"Daphne darling, you need to try this on." Jeanette held up a bright red dress to her daughter. The silk gown was floor length with a slit running up the side. The store they were in was incredibly pretentious and Daphne only agreed because her mother was buying her stuff. Daphne Landry was your typical filthy rich girl. One thing that made her stand out was that she was black. Her father ran his own law form and her mother was a successful child psychologist. Daphne always had the best of everything. She was an only child and went to private school and wore D&G and Chanel for everything. Daphne was well on her way to finishing her Masters degree and was in her last semester of college. Soon after she planned to head off somewhere and look for a job, while working on her doctorate.

"Daphne Marie Landry...get over here and try this on!" her mother joked with her, she knew how much it bothered Daphne when she used her whole name.

"Mother please!" Daphne smiled, took the dress from her and retreated to the dressing room.


"What exactly are we doing here?" Mark asked his friend Abe.

"We are here because I need to find a gift for Michelle."

Mark Emery Addison, again, typical rich boy from a hoity-toity family. He never really cared what his father did to get so much money, something about stocks. His mother, the she-witch she could be was a stay at home mom...meaning she stayed at home or shopped while other people raised Mark. Herald, the family's butler and driver basically raised Mark. Who, because of the love and support he got from Herald was working on his own multimillion dollar company. Mark and Abe managed to end up in the ladies section and as Abe looked around for something deliciously scandalous to put his girlfriend in Mark went walking around.

This is ugly... Mark said to himself picking up a bright green dress with sequences drowning it. He heard the sound of two women arguing and he wanted to investigate, perhaps see a chick-fight.

"Daphne Landry, come out here this instance!" Jeanette tapped her foot on the ground. Mark looked at the woman and thought she was at the max 30 years old. She had that classic beauty; no work was done to her, just exercise and good eating. Then he heard the other voice more clearly.

"Mother, I'm not coming breasts are going to fall out!"

Whoa, maybe she's not 30...

"Daphne, it can't be that bad." Jeanette pulled open the curtain and Mark was now staring at the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her slim and yet incredibly filled out ebony body looked magnificent against the red dress. When she turned around to look at her mother he could tell that the top was too small. Her breasts were at least a large B, but the top looked like it fit the battery sized breasts. Her figure was accentuated in the dress and the slit went all the way to her hip revealing a sexy glimpse of her inner thigh when she moved.

"Don't be silly, you can fit them in..." Jeanette pulled at the top of the dress and it came completely down exposing both of Daphne's breasts. Mark gasped loudly and watched the perkiest tits he had ever seen. She didn't need to wear a bra if she didn't want to. Her nipples were small and tight in the cold air and his cock became stiff as he watched her. Suddenly, realizing she was being watched Daphne looked up and stared at the Adonis staring back at her. Jeanette turned around and squealed covering her daughter's breasts with her body and pushing her back into the dressing room.

"What did I miss?" Abe walked up and looked at Mark. His mouth was wide open and still staring towards the dressing room.

"Absolutely beautiful." He managed to say before Abe pulled him away.


"Did you see him?" Daphne gasped and pulled on her shirt.

"Yes, he was staring at your breasts." Jeanette sat down on the bench and watched her daughter get dressed.

"Mother, he wasn't I looked him dead in the eye." Daphne picked up her purse and followed her mother out to the register. Jeanette had the infamous dress in hand and was walking towards the register.

"Mom I can't get that dress."

"Yes you can, we will fix the top."

"Which one, mine or the dresses?"

"Go ahead; blame me for your figure..." Jeanette laughed and walked ahead. Daphne walked by a mannequin wearing the ugliest green dress she had ever seen.

"Boy, that's ugly."

"I thought so too." A voice came from behind her. She spun around and saw the mystery man.

"Hi." She smiled and reached her hands up to cross them over her breasts.

"I wanted to apologize for that back there, I was caught off guard."

"As was I." she admitted.

"If I could introduce myself, my name is Mark."

"Hello Mark, I'm Daphne."

"Beautiful." He said smiling at her.

"Uh...thank you." Daphne blushed. Her light caramel colored skin didn't hide the reddening in her face. Her long curly brown hair bounced into her face. Mark reached up and pushed one of the tendrils away and stared into her eyes, which were green.

"I'd love to take you out." He asked moving in closer to her. When he stopped moving she could feel her hardened nipples rubbing through her shirt and into his polo shirt. He must've noticed too because he looked down and read her shirt.

I'm a Rich Bitch

"Interesting shirt."

"Thanks, my mom got it for me."

"Can I perhaps have your number?" he asked dragging a fingertip across her collarbone. She shivered a little and nodded. She had given him her number and returned to her mother's side shortly after.


Friday night came and Daphne and her friend Mina were getting ready to go out. The two of them were in Daphne's bathroom discussing makeup and choices of colored glitter.

"So, has he called you?" Mina sat on the edge of the tub and started painting her toenails. Daphne was standing over one of her sinks and applied her mascara.

"No, not yet, I only saw him on Tuesday." Daphne smiled and ran a hand through her straightened hair. With it straight it hit the middle of her back and you could really see the natural red highlights. Her outfit consisted of a small dark denim skirt, black heels, and a black tank-top and red fingernail polish. Her makeup was simple and natural looking; she really never needed anything extravagant. Mina on the other hand wanted bright red lipstick with everything. Daphne and Mina did one last mirror check and headed towards their usual hangout. On the outside of the bar there were a few guys sanding around, they all tried to get Daphne and Mina's attention. The girls walked up past the line and went straight in. The bouncer smiled and held all of the other people at bay. Once inside they looked around the room and sat down at the bar. When they did the drinks started pouring in. Yes they were rich, but why spend money on yourself at the bar when the bartender is always coming up to you with drinks from other guys. Mitch, the bartender, always had an eye out for creepy guys and it also helped that Daphne's father knew Mitch's father. She had connections all over the city. Daphne took a sip of her martini and gave her buyer a wink.


"Abe, I don't want to go out tonight." Mark looked at the piece of paper in his hand and contemplated dialing the number. His cell phone was in his hand and he was ready to dial.

"Come on man, you haven't called her yet, you're not going to call her at all...come with me." Abe stood next to the front door.

"So I can sit there while you and Michelle fondle each other?" Mark glared at him and chuckled.

"Maybe you can find someone to fondle." Abe said simply grabbing his car keys.

"Yeah, maybe." Mark put the number and his phone back in his pocket and followed his friend out of the house.

"Come on slowpokes!" Michelle yelled from the sunroof of the SUV. Michelle was a little petite blonde girl with huge DD tits that weren't hers.

"Coming baby!" Abe yelled.


When Mark, Abe and Michelle reached the bar they walked in and saw a group of people dancing on the bar. The music was loud and there was the smell of straight vodka in the air.

"I'm going to like this place." Michelle said leading Abe straight towards the dance floor. Mark decided to go get a drink and headed over to the bar. When he got there he saw a pair of black heels in front of him. He looked up the shapely brown legs, hoping that it was Daphne, but it wasn't. It was some drunk and overweight girl wearing a skirt that was way to short to be dancing on the bar. He cringed and turned around. He would just go get a table and order a drink. By the time the waitress brought him the drink he ordered he began to survey the room. He looked towards the dance floor and saw Michelle with Abe, they were practically going at it on the floor and he looked further past them and noticed the gorgeous Ebony Goddess in the corner. She was swaying her hips to Fergie's Fergalicious, and dancing with some guy who really wasn't dancing he was more or less watching her move and getting a hard-on. Mark felt a wave of jealousy pass through him when he saw the guy's hands all over her. Then he almost knocked the table over when the guy had the audacity to grab her breasts and try to pull her top down. Daphne's reaction was one of complete outrage. She turned around and fixed her top and gave the guy a swift kick in the nuts. He fell to the floor grabbing his crotch, but before she could get away, another guy, probably one of the crotch grabber's friends, tried to corner her. He was yelling at her and calling her all kinds of names. Mark couldn't take it anymore he jumped up and headed towards them.


As Daphne held her own against the big fugly friend she saw the Adonis walking towards her. His movements were smooth and deliberate. His dark brown hair was perfect and the muscular arms he had were accentuated by his black button up shirt. She didn't have time to think about sex when this big oaf was crowding her personal space.

"Excuse me, but I believe you are yelling at my girlfriend." Mark walked up behind Oaf-Boy and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Your little bitch right here kicked my boy in the nuts." He turned back to Daphne. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Well it's either she kick him in the balls or I break his fucking nose for touching her breasts. Those breasts are mine." Mark looked dangerous and Daphne smiled inwardly, she could tell that what he was saying was getting to the guy. Then she realized that he must've been watching her for a while to notice the breast grabbing episode. Then Mina, Abe and Michelle appeared behind them all and looked at what was going on.

"Hey Daph!" Mitch yelled from the bar. Daphne turned and saw him hold up a baseball bat. She shook her head and gave him the okay sign and continued watching her Adonis berate the local idiot. She pushed her way past the big Oaf-Boy and grabbed Marks hand.

"Let's leave this jerk and go dance." She said pulling him away. Their friends just stared and introduced themselves to each other. When Daphne and Mark reached a desirable spot on the dance floor the song conveniently changed. Akon's I Wanna Fuck You set the mood for their dancing. Daphne stood in front of Mark and started her little dance. He reached his hand up and cupped the back of her head. His other hand ran along her collarbone and then jumped to her waist. He surprised her by being able to dance, white boy had rhythm. She turned around and pressed her butt against him. She heard him groan and she could feel his raging erection against her.

"Wow." She bent back and looked him in the eyes.

"Fuck." He groaned again and closed his eyes. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled them up her stomach, he stopped when he touched the underside curve of her breasts and he pulled his hands back down. Daphne giggled and grabbed his hands. She boldly placed them on her breasts and gave them a nice squeeze. Mark shuddered against her and resisted the urge to fuck her against the wall. He bent down and kissed his way up her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. Daphne wondered if the juices flowing from her pussy were now dripping down her leg. He made her so wet and she wanted to crawl into his skin. When the song was over Mark realized he still had his hands on her breasts and his erection was more than apparent in his slacks. He dropped his hands and whispered in her ear.

"Do you think we could perhaps sit down now? I'm pitching a tent." Daphne giggled in response and walked towards the table he pointed out. When they say down Mark was eternally grateful, he adjusted himself and then noticed that Daphne was looking right at him. She slid next to him and took his hand from his bulge. She threw one leg over his and thank goodness for the tablecloth otherwise everyone would've seen what she was about to do. Daphne pulled his hand up the inside of her thigh and he shuddered when he reached her drenched panties.

"Oh my God." Mark bent over and kissed her passionately. He took her boldness as a cue to move forward. While she pulled her panties to the side he proceeded to stick one of his fingers into her wetness. She bit his lower lip and moaned into his mouth. Mark had to force himself to realize where they were. He pulled his finger out of her and looked back at her face. Her lips were kiss swollen and her face was flushed. She opened her eyes and met his gaze. Suddenly she became very uncomfortable and she backed away from him.

"No, please don't go." He reached for her and pulled her back to his side.

"That wasn't too crazy was it?" she asked cautiously. He bent down and kissed her. When he stopped he whispered into her ear.

"Crazy would be taking me into the ladies bathroom so I could fuck that gorgeous pussy of yours." He licked her earlobe and she giggled.

"Wow that is crazy." She smiled. "And a good idea." She got up from the table and pulled him up with her. They walked over towards the bar and Mitch looked at her.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"Mitch, this is Mark. Can we go into the break room?" she gave him a sly smile and Mitch laughed out loud.

"Sure you can...just don't break anything." He walked back down the bar and took more orders. Daphne gave Mark a wide smile and they walked into the backroom. The backroom was much cleaner than the bathroom he knew. There was a table and four chairs, a four person couch and a loveseat. Mark decided he wanted to try the couch first and he pushed her towards it. She giggled as she fell and bounced once and then she rolled over and felt Marks hands on her thighs.

"Oh shit." She bit her hand to stifle the scream rising in her throat.

"Ever had a white boy eat you out?" he asked pulling her panties down and stuffing them in his pocket. She shook her head no and pulled down her top to reveal her breasts. He practically came in his pants when she did that, her nipples were tight and begging to be sucked. He knew he would get to that later. He spread her legs in front of him and draped her legs over his shoulders. When Daphne saw his head dip in between her thighs she nearly came. She gripped his hair and little tremors ran through her. When she came she actually did scream, but Mark was pretty sure no one in the bar could hear her over the music. He rose to his knees, with her legs still draped on his shoulders. He had shoved his pants down and she gasped as she saw the amount of cock behind his pants. It must've been 8 or 9 inches and so thick she thought she would drool from seeing it. He started to push into her and he couldn't get very far. He pulled out and tried again, she gasped and tried to push him away.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked panting and gritting his teeth.

"Fuck no...but my first wasn't as big as you...he was frankly pencil-dicked compared to you." She tried to relax and when he pushed forward again he went in another inch but she was in pain.

"Shit, I'm sorry." He pulled out of her and pulled her to her feet. He guided her to the table and bent her forward over it.

"What are you doing?" she asked cautiously. He moved her feet out, exposing her sweet pussy to his gaze once again. He stood behind her and it felt like he was going to fuck her from behind but he shoved two fingers into her pussy. She gripped the table and thrust back into his fingers. He worked enough juices from her and then he inserted three fingers. She bit back a groan and then said fuck it; she groaned and panted as he pushed in and out of her. She came suddenly and it was so powerful she came all over his hand in a gush of warm fluid.

"Oh fuck baby, you squirt?" he groaned and grabbed his cock with his free hand.

"It's only happened once before, when I was using my vibrator." She shuddered and her knees gave out.

"You have no use for that thing from now on, throw it away." Mark scooped her in his arms and laid her on the table. She sprawled out like she had been thoroughly fucked, but she wasn't, not by a long shot. He knelt in front of her again and placed her feet on his shoulders. He leaned forward and sucked on her clit. Daphne nearly came off the table; there was too much pressure on her. She knew that feeling...she was going to come again. She wanted to say something but her mind was still mush. Mark pressed two fingers into her pussy and was frantically pushed up, hitting her g-spot with every stroke.

"M-...Mark!" Daphne yelled as she pushed down with her feet. Mark fell backwards and watched as she came all over the table, her pussy gushed a couple of times and her legs were still shaking. She threw her head back and he knew it was now or never. He stood up and prepared to push his cock fully into her beautiful body. She was so fucking tight he wanted to explode, but he wanted to push one more orgasm out of her before he did.

"Daphne." He went in to the hilt. They both could feel the walls of her pussy trying to adjust.

"Oh fuck!" she exclaimed as she felt his cock hit her cervix. "Yes?"

"I want you to be my girlfriend...okay?" he pulled out and pushed back in.

"Whatever you want baby, I'm yours." She groaned and used her left hand to rub her clit. Mark pushed her hand away and began frantically rubbing her clit. She started to scream as the orgasm built inside of her.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum soon."

"I want to feel you cum inside me." She moaned and pushed towards his oncoming thrust. Mark pushed a few more times and she could see the glorious muscles in his chest flex.

"Cum now Daphne!" he groaned as he started cumming. She screamed damn nearly at the top of her lungs and came again. She couldn't seem to breathe and she tried to sit up but a strong hand pushed her back down. She laid back and looked up at her Adonis.

"I don't want this moment to end." He said rubbing her thighs. His cock became soft and he slipped out of her.

"It won't, I'm your girlfriend. You can have me anytime you want." Daphne reached up to her breasts and pulled her nipples a couple of times before pulling her top back over them. Mark helped her get up and he pulled her off the table. He adjusted her skirt and managed to find her heels. One was by the door the other one was on the other side of the room.

"Can I have my panties back?" she asked fixing Marks shirt.

"Nope, I think I'll keep them." He winked at her and gave her ass a quick slap.

"Naughty boy." Daphne got ready to walk back out the room when Mark stopped her.

"Hey, you don't have any reservations about a white boyfriend?" he asked.

"Of course not. How do you feel about a black girlfriend?" she pulled her top down to flash him. He groaned and leaned his forehead against hers, keeping an eye on her breasts.

"Oh no...I'm personally a fan of African American Goddesses." He kissed her passionately and popped one of her nipples in his mouth.

"Ooh, stop that...otherwise we won't be leaving for a while."

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