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Addie's Hand


This is, of course, a totally implausible concept. But that is the fun of make-believe and fantasy; we can make it do whatever we desire.

* * * * *

"Another dreary day," Addie sighed as she turned away from the window. The curtain fell back into place, covering the rain-drenched windowpanes.

Addie walked restlessly over to her computer and went to a chat room. No one she recognized was chatting, so she logged off. 'Well, I know what always cheers me up...Literotica stories,' she thought. 'Cheers me up and heats me up,' she smiled to herself.

Clicking on the Literotica link in her list of favorite websites, Addie felt a tingle in her pussy. 'Always happens,' she thought. Stories on Literotica did that to her.

Going to the story list, she chose the "Exhibitionism and Voyeurism" category. The thought of having someone watch her masturbate gave her a thrill. She wished that Literotica would create a category just for masturbation stories; 'maybe I'll write to them later and suggest it.'

She looked through the index of stories in the category, selected one and began reading. She was barely aware of her left arm moving, so absorbed had she become in the story. When she felt a touch on her right breast she was startled and looked down. Her left hand was on her right breast, apparently gently rubbing the medium-sized mound. She stared down at her arm and hand. Yes, that was definitely her arm, hand and breast. So why didn't she feel the sensation of touch in her left hand? She moved to pull her hand away from her breast, but it would not budge. Puzzled and a bit frightened, Addie reached over and grasped her left hand with her right and tried to pull the hand away. What was going on? Her left hand continued to massage her right breast as she watched.

'Ok...this is freaky,' Addie thought as she tried again to move her left hand. Why could she not move the hand? Why could she not FEEL the material of her shirt and the shape of her breast in her hand?

The story on the monitor forgotten, Addie sat and just stared at her hand. Her nipples were hard, her pussy tingling in earnest now. Her left hand moved to her left breast now, tweaking the nipple, and massaging the whole breast.

Addie stood up and walked over to her dresser and looked at herself in the mirror on the wall over the dresser. She could barely comprehend what she saw. She, Addie, was standing there, left hand massaging her left breast. But it was as if she had no feeling in that arm and hand. Did she have some kind of sudden-onset nerve damage or something? She again moved her right hand to the left one, grasped it and tried to pull it out from her body. She watched in disbelief as her left hand swatted her right hand away!

She just stood, watching her own hand playing with her breasts. She saw and felt her shirt being unbuttoned...by her left hand. She could not feel the buttons or material in her left hand and fingers, but there it was, her buttons coming undone and her shirt falling open.

After the last button slipped from its slot, Addie's left hand reached up and pushed her blouse off of each shoulder and down her arms. The shirt fell to the floor at Addie's feet as she watched. She looked into the mirror and saw herself standing there, her breasts free to the air in the room. Her nipples were now rock-hard. Addie vaguely remembered not putting a bra on this morning when she dressed.

Fear starting to be replaced by arousal, Addie reached up to her right breast with her right hand, as her left hand played with her left breast. She stood there, head leaning back as she let herself be washed along with the feelings in her breasts and nipples.

Addie became aware of the feeling of a hand moving downward on her body. She looked down and sure enough, her left hand was trailing down her abdomen. Addie saw her left hand slip over her blue panties and stop at her mound. The hand cupped and massaged Addie through her panties. Addie took a sharp breath in as she felt the sensation of a hand massaging her pussy. Knowing it was her own hand added another dimension to the pleasure she felt.

The Hand, as Addie thought of it, rubbed her cunt through her panties for what seemed several minutes. She reached down with her right hand and slipped her fingers under the leg band of her bikini panties. She touched her outer lips and almost jumped as she felt her left hand touch the top of her right hand through the soft material.

By now, Addie was totally caught up in her masturbation...or was it? She didn't really know and didn't care. She had ceased to worry about why she could not feel with her left hand, or why it seemed to have a mind of its own. Addie walked over to her bed and lay on her back. She brought her knees up and placed her feet on the bed as she massaged her pussy, both inside and outside her panties. Oh, god it felt good.

Without thinking, or really even realizing she was doing it, Addie stood up. Her left hand began to push her shorts down. She helped it along with her right hand. Soon the shorts were on the floor and she kicked them away. With her right hand she started to push her panties down, but the right hand was slapped away by the left hand. A bit startled, but still very aroused, Addie watched as her left hand grasped the waistband of the blue material and gave a sharp tug. The material ripped, and her hand moved to the left side and repeated the procedure. Addie stared at her panties as they hung down her legs. Her left hand reached back and took the hanging seat of the panties...well, what had been the seat...and pulled it up, so that it lodged between her asscheeks.

Addie moaned as the material rubbed against her rosebud and the left hand reached around to the remainder of the panties hanging from her crotch. The hand grasped the material and worked it up between her pussy lips. Addie groaned as the material slipped between her lips and rubbed on her clit.

Her left hand reached over and took her right hand and placed it at the material sticking up from her asscheeks. Too aroused to care about the oddness of the situation, Addie took the material in her hand as her left hand took the piece of material in front of her.

The hand with a mind of its own pulled up on the part of the panties that was lodged firmly between her cunt lips. Addie threw her head back and moaned out loud as the material went deeper into her lips and rasped over her clit. No longer thinking, just feeling, Addie pulled up on the material in her right hand.

She was standing in her bedroom, working the remnants of her panties in a saw-like fashion on her nether regions. Addie was lost in the feelings of pleasure that were going through her in waves.

Her left hand began to pull up faster and harder on her panties as she turned around and leaned back against her dresser, still holding onto the scrap of material in her right hand, not caring about the wood biting into her skin. Addie moaned loudly as she neared orgasm from the material moving against her clit and deep between her pussy lips.

"Aaaahhhhh" Addie gasped as her orgasm swept over her. Her left hand continued to pull up on the material as the waves of pleasure began to ebb. She turned and leaned on her dresser with her right hand, breathing hard. She became aware of herself and her surroundings once again. Addie raised up and looked at herself in the mirror, unable to comprehend what had just happened to her.

Standing there, her left hand opened her dresser drawer as Addie watched in fascination. Her anatomically correct dildo was removed from under her lingerie in the drawer. Addie pushed the drawer closed with her right hand and walked over to her bed.

She lay back on the bed and pushed herself to the middle of the mattress with her feet. She spread her legs and pulled her knees up. She sighed as she felt the head of the dildo touch her nether lips.

The left hand pushed the dildo into Addie's pussy. 'This can't be happening,' she thought as the dildo was going in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Soon she was once again beyond caring that her own hand was masturbating her...out of her control.

As the hand fucked Addie with the dildo faster and harder, her breathing increased, her legs spread farther apart, and her hips bucked up to meet the dildo. She pressed her head back into the bed, all but screaming out in her ecstasy. Masturbation had never felt this good.

The phone rang but Addie barely heard it. After a few rings the answering machine picked up the call. It was her best friend, Sally.

"Addie...you there? Or did you go out to get stuff for the party tonight? Is your costume ready? This is gonna be the best party we've ever had! See you later. Call me when you get this; bye."

As the machine recorded the message, Addie was in the throes of her second orgasm and didn't even notice her friend's voice.

The hand slowed its fucking motion and Addie began to come down from her orgasm. She was trying to catch her breath when she thought, 'did the phone ring? And just what the hell has been going on here?'

Addie looked down and saw the dildo lying on the bed, still slick with her juices. She looked at her left hand; she tried to move it. She lifted her hand...she once again had control over her left hand.

Shaking her head in confusion, Addie rolled over to the nightstand and hit the "play" button on the answering machine. She heard Sally's message. 'Halloween...'

she thought. This is Halloween...what on earth...

Addie lay on the bed, puzzled by what had happened to her over the past...hour, she noticed as she glanced at her bedside clock. Did it happen? Had her left hand really developed a 'mind' of its own and masturbated her? Raped her, even? Hah! She could hardly call it rape. Or did she just imagine it all?

Addie pulled her bedspread up around herself and curled up into a ball. What had gone on here...and did it have anything to do with today being Halloween? Addie thought as she drifted off into a sexually sated sleep...

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