Addison's New Friend


Michelle used all the restraint she had to keep from contorting her face. If it wasn't for the fact Addison was giving her so much good insight into her thought processes, she would have been outraged.

"There's not going to be a next time, Addison."

"You came, didn't you? You came long and hard and loud. You couldn't stop yourself, Michelle. You were thinking about me naked in bed, my hand on my pussy, my finger in my cunt. You were thinking about my tits and my nipples."

Michelle took in a deep breath, her heart beginning to race and her pussy beginning to ache. She looked across at Addison, who had her hand in the opening of her shirt. Her fingers were hidden, but they had to be resting on the top of her breast.

"Did it make you feel good that you did that?"

"Yes. I was happy for you. I can't complain about my own orgasm. It was fantastic. But, hearing you practically scream when you started to cum..."

Addison's other hand slid up the inside of her thigh. She never got to her pussy, but the skirt was now inches from revealing it to Michelle.

"Could you have done the same thing with a man?"

"Sure. No problem."

"But a man would more likely want to give the orders."

"That's fine."

"Addison, it's important that you understand the significance of your willingness to do that. It's a huge step in the right direction."

The teenager grinned. "You've helped me a lot, Michelle. And I brought a gift to show how much I appreciate it."

She reached down for her bag and pulled it up to her lap.

"Addison, it's not appropriate for you to bring me gifts," Michelle said.

When Addison withdrew her hand from the bag, she was holding a rectangular box nearly a foot long, wrapped in colorful paper. She rose from the chair and walked across to Michelle, proudly stretching out her arm to present the gift.

Michelle looked up at the beautiful girl, her eyes pleading with Addison not to make her take it. At first glance, Michelle imagined that the box contained a watch or necklace or some other jewelry. It was wrong, whatever it was.

"Please," Addison begged.

Michelle took the gift. It was heavier than she expected. She looked at it; she looked at Addison; and then she looked at the box again. She began to open it.

With the paper removed, the plain box gave no indication of the contents. Michelle grudgingly lifted the lid.

Addison had surprised her many times during their sessions. Certainly, the phone call and subsequent events surprised Michelle. She was always expecting the unexpected from Addison. Still, the shock on her face when she opened the gift was unmistakable.

Addison looked down nervously at Michelle. The psychiatrist's mouth was open, but nothing came out. She put the lid back on.

"Take it out, Michelle. Please."

Michelle didn't dare look up at her. The haunting eyes would have made her take it out. But even with that self-discipline, Michelle found herself lifting the lid once more. She reached inside the box.

The vibrator Michelle held was the most realistic-looking fake erection she'd ever seen. It put her husband to shame and every man she'd ever had before him. It was ridged, with veins, and a tantalizing curve. Michelle could never imagine the entire thing fitting inside her body.

Finally, she looked up at Addison.

"Pretty impressive, isn't it?" the girl said gleefully.

"Why did you do it, Addison?"

"Because I wanted to thank you."

"There were so many other ways you could have thanked me. Why this?"

"I want to make you happy."

Hidden under all the anger, Michelle thought she was beginning to see a 'normal' young woman. It would take many more sessions to pinpoint trouble spots. But for now, Michelle faced a more immediate challenge.

"It's good to make people happy, Addison. Thank you," Michelle said.

"I'd like you to try it, Michelle."

She looked up at Addison. "Maybe later. Right now I think we..."

Addison unbuttoned the top of her blouse. The already plunging neckline showed even more skin. And then another button was undone. It became obvious to Michelle that Addison did not have a bra on. The insides of her breasts were visible and nothing but flesh could be seen.

"I think we need to try it," Addison said as she worked her hands down her shirt until the last button was open. Then she reached down and took the box out of Michelle's lap. As she bent over, Michelle had a nearly-full view of the generous breasts inside the shirt.

Addison's eyes inspected the knit top Michelle wore, and the solid blue dress pants below that. Sometimes the psychiatrist's conservative office attire disappointed her.

"Not here. Not now," Michelle said.

Addison moved forward until her legs were straddling Michelle's. The girl's loose skirt allowed plenty of movement and Addison sat on Michelle's knees, directly facing her. Slowly, she slid up the top of Michelle's legs until her chest was just inches from Michelle's face.

"Yes. Now," Addison said.

She put her hands on the opened sections of her blouse and pulled them apart so her nipples were exposed, but not the entirety of her breasts. Michelle stared; her heart pounded.

"Have you ever dreamed of these tits, Michelle? Were you thinking about them when you came on the couch?"

She did not answer.

"Were you?" Addison demanded.

Michelle nodded.

"Lick them."

Michelle shook her head.

Addison pulled the shirt completely open. With the tits fully exposed, she leaned forward and placed a nipple on Michelle's lips.

"Lick it."

Michelle's tongue slithered out and wiped across the nipple. And then again.

"Suck on it, Michelle."

The lips opened and the nipple was enveloped by the soft skin. Michelle ran her tongue over it.

"My whole tit. Suck on my tit, Michelle."

Addison leaned forward a little more and practically forced the breast inside her psychiatrist's mouth. Michelle accepted it and licked and sucked on it as instructed. Both women felt the reaction between their legs.

After a few seconds, Addison reached down and pulled up Michelle's top. Michelle had to back away from the breast in order to let Addison complete her task. Once the top was tossed aside, Addison calmly removed her own blouse.

The splendor of the teenager's chest, close-up, finally hit Michelle. The tits were perfectly shaped, with an alluring upward turn that Michelle found irresistible. She gripped the vibrator just a little bit tighter.

Addison reached behind Michelle to unclip her bra. Addison's bare breast rubbed the side of Michelle's face as the girl unhooked, and then slid off, the bra. When finished, Addison sat upright on Michelle's legs and stared at the woman's breasts. They were more than adequate.

"They're just like I imagined them over the phone," Addison said softly. She looked Michelle in the eyes. "Turn on the vibrator, Michelle."

"I don't believe this is the time or place," Michelle said firmly.

"It wasn't the time or place for you to suck on my tits either. But you did. Now turn it on."

A flick of the plastic base of the vibrator started a dim humming sound.

"Put it between your tits, just like your husband does with his cock."

Michelle turned the vibrator so it curved upwards like a real penis and slid it in her cleavage. The strength of the tremors on her skin was greater than she anticipated. After a few seconds, Addison put her hand on top of Michelle's and guided the vibrator up over the top of Michelle's breast. Her entire breast quivered.

Then Addison was aiming it for the nipple. Michelle offered resistance. Addison kept up the pressure and the vibrator finally made contact with the erect nub.

Michelle gasped out loud. Addison smiled and held the toy in place, pushing it harder against Michelle's skin. She moved the toy back and forth across the nipple, using less and less force each time until Michelle was essentially controlling the vibrator on her own.

Addison heard Michelle's quickened breathing.

"Just think how wonderful that would feel against your clit. Then imagine it deep inside your pussy, pleasing you like no man ever could," Addison murmured.

She moved Michelle's hand to the opposite nipple and let the psychiatrist move the vibrator across it.

"We're going to try something different today, Michelle," Addison said softly. "We're going to see how well I take orders. You say a man would give me orders and you don't think I'd like that. Well, lets find out. You're going to give me orders and we'll see if I can follow them."

Michelle found Addison's voice to be uncharacteristically lacking in sarcasm or antagonism. She sounded like she did over the phone.

"Now, back to your new toy, Michelle. Wouldn't that feel wonderful between your legs?"

Michelle didn't reply.

"Tell me that you want me to watch you put the vibrator on your pussy."

When Michelle didn't respond, Addison took the vibrator from her hand and held it firmly against Michelle's most erect nipple. She pushed down and scraped it across the nipple. Waves of excitement surged through Michelle's body and she moaned.

"Tell me," Addison said


"OK, what?"

"I want you to watch," Michelle sighed with her eyes tightly closed.

"Watch what?"

"I want you to watch me masturbate, Addison."

Addison smiled and handed the vibrator back to Michelle. The teenager stood up and moved inside Michelle's legs. She kneeled down and opened the top of her pants. The zipper slid down and Addison began to pull the pants off.

Michelle slouched in the chair and lifted her ass enough for Addison to remove the pants and toss them aside. The buzz of the vibrator maintained its steady pace.

"What next?" Addison asked.

"Take off my panties, Addison."

The girl could already smell Michelle's lust and saw the spot on the front of the panties as she pulled them down. Addison gazed at Michelle's precision shaved pussy the entire time, anxious for what would come next.

"See. I can follow orders perfectly fine. Nobody got hurt."

Addison leaned back and took a good look up and down Michelle's naked body. She was a truly beautiful woman in her own right, if not the prospective Playboy model that Addison was.

"You're very pretty, Michelle."

The words surprised the psychiatrist. They were tender and apparently heartfelt.

Addison said, "Time for me to be in charge again."

She moved up and lightly licked one of Michelle's nipples. A few seconds later she had the end of the tit in her mouth and she was sucking on it with much vigor. Michelle moaned loudly, the same moan Addison heard over the phone. Addison bit the nipple gently and got a louder response.

Addison shifted positions until her face was next to Michelle's ear.

"I want you to cum for me, Michelle. Right here. Right now."

There was no reply.

"Put the vibrator between your legs," Addison whispered.

Michelle's hand moved between their bodies and settled into place.

"Touch your clit with it."

Michelle maneuvered the best she could and finally made contact. Addison heard the sudden intake of air and felt Michelle's body twitch.

"You used to think about me naked," Addison whispered. "You used to play with your clit while you thought about me. Now it's going to be even better, Michelle. You have a new toy that will make it better...and you have me. You're going to cum for me and I'm going to watch. OK?"

Michelle nodded.

Addison leaned back and let Michelle spread her legs farther apart. The vibrator was sliding up and down, pressed hard against the stiff clit. Her nipples looked like they were going to explode. Strands of Michelle's fine hair clung to her moist forehead.

Addison stood up. She and Michelle made eye contact. Addison unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Michelle's eyes followed it, but then rose back up to a pair of light blue thong panties that Addison wore. Addison kicked the skirt aside and ran her hand up and down the front of the thong, each time pressing a little harder on the thin fabric.

The vibrator whirred away as Michelle held it firmly against her clit.

"Tell me what you want, Michelle."

"Take off your panties."

It wasn't exactly an order, but Addison wasn't going to push it. She playfully slid her hand inside the panties, rubbed her pussy once or twice, and then pulled down the thong only enough to expose part of her pussy. She very slowly began to turn, showing Michelle her hip, and then her ass.

Addison pushed the thong lower, until the string came out from between her tight cheeks. With a slight bend at the waist, Addison let the thong fall to her feet. She stepped out of it and turned once again to face Michelle.

"Is this what you were imagining, Michelle?"

She stood like a statue in front of her psychiatrist, placing her hands on her waist and widening her stance just a bit. Michelle was far too involved in staring at the goddess and rubbing her clit with the vibrator to answer.

"That's such a huge cock. What do you think it would feel like inside your cunt?" Addison asked, moving one hand to her pussy. "I bet the ridges would feel wonderful as they slid in and out, the big head rubbing against your g-spot."

Addison had her middle finger inside her wet hole, moving her wrist up and down slowly. Michelle watched every move she made, waiting anxiously for Addison's next command.

"Do it for me, Michelle. Put it inside you while I watch."

It was just what she wanted to hear. Michelle slid the vibrator lower and let it hover over the entrance to her cunt. She inserted the thick head, spreading herself apart before trying to put in any more. She closed her eyes and felt the vibrations travel up her vagina and into her stomach.

Michelle's mouth opened involuntarily and she whined with pleasure as another inch or two of the vibrator disappeared. Her eyes were clamped shut as she took in all the physical delight of the toy sliding inside her.

Addison rubbed her clit. Her own breathing was now heavy and deep. The moisture that existed between her legs turned into a collection of juices and she spread it over her pussy before it dripped down her leg.

Michelle commenced a short, steady series of strokes that eventually led to half of the vibrator entering her each time.

"Ooooooh my God," she moaned out loud.

Michelle at last opened her eyes and watched her young patient masturbate in front of her. Addison still had one hand on her pussy, but the other was playing with her tit. A look of total joy was on the girl's face as they glanced at each other.

Michelle plunged the vibrator in as far as she thought she could; she squeezed a nipple between her fingers; and, she felt the orgasm get closer. If it was possible, she believed she might cum harder than during the phone sex.

"I want to hear you cum, Michelle. Don't hold back."

That was the last thing Michelle was worried about. She knew her secretary would be gone for the day and the two were alone in the office. Michelle doubted she could remain silent anyway.

"Ahhhhhhh. Addison. Addison!"

The girl saw that Michelle's eyes were closed again and she wondered what the woman was thinking about.

"Look at me, Michelle."

The eyes opened and Michelle felt her pussy respond to the incredible sight.

"Oh fuck. Fuck! I'm cumming, Addison. I'm cumming!"

She thrust the vibrator inside her almost up to the base and rubbed her clit with the other hand. The quivering toy sent her over the edge and she arched her back.

"God! Yessss!"

Michelle held the vibrator in place and fucked it wildly.

"Yes! Yes! Yesssssss!" she screamed.

Addison watched the woman's hips rise and fall. The girl masturbated just as hard and soon she was ready to cum.

A few more seconds of watching and listening to Michelle's multiple orgasms caused Addison to start. Their mutual groans continued until Michelle was done and she had the opportunity to watch Addison stand in place and struggle to maintain her balance while cumming over and over.

Finally, they were both done and the scent of their sex filled the office.

Addison uneasily stepped closer to Michelle.

"Lick it, Michelle. Taste how sweet your juices are."

With one last ounce of energy, Michelle withdrew the vibrator from her cunt and slid it between her lips. She licked the tip and tasted the fruits of her labor.

She looked at the lovely Addison. Addison. What was she going to do about Addison?

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