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Adding a Little Flavour


Finally able to put my arms around you, I smile as you tilt your head back to look in to my eyes. The distance closes, our lips meeting in an explosion of tingly fire. Lips express want, need, and desire. Your hands pull at my shoulders, feeling around the muscle there. My hands cover your body, a more direct example of what my lips are showing you. Our tongues brush, my finger doing gentle lines around your collar bones, the other hand sliding down to your ass. You pull at my shirt as one hand closes over your breast and the other brushes your wetness through your pants. As my shirt comes off, so does yours, my lips moving down to your chest, one hand holding you steady as my tongue trails lazy circles around your nipple.

You feel my hardness pushing against you through my pants as I slowly lower you to the bed. My hands begin to massage, to caress, the hunger is clear to see as I you look in to my eyes. I slide your pants off, leaving you in just your cheeky, lacy underwear. I strip down to my boxers, my desire now clear to see. Rolling you over, I straddle your hips; the tease of having my cock rub against your lower back starts to drive you wild. A short shock as something cool lands on your shoulders and then my hands begin to work on your tension. Massaging, caressing their way down your spine.

I can feel the heat coming off your body, I know what you want. My hands move down to your thighs, massaging to relax some muscles and caressing your inner thighs to excite yet others. One finger slides down your panties, the lightest of touches is like fire racing around your body. A little gasp escapes those gorgeous lips and my finger comes to rest right above your clit. I start with little, soft circles as my other hand continues to caress your back and ass. You've had enough tease for now and roll over, pushing me to my feet. You slide off the bed and come face to face with my boxers. Sliding your hands around my things you begin to slide down my boxers with your teeth. My cock pops out of the waist band and your hand encircles it. Sliding your tongue down each side, you look up in to my eyes; you want to see how much I want you.

Your tongue begins to trace trails around the head as I slowly slide in to your mouth. As you begin to bob and tease you feel my body react. You slide my length in to your throat, just as much as you can handle, a small tear comes to your eyes and I want more. Picking you up to your feet, I lay down in the bed. This is your moment; you finally get to sit down on my gorgeous lips. My cock in your hand, you lower your hips, my mouth tracing a trail up your thing as your sweet wetness gets closer to exactly where I want it. I move your panties aside and my tongue hits your clit. A small moan escapes your lips and I know you're ready. A finger slowly slides inside as my tongue continues circles on your clit. Looking back at me below you, my cock in your hand, the feelings coming from what I'm doing to your body running crazily up your spine, you know in this moment, you couldn't be any happier.

The feeling is getting more intense as my finger explores inside you, in time with the circles my tongue is doing. My finger finds your gspot; it's obvious from your body's reaction, the slightly louder moan. My tongue pushes a little harder. Occasionally I suck up your clit and lips in to my mouth, then let them out with ever so gentle pressure from my teeth. The feeling is overcoming you, taking over your mind; nothing else exists in this world but the feeling of what I'm doing and my cock in your mouth. Suddenly I'm rolling you over, turning and sliding down your body, I slide two fingers inside you, in and out. My fingertips curled to brush your gspot. My tongue resumes its circles. I curl one arm around your thing and use it to expose the head of your clit, my tongue stats flickering even faster over the exposed head, my fingers speeding up to match. The feeling is so intense that you try to pull away but my strong arm holds you in place and your body begins to convulse. You give yourself over to the feeling, the strength leaving your limbs. The waves of pleasure are crashing up your body; you can't even make a sound. Your eyes are tightly shut; your whole world is my tongue, my fingers, my strong arm holding you right where I want you. The tsunami comes, your whole body trembling as a quiet, animal moan escapes your lips. Suddenly I'm up and sliding my whole length inside you, my hands on your breasts holding you own.

Your world explodes as I slide in and out of you. You can't even think, your body is out of control, waves of the most intense pleasure making every muscle tense in time. My lips meet yours, my body pushed against you, riding the waves my cock creates. I slow down to let you off the edge. My lips are on your neck as your body trembles uncontrollably. You have clenched so hard on my cock that I can't help but start to join you, I pull out and slide up to leave my mark on your lips and breasts. We both lay there, trying to stay still as the final trembles rough through our bodies.

As we lay there looking in to each other's eyes, we smile in the knowledge that this is the perfect start to the night.

I see in your eyes that you are in a dirty mood. I lick the cum on your nipples and slide my tongue in to your mouth, every touch making us tremble again. You push my back with a smile and use a finger to rub some on my neck, licking it off as you nibble your way down my neck, my body trembling uncontrollably under your couch. Laying back you move some on to your nipples, and up to your neck, creating a trail that my tongue should follow back. As my tongue trails fire along your skin, the last of it is collected. Again I slide my tongue in to your mouth and you lick it clean. Our arms encircling each other, eyes closed, minds completely absorbed as you gulp down the last of it, kissing my hungrily. As I lay back, you rest your head on my shoulder; you look up in to my eyes and smile 'We should hop in to the shower soon.'

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