. White baby doll, white thigh high stockings, and white open toe heels. Meet me at "our" place. My shower is done. Shaved, as he likes it. Just the way He likes it, nails long and painted. I look at my clock. 20 minutes before I have to leave. My stomach is full of butterflies. I'm so excited. Sir is going to be there. I will be with him tonight. I need him so much. I finish dressing. It's 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside now so i choose a long coat to wear over my prescribed clothing. i check the mirror one more time. My hair is left long just the way he likes it. Minimal make-up just the way he likes it. Sometimes he likes me to wear cheap make-up but when he does he tells me. I check the note again. No mention of make up.

I'm ready. i grab my purse and head to the bus stop. I only had to wait for 3 min. he always has everything timed so perfect. He wouldn't want me to be cold. I smile at this thoughtfulness. I truly do love him. I want him to be happy. i walk to the door of his house. I ring the bell once and wait patiently.

He comes to the door. He opens the door. I look down and he puts his finger under my chin and has me looking at him. He takes me in his arms and holds me. There's my baby. He helps me take my coat off and hangs it in the hall closet. He tells me to present myself to Him. i know what this means. i know the spot well. i stand there with my legs apart about 24 inches apart. My hands locked behind my head. Elbows out even with my body. Eyes straight mouth open ever so slightly. (easy access at all times. i have heard it so many times).

He touches me. He touches my hair and smells it. He is Happy. He feels my face, my lips. He runs my fingers over my teeth. He is pleased. i brushed them very well. He grabs my hair in His hand and pulls my hair back as He uses his other hand to run it over my neck. He stops briefly at the front of my neck. Places a little bit of pressure just to remind me who controls the breath i breathe. i can feel myself getting wet. He smiles He already knows. He always knows. He lets go of my hair and runs His hands over my shoulders and breasts. Weighing each breast in His hand. He runs His hand over my stomach and down my legs. Never touching what wants so much to be touched. i start to fidget. He reaches up to my neck and tells me to hold still. He is mad. I start to cry. i'm sorry. i would do anything to make Him mad at me. i try extra heard to stand still.

He finishes his assessment of me. Making sure i didn't miss anything. My legs, my toenails, my back, and every inch of me he claims for his own. He then puts His hands between my legs. I'm wet. He chuckles. i try so hard not to move. i want so much to move closer to His hands. He knows my buttons. He pushes His thumb inside of me. He knows what i need and how to give it to me. My knees are getting so wobbly. i want so much to keep Him happy. i try so hard not to move. Oh my gosh\\\\\\\ it feels so good. i need him so much. Please please please.... He moves away from me.

Tells me to make him a drink and sits on the sofa. i know how He likes His drinks made. Soda first then ice. Never the opposite. He can tell. I make the drink and I bring it to Him. He opens his legs and motions me into my most favorite position. On my knees between His legs. My chest on His. His arms around me. i love this position. i feel so loved and safe. He is happy with me. He says nothing. He just holds me while enjoying His drink. i'm just enjoying his closeness. His smell, His strength. i need Him so much. i try to touch Him. and He says no. i stop. i just lay there.

Then He says. Go to the room i will be there. Place your restraints on. Leave your clothes on. i get up and go to his bedroom. my restraints are there on the bed. Red and black leather with lamb's wool in the middle. They are suspension cuffs. i put them on as told. i sit at the bed quiet. My legs slightly apart and my mouth ever so slightly open. I can't forget anything. i need Him so much. i wait for Him.

He comes into the room. He looks at me. i lower my eyes. He tells me to lie back. He connects the cuffs to the chains already on the bed. Then he does the same with the shackles. i'm now spread eagle on the bed. He covers my eyes with a blindfold. No matter how i move i can't see anything. He then covers my ears with earphones. i know the music. It's His music. i'm so excited. i can't hear anything and i can't see anything. And i can't really even feel anything. i'm just lying there. No way of knowing what He is up too.

i feel him getting on the bed. He is near me. i can' smell Him. I love His smell. He puts pillows behind my head and under my pelvis. He kisses me. He kisses so good. i close my eyes and loose myself in His wonderful being. i need him so much. He finally touches me. He uses His hand. He has such large hands. He is a big man. I feel Him entering me with His hands. He knows all the buttons. Oh my gosh i need to come so bad. i ask and He slapped me. Told me not to talk. He puts a ball gag on me. He does place the small bell in my hand. He is always making sure i'm safe. He loves me so much. His hand returns. it feels so good. i can't stop it. never can. i need to cumm. He goes deep and i feel Him moving His hands inside of me. i have to cumm. i cumm and cumm. He keeps it up. i keep cumin. Oh gosh it feels so good. i need Him so much. Again and again i cumm. Then He is off the bed. I feel lost. He is gone. I can't smell Him. i don't feel him. i need Him.

i feel the cold of lubricant as He puts it on me. And then i feel it entering me. It's big. Very big. i feel it everywhere. It hurts ever so much. It hurts my insides. i feel Him moving on top of me. i feel Him using that huge dildo on me. He starts to bite my neck. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh it feels so good. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh help me please. i'm lost. i can't find my way. i attempt to grab for Him. i can't move i can't touch Him. i need Him so much. i need Him.

The dildo is removed i'm cold. i'm alone. i'm tired. I've come at least 20 times by now. He kneels on top of me and enters me. He holds himself deep in me. I can feel Him. its not cumm He is urinated inside of me. i feel it hot. And running out of me. Seems he had put a diaper under me with the pillow. He gets off of me and places the diaper on me properly. He takes the headphones off and the ball gag and blind fold off. He is looking at me. I love him so much. He undid me and i beg him to allow me to please him.

He agrees i prop him on pillows. And place a pillow between His legs. I know what he likes. He loves a good blow job.. He likes it rough at times and then slow and easy. Same rhythm all the time. He flips the channel on the TV. i know what he is doing. He is trying to get his mind off of what i'm doing. but i know. i know what makes him happy. i can see it in His eyes. He lasts for an hour and He is loosing ground. I know his spots. i will make him happy. It's his turn now. Then i see it. He arches His back. And comes. I take every drop. I want all of Him. He is ready for sleep now and so am i.

We both go sleep. i leave to go home and get changed to go to work. My stomach hurts so much. All those orgasms. Worse then doing a 100 sit ups. i tell the ladies i work with that i started a new exercise regiment. It hurts so good. I smile to myself. This pain is from my Dom. He loves me. And i love Him. I can't wait to get the next call.

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