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Today was a good day to see a new patient because my morning schedule was rather light. In fact, with no appointments scheduled, I had taken time to do research on the massage therapists I am interviewing—I won't hire anybody without doing an extensive background check and actually calling all of the references. But I was relieved to get a drop in appointment to help pay the rent, and I like to take time to get familiar with new patients to provide optimum treatment.

New patients really take more time than a typical visit for a treatment on an established patient because there's so much I need to find out before I begin adjusting the patient's back. For example, if they've ever had a spinal manipulation before or if they've ever had surgery, and if the patient has been in an accident or is older, I need to get an X-ray to be certain that I can safely adjust his back.

Anyway, I walked in the room of a new patient and found a young man, his wife and twin babies, sacked out in their baby carriers. I had to look at the chart to figure out which I was seeing, and concluded that it was the new mom that needed treatment.

This is not uncommon. The birthing process often causes injuries to the lower spine, and getting used to caring for a newborn can be difficult.

The husband looked professional. He had close-cropped brown hair and wore an expensive pink silk tie with embroidered Japanese style flower arrangement climbing in the tie like it was a trellis. The wife also had brown hair cut short like Sandy Duncan looked in Peter Pan. In fact she looked quite a bit like Sandy Duncan; very petite with large blue eyes.

I introduced myself, first to the husband, and then to the new mother. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her swollen breasts were leaking a little, so the shirt she wore had transparent spots around the nipples. I tried not to look at that too much.

It was hard not to look because I could tell that normally she had a slight figure but because she was nursing her breasts were much too large for her frame. This gave the illusion that her breasts were larger than they actually were.

"I see you're here for a pelvic manipulation. That's not too surprising, considering what you've gone through not too long ago," I said, looking down at the chart.

"That's not really what we're here for, though. I think your assistant was confused when we were talking to her," said the husband.

"I'm here for a vaginal manipulation," she said.

I thought for a moment, trying to recall an instance when I'd ever been asked to perform this action while I wrote that on the chart.

"We're hoping you can do it right, Dr. Cho," said the husband. We've already been to three chiropractors this morning, and none of them has been able to perform this maneuver successfully."

This made me nervous. Would I be able to perform this treatment right, or would they leave my office disappointed again? I had never done a vaginal manipulation, so I didn't know for sure how it worked.

"Let's see. Before I start, let me perform an exam. Stand here in front of me."

The wife uncrossed her legs and stood up. In the moment between those two actions, I observed an uncovered, clean shaved pubic area beneath her short miniskirt. I was sort of embarrassed for even looking, but I just couldn't help myself.

The husband rose, too, and stood next to her as I checked the alignment of her shoulder blades and pelvic bones.

Then, I had her bend over and rest her hands on the exam table so I could check her spinal alignment. Her skirt rose and I saw her labia more closely. Semen oozed from her vagina and coated the lips. I couldn't help staring.

Not only could I see clearly that she had been sexually active very recently I could smell the mixture of warm semen and vaginal fluid. I began to wonder exactly what was going on here.

Gradually, I became aware that the husband was inching her skirt up for a better view.

I felt my penis begin to grow.

To be honest I felt my cock filling with blood so rapidly I may have actually blacked out for a second or two.

It was straining at the fly of my pants. I tried to dismiss this as a normal, physiological reaction and ignore the growing problem.

The fact of the matter was that it was hard to ignore. I was standing there with an obvious erection causing a huge tent in my pants and out of the corner of my eye I saw that the husband was sporting an identical tent in his pants.

The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing and a steady dripping sound. It took me a moment to realize that the wife was lactating as she leaned over the table and the dripping sound was milk soaking through her blouse and dripping on to the table as she leaned over it.

I noticed that the husband was squeezing his cock through his pants and I had a sudden irrational urge to squeeze my own aching member but I managed to resist.

"Go ahead and start the manipulation" the husband said in an easygoing conversational tone of voice,

I slid a hand between her legs and immediately she spread herself wider and I felt a warm mixture of sperm and vaginal fluid coat my fingers.

I moved my finger around uncertainly until I encountered her clit and she shuddered and gasped. I heard the sound of milk pattering onto the table and realized that her lactation had increased dramatically when I started touching that rigid little nub.

I could see that the entire front of her blouse was soaked and I realized that her husband was actually masturbating himself through his pants.

Then, the husband started stroking me through my pants, making my hard-on more obvious. Then, he unfastened my belt and opened my pants. My penis sprang out of its confinement joyfully, though I had been trying to pretend not to be getting horny.

"Go on, Doc. See if you can work your magic," he urged, guiding my penis toward his wife's swollen, semen-engorged slit.

Without thought, I slid it in. I tried to wear an expression of concentration, as if I was really trying to put things in order inside her slick pussy.

I was not going to come.

I am only allowed to come in my wife or her sister, and they had just left town for two weeks the night before.

However, I felt my neck and shoulders getting hot as I reached up her shirt to cop a feel of her breasts. Warm milk squirted out onto my palms. I realized that after my wife gives birth to our first child in a few months, this would be what it felt like. It was exciting. In my wife, now only just beginning her pregnancy, I would shoot up all of my semen, but I couldn't come in this patient.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her husband put on a glove and pull a tube of lubricant out of the diaper bag. He squirted lubricant liberally onto the first two fingers of his gloved hand and walked behind me.

"I know you didn't know it, but I'll need to check your prostate gland to see if you're doing the manipulation correctly," He said.

I felt cool, moist lubricant on my anal opening, and then the pressure of the fingers sliding in. This felt unfamiliar. Strange. Really good.

With his other hand, he massaged my scrotum. I could feel my balls sliding up inside me. This made me nervous. As I said, I am not allowed to come in anybody but my wife and her sister. And I thought I might accidentally shoot my wad into this patient, with her husband plugging his fingers into my ass.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out. I was surprised, and a little relieved, because I was able to regain control so I could keep myself from coming.

I was using my hands at this point to guide her hips on and off my rigid cock as I plugged her repeatedly.

He milked her breasts, then came behind me. He rubbed the milk on my chest. The warmth smelled sweet, and dried a little sticky as he went to get more. This milk, he rubbed on my ass.

Then, I heard the unmistakable sound of a condom getting unwrapped. I knew that it would be hard for me not to come if he shoved his erection where his fingers had been, so I hoped he would try to put it in his wife's ass. He didn't.

Once again, I felt the cool slickness of the lubricant before he gently eased his cock into me. He paused as he got the head in. This gave me relief. At least, without the full length in, I could maybe keep the semen inside myself, although it has long been a turn on for me to fuck my wife when she has semen from other men dripping from her cunt.

Again, my hope was dashed as my senses exploded with pleasure when he shoved the remaining length of his cock inside me.

It burned like fire but caused so much pleasure, I could have cried. I wanted to come and I didn't want to come at the same time.

Still, I was resisting, and succeeding. It was difficult, but I was doing it and not coming.

Then, he took the belt that had been holding up my trousers and slapped my sticky, milk-wet ass. Three or for slaps with that belt was all it took to send me over the edge. I shot that semen up into her so hard, she knew I was blowing my load. She moaned, and I reached around to play with her clit until she came, too.

"That's it, Dr. Cho. You did it," he said. "Now, we'll know who to come to when you need this type of adjustment, huh, honey?"

"Oh, hell yeah," she said.

After all the semen drained out of my cock, I eased out of her. She rolled over and laid on the table. Her husband pulled his still-hard cock out of me, pulled off the condom and mounted his wife.

His legs were spread, and I could see my semen squish out of her with each plunge of his penis. His member was considerably larger than mine. I held his balls, and he really rammed her hard until he blew his wad, too. She seemed to really enjoy the big, hard rough fuck more than my gentle, examination fuck.

As soon as he'd blown his seed up into her, the babies woke up. I knew they were hungry, so I brought them to her and watched with excitement as they started sucking her. This caused more semen to leak out of her pussy from the vaginal contractions of nursing.

Her husband finally got his bearings and pulled out his cock. He turned around and got on his knees and sucked my cock with the same vigor as his babies did with their mom.

At least I didn't shoot out any semen. I was already spent.

Maybe, if I can wait until my wife and her sister have returned to come again, they won't notice I've blown my load while they were gone, but as I left for lunch before the busy afternoon schedule, I noticed the husband standing over the scheduling desk, making another appointment.

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