tagBDSMAdela's Room Ch. 2

Adela's Room Ch. 2


“Maximilianii, si ripcordi, I remember that night clearly now.” Cesaria rolled over to face him, her fingertips caressing his high cheekbones, excitement in her eyes as she began to continue the Story. Max only gazed into her eyes and waited for the memories to flood back and readied himself for her reaction afterward. “Maybelle said I would sleep for the night but you knew she lied, Max, you knew what was to come as you always do. When I walked into my assigned room, I waited for you to come to me; and how my heart soared when you came from the shadows and embraced me. Pulling me close to you and kissing my face while telling me their secrets, I learned what I was to do. “Maybelle has negotiated a great price for you and the others Adela. But listen carefully to this, your hunger must be satisfied now, and you must not slay the General. He is to lead a revolution for his people in the future; but he cares nothing about this tonight - this night his lust is high”.

Maximilian continued, “Your friends Jo and Bethamy are bathing him as we speak. The petite one is in the tub with him, scrubbing his feet and taking them into her mouth one at a time. While the other cleanses his body and hands he is fucking little Jo with his toes.” He smiled at her, “Imagine the pleasure of his command Adela.” “Now drink from me, my love, so that you will see into his soul and know what his innermost desire is, then give him his wish; give him what he needs.”

She continued to recall, “ You brought my lips to your neck and I tasted the sweetness and knowing that you bring. My hands opened your robe and let it fall to the ground so that I could touch your body. Your gentle moans excited me as they always do, my canines pierced your flesh and I drank from you while pressing my body close to yours. Maddening visions rushed through my mind, but I could only listen to your thoughts of comfort and love. And when your instruction was finished I was infused and powerful, I licked the remaining drops of blood from your neck and whispered in your ear the word “Master”.

“Through the millennia your organ has grown larger and more sensitive. I felt it grow hard on my stomach, stiffening past my belly button and thicker than my own hand. My desire grew as ell and your kisses on my breasts made me want you more and more. I brought my nipples out over the top of the brassiere as I continued to undress you”. She spoke faster, more excited by the memory. “You picked me up easily and sat on the wooden chair then gently pushed my body down on your lap. The back of my legs on your chest with knees over your shoulders and your hands holding the back of my head, your erect cock towering between my legs. I then reached down and ran my nails on your length while massaging my glistening wet pussy on it, moaning softly while meeting your gaze. You turned your head and kissed my leg and then brought forth your long tongue.” Now her voice became rich with lust as she continued. “How warm and comforting were the chills that went through my entire body when your tongue continued tracing down my inner thigh. Then further down still, to where my bud was pressing on your length. Your warm, wet tongue caressed my clit and your cock until it moved between our skin. The tip of your long tongue kneading the foreskin back and finally the hardened bud within made my nails dig into your flesh harder. And then the tip of your tongue dove into my opening at once, making me shudder and moan louder. You tasted my wetness with your soft but strong tongue Master, you filled my pussy with it, fucked me with it, tasted me with it, all at once.

Your sex began to leak and its love juice from the tip then dripped a thick drop down to my fingers where I took it and brought it to my mouth. Savoring your gift and licking my lips made your juices flow freely as your tongue dipped deeper still, reaching my secret spot and bringing my orgasm near. Our minds speaking to each other and our bodies responding to our thoughts, your hands reached beneath my back and lifted me to your face when my orgasm came forth. My soft nether lips locked in yours you kissed me and drank my juices when I yelled out in ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure from your touch while your hands gripped my breasts. Your cock now pressing against my back, juices drenching me, I reached behind me and grasped your hardened balls. Breathing from my mouth I calmed myself slowly as you released your grip on my breasts and lowered my entrance to the tip of your cock. I whispered to you to please let me drink from your fountain; let me feel your hot juices run down my throat, let my pussy milk it, bathe my body, Master, come for me now!”

“Your eyes ablaze, a smile on your lips as your cock slowly began to stretch the entrance to my pussy and then you pushed into me. I felt every inch hot, my pussy tightening around you as you pushed further and further with a soft sigh. It was impossible to take you in completely, we both knew this, and when the tip pushed the very depth of my womb I heard your moans and felt them vibrate from within your being. I grasped the remaining length with both hands and stroked you into me until I felt it stiffen inside before exploding into me. Your chin raised with your lips parted revealing your canines sharp, just like mine, you moaned and whispered my name and let your orgasm flow. Filling my pussy and then dripping out as your hips bucked and your body shook, spurting your juices deep inside and then dripping to the floor. You pulled your cock out and I continued to pull and dig my nails into your length until another wave of come shot out onto my stomach. You released my legs and they wrapped around your neck as I guided your huge cock toward my face. Hot dripping juice bathed my body now, my face and chest drenched as you continued, now grunting and breathing ragged watching as I hungrily licked and drank your gift until finally your hands relaxed and let my head roll back on your knees, exhausted”.

“Time is different for us my dear.” You whispered into my mind. We may have fucked here for hours or only minutes, I just never know. But you continued patiently, “It is time you prepare yourself for visitors. Come, let me cleanse you and I shall go back into the shadows to watch.”

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