tagRomanceAdonis in the Flesh Ch. 01

Adonis in the Flesh Ch. 01


*This is my first story on here. Please be honest and leave any suggestions you may think would help! Enjoy!*


Elle had been lying in the warm sand for hours, enjoying the beginnings of the summer heat. She knew it wasn't good for her skin, especially at 27 years old but she had been restless all winter, and figured one day wouldn't kill anyone. She hated the biting cold of Toronto winters. Having grown up in California, where the sun always shines and the beaches were constantly packed, it was a hard move to make, but one she had no choice in making. She sighed, pushing those thoughts from her head. I'm here to relax, she thought, not dwell on the past. She readjusted her towel on the ground and flipped onto her stomach, resting her head on her arms. Just as she got comfortable again, she felt something smash into her thigh, leaving a distinct sting where it had made contact.

"What the f-.." she began yelling, tearing her earphones from her ears, but stopped having seen the source of all the commotion. A tall silhouette stood before her, the sun behind him making it hard for her to distinguish his features.

"I'm so sorry" he said quickly, clearly trying to suppress a laugh. "My friends and I were playing some footy, and Josh there has horrible aim."

She looked down and saw the ball at his feet. Damn she thought realizing what made the impact with her thigh, that stings! But she'd be damned if she'd let him know how much it hurt. She'd seen them earlier when she arrived at the beach, a group of six men, all presumably in their early 30s .

"Obviously." She said dryly. "The net is on the other side of the beach. It's fine, just make sure it doesn't happen again or --" Her words were cut off, this time because he had knelt and touched her thigh. She could see him properly now. He was tanned; his jet black hair tousled from the wind and eyes the colour of honey. He had a straight nose and wide smile, filled with perfectly even, white teeth. How the hell can someone have teeth so perfect she thought. He had a bit of stubble growing and she could tell from the white tank top he wore, that he kept fit. He looks like Adonis himself she thought, or one of those Greek gods. She was drawn back to earth when she felt his fingers brush against her skin again, leaving a trail of goosebumps. She'd been caught staring and she knew it. His mouth twitched slightly at the corners, hiding a knowing smile.

"Well he has horrible aim, but I'll give it to him he can kick a ball pretty hard. Your leg is pretty red, does it sting?"

"It's fine!" she exclaimed, brushing his fingers away "You might want to get back to your game though, I'm sure your buddy has a few more people he wants to injure!"

"Hey, I'm sorry I --"

"Look, I just want to sit here and enjoy the sun like everyone else. Just don't pass the ball to...Josh is it? And we'll all be happy." She turned onto her back again, shoving her sunglasses on and putting her earphones in, she watched him take one last glance at her, and return down the shore to his buddies. They clapped him on the back, clearly plying him with questions. Why was she being so rude to him, it's not like he was the one who kicked the ball so horribly. She was unsettled by how nice his hand felt on her skin, and that damn smug smile he had when he caught her staring. Fucking guys, she thought huffing out loud. She closed her eyes again and let herself relax into David Gray's voice, singing Sail Away. She'd always found his voice so soothing. Half way through the song though, she felt that sting again, as the ball hit her stomach then bounced on her head, leaving a trail of sand on her body and face.

Son of a bitch she thought. She got up spitting sand from her mouth, threw off her sunglasses, took the ball and kicked it back, and smiled as it hit the man she assumed was Josh straight in the chest. "Hope that stings, you ass", she called. Having been an avid football fan and playing the game most of her life, she had pretty great aiming skills. They didn't have to know that though. His buddies were all laughing as she sat back down. The one she'd named Adonis even made his way over again, but she couldn't hear what he was saying, her music blaring into her ears.

"What?" she snapped.

"Hey!" He looked a little affronted. "Look I'm really sorry; he can't help his horrible aim. You, though, seem to have great aim. I'm assuming you hit your target?"

She fixed him with a serious stare, but couldn't help but melt as he smiled at her. She found herself smiling back and let out a small laugh. "Yes, I hit exactly what I was aiming for."

"Great. Then you can play with us." He said in a matter of fact tone.

She laughed again, "Thanks but no thanks, as much as I enjoy being hit repeatedly by a football, I was actually just going to leave. I don't know how much more abuse my body can take from an inanimate object."

"Hey c'mon now, don't let us ruin the day! You can get some payback" he said while cocking an eyebrow, giving a mischievous look.

She laughed again. She liked the ease in which he joked with her, even if his friends did slam a ball into her twice. She was also never one to refuse a challenge. "Fine" she agreed, "God knows I can't resist a little revenge."


Gabe caught a look of ferocity as she accepted his offer to play with the rest of the guys. It gave him a strange feeling, a tug somewhere in his gut. She looked like she could keep her own. He couldn't resist admiring her as she made her way ahead of him towards the group. She had amazing curves he thought, not like those stick thin girls he always saw. She was in a black one piece halter swimsuit, which plunged at the neckline. She had pulled on shorts for the game; even those left little to the imagination. He wondered why she wasn't in a bikini; she certainly had the body for it. Her legs weren't extremely long by any means, but she wasn't short either. They led to an amazing ass, full and round. As she turned around his gaze was drawn to her breasts. Damn he thought, mentally shaking himself, focus on the game! It was her turn to catch him in the act.

"C'mon, you scared I'm gonna kick your ass?" she called over her shoulder, smiling.

"You can try" he replied with a grin on his face.

As they reached the group he gestured to each man in turn. "Josh, Aiden, Blaine, Seamus, Ian this is-"

"Ellena" she extended her tanned arm to shake each of their hands. "You forgot one more person" she said turning to him. Her chocolate eyes gazing into his, an eyebrow cocked. He had to suppress a laugh.

"Gabriel. Call me Gabe, please" he smiled.

"Well Josh, I can't wait to return the gifts you gave me" she gestured to her leg, still red from the hit, smiling evilly. Josh gave her an "as if you could hit me" stare.

Gabe laughed, while Ian announced "Ellena's on my team boys, let's get this game going!"

Seamus, Elle, and Ian were on the first team, Gabe and the others the second. He was utterly surprised by the level of skill she possessed. After putting Josh in his place a few times, she got serious. He saw the competitiveness slowly form, the focus in her eyes. She was killing the other team. The more he watched and played with her, the more that tugging feeling in his gut grew. They played for about an hour, before the other team cried out in defeat to a final score of 6-3. He watched as she collapsed with the other guys into the sand; sweat trickling down her neck, her face flushed. Her long hair that had hung in a ponytail previously was now a little loose, small strands falling in her face.

"We're done." Huffed Blaine "Ellena, you're a handful for someone so small." he said laughing

"Little, pshh, easy to say when you're what, 6ft 11" she laughed, while punching him lightly, "Anything is little to you."

Gabe was amazed how easily she joked with everyone, like they had all been friends for years. He watched as she rose, making her way to the water while half the guys were laughing at the others for losing to a girl. He stood and began following her path to the shore. She stopped just at the edge of the water, letting her toes test the temperature, before walking in deeper.

"How's the water?" he called. He watched her start slightly, clearly not expecting anyone to have followed her. She turned around, now waist deep into the beach. Well technically lake, thought Gabe. Toronto called its lake The Beaches, but the lack of salt water and ocean never stopped anyone from using any other name.

"It's perfectly warm" she called back.

Gabe began making his way towards her, now up to her shoulders in the water. He didn't know what it was, but there was something about her that just drew him in, like a magnet.

"Good game" he said as he reached her "Something tells me you've played before."

She laughed loudly; it was infectious, he couldn't help but join in.

"I used to play in high school and college. It's always been my favourite sport"

"Obviously." She smiled at the use of her earlier words. He swam closer to her, his leg skimming against hers slightly, sending a tingle up his spine. Chocolate locked on honey for what seemed an eternity, unable to stand the distance anymore he moved even closer, almost chest to chest and his hand cupped her cheek, never breaking the gaze. He needed to kiss her. Her lips were so perfect, now that he looked at her closely. Full, each lip mirrored the other, perfectly heart shaped. He leaned in, his arm reaching under the water for her waist, to bring her closer. He saw a look of hesitation in her eyes, but he couldn't resist. Just as he brushed her lips lightly there was a massive splash of water from all sides causing them both to gasp.


Elle was brought back to reality. She just noticed all the guys around them playfully splashing each other. The moment between her and Gabe lost, she pushed him away. Damn, she thought. That was too close. What was she thinking? How could she let him get that close? It felt so right, so deliciously good. No, she thought, this can't happen. She knew the cost of getting involved with anyone. She couldn't risk it. She had given up everything last time. If he found her here, or found Gabe even touching her...she pushed those thoughts aside. He won't find out, she thought, because I've been so careful all these years.

She looked around and forced a laugh as the guys continued their play. Gabe gazed at her, a strange look in his eyes. She quickly looked away and joined in the play-fight. She had to avoid him. She grabbed Ian by the shoulders and pushed him into the water laughing, as he came up sputtering.

In a return gesture, Ian and Seamus grabbed her arms and legs and swung her back and forth, while she yelled at them to put her down.

"What do you think Ian, shall we oblige the young lady?" Seamus called to his friend

"Certainly" agreed Ian

"No!" she laughed, "NO!"

She found herself flying through the air before she hit the water a few feet out from the group. She came up for breath sputtering, fire in her eyes. The guys were all laughing, as she made her way to Seamus, she climbed on his shoulders trying her hardest to push him back under the water. He easily tossed her back, laughing harder.

"How about some help?" came Gabe's voice behind her

"I'm doing fine on my own" she fumed.

"Right, the last dunk in the water clearly shows you're more than capable" his voice dripping with sarcasm.

She splashed him in the face with more water. She knew it was silly and childish, but her inability to get back at them frustrated her, even if it was all fun and games. She may have been better at football, but in the water, their longer legs and strong arms had easily put them at an advantage

"I'm leaving" she called. "It's been a pleasure boys!" she replied to calls of disappointment. She mock bowed as she found her footing in the sand. Some called to meet the same time next weekend. She gave a non committal nod and made her way back to her belongings.

She was packing her beach bag and rolling her towel up when a shadow loomed over her.

"When can I see you again?" Gabe's voice came out in a low tone.

"You can't. This was fun, really, thank you for inviting me to play" She forced a wide smile as she turned to face him. Why does he have to look like a Greek god, standing there dripping wet, topless and just utterly gorgeous she thought. It's not fair. She had never felt so unarmed by a man. Never felt such an instant connection. She had felt him watching her all day, while she played, and joked with his friends. She knew even in the few short hours they had interacted that there was more between them.

She began walking down the boardwalk. He followed her, catching her arm at the elbow.

"Elle I-"

"Ellena. You don't know me well enough to call me Elle." She didn't know why she was being so formal. She just needed to get away. His touch and gaze were tearing down her walls. Walls she had spent years building to protect herself -- and those she loved.

"Elle" he continued defiantly "I have to see you again. I WILL see you again. Why are you running away, just when all the fun has started? The sun hasn't even begun to go down!"

She pulled free of his grasp. "I can't..." He saw something in her eyes. Fear? Before he could think more of it she turned and began fleeing again. He caught her by the waist this time, as he spun her around his lips came crashing down on hers. They were warm and soft and eager. Boy, was he a good kisser. He had her lips parted and his tongue tracing her lips lightly before darting into her mouth, teasing her tongue, drawing it into his. She couldn't help the small moan that escaped her throat. It was just...divine. Gasping, she pulled away instantly remembering everything that was on the line. Not knowing what to do she slapped him so hard her hand was stinging. It wasn't the first time she'd experienced that sensation that day.

Gabe's face had a dazed and shocked look. She could really hit, he thought, rubbing his cheek to alleviate the stinging. She turned on her heel and ran before he could do anything else.

Stupid, stupid stupid! She kept repeating to herself. He had told her. He told her that day so many years ago, that he would always be watching, everywhere she went. As careful as she had been, the move to Toronto, the name change, she could never be sure he hadn't tracked her down. She was hoping against hope that she had done a good enough job in leaving everything behind in California. For Gabe's sake, and hers.

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