tagLoving WivesAdjoining Rooms

Adjoining Rooms


Jonathan awoke to the sounds of squeaking beds and moans. He rolled over and figuring it was a couple in the next room he glanced over at his wife's bed noticing was empty. 'Must be in the bathroom,' he thought.

He was surprised at how much he could hear. Most modern hotels are better soundproofed. Anyway, instead of trying to go back to sleep he focused on the sounds. As he listened he noted that the moaning and hushed talk sounded vaguely familiar. Figuring it was just his imagination he glanced over to his wife's bed, but it was still empty.

Oddly it was dark in the bathroom and he noticed the door to the adjoining room was slightly ajar. Intrigued he walked over to the door and opened it further. The sounds of the couple fucking got discernibly louder.

Looking at the second door he saw it was also slightly ajar. Quietly pressing his hand to the door he opened just enough to peek into the room.

He saw a man kneeling between a woman's legs, his ass muscles flexing as he thrust repeatedly. The woman's the toes pointed at the ceiling for a moment as she then bent her knees and her legs around the man.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck me," the woman whispered.

Jonathan grabbed the door frame trying to steady himself. He suddenly felt light headed as he realized that woman was his wife. Anger seethed in him and he was about to crash into the room when he felt something unexpected. Pausing he stood and listened as his wife moaned, "Oh yes, I'm coming, I'm coming."

He was shocked and unexpectedly aroused as his wife came. She came with another man's cock deep in her pussy. Jonathan wanted to be angry, he wanted to be indignant, he wanted to burn with jealousy, but instead, he found himself turned on. He didn't want to rush in and throw the man off of his wife, rather he wanted to be part of it.

He pulled off his t-shirt and jockeys and stepped through the door. By then his wife had finished coming and the man was once again thrusting away. Watching the spectacle he reached down and began stroking his cock, but he wanted more.

The man's thrusting quickened and Jonathan listened as the man obviously got closer and closer to coming. Taking advantage of the couple's concentration on the fucking, Jonathan snuck further into the room so when the man finally hissed, "Oh yes baby," and arched his back shoving his cock in to the hilt Jonathan was at the foot of the bed. Jonathan watched as the man's balls pulsated as his cum flooded the woman's pussy.

When he finished, the man rolled over onto and seeing Jonathan he leapt up, but Jonathan merely held up his hand to the man and then crawled up between his wife's legs. Before anyone could say anything he pushed his hard cock deep into his wife's cum filled pussy. As he withdrew he reached over, grabbed the man's wrist and moved his hand down to his wife's clit.

The man immediately began moving his fingers over her clit as Jonathan continued thrusting and withdrawing in and out of his wife. Looking down at his wife's face, Jonathan watched her expression of pure horror quickly change to one of passion. Soon she was lifting her hips with each of Jonathan's thrusts, moaning loudly.

Jonathan felt her body stiffen and then release as she cried out, "Oh yes again, I'm coming again."

Hearing that he couldn't hold off any longer and let himself go, savoring the pleasure as he arched his back and came inside her, mixing his cum with the other man's. As Jonathan pulled his glistening cock out of his wife's pussy he noticed the man's cock was hard again. Shocked at the size, he was about to suggest they do it again when suddenly he heard a key card slide through the lock to the room.

Jonathan turned as a woman dragging a suitcase stepped into the room. The man quickly ran toward her saying, "Honey, no, no... it's not what you think."

"George what the fuck is going on here. I wanted to surprise you..."

Jonathan quickly grabbed his wife's hand and they slipped back into their room closing the door behind them. He then wrapped his arms around his wife and, to the sounds of loud voices in the adjacent room, he kissed her deeply.

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O.K. if you had paid attention,this is what happened. The husband caught his wife being fucked and it turned him on so HE climbed on and had a go. Just as they finished the cheating husbands wife camemore...

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