tagErotic CouplingsAddictions Ch. 02

Addictions Ch. 02


I knew what it would take, I knew that I needed to get my hands on the Fentanyl injection my daughter needed for pain. Unfortunately, in the two days that followed my meeting with the woman in the hospital storage room, I simply couldn't get the drug. While the nurses were often willing to leave the pain pills in tiny cups for my daughter to take, they continually refused to leave the syringe. I was able to fool my daughter during that time so I had two pain pills, but that would only get me a blow job and I wanted more.

I let my mind wander a bit as I tried to ignore my daughter as she whined in pain and noticed something under her bed. I got up from my chair and then got down on my hands and knees and grabbed what looked to be a bit of folded cardboard. Looking closer I immediately realized I had hit the jackpot. There on the floor was a small packet that contained two, tiny white pills. Turning the packet over I read that the pills were Methadone, 2 milligrams each.

Apparently one of the nurses had dropped the pills and then hadn't located them, simply just leaving them on the floor. I slipped the packet into my pocket and then told my daughter I was going to stop by the cafeteria for lunch. She mumbled something about her pain pills but I reminded her she needed to wait for a few hours before she could have any more pain medication. I then slipped out of her room and walked to the waiting area.

Sitting down on one of the hunter green chairs, I waited, gazing down the long white hallways. It took longer than I expected but after about thirty minutes I noticed a woman walking slowly up the hallway. Wrapped in the same robe she wore two days earlier, I let her walk about halfway up the hall before I stood up. The woman stopped as soon as I stood and waited for a signal.

I nodded my head and then walked quickly towards her as she turned and headed slowly down the hall. Quickening my pace, I caught up with her just as she entered the code into the door lock. As she turned the knob, I grabbed the door and pulled it open, following her inside.

Once inside the room she asked, "You get the fentanyl?"

"No, just some pills," I replied.

"Okay, just a blow job then."

"Well, I got the Oxycodone, but I also have this," I said, showing her the methadone.

"Methadone, four milligrams? Hmmm... okay, that's pretty good," she held out her hand.

I gave her the pills and waited patiently as she quickly swallowed both Methodone pills as well as the two Oxycodone. She took a deep breath and looked back at me. I waited as over the next few minutes her smile broadened. After a few more minutes she reached up, pulled off her robe and then unbuttoned her pajama top, exposing her left breast.

Without speaking, I leaned forward and moved my lips to her nipple, sucking the nub into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. My right hand ran up her side and I grasped at the breast, squeezing it as I continued sucking. I could hear her breathing faster as my tongue circled around the nipple.

She leaned back against a counter as I followed her, her nipple still in my mouth. I then pressed my body against hers, my hard cock grinding against her thigh as I pushed her against the counter. My left hand had been resting on her right side, but now I let it slide up under her pajama top until I felt the jagged patch of scar where her right breast had been.

I noticed her wince and she whispered, "Careful, it is very sensitive still."

I pulled my left hand upwards, moving the material aside so I could see her scar. It had been healed for some time now, the light pink ridge was very soft. Letting her nipple slip out of my mouth, I moved my head to her left side and then lightly ran my tongue along the scar. Slipping the tip of my tongue back and forth over the ridge, I let my head slowly move diagonally across her chest.

"Oh yes, that's nice," she moaned.

Continuing the gentle licking, I moved my hands down her sides and slid them into her pajama bottoms. My hands cupped over her ass, the soft mounds felt so soft as I squeezed them and as I let my thigh slide between her legs, I could feel her push her pussy against me. Wanting to get more of that pussy, I pulled my head from her chest and moved my hands downward, pulling her pajama bottoms down.

Thankfully, in spite of the fact she had been stuck in the hospital for so long, her pussy looked clean and smell quite fresh. I guess she had taken some care in keeping herself clean. As her pajama bottoms slipped to the floor, I grabbed her waist and sat her up on the counter. Her legs opened and I paused, just gazing at the dense patch of curly black hair.

I reached my hands up and pulled her legs wider apart, exposing her slit. Sliding my hand up, I gently worked the lips open with my fingers and then slipped them in. After a moment or two I felt her wetness coat my fingers and I shoved them deeper into her. Working them in and out, I could see her juices glistening on my fingers.

Her lips curved around my fingers, opening like a flower blossoming to me. Taking a deep breath, I smelled her delicate fragrance and then dove in, pushing my tongue into her wet opening. Savoring the tart, salty flavor, I pushed my tongue in and out of her as she grabbed my head and pulled me to her.

I then moved my attention upward, running my tongue up the slit until I found the tight little knob of her clit. My tongue circled it as she began lifting her hips up and grinding her pussy lips against my face. Feeling her getting closer and closer, I sucked her clit between my lips and sucked as I pushed two, then three fingers into her cunt.

She moaned loudly and whined, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

I felt her pussy pulsate around my fingers as she came and I stopped sucking on her sensitive clit, leaving my face covered in her beautiful pussy. After a few minutes, she pulled herself back from my face. Figuring she was ready for me, I stood up and opened my pants, ready to push my cock into that still soaking wet pussy, but she quickly slipped down from the counter top.

"Oh no, you get the Fentanyl and I'll fuck you otherwise, we'll find some other ways to take care of you."

"What will..."

Before I could finish, she had found some lotion on one of the shelves. She quickly poured some lotion on my cock and after working it in with her hands, she leaned forward letting her one breast brush over my cock. She then grabbed my erection, with her right hand and, after lifting her left arm, she guided my cock to her armpit. It was a little odd seeing the tuft of hair under her arms slide over my cock, but as she put her arm down, the pressure was quite pleasant.

I began moving back and forth, feeling her nipple press into my thigh each time I pushed my cock under her arm. I continued pushing under her arm and then slowly withdrawing until I began to feel a pressure building in my balls. She let me continue fucking her until, at the last second, she lifted her arm, grabbed my cock with both hands and then rolled them luxuriously over and around the entire length of me.

Feeling the pleasure shoot down my cock I arched my back and then came, spurting my hot, white cum on her breast in splash after splash. She then held my cock, running it over her breast, smearing the cum all over her. After a few moments of smearing my cum on her with my cock, she stood up, ran her fingers through the cum and then slipped them into her mouth.

She smiled and said, "Just think what might happen if you can get me some Fentanyl or, even better, some Diluadid."

"I'll do what I can," I whispered as she reached for a nearby towel and wiped the remaining cum from her breast.

I eased my cock back into my pants and then grabbed her robe as she pulled up her pajama bottoms and buttoned up her top. Holding the robe, I watched as she lithely slipped in one arm and then the other. She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss and then opened the door. As she slipped out, she whispered, "Remember, get the Fentanyl or Dilaudid and we'll have a really good time."

I followed her through the door and then headed back to my daughter's room. She had fallen asleep so I sat down, relieved I wouldn't have to listen to her moan about the pain. While she slept I continued working on my plan to get her Fentanyl.

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