tagMatureAddison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 07

Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 07


Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.


Addison was walking the beach in her bikini, showing off her body as she liked to do, when her cell phone rang. She recognized the ring to be that of her "personal" phone, a euphemism for the phone she had for all her lovers to call. As she looked at the display, a familiar tingle appeared between her legs because she could see it was Trent. He lived in Forida, and she had let him know she would be there on business, but that was three days ago, and he had not called back. She had to be careful with Trent, because if she pestered him, he would ignore her for long periods of time, and she didn't like that. He was the man she craved most. He treated her like a whore, she loved that, and oh could he make her cum.

"Hey there." She answered the phone. "I was afraid I might not see you this trip."

"Yea, I've been busy." He said curtly. "I have some clients in town and I need you to join us for dinner and play 'hostess'."

That was his way of saying "I need to pimp you out tonight to close a deal." Addie understood exactly what he wanted, and she agreed.

"Morton's at 8, attire is business sexy." He told her and then hung up without another word.

Addie arrived casually late to find Trent sitting with 4 men; two looked to be from the Middle East and the others appeared to be of Latin descent. None of them could be older than 25 she thought.

Addie was dressed to kill. She wore a short green skirt and a tight, white button up blouse. You could see her lacy white bra through the blouse and of course it was unbuttoned enough to turn the head of any man. Under her skirt she wore a silk thong and a matching white garter belt that held up the sexy taupe colored stockings. The tall heeled sandals she wore matched her skirt perfectly. All the men stood when she approached the table and they all sat to enjoy dinner and some conversation.

As she knew Trent would want, Addie keenly turned that conversation to sex and by the time they all had finished dinner, everyone was feeling pretty randy. Trent suggested they continue the festivities in his penthouse suite, and they all agreed.

Addie found out during dinner that in fact she had been correct. The two men whose names she couldn't remember were from Saudi Arabia, and Ozzie and Cesar were from Venezuela. She was a bit put off by the Saudis' manners, but found the other two to be charming and Ozzie was quite handsome.

When they arrived at the penthouse suite, Trent brought out the hard liquor and everyone was enjoying themselves when there was a knock on the door. Trent opened it and two women walked in. Addie was a bit relieved that she was not going to be the only entertainment for all these men. The girls were in their twenties and had fantastic bodies. Trent informed everyone that they were from the local strip club and were there to entertain.

The girls walked up in front of everyone as if on the stage. The Saudis sat on one couch, Ozzie and Cesar on another couch and Trent sat on a chair with Addie on his lap. The girls began dancing. They were gyrating and rubbing against each other making everyone in the room hot, when Trent told Addie he wanted her to tell the girls what to do.

"Kiss each other Addie told them.

The girls did as they were told. Addie, as well as the others, was turned on by watching it.

"Take off your clothes." She ordered.

The girls began peeling off each other's clothes.

Addie felt Trent's hand on her thigh, and soon it began to climb toward her pussy. The live sex show, along with his touch, had Addison very hot.

Her eyes closed and her head fell back against him as she felt his hand reach her panties and rub her clit. Trent's voice startled herand she opened her eyes and sat up.

"Easy you two. Re-enforcements are on the way, leave the strippers alone and sit down." He told the Saudi's

They couldn't control themselves, and had gotten up from their couch and begun fondling the girls as they danced together.

"Suck each other's tits." Trent demanded.

Addie watched as the girls alternately leaned down and took the other's tits in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on the nipples.

Trent's hand was now stroking Addie's pussy through her silky moist thong, and the other was mauling one of her huge tits through her blouse. Addie's head again fell back and was now resting on his shoulder and her legs were spread, enjoying his expert touch.

Again Addie was brought back to the reality, this time, by a knock on the door.

"Ah, there are the others." Trent said. He pulled his hand from under Addison's skirt and stood her up as he moved to open the door.

Addie sat back down and a moment later, Trent returned with two other girls in tow. The girls couldn't have been any more different than each other. One was Asian looking, small, thin, no tits, but beautiful. Her name was Sabrina.

"This one is for you guys" Trent told Ozzie and Cesar as hse led Sabrina to their couch. The men both smiled and moved over so she could sit between them.

The other one was Latino, with a belly, huge tits and an ass you could show a movie on. She was not ugly, but the nose ring and the eyebrow stud did nothing to enhance her chubby face. Her name was Tina.

"And here you go." Trent said as he led her to the couch the Saudis sat on.

To Addie's surprise, the men looked at Tina and their faces lit up. She found out later from Trent that he had done business with them before, and Tina was exactly what they liked.

Trent guided the naked strippers to a third couch, and arranged them in a 69 position. "Eat each other out." He commanded them.

They needed no further instruction. They both dove into the folds of each other's sex and began devouring them. Trent walked back to the chair where Addie was and told her to take off her skirt and blouse. She did, leaving her in only her intimates and slutty sandals. He sat down and pulled his cock from his pants.

Addie knelt in front of him and he attacked her tits. He squeezed them through her lacy bra and pinched her nipples. Addie moaned appreciatively. Her hands found his cock and stroked it as he continued to stimulate her firm flesh bags.

Addison could see Tina on her knees with one cock in her mouth and the other in her hand. Her top was off and her heavy tits hung out of the top of her bra. The nipples both had piercing and she had several tattoos. Addie watched as the plump Latina performed her duty on the Saudis. Addie's pussy had now drenched her panties and she relished the feel of Trent's hands on her tits and his cock in her hand.

Trent saw Addie watching Tina. "Show that bitch how a real whore sucks cock." Trent told Addie.

The 58 year old gave him a grin and dropped her mouth down on his swollen unit. She opened her throat and let it slide all the way down until her chin hit his balls. Then she rose up and dropped down on it again hard. Soon she was bobbing on it fast and deep.

"Are you a cock sucking cunt?" Trent asked as he pushed Addie's head down on his engorged cock.

Addison lifted her mouth off his shaft and looked him straight in the eye, "Yes, I am a cocksucking little cunt." She told him.

Trent grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her down hard on his cock, forcing it deep in her mouth. Every few strokes, he pulled her head up off his cock, looked her in the eye and said, "You're a cock sucking cunt." Then he would force her back down on his cock.

Over and over he repeated himself, "You're a cocksucking cunt, you're a cocksucking cunt." Each time, he said it he finished by filling her mouth with his manhood.

All the talk and the domination had Addison on edge because as she was being face fucked by Trent, she was assaulting her clit with her hand.

Trent pulled his cock from her mouth one more time and ordered Addie to lie on her back. She did. Trent ripped her thong from her body and dove face first into her pussy. Addie was a bit surprised, as none of her other lovers ever did that for her. His mouth covered her dripping cunt and devoured it.

Addie screamed with pleasure from his expert tongue. She looked around the room and could see the Saudis and Tina had left the room, but the strippers were still eating each other's pussies and cumming in each other's mouth. Sabrina was on all fours with Ozzie's cock in her mouth and Cesar's in her pussy. Addie watched all the activities around her, and they, along with Trent's talents, brought on a thunderous orgasm.

"I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming!" the sexy beautiful 58 year old wailed.

Trent rose from between her legs, and as her orgasm rush through her, he drove his rock hard cock deep inside her and began furiously pounding her pussy.

The sensory overload of the orgasm along with the cock between her legs took Addison to new sexual heights. Trent furiously fucked her pussy and within moments, he unloaded a flood of cum inside her, grunting like an animal. Addison's over stimulated body shook uncontrollably as she felt him deposit his seed deep inside her sloppy cunt, and she passed out.

She woke up some time later, and sat up on the couch. She surveyed the room and saw both of the strippers were now on the other couch with Ozzie and Cesar. They were each straddling one of the men and riding them cowgirl style, while leaning over and kissing each other. Addison watched in amazement as the girls expertly rose and dropped on the men's cock in perfect unison without their mouths ever separating. The men held the women's hips and helped them with their efforts. Addison stood up and walked the suite looking for the others. She could feel Trent's cum ooze from her flooded pussy and slide down her inner thigh as she walked.

She reached the first room to find Tina lying on her back fucking herself with an empty champagne bottle. The Saudis were kneeling on either side of her head as she sucked one cock and stroked the other. She found this scene to be a bit repulsive, and she moved on quickly.

Trent and Sabrina were in the next room. Sabrina was bent over the bed with Trent's cock up her ass. Addie's jealousy surfaced a bit, but she leaned against the doorjamb and watched.

Trent was forcefully pounding Sabrina's ass and she seemed to be enjoying it as she was pushing back just as hard.

"You're a Chinese cunt!" Trent shouted at her.

"Yes, yes, I am a Chinese cunt." She screamed back. "Fuck my ass! Treat me like the whore I am."

Trent grabbed Sabrina by the hair, spun her head around and planted a hard, passionate kiss on her, shoving his tongue down her throat. Addison couldn't watch anymore, she didn't like watching him enjoy sex with someone else. She didn't like seeing him do the things to that girl that he did to her. She wanted to make them stop, but she knew she would never see Trent again if she acted like a jealous girlfriend, so she just went to the kitchen to get a drink.

She was in there for a few minutes when Ozzie walked in and grabbed a beer. Addie smiled at him and snuck a peek at the flaccid cock dangling between his legs. It was pretty nice in her opinion. He cracked open the beer and sat down next to her.

"Trent said there would be a sexy older lady here tonight." He said as he looked her up and down. "He wasn't lying. You are a wild bitch."

Before Addison could comment, he grabbed the back of her head and planted a wet tongue filled kiss on her. They stood and Addison directed him to the room where Trent had been, hoping to make him a little jealous. However, when they got there, both Sabrina and Trent were gone. Trent was paying the girls and saying good night to the Saudis.

Ozzie tossed Addison on the bed, spread her legs wide and began to eat the cream pie from her pussy. The thought of him eating Trent's cum from her used pussy made Addie totally aroused, plus his mouth was magnificent. She grabbed his head and rode his face as he sucked her pussy dry. It didn't stay that way long, as Addison was coming within minutes, flooding it with her own cum and covering Ozzie's face. Her head again was spinning as the orgasm over took her.

Ozzie never stopped eating her gushing gash. He sucked her clit and slid two fingers into her pussy and asshole. Addison rocked her hips and forced his head into her slutty cunt. The whole thing was purely animalistic. Her third orgasm rocked her body, and it seemed each climax that night was bigger than the last.

As Addison lie on the bed exhausted from her pleasures, Ozzie commented how much he loved the bra, garter belt and sandals look Addison was still sporting. He spread her legs and placed his cock at her pussy and slowly shoved it in. He rhythmically began to drive it in and out. Addie's pussy was supersensitive by now, and all her nerve endings tingled with each stimulation. Ozzie placed Addie's legs on his shoulders and started fucking her harder and harder. She pressed her sandal covered feet into the sides of his head and rode his cock to ecstasy.

"I'm gonna fuck you to heaven." He told her.

Addie pulled out her best line and delivered it with great eroticism, "I am a hot cunt, and I live for dick!"

Ozzie responded and sped up his effort. He drove his cock deep and fast inside her.

"More dick! More dick" Addie screamed.

Ozzie obliged and pounded her harder.

"I'm a hot cunt and I live for dick!" she told him again.

Over and over she shouted, "More dick, more dick, I live for dick!"

Ozzie grunted loudly and deposited his load inside Addie. She relished the fact that it was the load of a second man in the same night. She felt like such a sexy slut. When his climax finished, he fell on the bed next to her, panting like a sprinter at the end of his race.

Addison rolled over and began to clean his cock with her mouth. His wilting cock responded, and soon he was hard again. Oh how Addie loved young cock. As she sucked him hard she noticed the taste of her own pussy, as well as that of another woman's. She realized it must be from the stripper. It made Addison feel like a common street whore, and she loved it. She was reveling in her perversion when Ozzie flipped her over, straddled her head and started fucking her mouth. He drove it in hard and deep and Addie took it in stride, holding onto his ass and helping him feed her his cock. She soon could see his reaction and though his orgasm was near. She shoved a finger in his ass, hoping to entice his orgasm to the surface. Her young Latin lover moaned his approval, but he did not cum. He continued to fuck her hungry mouth for ten more minutes, until finally he could feel his climax building. Then he pulled his cock from her mouth, turned around, and stroked it, letting out a primal scream. With Addie's finger still lodged in his ass, he spilled his cum all over Addison's surgically enhanced tits and white lace bra.

Addison lay there as Ozzie knelt over her milking the last remaining drop from his spent cock. She rubbed the thick sticky fluid into her skin and licked her fingers clean. Ozzie excused himself and headed for the bathroom. Addison laid there satisfied and exhausted, until she dozed off.

She awoke a short time later. She walked to the bathroom and relieved herself. She removed her sandals and all her undergarments. As she removed them, she noticed each one had the cum of her lovers on it. She always found that to be erotic and she smiled to herself, knowing what dirty little whore she had been. She slipped on one of the thick comfortable terrycloth robes that hung near the shower, and went to see who might still be hanging around in the now very quiet hotel suite.

As she walked across the great room of the suite, there appeared to be no one left, so she headed to the kitchen. Trent was sitting at the table in a robe that matched hers. He stood as she sat and he poured her a glass of champagne.

"You did well." He told her lifting his glass.

Addison touched her glass to his and said, "My pleasure." Then they both drank down the bubbly beverage.

Trent walked to the counter and lifted himself onto it, and opened his robe. Addie rose and approached him. He opened her robe and fondled her tits roughly. Addison responded by grabbing his cock and stroking it to life.

"Don't stroke it, slut, start sucking." He demanded.

Addison didn't dawdle. She opened her mouth and sucked it all the way in. She bobbed up and down on it vigorously.

"You like the taste of Tina's cunt?" He teased.

Addie just moaned a yes. After all it was not the first time that night that she had tasted another woman's cunt. She sucked and stroked his cock like a slut possessed.

"You filthy whore." Trent called her. "You love the taste of pussy don't you? Suck my cock clean bitch, make me cum."

Addison loved Trent's humiliation, and it caused her to double her efforts. Trent grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her down hard on his cock.

"Suck me!" he told her forcefully. "I'm gonna cum down that whore throat of yours."

Addie never slowed down. Trent had cum more than once that night, so his staying power was great. Addison had to suck him for close to 20 minutes before he finally blew his remaining seed down her throat. He was forceful and humiliating the whole time, finally holding her down on his cock as it convulsed and burst cum down her throat.

"Take that. You dirty whore." He told her as she swallowed his load.

Addison loved it all. He called her his whore, and that's all she wanted to be.

The next day she woke up to find him gone. There was no note, nothing but a disheveled suite. She knew that was his way, and she would never expect anything less.

to be continued...............

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