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Additional Thoughts on Sodomy

byCal Y. Pygia©

Although, in the world (or worlds?) of pornography and erotica, it is politically incorrect, perhaps, to suggest that the body, whether male or female, is not built for anal intercourse, the fact is that anyone who has participated in this act (especially on the receiving end) or who has enjoyed watching a couple, gay or straight, indulge in it knows the truth: the body, whether male or female, is not built for anal intercourse. That's one of the things that makes anal intercourse sexy to watch, and, indeed, to perform.

For reasons known only to Him, God has seen fit to equip the anus with a rich supply of nerves, and the aperture is, by comparison even to a virgin's vagina, whether it has been stretched or not, both small and tight. However, unlike the cunt, the asshole does not lubricate itself. Without preliminary lubrication from an outside source, the anus is unlikely to accommodate an erection of any thickness, no matter how stiff the stiffy might be, and, even if the asshole could manage to do so, both penetration and fucking would be uncomfortable, even painful, for the penetrated party. Despite the rich supply of nerves around the butt hole, it seems pretty clear that the anus is intended not for fucking

Why, then, do people, both gay and straight, engage in anal intercourse? The asshole may be a fine and private place, but, even inside a female's ass, no ovum and sperm therein embrace, since the rectum lacks the egg-producing and nurturing capabilities that the vagina boasts. Pregnancy isn't possible, so, obviously, even heterosexual butt fucking doesn't, and cannot, have a reproductive purpose.

The reason that couples indulge in anal intercourse is, it appears, both simple and complex. The simple reason? It's fun. Precisely why it is fun is a bit more difficult to explain. I've already mentioned the rich supply of nerves with which the anal region is supplied, so the fact that, with proper preparation (generous lubrication and preliminary stretching by digital or dildo penetration, prior to penile penetration and maybe even a few seconds of foreplay), anal intercourse can be physically pleasurable for both parties. However, there is also a pleasurable sadomasochistic, or emotional component of the experience.

Although a man may insist that anal intercourse is simply a variation of "regular" (that is, vaginal) sex by which he and his partner (assuming, for the moment that she's female, rather than male or shemale) can occasionally spice up their sex lives, he's really saying this only because, well, he wants to get into his girlfriend's, wife's, or mistress' ass. (Come on, girls, it's not that hard to figure out!) Check out some femdom, wherein one of the acts that a dominatrix performs on her male slave is pegging (anal intercourse in which the female party, as the penetrating participant, using a strap-on dildo).

Anal intercourse is a way of unmanning or feminizing a man, true, but it is also an act that is, in and of itself, often humiliating for the party, of either sex, who is penetrated. Anal intercourse is a staple, therefore, of sadomasochistic sex. It shouldn't be all that hard (pun intended) to figure out which participant, he (or she) who penetrates or she (or he) who is penetrated, is the masochist and which participant is the sadist. Sometimes, the sadomasochistic nature of anal intercourse is emphasized when the penetrating party restrains the penetrated participant with a hand pressed to his or her back or a foot pressed to the side of his or her face.

To complicate things still further, one need only remember that it's possible to switch roles (even when one's partner is a female--see the note, above, concerning pegging) so that the masochistic-penetrated party becomes the sadistic-penetrating participant. Even when one's participation in anal intercourse is only vicarious, he or she can imagine him- or herself in the role of either party or, indeed, both parties, simply by identifying exclusively with the penetrating participant or with the penetrated person or by alternating one's identification between both the impaled and the impaler.

I usually identify with the penetrated party, even if she is a she (or a shemale) rather than a he, probably for the same reason that I identify with the cocksucker rather than with the cock (or the owner of the cock) that is being sucked and for the same reason that I enjoy being spanked but have no desire whatsoever to return the favor. I'm masochistic. I enjoy being humiliated. I like to be treated with disdain. It's satisfying to me to be unmanned, to have my masculinity denied or even ridiculed, or to be feminized. I find pleasure, too, in giving pleasure to another, even when it is at my own physical and emotional expense. Docile and compliant, I would, if it were not for sexually transmitted diseases, gladly offer my ass to any man or woman anywhere, at any time, considering it an honor and a privilege to be fucked or spanked or both. I love to surrender and to submit.

There is something taboo about anal intercourse, often even among the devotees of the act. There is the perception that not only is the act forbidden, but that it is also somehow "dirty," possibly because it involves not only an organ of urination but also a system for defecation. From our earliest days, we are taught that the asshole is "dirty," just as it (and the penis and vagina) is one of our "private" parts.

Initially, at least, anal intercourse is apt to seem forbidden and unclean, both physically and spiritually. Even when one becomes accustomed to fucking someone else in his or her ass or to being fucked in the ass by someone else, the sense that the act is somehow impermissible and wrong may well persist at an unconscious level. For this reason alone, anal intercourse is exciting, because it is always thrilling to break the rules.

There is also a sense that the penetrated party is being invaded by the penetrating participant. The anus is (or can be) resistant to the penis' advance. It is, after all, a relatively snug orifice, intended for excretion, not penetration. Even a well-lubricated asshole requires the penetrating party to use some measure of force to shove his or her penis or strap-on dildo through the defiant sphincter, and both the penetrating and the penetrated participants in anal intercourse are apt to feel this resistance and this force as invasive. Moreover, once the penis has penetrated the anus, its presence is likely to be discerned as an occupation of the penetrated party's bowels, since the organ is, as it were, a foreign object.

The invasive and occupying character of the penetrating penis is often signified by the participants' facial expressions; both parties may frown or grimace, for example, the penetrating party with concentration and determination, the penetrated participant with discomfort. Although anal intercourse is often voluntary, it may resemble coerced sex. Because of the resistance of the anus, however brief and slight, and the force, however short-lived and small, required to penetrate the orifice, the act of penetration might appear to be effected through violence, even when it is welcome and enjoyable to both participants, and the apparent resistance and force are apt to add excitement to the viewing of the act by both its participants and any third party who might act as a voyeur (such as, for example, the viewer or the reader).

Of course, sounds--moans, groans, gasps, cries--likewise further enhance the illusion that the impaled party is being assaulted, even when he or she is not, adding to the excitement of the act. In watching (or reading) scenes of anal intercourse, one cannot help but to imagine that the penetrated party is being subjected to violence; the penis, after all, is both stiff and thick, and it is being plunged repeatedly through the penetrated participant's impaled anus, often deeply into his or her bowels. The erect member seems to stab the impaled party again and again, often with increasing speed and force.

Although some (perhaps most) men and women find sucking a cock to be emotionally as well as physically satisfying, some also regard this activity as being both degrading and humiliating to the cocksucker. Even if one does happen to regard cocksucking to be degrading and humiliating to the cocksucker, he or she is apt to agree that the cocksucker can (unless he or she assumes a completely passive attitude), at least, control the depth to which he or she takes the penis into his or her mouth or throat.

For example, the cocksucker can interpose his or her fist between the lower portion of the penis and his or her own mouth, thereby creating a buffer, so to speak, between the two. In anal intercourse, however, the receptive partner has no such defensive capability. He or she is left completely at the penetrating party's mercy, totally vulnerable and helpless concerning the depth and ferocity of the assault that he or she, at the other party's whim, must suffer. Occasionally, the penetrating party will slap or spank one of the penetrated participant's buttocks as he or she fucks him or her, adding to the illusion that the act is one as much of violence as it is of consent. This helplessness of the impaled party adds yet another dimension of excitement to the spectacle of anal intercourse.

The relative passivity of the receiving participant and the corresponding activity of the penetrating party is also erotic. The former sometimes counterthrusts in counterpoint to the latter's thrusts, so that, taken together, their individual actions are a harmonious whole. More typically, however, the penetrated party remains mostly passive, and his or her very passivity suggests the utter submissiveness with which he or she allows, or accepts, his or her lover's use and, at times, even abuse of his or her ass.

This image of passive submission is heightened by the rocking of the penetrated party's body before the repeated thrusts of the other penetrating person's penis or strap-on dildo and the continuous flattening and bouncing back to fullness of the impaled person's buttocks as his or her ass is fucked ever faster, harder, and more furiously.

Anal intercourse is shown (or described) from various positions. My favorite is the doggy style position, in which the penetrated party positions him- or herself upon his or her hands or, more commonly, his or her elbows, and knees while the penetrating participant kneels behind him or her, between the former party's spread legs. In this position, one can see or envision the erection or strap-on dildo as it pistons back and forth between the buttocks and through the anal ring, plunging in and out of the impaled asshole.. One can also admire the fucker's ass as he or she pumps his or her prick, flesh and blood, plastic, or latex, back and forth though the other party's bottom.

If the penetrated party is female, rather than male or shemale, one can also see the crescent curve of her cunt below her impaled ass; likewise, if the recipient is male or shemale, the viewer can see (or the reader can envision from the writer's description) the penetrated party's penis, whether flaccid, semi-erect, or fully erect, and his or her balls, dangling between his or her thighs, swinging back and forth, as if the testicles were a metronome keeping time to the thrusts and counterthrusts of the participants.

It is sexy to observe the way in which, during anal intercourse, the female or male organs of copulation are ignored, as if they are nothing more than mere ornaments, and, indeed, the impaled person's sex is of no consequence, for, of course, anal intercourse is about dominance and submission, humiliating and being humiliated, shaming and being shamed, and power and powerlessness, not reproduction, and the use of the asshole, rather than the cunt, or the use of the asshole, despite the presence of the impaled party's own penis, demonstrates the perversity and the pure hedonism of anal intercourse more clearly, perhaps, than any other feature or element of the act.

The penetrated party may elect to squat over the penetrating person's lower abdomen, so that his or her ass is above the other's cock and balls. By lowering his or her own buttocks over the stiff-standing prick or rigid strap-on dildo, and impaling him- or herself upon the thick, hard member, the squatting party impales his or her own asshole upon the other's erection or strap-on dildo, and he or she controls the force and tempo with which he or she fucks him- or herself.

In this position, the impaled person has the choice of facing either toward or away from the other person, so as to offer him o her a view of his or her own penis or strap-on dildo or a view of his or her impaled buttocks. The viewer or reader is also treated to whichever view the impaled party allows his or her fellow participant. When the impaled party is female or shemale, the viewer or the reader can also see or envision her bouncing breasts if she faces away from the penetrating party, which, of course, adds to the position's erotic effect..

For deeper penetration, the penetrated party, kneeling, sometimes also rests the weight of his or her upper body upon his or her left or right shoulder, rather than upon his or her palms or elbows, so that his or her buttocks are raised much higher than they would be otherwise. The penetrating party then straddles the other person, crouching rather than kneeling, so as to be able to deliver his or her thrusts from a higher elevation, driving cock or strap-on dildo much deeper and more freely into the recipient's rectum than is possible in other positions.

Although, in our politically correct times, many deny that they harbor even the fleetest and most transient of racist thoughts or feelings, most people, whether Asian, Caucasian, African-American, or otherwise, do so. With regard to blacks and whites, there is, back of such racist prejudices and discrimination, a history of slavery, of course, in which white masters dominated black slaves, even raping female slaves whenever they pleased, with complete impunity.

Interracial sex between black men and white women (or, for that matter, between dominant black men and submissive white men) reverses the historical situation, putting almost-always well-endowed black men in charge of the white women or men whom they fuck, anally or otherwise. The mere contrast of a dark penis or a black woman's strap-on dildo (especially if its color simulates that of one or another of the shades typical of African-American flesh) siding between through the tight anus of a lily-white pair of male or female (or shemale) buttocks is a thrilling sight; coupled with the notion of slavery reversed, as it were, with black masters "punishing" white male or female slaves with cocks the size of bullwhip handles, such scenes are even more exciting to behold (or read about).

Despite the strides made in American race relations, especially in the wake of the nation's election of its first African-American president, interracial sex, especially between blacks and whites, is still frowned upon by some members of both races, and the taboo quality of the act also makes it an arousing spectacle, even when it is a white man or woman who fucks a black man or woman in the ass, thereby reinforcing racist stereotypes suggestive of the slavery of blacks by whites in the nation's past, rather than a black's fucking of a white ass.

Threesomes in which a man or a woman is butt fucked while the penetrated party sucks the cock or eats the pussy of a third party participant adds spice to scenes of anal intercourse. Threesomes, of course, allow the camera or the word processor's keyboard to introduce other sexual acts as complements to anal intercourse: not only fellatio or cunnilingus, but also kissing, fondling,, tit sucking, the double penetration of the impaled participant (if she is female), or the vaginal or anal fucking of a female by a male who, in turn, is himself butt fucked by the other male of the party, and so on. Such innovations and combinations of partners and sexual acts adds variety to anal intercourse, which, exciting as it is in and of itself, becomes tedious after multiple viewings unless such variations as these additional participants and activities, or others, are included from time to time.

One such variation is the ass-to-mouth exercise. In this routine, the penetrated party, after having been fucked in his or her ass, accepts the penetrating person's penis or strap-on dildo into his or her mouth, often performing fellatio until (in those cases in which his or her fellow participant is male or shemale) to orgasm and ejaculation. The knowledge that the cock or dildo was only moments or minutes ago inside the cocksucker's own ass is titillating to many viewers or readers of such scenes.

The semen deposited by ejaculating penises is known, in the business, as a "cum shot" or a "money shot." Supposedly, this is the sequence of film or the passage of description that a viewer or reader wants most to witness or envision, because it proves that the action shown or described is real, not simulated. Because of the importance, real or imagined, that this shot has garnished, most film and novels show or describe it in some detail.

In some instances, film of the ejaculating penis is spliced together so that the duration of the sequence can be extended on the screen to imply that the penetrating partner has cum as copiously as a stallion.

During anal intercourse, the penetrating partner often withdraws his (or, in the case of shemales, her) penis prior to ejaculating so that he can spew his semen into the penetrated party's gaping anus or over his or her buttocks, thereby branding him or her, as it were, with the very essence of his manhood. Even some strap-on dildos are equipped with reservoirs in which milk or cream can be stored, to be "ejaculated" by the squeezing of a bulb connected to a tube hidden inside the phallus that forces the liquid contents through the dildo so that it spurts forth in a realistic fashion, simulating ejaculation.

The camera or the keyboard often give special attention to showing or describing the spurting of the semen and its splattering against the buttocks or its spewing into the wide-stretched anus. In some sequences, the ejaculate is filmed or described in slow-motion, which both prolongs the ejaculation sequence and focuses the viewer's or reader's attention upon the semen itself.

After the ejaculation has ended, the penetrated party may smear the semen under his or her rotating palm or scoop it onto his or her fingertip so that, bringing the seed to his or her lips, he or she can lick the substance or savor it inside his or her mouth, gargling with it, letting it drool down his or her chin before sucking it back into his or her mouth, exchanging it with another person, such as the penetrating party or the third member of a threesome, before, usually, ultimately swallowing the stuff.

Often, when the penetrated party is a male or a shemale, his or her own orgasm and ejaculation are also caught on film or described in detail on the novel's page, doubling the viewer's or the reader's satisfaction by providing him or her with two money shots instead of one.

There is another way by which filmmakers and writers may prove that an act of actual, as opposed to simulated, anal intercourse has occurred: the buttocks can be separated to show the gaping anus between them, allowing the viewer or the reader to peer down into the well-reamed asshole, seeing an inch or more into the pink-walled tunnel before the voyeur's vision is lost to the darkness within the depths of the penetrated person's bowels. Semen may cling to the walls of the rectum, supplying, as it were, still further proof that the ass has been fucked to the point, at least, of the penetrated party's orgasm and ejaculation.

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