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Adnan the Bard


I'm excited. I'm back at Adnan's apartment for our now-monthly meeting.

I got to his apartment with a six-pack around 9 in the evening. He opened for me and I took my place on the floor as he sat down on his small couch, legs wide. The beer was for him, to keep him refreshed as he tells me about his month. Specifically, he's going to tell me about his month with Chloe.

Chloe is my ex-girlfriend, who, since her and I have broken up, has re-entered the dating life with enthusiasm. I say dating life; I mean she enjoys fucking around. In particular, she likes fucking Adnan.

I've asked him before about Chloe, and it was always a bit of a Q&A session, so two months ago, he told me I should come to his apartment in a month, and he'd tell me everything there was to know, as long as I provided the beer. The night after that first storytelling session, I had masturbated myself raw to the things he had told me about her and him. He'd told me to come again tonight.

"Fuck man, where to start," he says as he cracks open his first beer, "it's been a pretty wild month."

I know it is not my place to speak now, I am only meant to listen and watch as he begins his tale.


She actually left not so long ago. She'd forgotten her USB stick here, so she came back today, but I think she just wanted a follow-up session to yesterday. I gave her one, obviously, but I first made her suck my dick for her thoughtlessness, she liked that. She's kinky, that one. But I don't need to tell you that.

I was gentle though, I let her take the lead, which she did willingly. You know how she likes my dick. She always says it's how it fills her whole mouth, like it's meant to be there. Fuck, when she gags around it, though, the way her eyes shine with tears.

You know how she is though, so proud, she won't let you see her have a hard time so she just closes them, showing you how much she's enjoying herself and pushes herself down again, mmmmh fuck. She does like it when I gather her hair in my fist and push her down till she gags properly, but I just let her do her thing today.

Course I touched her too, played a little sweet and cupped her chin with my hand and stroked her cheek - I can't help it when she so sweetly wraps her lips around me. God, she has this perfect ability to play both innocent and bad girl and she knows just when to use both. I smiled at her with that winning smile.

"We're just perfect, you and I, aren't we?" I asked her.

Your ex pulled my weighty cock out of her warm wet mouth and caught her breath.

"Is that so?" she asked

"Yesss," I told her, "you suck my dick like no one else can," which isn't true, but I know I have to make her feel special. After all, that's probably why she dumped you, right? You didn't do that.

So she says, "sure, but I don't see how that makes you perfect."

She's such a tease man. So I had to show her.

She was sitting between my legs on her knees, right, so I just grab her hair and pull her towards me as I get up from the couch. I push her head down into the spot I was just sitting, and lift her by her hips so she stands, head still down in the couch. And she's shaking, man, already! She's practically quaking, you know, so I ask her if she's afraid. It's muffled by the pillows but she's a tough'n, she just grits her teeth and says 'no.' So I smack her ass, so hard, my hand is still fucking stinging, man, imagine how it must feel for her sitting on the tram home!

So she buckles down and yelps, but I pull her back up and ask her again if she's scared now and she's laughing and moaning in pain and calling me an asshole, so I just smack her again.



So finally I decide to give her what she came for. I pull down her panties from under her skirt and just fuck her. I keep her head down in the couch until she's moaning so hard the downstairs neighbours can hear it and she's set to rip a hole in my cushions with her teeth. She came like that, I think three times? I can't keep track cuz then I fucked her on her back on the couch, then over the armrest, you know I pretty much let her have it every which way.

I was saving myself up today you know, so I'm not letting myself cum, so she just cums and cums and cums and finally she's just used up haha, she begs me to stop, to give her a break. So I sit back down here, and get her up here on top of me, on my lap. She straddles me and touches my forehead with hers all sensually, her arms around my neck. She closes her eyes and moans, and fuck me if she doesn't want more!

"Mmmh, fuck, I want you again," she says in that breathless voice of hers. Your girl seriously can't get enough of me man. She wanted me to cum too, she wanted me to fill her up, "to feel your cum dripping out of me."

So she starts grinding me, and I'm rock hard of course, and my hands are on her ass, grasping big handfuls of her, and I'm thinking she's not done. But I don't want to cum, so we're just kind of making out, and she's grinding against my cock and she's so wet man. I bet you never knew how wet Chloe gets but it's seriously like, dripping down my balls and onto the couch. Little tip for you in the future, she likes being denied. I guess actually that's useless information for you since she's fucking me now.

So she's on me and she keeps trying to take my dick and put it inside her again, so finally I grab her hair with one hand and pull her head back.

"What did I say?" I say through clenched teeth, "don't fuck around Chloe."

She gasped, and then moaned, and she smiled again and said "fuck me..." as she licked her teeth. So I grab her by the jaw with my other hand and stick my fingers in her mouth.

"Lick," I order her. She obeys. "Get them nice and wet." She obeys again. When I'm satisfied and she's slobbered all over my fingers, I keep my hand firm in her hair and reach down with my now wet fingers to her asshole. I start rubbing, and Chloe starts moaning immediately. She responds so well when I play with her asshole. Did she ever do that with you?

I actually know she didn't. She told me. She never wanted you to play with her asshole, except when she was pretending you were someone else. Oh that's news for you? Hahaha.

Anyway by know I've got my middle finger inside of her, fingering her slowly while I hold her hair so her head's snapped back and I can only see the big smile on her face. She moans and grinds, and we keep going sloooooowly. I can be patient too, and I'm just holding her firm, my fingers sliding in and out, and she follows, pushes against me and as I slide out again grinds forward against my dick with her clit.

"Mmmh, I love it when you hold me with those big arms of yours," she moans. She's always commenting on my arms, and my big hands, they drive her crazy. Especially when they're inside her...

So I clench her closer to me, and we become almost immobile, enjoying the minute differences in sensation as my fingers - I'd inserted a second one by now - explored her ass, and my cock throbbed against her clit. I could feel her orgasm building; I just sensed it, in how she tensed, breathed looser, sometimes catching in her throat when my cock rubbed against her clit, and as her nails rhythmically dug into my back with each slide in. I felt her heartrate slow and quicken and then, as she teetered on the edge it seemed to stop for a minute - and then she came.

Fuck. I swear that's the hardest I've seen her cum. Usually she's screaming, moaning and begging me to fuck her harder, to keep filling her with my gorgeous cock. Now she just passed out basically, her eyes rolled back, she didn't breathe, her mouth fell open, but her nails dug into my back, and her legs, man, they were shaking like there was an earthquake between her legs. Meanwhile, her pussy was dripping, she gushed on my cock, covering it and my balls in her juice. And all the while I just kept up the slow, steady pace in and out of her ass, my arms still holding her completely in place so that even if her crippling orgasm hadn't prevented her from shaking and shouting, I would have.

Finally, she gasped in as if emerging from underwater, after what felt like several minutes. I lifted her up slightly and guided my cock right into her. I felt it slide along my fingers through her wall. She's so tight after being with you so long I actually do completely fill her up. Then I started thrusting and her orgasm continued. Still shaken from the first wave, she was barely able to register surprise on her face before she screwed up in renewed ecstasy. This time she was a bit more present and looked me in the eyes, as if she was about to cry, and begging for mercy. Her lips pouted and her big eyes turned wet and innocent. She moaned as she came and came, repeating "please" with every passing second of her continuing pleasure.

It only made me want to fuck her harder, so I lay her down beneath me on the couch and started pounding. My fingers now recovered from her ass, I put them back in her mouth and she sucked them willingly, still looking at me with pleading eye. Having recovered the use of her vocal chords and windpipe she put them to good use, moaning, panting and making incoherent girlie sounds. Finally, her orgasm started to recede.

When she was done, I had still managed not to cum, and I'm hard from telling my story, which means it's your turn.


Of course, Adnan's storytelling skills cannot go uncompensated, and this is his price for telling me what I want to hear. I pay it happily, because honestly, Adnan does have a gorgeous cock.

He stands up, and starts undoing his belt. In short time he's removed his pants, and sat back down in his boxers.

"You'll still be able to taste Chloe on me," he says with a grin, "I was very considerate and didn't wash since she left." As he opens his legs again, he adds, "in fact, first thing I want you to do is lick up the patch of her cum she left on my couch," and nods down between his legs.

I am generally speaking a hesitant bisexual, but the fact that this man (because he is a man, not just a guy, or dude, but big, strong, and masculine) had fucked my ex-girlfriend; had dominated her like they had been long-standing lovers starting only a week after her and I had broken up; had made her cum and cum and scream his name; makes my heart pound like it is trying to break down a door, and my cock throb and ache with transgressive arousal. I am - so to speak, because my whole body is tense and quivering, and my cock is hard - putty in his hands.

From my cross-legged seated position on the floor I crawl forward on hands and knees to him, avoiding his eyes that I feel drilling through my forehead, and focus on his crotch. I imagine my proud ex-girlfriend, head held high as if she had not just been degraded by this guy, her hair a mess and her lips missing the feel of his dick sliding across them, thinking about the next time she could have him. I wonder if she ever sat on the tram thinking of me like that, even though I never spanked her much for fear of hurting her. It sounds like she responds very well to a dominating personality though...

I reach him, and I lift a shaking hand to his thigh, and feel its coarse hair and the warm musculature beneath.

"Couch first," he reminds me, and his voice from above is like the voice of God.

Still not able to meet his eyes, I look down between his thighs and see a dark patch. I lean in and lick. My nostrils immediately register the smell of Chloe, and I squeeze my eyes shut as my stomach makes a somersault. The previous times Adnan had told me about him and Chloe his stories had been simpler, and they remained as such: stories. When I smell Chloe now something happens to me. Hard evidence is stronger than any story, of course, and somewhere, despite the details about her behaviour, my brain, or body, had not quite believed Adnan. Now I know for certain that she has been here. My Chloe, not, by some strange chance, a different Chloe that Adnan had met. This was the girl I used to say "I love you" to, and who always said it back. The girl that I would lie next to in bed, naked and warm. The character Chloe, my "ex-girlfriend," in his story, has now become my actual ex-girlfriend, Chloe.

When he had taunted me with his easy access to her ass, which I had only occasionally been allowed to play with, it had simply merged with the flow of the story. But now I realize even if she had only said that to make him feel good, she had still done so at my expense; she is really attracted to him, really turned on.

This realization drops like a collapsing mineshaft in my stomach and at the same time arouses me so much that I can't help but moan.

"You like it huh?" asks Adnan, snapping me out of my reverie, "I thought you'd like that detail."

I'm breathless as I answer, "yeah," my heart pounds, "she was really here."

"She was, and she was really balls deep on this cock," he says, pulling his boxers aside to reveal his dick. I've already seen it before, so I'm not surprised, but I still take a moment to look. He is big. I've seen bigger dicks on screen, but they always feel Hollywood-unreal to me. This dick is real, plausible, though it pushes at the boundaries. I'm not small, around slightly larger than average, but there's a noticeable difference between his and mine. He's longer, towards 18cm, but really impressive is his width. When he calls it weighty in his story, he's using the right adjective. It looks like a hammer, or a club, slightly wider at the top, though tapering again at the head, and its slight downward curve emphasizes its mass. It makes me want to stuff as much of it in my mouth as I can.

Before I can, he says, "Start at the balls, that's always what Chloe does," and I wince, but my cock leaps in my pants. He is shaved, and the feel of them on my tongue is so soft. I quickly envelop them in my mouth and begin to suck and fondle them with my tongue. He moans.

"Mmmh, just like your ex-girlfriend, so gentle, like you're here to please me," he says, and lays a hand on his thick cock, tickling the head with a finger, "which you are of course." As I lick more of him and my nose nestles against his dick, my mouth fills with Chloe's aroma. I keep going and my cock strains against my pants as I discover Chloe in new places. I move up to the base of his dick, along his shaft, and finally, as he takes hold of his dick and holds it out for me, I reach the head.

As if his cock isn't wet enough, my mouth is somehow producing an inordinate amount of saliva, and I slather it across his head. I take him into my mouth, wrapping my lips around his head and push myself down. I reach a few centimetres down and hit the widest part, forcing to me to open my mouth like I'm at the dentist. Fuck he's big!

He puts his hand on the back of my head. He gently urges me further, massaging my neck and reaching down my back with one hand while the other holds his dick at the base and squeezes. This engorges his cock even more and it presses against my lips. I moan at the feeling.

"Fuck!" he lays his head back and releases a long breath. He raises his arms to the back of the couch and slumps back casually as I take over the work. My hand finds his dick and holds it in place as I begin to bob my head, my other hand finding its way to his balls.

"Did Chloe teach you this?" he asks, and my heart thuds twice in response to her name again and I shake my head.

"Man, you would have been useful last week when a couple of friends of mine were here."

My heart beats faster at the thought. A whole group of guys?

"Chloe was here of course, but I meant to help."

I stop sucking him.

"I told you it's been quite a month... But first, I want another beer. Get one from the fridge will you?"

My heart is beating so hard now I'm surprised the neighbours haven't banged the ceiling telling us to keep it down. I have still not met his eyes, and I'm afraid to. The combination of eye-contact with Adnan and the discovery of Chloe's smell would make it too real. I would see it in his eyes what he meant with that strategically placed passing comment.

He has gotten real good at this storytelling business, real fast.

Dizzy with horniness, I look up. My breathing is hard but shallow, as if my thudding heart is getting in the way. He can tell. He smiles like he knows something I don't.

I get up and go to the fridge, grab a beer and bring it to him.

"Thanks man," he smiles, then sits back and spreads his legs again. "Why don't you get back down here and suck my dick while I tell you about Snow White and the Seven Not-So-Little Dwarves?"

My head is spinning and nothing would please me more than to please my ex-girlfriend's lover as he tells me an erotic fairy-tale.


So, yeah, I won't bore you with the unnecessary details but basically me and Chloe have been fucking for a while, you know, and she had expressed a certain openness to multiple partners. She told me about her threesomes in the past - not with you of course, but you knew about those already - so I suggested some more guys this time around. She was nervous, but I can be very persuasive. And she owes it to herself, now that she's single. She's gotta do all the things she won't be able to when she's found her next boy.

So, she finally gave in to her desire to be a total slut for as many guys as possible. Lucky me. Or us, rather.

When the night finally arrived I had her over at my apartment, and we had some drinks to relax, played some music, you know, set the mood. Then one by one my friends came over. I'd spaced them out by about a half hour each so that she could get to know them a little one by one. In the end there were five of us, and then of course your little Chloe. I know I said seven but that was just because that's how many Snow White had hahaha.

"So it's quite a daunting task to start with five guys at once!" she laughed. Of course, we could understand she was nervous so we humoured her and chuckled along. Soon however, Amir, who was sitting next to her, put his hand on her leg.

"Well then just start with one," he said. Then cheeky Tom, on her other side, cups her chin towards him. Then it was like she had an excuse, and she eagerly made out with him. She was hungry man. I guess she was horny as hell with all those guys around her. So she's kissing Tom, then over to Amir, whose hand is now moving up her leg, then back to Tom again. Between them they get her out of her top to her bra, and then Tom has his hand down her pants and she starts moaning into Amir's lips. Then Paul steps up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. They're big hands, and I told them all about her likes and dislikes, so he begins to massage around her neck and collarbones, moving up to her throat and she moans like crazy. He grabs her throat and she lets go of Amir and looks up at Paul and he leans over and kisses her. I knew she'd like him cuz he's a plumber, so he's got workman's hands, and he's got a bunch of tattoos. Just her type.

Meanwhile, Amir's gotten up and he's getting another beer from the fridge, and then comes and sits by me. Then Tom started undoing her pants and she gets up to help him, and soon she's not only pantsless, but he's got her panties off too, and he's making out with her and fingering her, and her arms are just powerless resting on his shoulders. She's here to be used.

"Tom don't forget the rest of us," I say. I have to keep everything civil of course, and Tom can get greedy. But with a reminder he's very polite, and he gives her a last kiss, strokes his finger deep into her to gather up as much of her wetness as he can, and then turns her around pushes her forwards. She gets on her knees on the couch and leans over the back, where Leo and Jake meet her with open arms.

I could tell Chloe had not been particularly impressed with Jake. He's a bit offhand, and can come across as quite stupid. He's a huge cokehead as well, and likes to pretend he's a bit of a gangster. So he, all cool, has already taken off his shirt and opened his pants. Apparently Chloe completely forgot her feelings towards him. Or she liked the fact that he was this kind of gross guy come to fuck her cuz she leaned right over and put his balls in her mouth. Now, not everyone there was as neat and tidy as I am, in terms of hair and maintenance but fuck if Chloe cared. In fact, Jake and Tom seemed to become her favourites during the evening.

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