tagMatureAddison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 09

Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 09


Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.


Addison sat at her desk in her office day dreaming. It had been over a week since she had been in Florida with Trent and his clients. She had not had sex since then. Brock had canceled there weekly "Bible Group" meeting the night before, and her body was in a state of arousal. She needed a cock and she needed it badly. She rubbed her thighs together and could feel the slight moisture in her pussy.

"Damn him!" she thought to herself, referring to Brock's cancellation.

Oh how she missed his cock last night. She had gone home and tried to satisfy her inner fire by masturbating with her big fat rubber dildo, but it was never as good as the real thing. Brock was a wild and demanding one and she loved that, in fact, she needed that. The fact that he had been her daughter's fiancé only made it better. She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes. Her mind wandered back to the first time she had been with him..........

It was 10 years ago. She and Brock were working the golf tournament at the Country Club where Addison, her husband and Brock's parents were members. Addie's husband and Brock's dad were the chairs of the tournament, and had enlisted Addie and Brock to help. The two of them were scooting around the course in a golf cart taking care of a few details, and there was an uneasiness between them. They had really not spoken much since Addison's daughter Virginia had broken off her engagement with Brock several years back.

"Look, I know this a bit uncomfortable." Brock said breaking the silence. "But I just want to tell you I am still very fond of Virginia, and I wish her all the best. How are she and Keith doing these days?"

Keith was the guy Virginia had dumped Brock for.

"Keith, Bill, Nigel, Joseph, I can't keep up with which one is the love of her life these days." Addie quipped.

They both laughed out loud.

"She always was a flirt." Brock replied. "Keith was my best friend you know, emphasis on the 'was'."

Addie stopped the cart. "I am sorry about that." She said, leaning over to give him a consolatory hug and a peck on the cheek.

Brock looked around and noticed there was no one around, pulled Addie in closely and kissed her full on the lips. She felt his tough snake inside her mouth and she pulled back.

"What the hell was that?" Addie snapped.

"Aren't you one of the hot Triple C's?" Brock inquired smugly.

"What is a Triple C?"

"You know 'Country Club Cunts'" He told her.

"What is that?"

"Those are the hot older women like you who fuck the young studs and good lookin' middle age guys in the club. My mom was even one when she was younger." Brock informed her.

"NO!" Addie corrected him. "I am no such thing."

"Bullshit, look at those tits, and your face looks better than it did 15 years ago. Why else would you have all that work done?"

"Look, I only kissed you because I felt bad about my daughter dumping you like that. Your parents said you took it hard." Addie told him.

"Are you kidding?" he scoffed, "Fuck her! I am better off without her. Your daughter is the biggest slut in Chattanooga, and she has been since the seventh grade. I found out she was doin' half the football team in college when she was dating me."

"Well you were going to marry her." Addie reminded him.

"You know that little whore even put the moves on my dad when she was 18. She asked him to buy her a drink at the bar. He refused since she was not of drinking age. She whispered in his ear that she was not wearing panties and if he did, she would show him her smooth, young, shaved cunt and give him an incredible blow job. He told me about that after we broke up."

Addison was not too surprised. Her daughter knew how to use the assets God gave her to get what she wanted.

"I know that Patty friend of yours is a hooker. She showed up at a bachelor party I was at not too long ago, and did half the guys there. My mom is convinced you are fucking around on your husband because of all the work you have had done on your body."

Addison was a bit pissed off. She didn't want people saying that she was a slut, even if it was true. Then Brock informed her that his parents couldn't stand her husband either. Her mind was a bit boggled and she sat in the cart dumbfounded.

"Let blow this joint and go to my place." Brock suggested.

"I can't, my husband is in charge of this thing", referring to the golf tournament.

"You know he and my dad are in the bar right now, well on their way to getting plastered, he will never miss you."

Addison knew he was right. "Why the hell not," she thought. "He won't leave this place until they close the bar. Might as well have some fun with a young hard cock." She told herself. The sexual content of their conversation had her a bit aroused already.

Without warning, Brock pulled her in tight and kissed her passionately. His hand found its way up Addie's blouse and began mauling one of her massive tits. She reached down and grabbed hold of his cock through his slacks. "Nice" she thought to herself.

This continued for a few minutes until they thought they heard someone approach. They returned to their proper seats in the cart and Addison drove toward the parking lot, him with a woody, and her with a wet pussy and hard nipples. She parked the cart and they each went to their cars. Addie followed Brock to his apartment.

They entered and Brock swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

"Let's have a drink." Addie said pushing him off her a bit.

"Fuck the drink." He told her. "Let's hit the shower and see where it goes from there."

They undressed and stepped into the shower.

"Holy shit! Look at those tits and that shaved pussy. You are one hot cunt. Now I know where your slutty daughter gets it. I am going to fuck you all night."

Addison loved the attention. His compliments, along with his filthy mouth had her ready to go. The two of them showered, exploring each other's bodies, as they washed each other until the hot water ran out. Then they dried off and headed to the bedroom.

Addie lay back on the bed and Brock dove between her legs. He munched her pussy vigorously, sliding a couple of fingers inside her dripping hole. He sucked in her clit and even nibbled on it a bit.

"Oh yes, eat my wet cunt." Addie demanded. "Yes, yes, like that. Make me cum"

Brock loved hearing her talk like that. He lifted his mouth from her sex, "I knew you were a hot cunt. My mom was right, you do fuck around" then he buried his face back in her flooded snatch.

Addison moaned with pleasure as he continued to devour her essence. Addie could wait no longer, her lust over took her and she pushed him off her.

"Give me that dick!" she demanded. "I want it in my mouth."

Brock turned over on his back and watched as Addie swallowed his entire length in one motion. His cock was not big, she had had bigger, but it was a young hard cock that she knew would go for many hours, and that was what she loved.

She tried to be as slutty as possible. She made a spectacle of sucking his dick. She slobbered all over it and then made slurping noises as she sucked the excess off. Then she held the shaft with her hand and stroked it as she sucked each one of his balls into her mouth and pulled back until it popped out. When she had him nice and hard, she decided to see how nasty he really was, so she slipped a finger up his ass.

Brock jumped with surprise, but before he could protest, she swallowed his entire cock again, making him forget about the intrusion in his ass. She worked his prostate with her finger as she continued to noisily suck his swollen pole. He had never had a woman do that before. He couldn't believe how much it turned him on and how good that finger felt as she massaged the root of his raging cock. His cock erupted like never before. Brock grunted and groaned as his seed exploded down her throat. He was so impressed how she didn't even flinch as his cum filled her mouth and then disappeared into her stomach. Before he could recover, Addie looked at him and asked, "Would you like me to lick your ass?"

"Gawd yes!!!!" he groaned. If her finger felt that good, he could only imagine how her tongue would feel.

Addison lifted his legs back to his chest and licked his hairy, puckered hole. She slid her tounge in deep and licked the outside hungrily. She lathered it with spittle and sucked it back into her mouth. His cock got hard again almost instantly. Addison lifted her face and looked him in the eye.

"Does that qualify me as a Triple C?"

"Oh yes, the best Triple C in my book." He told her.

Brock rolled over, stood on the floor and bent Addie over the bed. He buried his cock balls deep in her gushing gash and pounded her to orgasm.

"You dirty cunt. You love young hard cock don't you?"

"Yes, yes, I love dick. I live for dick! Fuck me harder." She screamed as her climax enveloped her entire being.

Once she had cum, Addie wanted more. As Brock continued assaulted her flaming cunt, she looked over her shoulder and spoke.

"Fuck my ass, Give it to me in the ass." She told him.

Brock pulled his cum covered cock from her pussy and slowly impaled her ass with it.

"Yessssssssssssssssss!" she hissed.

Brock began a slow fucking of her ass.

"Deeper! Harder! Faster! Give me that dick." Addie pleaded.

Brock slowly withdrew it and then slammed it back in hard.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh!" She grunted. "Don't tease me, give me that dick. Give it to me hard!"

Brock indulged her and then proceeded to pound her unmercifully for what seemed like forever. Addison came twice more before Brock let out a grunt and filled her ass with his hot, gooey cock snot. She relished the feel as his warm spunk filled her rear end.

He pulled his spent cock from her and flipped her over on her back.

Suck it clean you country club cunt. Show me what a whore you can be. Show me where your daughter gets her wicked ways."

Addison grabbed his sullied cock and sucked it until it was clean, making it hard again in the process.

"Slut! Whore! Cunt!" he called her as she made him ready again.

Addison soaked it all up. She loved it all. They fucked two more times before she finally left at 1AM. She made it home in time to shower and get to sleep before her inebriated husband poured himself into bed next to her.

.........Addison's daydream was interrupted by a noise in the hallway. She opened her eyes and saw Jared bending over picking up a notebook he had dropped. He had been at her door staring at her while she reminisced about the past. He had noticed her making odd noises as he walked by. When he stopped to ask if she was ok, he noticed her eyes were closed. Then he noticed the erect nipples straining against her tight top. His grip on the notebook bad loosened and he dropped it, startling both of them. He picked it up and hurried along.

Addison's sexual frustration was only worsened by her little daydream. Her pussy was so wet now, that she was sure her panties were too. She slipped her hand under her skirt and confirmed her belief. She didn't know how she was going to take care of her need. Her finger was not going to suffice this time, and none of her hot young studs were readily available. Then she got a wicked idea.

Jared was sitting at his desk trying to hide his erection when the phone rang. He looked at the display and saw it was Mrs. Cameron. He grabbed the receiver and lifted it to his ear.

"Hello?" he said a bit timidly.

"Jared, I need your services in my office right now." Addie commanded.

"Yes Mrs. Cameron." He answered. I will be right there."

He hung up the phone. He sat for a second, "my services?" What did that mean? He ignored his quandary and walked to her office.

He entered through the open door. Before he could say a word, she ordered him to close the door. He turned and shut it. When he turned back to her, she was standing in front of her desk. She looked incredible, as she always did to him. Her short, dark green skirt was hiked up a bit revealing the lacy tops of her stockings. The silk stockings went all the way down her firm shapely legs and disappeared into a pair of tall, dark green spiked heels. Her tight, matching, print top displayed her huge tits marvelously. He walked toward her and she told him to sit. He did, and Addie approached him.

Her wicked mind raced and she spoke, "I am having some trouble, and I wanted to ask your opinion." She told him. She stood and moved forward. She was now right in front of him. Her close proximity made him uncomfortable and of course rock hard in his pants.

"About what?" he stuttered out as he looked up at her. Her tits were obscenely close to his face now and he wanted to take them in his hands and maul them. He wanted to slide his cock between them and shoot his cum all over them. Oh hell, who was he kidding? He couldn't pull that off, especially with this gorgeous, sexy woman. He just continued his stare at her through her tits and waited for her to speak.

Addie moved back a bit, and then suddenly placed one of her heel covered feet on the chair next to him. He turned his head and couldn't believe his eyes. He could see her creamy, bare thigh above her stocking, and as he looked a bit higher, her silky green panties came into view. He was paralyzed.

"I was just sitting here, feeling a bit horny and I thought my panties were getting wet. Could you feel them and tell me if I was right?"

Jared was still in shock. He reached for her panties.

"No dear, with your nose."

He looked up at her. He couldn't believe she was asking him to do that. He smiled a huge smile and gladly buried his nose in the crotch of her panties. He nestled it back and forth enjoying the smell of her sweet pussy. She was indeed wet, and he wiped her moisture all over the bridge of his nose. Then he backed up to speak.

"Yes Mrs. Cameron, your panties do appear to be wet." He told her.

"Damnit!" She chirped. She removed her foot from the chair and in a quick motion reached up under her skirt and pulled the undergarment down and stepped out of it. "I can't be walking around all day with wet panties."

"Would you be a sweetheart and clean them for me?" She asked him, placing the inside of the g-string in front of his face.

He again reached for the panties.

"No stupid, with your tongue."

Jared just opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Addie wiped the soiled panties across it a couple of times and relished the power she had over this man, who was ten years her junior. Her pussy tingled with excitement. She pulled the panties from him and Jared sucked his tongue in to savor the sweet taste of her pussy.

"Well if I put those back on, my dripping cunt will just get them wet again, so you better come clean my cunt too." She told him. She hiked her skirt up over her hips and leaned against the desk, spreading her legs wide enough for him to do what she wanted.

Jared leapt out of his chair like he was on a spring and knelt before her. He leaned in and licked her slit from bottom to top. "Oh that wonderful tasting nectar." He thought.

"Ooh yea" Addie gasped. "Lick my juicy cunt."

Jared quickly did as he was told. He spread her lips with his fingers and sucked in her clit.

"Yes!" she moaned in a low voice. "You have some talent sweetie. That's it lick me, Eat me. Make me cum."

Jared sped up his efforts. He slipped a couple fingers into her. Her love canal was warm and drenched. He slipped another finger in.

Addie grabbed his head and pushed him in hard. She was so turned on by her daydream and the feeling of power, that she knew it would not be long.

Jared devoured her pussy like a man possessed. He was in heaven. The taste was amazing. He wanted to stay between her legs for ever. He licked and sucked and nibbled, doing everything he knew to pleas this goddess. Suddenly her body stiffened and his face was forced hard into her sweltering snatch.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" She groaned as her orgasm consumed her.

Jared just continued his effort the whole time she was climaxing. When she was done she pushed him back and caught herself as she fell back a bit on top of her desk. Her breathing was still labored and Jared just sat and watched her recover and took great pride in what he viewed as his accomplishment.

She regained her composure and stood over him, "Thanks, I needed that. You may go now."

Jared stood up. The hard-on in his pants was evident. Addie chucked at how small she remembered it being. Jared turned and walked to the door trying to adjust himself, as to hide his erection. Addie noticed her panties on the floor.

"Wait a minute." She called to him as she stooped to pick up her g-string.

Jared turned and watched as she walked toward him holding the silky undergarment. When she reached him she tucked the panties in his shirt pocket and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"You can keep these as a token of my appreciation." Then she gave him a small peck on the cheek.

He turned and reached for the door. As he opened it he grabbed her panties and stuffed them in his pants pocket. He immediately went to the men's room, locked himself in a stall and pulled out his raging hard-on. He pulled the panties form his pocket and sniffed them heavily as he jacked himself off to orgasm into the toilet.

Addison closed her door behind Jared and returned to her desk. She liked the power Jared gave her, and the orgasms were good, but she needed a cock, and she needed it now. She sat there for a few moments. Then an idea hit her, Kyle. She hadn't seen him in a few weeks. She dialed his phone and left a message. "Come pick me up after work. I know a little place around the corner where you can fuck my brains out." Addie told him, recalling the little alley where she had sucked Brett's cock one night after work. "Don't stand me up!" she snapped into the phone. As she hung it up, she knew that she would be getting some big, young, hard dick tonight, she would be treated like the slut she longed to be. Kyle would never turn down an invitation like that.

to be continued...

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