tagErotic CouplingsAdelle's Girls: Cleo Ch. 03

Adelle's Girls: Cleo Ch. 03


"You're welcome sir. We'll call to confirm," Cleo said crisply before hanging up. She went over the day's bookings and saw that it was a quiet day. She noted her own appointment with Andrew scheduled for that evening. The fake appointment she had put in to keep Adelle off her back. Cleo smiled: she wondered what Andrew had in store tomorrow, on their actual appointment. Her birthday.

Almost as soon as she had accepted the booking she regretted it. She could finally admit it to herself: she loved her dates with Andrew. She loved the passion, the intensity. But more than that, she loved who she was on her dates with him. She wasn't Cleo the secretary, bookish and mousy. She was Cleo the call girl, pure sex and passion.

She just wasn't as certain about her feelings for the man himself. She definitely liked Andrew, that much was clear. Despite their age difference they had managed to click quite well, and only seeing each other about once a month was giving their relationship a fiery intensity (Cleo hated calling what they had a relationship, but it was really the only word that fit). But beyond that she hardly knew the man at all.

Finally, there were Adelle's thoughts on the matter. Her warning from a month ago was still fresh in her mind: That Andrew only liked her because she was his private whore, a whore who wasn't really one anyway. Whenever she began to think about Andrew too romantically, she reminded herself that she was one of the many whores he probably used. Not that she begrudged him that; she was hardly in any position to judge his sex life. But nonetheless, it usually stopped any romantic feelings that might occasionally pop into her head.

Cleo's daydreaming was interrupted when Adelle entered the office from the front room chatting with Gerald. Adelle's the escort service operated in the back room of Adelle's Interior Design. Gerald, an old friend of Adelle's, owned and ran the interior design business while leasing a few rooms in the back to Adelle. Gerald's work provided the necessary cover for their activities, and the arrangement had proved mutually beneficial to both parties.

"When do you need her?" Adelle was asking. Adelle paid part of her lease in, as she put it, house credit, which effectively meant that Gerald got a free girl every month or so.

"The party is on the 12th. And Adelle, seriously, I need a goddess," he said earnestly. "Ever since my brother made partner he has been just... A complete ass. I need jealousy. Biblical, visceral jealousy that I'm banging some sex goddess. I need to see his tongue hanging out."

"A goddess? You don't ask for much," Adelle teased. Cleo smiled: watching her boss flirt with Gerald was always fun. "I have a new girl, Asa... But she's quite young. I'm worried that people will suspect."

"Are you free?" he asked, grinning.

"Ah, but I'm too old for what you want. Perhaps... Allie is quite fetching. Do you want beautiful or hot?" This was a distinction that Adelle had learned to make: Many men wanted to fuck porn stars, who were certainly hot. But Adelle found that sort of rank sexuality crude. A truly beautiful woman stirred more than a man's cock.

Gerald chewed on it. "Beautiful, definitely. But hot too... That'd appeal to Chuck more." Gerald was in his early 40s and looked great. Cleo often wondered whether or not Adelle had ever slept with him.

"Oh, definitely not Allie then. Black?"

Gerald laughed. "Uh, sure. Okay."

"Lisa is gorgeous, and a sweetheart, you'll love her," Adelle said, smiling. Then she leaned close and whispered. "And if you let her, she'll drain you dry."

Gerald grinned, staying cool. "I'm always satisfied with Adelle's," he said lightly as he backed out of the doorway. "If not by Adelle herself yet." He then sharply turned to acknowledge Cleo. "Good afternoon Cleo. How are you?"

"I'm fine Gerald," she said.

"So that's Lisa for the 12th," he said, smiling.

"Got it. We'll-"

"No need to call, just check with me over coffee." He quickly turned back to Adelle. "Thanks hon."

"Not a problem Gerald," she said warmly as he headed back to the front of the office, closing the door behind him. Adelle returned to her desk with an extra spring in her step.

"Oh my god just go fuck him already," Cleo said, turning back to her screen.

"Who's to say I haven't, dear?" Adelle replied tartly. "I've known Gerald for almost fifteen years. Trust me, I know what I'm doing." She checked her watch, then checked the appointment book. "You're done for the day. I'll see you on Friday."

"What, because of my date with Andrew? It's just an overnight," Cleo replied, confused.

"Yes but it's your birthday the next day... Oh that's right this is your first birthday here. I've always given birthdays as paid holidays. It's a quiet night, go get ready for your date."

"Oh yay!" Cleo said as she hopped to her feet and started packing. "Thank you so much."

"Don't mention it," Adelle said, handing her a tiny envelope. "Happy birthday."

"Oh Adelle!" Cleo said, taking the envelope. Opening it, she found a pretty card signed by Adelle. "To my best hire of the year," Cleo read aloud. She opened the card and found five crisp one hundred dollar bills. "Adelle, Jesus... I can't accept this! It's too much."

"When I wrote you were the best hire of the year, I wasn't kidding. You're running this place like a machine. And then there's Mr. Dunn... Cleo, you've become one of my better moneymakers."

"Just by working my moneymaker a little," Cleo joked, putting on a light coat. "Thank you Adelle. Really," She said, hugging the older woman, surprising her. Cleo smiled to herself: Adelle was very English when it came to hugging.

"You're welcome, dear," she said, lightly patting her on the shoulder. "I'll see you Friday. What are you doing with Andrew tonight?"

And just like that Cleo felt like a shit for lying to Adelle. "I'm just, um, going to his hotel room. He said he just wanted a night in."

"In you, I bet. And what are you doing for your birthday?"

"Erica's taking me out for dinner and drinks. Nothing too crazy."


"Lech aim!" Erica said, tossing back another shot with the birthday girl, swallowing the tequila down before biting into the lime. Cleo did the same, her face scrunching up from the sourness.

"Blech! I hate tequila," Cleo said, washing it down with her beer.

"Well then we should really stop ordering them for you," Sheila said, as if that were a very sensible argument. The three girls were at Rio Grande enjoying some very strong margaritas. Cleo had told the girls she only wanted beer because she didn't want to get too drunk. Erica declared that silly talk, hence the four tequila shots they'd bought her over the past hour or two.

"I really can't get that drunk tonight, seriously," Cleo repeated, but she could already tell that she was partway there.

"Why? You've got someplace to go?"

"Well... I've got a date tonight," Cleo said. She had kept it a secret as long as she could, but she knew she could trust Erica and Sheila.

"Oh that's great! Who is it?" Sheila asked.

"Yeah, since when are you seeing anyone besides..." Erica's head snapped up from her salad. "You're seeing Andrew tonight?"

"Andrew? Andrew Dunn Andrew?" Sheila asked, shocked.

"You took a job on your birthday?" Erica asked, not giving Cleo a chance to explain.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I can't believe Adelle let you do that."

"Is he still paying you double rate? I mean what the fuck, right?"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Cleo snapped, breaking the question barrage. "Let me explain! Okay, so last month he had me for his birthday."

"Fuck yeah he had you," Erica muttered, waggling her eyebrows.

"Shut up. Anyway, so a few days later he books me for the 18th, which he knows is my birthday."

"How'd he know it was your birthday?" Sheila asked.

"I told him. We talk too," Cleo said, glaring at Sheila. "So anyway, his birthday was... A lot of fun," she said quickly, glaring at Erica, "So when he booked me for mine I though... Why not?"

"So you've gotta run off from your birthday party because he wants his fucking dick sucked?" Erica fumed, but at least kept her voice down.

"It's not like that," Cleo said. "I booked it as an overnight, but he said just to come when I could. He said he didn't want to interfere with any plans."

"I... See," Erica said, although it was clear she didn't. "That's what he said? What did he say, exactly."

"What I just said: to come by when I could, book it as an overnight, and he didn't want to interrupt my plans."

Sheila and Erica looked at each other, unsure of what to make of all this.

"Adelle said this was okay? It sounds like something she'd nix," Sheila asked, a little confused. Cleo looked down. "Oh for fucks sake, you're trying to snake Andrew? Adelle will shit-can you in a second if she-"

"No! It's not that at all. It's just... She already thinks I'm catching feelings for him, and I didn't want to give her any more ammunition. So I put the date in the books for yesterday... And I'd never fuck over Adelle like that!"

"Okay, good!" Sheila said, laughing. "So we're gonna get you drunk and he's going to fuck the shit out of you? I'm jealous."

"Sure you are, who doesn't want a man twice their age between her thighs?" Erica said tartly, signaling the bartender for another round, and some more shots.

"Age is just a number," Cleo said, shrugging.

"And if you're only as old as you feel, then Andrew feels pretty good if you ask me," Sheila said, raising her eyebrows at Cleo. Sheila had seen Andrew a few times before Cleo snatched him away, and the blonde was always eager to tease her about it.

"Oh, fuck you both." Erica said as the shots arrived.

"That's extra," Sheila said, taking the lime and running it across the exposed skin of her neck before skillfully applying salt to the moist patch. She placed the lime wedge between her large breasts before handing Cleo her shot. "Gotta get you in the mood hon," she said, smiling saucily.

Cleo blushed but played along, licking the salt off her beautiful friend's neck before slamming the shot. Standing unsteadily, she lowered her face to Sheila's deep cleavage, grabbing the lime wedge in her teeth and pulling it out, sucking the sour juice from it. Pulling back, she laughed out loud when she noticed the whole bar cheering, a group of guys nearby offering to buy them as many shots as they wanted.

"You in trouble now, girl," Erica said, signaling the bartender.


"This is dumb," Erica said as the elevator doors closed.

"I said that in the cab. I don't need you guys to escort me," Cleo said, swaying just a little.

"Sure you don't, drunky," Sheila said, touching up her make-up. Andrew may not be a client anymore, but she thought it was always good to look your best.

"Besides, I want to get a look at this dreamboat. See what drags you away from your own damn birthday party," Erica groused, still annoyed at her friend letting work interfere with her social life.

"Oh please. How about tomorrow night we go out, my treat?"

"And I'm won over!" Erica laughed. "But I am curious about this gentleman."

"Andrew? He's great," Sheila said, snapping her compact shut. "Great guy. Loves to eat pussy, fucks like a machine too. And," she said as she held her hands about ten inches apart.

"Told you," Cleo said to her stunned roommate.

"I just... I thought she was exaggerating!" Erica said off Sheila's laugh. "Seriously?"

"One time with him? I think he fucked me four or five times. I had him leaking from every damn hole on my way home. You woulda thought I was in a gangbang to look at me."

Cleo had to laugh. "That sounds about right." Cleo smiled: she had certainly come to love Sheila's frank way of speaking. When the elevator reached the 15th floor and the doors opened, Cleo stepped out into the hallway and turned left. "Okay, I'm here, can you guys get lost?"

"Nope. We're delivering you, it'll turn him on," Sheila said.

"Definitely," Erica said. She suddenly grabbed Cleo's arm, checked that they were alone in the hallway. "Take off your panties."

Cleo's eyebrows soared. "Why?"

"You've got to keep guys on their toes," Erica explained. "C'mon. The coast is clear."

"But I... Oh fine," Cleo said. She checked both ways, then reached down and slipped off her thong, stuffing the lacy scrap into her purse. Her chest flushed, she continued another few paces down the hall before stopping in front of room 1523. Sheila and Erica stepped to either side of her while Sheila knocked loudly on the door.

"Happy bir-oh," Andrew said as he opened the door, confused to find Erica and Sheila there as well. "Sheila? Cleo? What, uh, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"We're just delivering the birthday girl to the next phase of her evening," Erica said with a sexy smile.

"And you are?"

"I'm Erica."

"Cleo's roommate. Nice to meet you. Sheila, how are you doing?"

"Can't complain. Been missing my favorite client," she said, her smile predatory. Andrew looked a little abashed, but couldn't help but grin.

"Uh... Anyway, happy birthday Cleo. I didn't expect you to bring, uh, back up."

"They're just delivering me. Hello Andrew," she said as she stepped by him, kissing him on the cheek as she got close. "Goodnight girls."

"Night Cleo," Sheila said. "Remember, it's your birthday."

Cleo blushed a bit as she continued into the hotel room. Andrew smiled at the two girls before closing the door, checking to make sure the DO NOT DISTURB sign was in place. Erica and Sheila turned and walked back to the elevator.

"Seriously?" Erica asked, holding her hands apart as Sheila had done. Sheila nodded. "Yikes. Happy birthday."


"For a second, I thought that you were bringing your girlfriends over for me," Andrew said, his voice unreadable.

"For my birthday? I thought I get gifts on my birthday, not you," Cleo said, turning away in a mock-huff. "You've already gotten your birthday present."

"And I absolutely loved it," he said, quickly stepping close and pulling her into his arms. "I just wasn't expecting three girls at my door is all. Happy birthday." He pulled her close for a kiss, his hands slipping to her butt.

Cleo relaxed against him, her tongue softly stroking his, tasting hints of whiskey. She tended to get horny when she was drunk and she could already feel heat spreading through her belly. My god, it's gotten to the point where I get wet just from him kissing me, she thought. He quickly guided her over to the bed, pushing her so she would sit down. Quickly turning to the room's easy chair, he picked up a wrapped box and handed it to her. Unwrapping it, she smiled when she saw it was a box from La Perla.

"I said I would buy you ten more." Opening the box, she found a light blue baby doll nighty. Looking at the flimsy fabric she could tell that it would reveal far more than it hid. She was about to comment on how it was yet another gift for him, when she lifted it up and noticed a glossy box underneath it.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," she said dumbly, pulling the iPad out of the box, the lingerie long forgotten. Quickly opening the packaging she found the giant, flattened out iPhone that she had been debating buying for weeks. "Andrew, I can't accept this. It's too mu-"

"Sh. You've already opened it anyway, it's yours now," he said playfully, sitting next to her on the bed. "Want me to fire it up while you try your other gift on?"

"Okay... But put we'll play with it later. I've got another toy I'd rather play with," she said quietly, her hand sliding along his thigh. They kissed softly for a moment, Cleo's tongue softly stroking along his lips. She stood suddenly, stepping close to him. "Undress me."

Andrew smiled and began unbuttoning her blouse. He found a sexy little black bra, her nipples barely peaking over the edge of the lacy cup. Sliding one hand along her soft back, he easily unhooked the bra and helped it off her. He took a brief moment to shower her cleavage with kisses, but a quiet "ahem" from Cleo reminded him of his job. He pulled her between his thighs, quickly unzipping her skirt and letting it slide down her thighs.


"I had the day off, so I went to the salon. Like it?" She had gone for a tight landing strip, her chubby lips full and bare. Andrew growled a little, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her close.

"I really liked your bush," he said quietly, his hands stroking her thighs.

"I know, but I wanted to try it."

"Oh don't get me wrong: I wasn't complaining." His hand had slid behind her thighs, gripping her butt and pulling her close. He kissed her tummy softly, sucking gently on her soft flesh. Cleo came forward quickly, pushing on his chest as she climbed onto the bed, moving until she straddled his chest. "What about your nighty?"

"I think it's silly to go put on more clothes when I want you to eat my pussy right now," she husked, kissing him passionately. Andrew's hands found her ass, gripping her cheeks and pulling her tight against him. Cleo kissed him hard, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth, fighting his for control. She sucked his bottom lip hard, pulling her head back and slowly letting the morsel slip from her lips. She continued to crawl up his body, but Andrew's hands on her hips stopped her as her breasts reached his face.

"Oh yes," she whispered as he pulled a tight nipple into his hot mouth. Andrew bit gently, loving the sharp gasp she released at the sting. He quickly returned to softer sucking and licking, teasing her hard peak. He dragged his rough tongue around her nipple's pebbled edge, feeling Cleo melt against him. He attended to her stiff nipples for long minutes, sucking and nibbling at her as she gasped and giggled above him.

Cleo was so horny it felt like her nipples were wired directly to her clit, and she could feel a sticky wetness spreading from her depths. Kissing a path from one nipple to the other, Andrew's hands explored down her sides, gripping her butt tightly. Spreading her cheeks wide, his fingers slipped in to toy with her weeping pussy, a fat finger slipping into her tightness.

"Didn't you say something about eating your pussy?" Andrew asked around a mouthful of tit. Cleo didn't respond, instead just pushing his shoulders against the bed, pulling her tingling tits away from his mouth.

"You're wearing too much," she said softly, pulling his shirt up and exposing his chest. Andrew quickly pulled his shirt the rest of the way off as Cleo undid his belt and worked his fly open. Andrew worked his pants down his legs, his engorged cock flopping against his belly. With both of them nude, Cleo looked into his brown eyes with a sly grin as she slowly moved around on his chest till she was facing his feet, backing her ass up against his face. "Now we can both have some fun," she said, her hand gripping his solid cock.

Andrew cupped her butt, pulling her tight to his face. Andrew gasped as he felt Cleo's hot mouth suck his cock inside. Two can play at that game, he thought as he gripped her cheeks, spreading her open to his gaze. Her shaved pussy spread wetly, her lips already swollen and hot. He started slowly, lazily licking from her full clit up to her tight asshole.

"Fuck Andrew..." she crooned as he teased her butt, rapidly licking at the clenching hole. He pulled her tight to his face, his tongue returning to her flooding pussy, switching from fluttering licks to thrusting deep inside her. "Oh! Oh honey..."

Andrew couldn't respond, as Cleo was humping against his face desperately. Andrew's mouth was everywhere, teasing her clit, lapping at her pussy, nibbling her inner thighs, teasing her clenching ass. Cleo slumped against Andrew's chest, her breasts flattening against his hard stomach. Her hand still gripped his thick cock, but she had forgotten about Andrew's pleasure as she focused on her own.

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